Muse Tarot Deck

The image of a woman was chanted a thousand times. Books, paintings by artists, poems tell about maternal love or bitchy coldness. However, creativity often shows the world only one of the facets. But the Muse Tarot shows a woman with many faces. She is peace and war, love and hate, good and evil. The deck effortlessly presents important ideas, giving the key to the secret world. One thing remains unchanged – beauty. In any of their manifestations, the heroines remain graceful and attractive. They personify the Universe itself with all its diversity. Tarot is truly inspiring. It becomes a Muse, which everyone has their own. It is important to hear yourself, to be open to new things. Only in this way will the Arcana reveal all the secrets.

History of creation of the Muse Tarot Deck

The Muse Tarot is a relatively new deck. It was first released in 2020. The author of the cards was Chris-Anne. The artist has already become famous thanks to the Light Seer’s Tarot. The same deck has become a kind of continuation of the theme of women in the predictive system. The author creates a cult. Images of various girls tell their stories. Together they form a single archetype. Now a woman is not only a mother. She can be an athlete, model, musician, traveler. She is not disgusted by the manifestation of inner strength on a par with a man. At the same time, Chris-Anne retained the beauty, grace and charm of the heroines of the Arcana. She tried to convey a certain synthesis of sophistication and willpower.

Together with the Muse Tarot, the author created an accompanying book. In it, for each archetype, an explanation is given in the form of verses. Such hints help to better reveal the meaning of the cards. In general, Chris-Anne managed to create a new mantic system. The deck differs from the classics in visualization, the main idea. There is no place for men here. This is strictly a woman’s world in all its glory. Moreover, the author deliberately chose young girls as heroines. The inquirer will not find old women or little girls here. Such an image may be secondary, but certainly not the main one. Youth, health and beauty come to the fore.

Key features of the Muse Tarot

The Muse Tarot deck belongs to the English school. The Arcana repeat Waite’s ideas. Strength comes at number 8. The major and minor groups have traditional plots, but they are served under a different sauce. The key role here is played by the image of a woman, her various incarnations. The Major Arcana of the Muse Tarot have undergone some changes. For example, the Judgment turned into the Awakening, and the Hanged Man into the Hanged Muse. However, the main ideas are still preserved. So, on Death, a dead head is shown – a butterfly, which is traditionally considered a harbinger of misfortune. On the Tower, the author painted a gloomy figure of a girl. Lightning radiates from her head. Now the heroine herself is a factor of destruction.

The suits of the Muse Tarot retain the classic motifs, but have different names. Cups renamed to Emotions; Wands – in Inspiration; Swords – to Voices; Pentacles – in Materials. The world of the deck itself is represented by more sublime, spiritual through the suits. It is based on the subtle feminine energy. For example, consider several cards. The Four of Emotions still shows bowls. However, now the hero has turned into a bored heroine. The Five of Materials shows a girl lying on the edge. Behind her is a view of a room flooded with light. The hand in the foreground seems to indicate the way to salvation, but the character does not want or cannot get up.

The Minor Arcana of the Muse Tarot convey information through hyperbolic images. The scenes are far from reality, but very clear and colorful. On the Six of Inspiration, the girl holds a star above her head. This Arcana clearly indicates victory in any business and high self-esteem. On the Seven of Voices, the author tried to convey the spirit of duality, deceit. Here are two mirror images of the same heroine. However, in the first case, her face reflects some kind of guilt, and in the second, anger. In addition to everything, the scene is framed by red foxes – a symbol of cunning, resourcefulness.

The court group in the Muse Tarot deck is interesting. Now there are no men here at all. The Pages show the girls. The Knights show horses without people. The Queens remained standard, but the Kings turned into Muses. There are also female images on Aces. Moreover, ladies can be of any race, any skin color. Appearance here serves as identification beacons, indicating certain qualities of character. Smooth shapes will speak of softness, while diagonal ones will speak of rigidity and boundaries. So, on the Queen of Inspiration, pyramids and vertical lines are drawn. All this speaks of mystery, but also of a direct character. But the heroine of the Queen of Emotions is immersed in water. There are also straight lines here, but they are combined with round shapes. Together, this speaks of the ability to show emotions.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Muse Tarot deck is made in the style of a collage. The cards have no borders. At the bottom there is only a plate with a signature. At first glance, the cards look like clippings from glossy magazines. All the heroines are stylishly and modernly dressed, wearing professional make-up. Their images are grotesque. Symbols complete the picture – birds, mirrors, planets, flowers. Men appear only on a few cards, and then in secondary roles. Often the background is the vast space. It personifies the sublimity of the deck, its free spirit. No wonder the cards are called Muse Tarot. All images are designed to inspire and fill your life with something new and beautiful. Even the Swords here have a beautiful name – Voices. Through these Arcana, the soul speaks to the questioner and indicates the problems that exist.

For the Muse Tarot deck, the artist used bright, juicy shades. The colors themselves can tell a lot in the context of prediction. For example, pastel colors hint at softness, pliability, calmness. But the flashy colors – scarlet, black, acid yellow hint at sharpness, vivid emotions and experiences. A special place is given to totems. Often, images of birds and animals appear on the cards. They complement the characteristics of a particular muse, the heroine of the Arcana. Flowers are characteristic of the Materials group; planets and birds for Voices; fish and water for the Emotions; scarlet color, fire – for Inspiration. The back of the cards is decorated with a mirror ornament. Along the contour are images of pions.

Interpretation of the Muse Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Muse Tarot deck can be made according to the developments of Arthur Waite. The fortuneteller should first familiarize himself with the works of the "father" of predictive systems. Further, it is already possible to increase momentum and turn on intuition. The cards themselves are symbolic. Colors, images of birds, certain objects should be taken into account. The image of this or that woman will always stand apart. For example, on the Five of Emotions, the lady is dressed in black. Above is a block of ice. Melting water resembles tears. You can consider the girl a black widow, deeply unhappy and wounded. But on the Ace of Voices, a heroine with multicolored hair is shown. She represents creativity and creativity.

Also, a fortune-telling on the Muse Tarot deck perfectly shows the characters of people. It is necessary to take into account the facial expressions of the characters, their postures. The dancing character from the Two of Materials is very reminiscent of the classics. Movement here indicates balance and the ability to adapt to circumstances. Often all this will be connected with material issues. But on the Wheel, the same heroine is depicted, but in different poses. Such a detail indicates the position in society and inner well-being. On the Magician, the heroine is shown reaching out with her hands to the stars. Her posture speaks of resilience and the ability to face challenges. This is an allegory for the inner core, fortitude.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Muse Tarot well reveal the character of women, their experiences and hidden dreams. Each Arcana of the deck shows a certain archetype that has weaknesses and strengths. That is why the cards perfectly reflect the inner world of the querent himself. All emotions or specific events can be converted into images of girls. But the main trump card of the deck can still be considered the ability to inspire, give strength to the implementation of creative projects. Often the big dream will be a brilliant career or a relationship full of love and mutual respect. The Tarot deck inspires big goals. It gives energy and a vector of movement.

Also, the Muse Tarot is suitable for viewing talents, hidden abilities. Cards allow you to see yourself in a different light. Even negativity and feelings can be transformed into music, a picture, sports achievements. Every heroine here is beautiful in her own way. It is important not to compare yourself with someone, not to discount emotions and not to try to set huge goals at once. The deck gently but persistently leads to the realization of one’s own value and beauty. Cards can not only inspire feats, but also make you think about a complete reassessment of life. They have the power to push for change. However, all this will only be for the better. After all, the Arcana themselves are quite positive.

Who are the Muse Tarot cards for?

The Muse Tarot is certainly suitable for women. Each girl can find herself in this deck. And don’t focus on just one image. Somewhere a lady manifests herself as an iron lady who knows how to achieve goals and keep boundaries. This approach is good in business, work. In other circumstances, the same girl can turn into a sweet and kind nature. She “turns on” empathy, disposes to herself. This is already an image for close people, the second half. Harmony is the ability to contain opposites and show one or another side in time. The deck teaches not to get stuck in one archetype, but effortlessly change at the moment.

Also, the Muse Tarot will appeal to fans of Chris-Anne. The style of the cards can be seen in glossy magazines. It is bright, flashy, but at the same time attractive. At the same time, the Arcana may well appeal to men. The cards will help them understand the mysterious female soul, find an approach to the second half, and establish relationships with colleagues or relatives. Also, the Muse Tarot deck perfectly reflects the other world. Mystical images refer to magic or internal transformation. The deck shows various influences, as well as the presence of abilities in terms of esotericism.

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