Mermaid Tarot Deck

Most of the planet Earth is occupied by rivers, seas and oceans. This world has always attracted humanity – it is not without reason that scientists and simply curious descend into the dark expanse. Eyewitness stories, conjectures and conjectures gave birth to a beautiful fairy tale about the underwater people. The Mermaid Tarot by Leeza Robertson is an attempt to peek into a secret world. After all, although these mysterious creatures are hiding from people, they are still very similar to earthly inhabitants. The author shows the viewer an ordinary life, where the characters fall in love, work and compete with each other, at the same time protecting their peace from outside attacks.

History of creation of the Mermaid Tarot Deck

The Mermaid Tarot is a new deck from the already famous Leeza Robertson. All previous creations of the author can be described as fabulous or fantastic. So the new mantic system is no exception. The Mermaid Tarot deck was first released in 2020. Included with it was a complete book describing the work with the cards. Leeza herself gives explanations for each Arcana, and also comments on the reversed position. It is worth noting that the author is a practicing tarologist and conducts training seminars. Leeza Robertson has written a methodical book on the interpretation of reversed cards. That is why beginners will really be able to draw the necessary knowledge from the accompanying literature.

Another wonderful woman worked in tandem with Leeza – artist Julie Dillon. It was she who gave the Mermaid Tarot charm and allure. She managed to combine Waite’s classic motifs with the magic of the underwater world. And even though the deck may seem overly naive, childish at first glance, it is still deep and multifaceted. The questioner is invited to independently plunge into this ocean of meanings in order to try to catch the elusive truth.

Key features of the Mermaid Tarot by Leeza Robertson

The Mermaid Tarot belongs to the English school, in many respects coincides with Waite. In total, there are 78 cards in the deck, the Fool goes without a number, Strength is 8th. The same standard meanings and ideas, however, are inscribed in a completely different world, so different from the human one. The underwater kingdom seems to be saturated with witchcraft, secrets and sacred signs. Instead of people, the fortuneteller sees sirens, mermaids and sea animals here. They are the characters in this play. The Major Arcana in the Mermaid Tarot give the main place to heroines, not heroes. Often, instead of men, ladies appear here, for example, as on the Hierophant or the Magician.

This approach in the Mermaid Tarot is due to the very specifics of the deck. Water is the original female element. It reflects the smoothness of energy, its variability, as well as creative power. In this case, it is worth considering the difference between the sexes. The heroine on the Jester is not the same merry fellow from Waite’s card of the same name. Here, the mermaid girl is probably taking more risks than the guy. She dreamily looks into the beautiful far away, not yet suspecting that the world of people can be cruel. For example, it is worth recalling the famous fairy tale about the little mermaid Ariel.

The Minor Arcana in the Mermaid Tarot show different nationalities within the same civilization. The characters here are distinguished by the color of their skin, eyes, hair. They also have a different character, as can be seen from the gestures and body language. The suits of the Mermaid Tarot deck are like four facets of the same element. So, warm and gentle sea waters from the group of Cups easily turn into ice on the Swords. Fire on Wands is shown with the help of volcanoes or torches. And the Pentacles are rather a quiet backwater, a river that goes around a green forest.

The court Arcana in the Mermaid Tarot show characters that resemble ordinary people. They wear makeup, get tattoos. All this is an expression of a certain character. At the same time, the hierarchy is standard – Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. On the Aces, there are no heroes – the symbols of the elements are depicted here on an authentic background. Also, the cards have no borders. All groups of Arcana at the bottom have only a signature. The shirt features seaweed and a golden ball in the middle.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Mermaid Tarot is made in pastel colors. All cards have an image of water. People appear on some Arcana, but they will always be in tandem with the inhabitants of a different civilization. So, on the Four of Wands, a couple in love is drawn – an earthly woman and a merman. They sit on the shore of a reservoir and look at a volcano or a rock. Somewhere in the deck, waterfalls, lakes with water lilies or fountains appear. Thus, the artist wove two worlds together. However, often the land will signal danger, as in the Hanged Man or the Two of Swords.

The symbolism on various suits in the Mermaid Tarot is interesting. For example, mouth-watering dishes, golden coins, as well as mythical creatures – fairies appear on the group of Pentacles. Most of the images are bright, juicy and eye-catching. And no wonder, because this suit reflects abundance, material values. The emphasis in the Mermaid deck is precisely on the availability of resources, the pleasure of life. But Swords standardly symbolize pain, cold and loss. The author specifically chose the snow-covered North Pole as the scene of action.

Interpretation of the Mermaid Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Mermaid Tarot deck can be made using references to Waite. Most of the scenes are a mythical allegory for familiar situations. So, on the Seven of Wands, the same assertion of one’s own rights is shown. The protagonist is a scuba diver, descends into the depths of the sea and meets an obstacle on the way – hostile mermen. They protect their territory and do not let a stranger. Or take the Eight of Cups – the girl moves away from the shore while the young guy sleeps on the moonlit sand. From the card emanates a certain mystery. After all, it is not known whether the lady is real or whether all this is a dream of the character.

At the same time, spreads on the Tarot of Mermaids should be done taking into account the features of the deck. Its tongue is soft and soothing. Even the physical death of the mantic system is presented in a very unsightly light. So, on the Ten of Swords, a merman pierced by blades is drawn, and on the Hanged Man, the hero is entangled in nets, he is clearly in danger. That is, this threat comes precisely from the outside world. It is possible that the inhabitants themselves can live for several centuries. In any case, when working with the Mermaid Tarot, you need to take into account the number of people involved, landscapes and objects. Such details will complement the spread on any topic.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Divination by the Mermaid Tarot is suitable for viewing situations related to relationships, work, hobbies and creative processes. At the same time, the author also did not bypass the topic of hostility or defending interests. Therefore, the deck can be safely called universal. Even the heroes of the court cards have a different appearance, their character is reflected in clothing and facial expressions. All this allows you to describe this or that person, if there is no information about his personality. You can also draw analogies with the signs of the zodiac.

In addition, the Mermaid Tarot perfectly conveys the female archetypes. There is both the Mother and the Witch, the Teacher, the Amazon Warrior. The deck will help you understand your true desires, find your destiny, and teach you how to use what was originally given. In this regard, the prediction can be considered as full-fledged advice for psychological work in the future. Also in the Mermaid deck there are child heroes, various interpersonal relationships are shown. All this allows you to view topics related to communication, manifestations of oneself in society.

Who are the Mermaid Tarot cards for?

Of course, the Mermaid Tarot will respond more to the ladies. Fabulous pictures, fantastic landscapes, the soft language of the deck – all this will appeal to the fairer sex. However, even behind such an innocent, it would seem, presentation, deep meanings are hidden. This tool is useful for psychologists in order to correctly calculate the state of a person, his values or current mood. Men can also work with the Mermaid Tarot deck if they take the author’s approach for granted. It also deals with issues related to magic. No wonder witches or fairies appear on the cards of the deck. Therefore, the system will appeal to everyone who somehow practices dark or light art.

However, the Mermaid Tarot deck can be just a wonderful exhibit in the collection. It will appeal to fans of creativity Julie Dillon. After all, you can compare all the scenes on the Arcana with illustrations from unknown fairy tales. In The Little Mermaid, only a small part of the underwater world was shown. The artist offers to look into it and get to know the mystical characters a little better. But who definitely doesn’t like the deck is the down-to-earth and skeptical people. Fantastic motives can only push them away or confuse them.

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