Tarot of the New Vision Deck

Every word spoken, decision made, or action already taken has a specific reason. Nothing just happens. It is this message that the Tarot of the New Vision contains. The deck shows the backstage of any situation, and the nature of the person himself. Every phenomenon has both positive and negative aspects. However, only the bravest will be able to accept the truth. The deck gives a chance to know yourself and reach a new level. Achievements can relate to both career heights and the ability to win people’s love. It all depends on the original task.

History of creation of the New Vision Tarot Deck

The Tarot of the New Vision is one of the decks that continues the tradition of Arthur Waite. The author of the cards is Pietro Alligo, founder and art director of Lo Scarabeo publishing house. The main idea behind the creation of the Arcana was the creative idea to expand the space in which the heroes of the Tarot system are immersed. The author shows a different reality, supplemented by important details. Now the questioner can expand the semantic field of meanings due to the appearance of new characters. The Tarot deck of the New Vision was first published in 2003. Within a few years, she gained great popularity. The cards were then reissued by other editions in 2010 and 2015. The standard size of the Arcana is 6.6 cm by 12 cm. There is also a mini version – 4.5 cm by 8.5 cm.

The illustrators of the Tarot of the New Vision deck are Gianluca Cestaro and Raul Cestaro. The responsibility fell on them to repeat Waite’s stories as accurately as possible, but to make them more complete and alive. Included with the deck is a small book with brief meanings. But a full-fledged literature on these cards was written in 2013 by Giordano Berti and Tiberio Gonard. This book draws a parallel between the Arcana and the shadow side of the human psyche. The author offers a fresh look at your fears and repressed emotions. This approach is consistent with Jung’s teaching on the unconscious part of the mind. It contains a gift that the individual has to discover in themself.

Key features of the Tarot of the New Vision

The New Vision Tarot deck is in keeping with the English school and the Waite tradition in particular. There are 78 cards in the system: 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana. The Fool goes without a number, and Strength is 8th. The style and main motifs remained traditional. For example, you can disassemble some of the Major Arcana in Tarot of the New Vision. New heroes appear on the Hanged Man. Now the viewer seems to be standing behind the main character. A crowd of angry people point fingers at the man. It turns out that it was they who tied the hero to the tree. Two more demons appear on the Devil, surrounded by hellish flames. Perhaps these are the patrons of a man and a woman chained to the throne of Baphomet. At the Last Judgment, an important detail was added – black birds go down, and white ones, on the contrary, rise into the sky. All this reinforces the main meaning of the card: getting what you deserve, fate, karma.

The Minor Arcana on the Tarot of the New Vision have basically remained the same. But illustrators have slightly supplemented the cards with symbols, clarified the meaning. So, on the Three of Swords, a hill is now visible, from which people diverge. You can compare the scene with the crucifixion of Christ on Mount Calvary. A broken heart here indicates a broken trust, betrayal. On the Two of Wands behind the protagonist sits a sad jester. It can symbolize fatigue from an idle lifestyle, a desire to go to something unknown, to open new horizons. Seagulls in the sky also indicate the road, the journey. On the Eight of Pentacles, the artists added a second master working on the sculpture. Now the card shows the environment in which the main character is immersed. Only constant practice and communication with like-minded people in the future will make him a master of the Three of Pentacles.

The suits of the New Vision Tarot deck have remained classic. Court Arcana too. Interestingly, all the thrones of crowned persons have an engraving. This seems to hint at the fact that the characters leave their mark on society. They have influence. Engraving can be compared with a sculpture, a monument. On the King of Cups, the fortuneteller sees a decorated throne – a symbol of a beaver, a sign of the element of water and a repetition of the silhouette of the hero himself. Below are tools, a fishing net is visible. All this speaks of a person’s character. He knows how to build long-term relationships, is not afraid of responsibility. This is a good family man who is able to take care of his wife and children. On the Queen of Swords, the throne is shown from the side. The bas-relief here corresponds to the image of Pamela Smith – an angel and butterflies. However, a funeral procession is now visible in the background. This detail may indicate one of the meanings of the card – widowhood, loss of a partner, but at the same time inner strength and wisdom.

The Aces in the New Vision Tarot deck have been updated with important changes. On the Ace of Pentacles, a castle is visible in the distance and a long road to it through the mountains. Most likely, this is the same house from Ten. The road symbolizes the difficult path to wealth and prosperity, the creation of one’s capital. Children fool around on the Ace of Cups in the water. They denote purity of character, sincerity and indefatigable joy. A hero also appears on the Ace of Swords – a rider riding a white horse. Now the card can indicate the receipt of some message. It is similar in meaning to the Knight of Swords. And on the Ace of Wands behind the staff, a fortress is drawn. It looks like a house from the Four of the same suit, in which the atmosphere of the holiday reigns.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Tarot of the New Vision is very similar in style to the work of Pamela Smith. However, here the authors tried to draw the faces of the characters in more detail, add facial expressions to them. Artists used muted shades. They paid great attention to symbolism – birds and animals. New heroes should also give a new understanding to the familiar Arcana. Now the prediction is much easier to build, as additional "supports" have appeared. At the same time, the artists also tried to preserve the drawing of clothes, some important attributes. They seem to have reconstructed what Waite himself originally conceived. The result is an unusual deck that really allows you to look at any situation from a different angle.

The design of the New Vision Tarot is quite simple – the canonical white frame. At the top, the name of each card and its numerical designation are duplicated in four languages. Below is a signature. The shirt is made in emerald shades. There is a fractal ornament here. Above and below, the hero from the Knight of Cups is mirrored. The choice of this particular Arcana for the shirt characterizes the deck. We can say that it has soft energy, gives a chance to smooth out sharp corners and find a way out of the most difficult situation. The Knight of Cups is love, forgiveness and a new chance. The querent only has to draw the right conclusions, and any problem will be easily solved.

Interpretation of the New Vision Tarot cards

The interpretation of the New Vision Tarot should be made based on the classic meanings of Waite. Such a base will help not to get confused and get the correct prediction. However, do not ignore the innovations of the authors. Particular attention should be paid to the appeared characters, animals and birds. The Tarot of the New Vision is very rich in symbolism. This fact is also worth considering. For example, a white swan from the Empress will denote purity of soul, beauty. Children sitting behind the throne speak directly about the possibility of conceiving and bearing offspring. The apple tree and the snake on the Tower speak of the relationship between decisions made and future consequences. So, it is possible that the destruction could have been avoided. Everything depended on the person himself.

In Giordano Berti’s book, much attention is paid to the shadow aspect of personality. The author presents the images from the cards as the unconscious or an underlying meaning. This approach allows you to take a fresh look at the deck. The spreads on the Tarot of the New Vision can highlight some points related to the causes of human behavior. The deck will help you find out why the querent is acting in one way or another, which really lies in his psyche. Tarot is the best way to see your own reflection in the mirror, the true face. Some fears and repressed feelings may now come to the surface. And the person will get a chance to get rid of a heavy burden forever.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Divination by Tarot of the New Vision covers almost all life situations. The deck is suitable for both purely mundane questions and those related to spiritual search. Each suit is responsible for its own: love and relationships with people (Cups); motivation, passion (Wands); work, career, business (Pentacles); intelligence, knowledge, protection (Swords). The court group of the deck symbolizes specific people. They differ in characters, as well as zodiac signs. In addition, people of different ages and social status often appear on the numerical Arcana of New Vision. Such details help to correctly read the information and transfer it to the characteristics of real people.

The New Vision Tarot deck is suitable for health matters. It will also help to deal with internal blocks, negative beliefs. The querent will have to travel to some backstage of habitual behavior. This approach will allow you to get rid of complexes, correctly interpret the behavior of other people and react accordingly. The Tarot of the New Vision very well illuminates the true motives of partners in personal relationships or in business, work colleagues. It emphasizes secret desires, self-interest or virtue. You need to be able to use all this in order to cut off unreliable people from yourself in the future and, on the contrary, hold on to true friends.

Who are the Before Tarot cards for?

The New Vision Tarot deck will appeal to fans of the work of Pietro Alligo and the Cestaro brothers. Also, the cards will undoubtedly appeal to all those who are used to working with the Waite system. The deck can be considered ideal for beginners in the world of predictions. The Tarot of the New Vision smoothly prepares for interaction with other mantic systems. The style of the artists in many ways refers to Pamela Smith – the shades used, the drawing itself. At first glance, it may seem that the true legacy of Arthur Waite has arisen before the questioner. This approach will be appreciated by the same lovers of the classics, who will never exchange traditions for new fashionable decks.

You can consider the Tarot of the New Vision as universal. Even experienced craftsmen will find something of their own in it. Still, the deck shows the viewer a new point of view. But even here, everyone will understand the message of the authors in their own way. Both men and women of any age can interact with the cards. Definitely, the deck will appeal to psychologists working according to the method of Carl Jung. Also, the New Vision Tarot is suitable for extraordinary personalities who do not like frames and restrictions. The deck gives you the right to see something of your own in familiar pictures. The Tarot of the New Vision does not force you to follow clear postulates, to strictly obey the will of the authors. It gives freedom in reading.

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