Night Sun Tarot Deck

It is quite difficult to surpass famous masters in one area or another. However, the author of this deck was able to create something unique, albeit based on the work of two opposing masters – Crowley and Waite. The Night Sun Tarot deck has become something of a third, incorporating only the best. The author himself added his own vision to the predictive tool, which only strengthened the originality. To consider this creation dark or light is the choice of everyone. One has only to remember that everything in this world is very dual, there is nothing one-sided.

History of creation of the Night Sun Tarot Deck

The Night Sun Tarot deck was first released in 2014. Its author was Fabio Listrani, a famous Italian illustrator. Santa Muerte, Goetia are also his works. A distinctive feature of the artist’s style is the choice of subjects, the world in which the characters will be immersed. This is the dark side, the depths of the subconscious. No wonder the name of the deck refers to the Moon or the unconscious. In addition, a special place is given to magic, everything unknown. Listrani studied the treatises of famous magicians in order to combine their teachings into one beautiful coherent system.

The antipode of the Night Sun deck is the Tarot of Light. However, both predictive tools have in common – this is a rich symbolism and an unusual drawing of cards. However, after all, the author managed to create something new, albeit on the basis of famous teachers, gurus. Listrani took the Tarot of Thoth by Aleister Crowley as the basis. But, chaos is chaos, because a priori it cannot belong to anyone. The abyss of ideas is a draw and at the same time exists for everyone at the same time. Fabio showed the edge of the infernal world, only slightly touching on the work of the scandalous occultist of the 20th century.

Key features of the Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani

As mentioned above, the Night Sun Tarot is a lot like the Thoth deck. Acid colors, lots of symbols create a world that looks more like an astral projection. There are 78 Arcana in the deck – 22 major and 56 minor. At the same time, Strength goes at number 11, as in the English school. In the Night Sun Tarot, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are indicated on the Arcana, there are astrological and kabbalistic correspondences. But, although the author was inspired by the works of Crowley, still the court group remained classic – Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings.

The Major Arcana of the Night Sun Tarot are very similar in archetypes to the same Waite, only they are shown in a dark incarnation. For example, on the Fool card, the hero’s face is covered with a wooden mask with horns. His body is covered with a white armband with an eight-pointed star of Chaos. Instead of the standard cute dog, a dangerous Doberman is shown. Such small details indicate that this fool is not so harmless after all. The heroine of the High Priestess generally looks like a nun from a horror movie. Dark clothes, pallor and a book in hands with magical seals made it possible to achieve a frightening effect.

The Minor Arcana of the Night Sun Tarot deck are also a synthesis of Waite and Crowley. Some cards focus on symbolism, while others focus on plot. For example, the Four of Wands shows poles formed into a square. In the middle is a scarlet heart. Thus, the author of the deck metaphorically showed the house, stability, the development of the situation. The Two of Swords depicts a pair of heroes, and not one, as in the classics. They crossed blades, it looks like they are fighting.

Aces in the Night Sun Tarot remained standard. Only elemental symbols are shown here. Also, the number of the Arcana will correspond to the number of certain inherent signs. The suits of the Night Sun Tarot have remained familiar, so the symbols will be classic. However, the author made some changes, giving them originality. For Air, blades with a handle in the form of wings became a symbol; for Wands, ornate wooden staves; Cups – crystal glasses; Pentacles are Chinese gold coins.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Night Sun Tarot deck is made in the style of computer graphics. At the same time, the images themselves resemble a drawing from some comic book magazine. Each card has an ornate gold frame with symbolism and a signature at the bottom. All suits are sustained in one color scale. So, Wands are inherent in red, Cups are blue, Pentacles are green, and Swords are yellow. Various colors and shades appear on the Major Arcana, often with bright accents on important things. Separately, it is worth highlighting fractal images that can immerse the questioner in a state of trance.

The characters of the Night Sun Tarot deck are also interesting. They resemble representatives of different civilizations, from the Maya to the Pyros and Hydros from the Serge Brussolo’s book “A l’image du dragon”. There are both angels here, for example, both on the Page of Cups, and demons – on the Devil card. Plants and animals, birds complement this fantastic world, and also give hidden meanings to the fortuneteller. The background on all the Arcana shows some geometric figures, which again sends the querent to a certain matrix. After all, it is not the real world that opens before him, but only its projection. The Star of David, the cube, the seals of Solomon – all this is duplicated in meaning with the help of characters and plots.

Interpretation of the Night Sun Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Night Sun Tarot can be done in two ways. The first is based on the use of Crowley’s key values, and the second on Waite’s. It all depends on what system the practitioner studied. At the same time, experienced craftsmen can derive their own analogies that will come during constant work with the deck. You can build on the symbolism, colors, facial expressions and gestures of the characters. The system does not require special knowledge in astrology or Kabbalah. However, the study of these doctrines will help to more accurately read combinations of several cards.

The Night Sun Tarot shirt does not involve the use of reversed meanings. Beginners can only use the major group to understand the archetypes and not get confused in the subtleties. Gradually, you can put into practice the Minor Arcana. For questions that imply a description of a person, it is possible to work only with a court group. It will show the gender of the unborn child, give a description of the appearance and character of a particular person. Court cards are able to indicate physical and psychological age.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The Night Sun Tarot spreads do an excellent job with questions of a different spectrum. This includes personal relationships, work moments, and the spiritual sphere. Everything depends only on the knowledge of the querent – the symbols depicted on the Arcana are universal and applicable in various contexts. The prediction can concern both external circumstances and internal ones. Therefore, we can safely call the deck multifaceted. It will point out friends and enemies, advise the most suitable activity, and help work out interfering psychological blocks.

Separately, it is worth noting magic and everything related to esotericism. The Night Sun Tarot deck initially implies the astral plane. Therefore, on the cards it is good to look at the abilities of the practitioner, his path in the world of the unknown. So, the Arcana will reveal the curse, love spell, weaknesses of a person. All this information can be used for your own benefit in order to learn how to defend yourself against negative magical programs. Definitely calling the deck dark would still be wrong. Therefore, light practitioners will be able to interact with it if they wish.

Who are the Night Sun Tarot cards for?

Fortune-telling on the Night Sun Tarot will appeal to people who are closely associated with witchcraft and who study esotericism. This includes medicine, access to the astral plane, the impact on yourself and others with the help of Reiki. The very concept of these cards is imbued with a bewitching aura, despite the dark and frightening images. But the world is also multifaceted, abundant. Also, the deck will appeal to people who are fond of the teachings of Thelema by Aleister Crowley. In fact, the cards are a processing of the Arcana of Thoth, but in a more familiar version for the audience.

The Night Sun Tarot deck will be understandable to both a beginner and a professional. No wonder the images are interpreted in two languages at once – with the help of symbols and familiar plots. Fans of Fabio Listrani’s work can simply purchase a deck for the collection and never work with it. However, it is better to learn the capabilities of these cards in your own practice. Indeed, they remarkably subtly and accurately notice all the details, conveying the meaning of what is happening with the help of the language of images. The only category of people who may not like the deck is the one that does not accept computer graphics in a predictive system.

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