Notoria Tarot in Light Deck

Since ancient times, humanity has emphasized the duality of the world in every possible way. Men and women, good and evil, light and darkness. Life itself exists only because of the dance of polar energies. The Notoria in Light Tarot deck is dedicated to something sublime, devoid of base weaknesses. These are cards of beautiful angels descended from heaven. They can reveal great secrets only to those who are worthy. Those who are seduced by sins, the seraphim have the right to punish. However, the chance to find answers to your questions is stronger than the possible danger.

History of creation of the Notoria in Light Tarot Deck

The Notoria Tarot in Light is the opposite of the Goetia Tarot. The author of both decks, Fabio Listrani, is an Italian artist who is fond of mysticism. The illustrator has created two completely opposite worlds with different laws. And if the Goetia deck is dedicated to demons, then Notoria Tarot sings an ode to angels. For if there is darkness, there must be light. Moreover, Listrani showed this divine reality from a completely different, unusual side. There are no cute and naive seraphim here. Angels act more as defenders, fighters against evil. Any injustice is severely punished by higher beings. And the people themselves must make a choice – which way to go.

The first edition of the Notoria Tarot in Light deck was in 2021. The gift version of the cards included a red altar tablecloth, gold coins with angelic sigils, and a book written by the author himself. The format of the Arcana was very large, hard to fit in the hand. Typically, such instances of practice are purchased for the collection, and not for daily use. Such cards can be put on the altar, with the help of the image to develop a connection with one or another angel. Coins in the kit serve the same purpose. Further, the Lo Scarabeo publishing house has already released smaller cards, for common practice.

The very word Notoria refers to the treatises of Solomon. Fabio Listrani was inspired by the writings of the Jewish sage-king, as well as the Kabbalah. "Ars Notoria" is a book from the pen of Solomon, in which the author tells how to excel in the exact sciences, get eloquence and train memory. Man is seen here as a being similar to God. In the Notoria Tarot in Light, Listrani also emphasizes wisdom and the all-round development of the personality. The deluxe edition additionally includes a postcard with the image of Lucifer, an angel who brings knowledge to ordinary people. It can be assumed that the entire heavenly retinue is called to help a person escape from the clutches of darkness and become something greater, strengthen in his spirit.

Key features of the Notoria Tarot in Light

The Notoria in Light Tarot deck includes 84 cards. This system is generally far from any schools. The author has created something new, which practitioners still have to understand. The structure itself is different from the same Waite. The cards go in a special order, introducing the questioner to various angels and archangels. The last is Sandalphon – the messenger of God, a dove holding a scroll. And after him, already without a number, follows an Arcana, which depicts the cabalistic path of the cross. However, even with this approach of the author, the structure of the deck still gives a chance for a classical interpretation. The major group still consists of standard Arcana. But now the Devil is bifurcated. The first version depicts Lucifer in the rays of light, and the second shows the same hero, but already falling into the abyss. Thus, this group has 23 cards.

The Major Arcana of the Notoria Tarot in Light deck vaguely resemble the path of a hero. But this journey is now taking place in heaven. The characters themselves and the environment are far from earthly life. It can be considered that each Arcana shows a sublime analogy with familiar human events. Rather, these are spiritual manifestations, rather than a series of events. For example, on the Hanged Man, the hero is depicted upside down. And if he managed to break the fetters on his hands, then his ankles were tightly tied with a rope. The situation itself can mean external obstacles on the way, but at the same time humility and humility before fate. A person becomes a victim of circumstances and takes everything for granted. He is going through a spiritual lesson.

The Minor Arcana of the Notoria Tarot in Light has 56 cards. The suits are standard: Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. At the same time, the symbolism has changed. So, burning candles are painted on the Wands instead of poles. Living fire symbolizes desire, perseverance and a divine spark that purifies the heart. On the Cups, the author depicted golden goblets. Often, a radiant elixir will appear in them, perhaps denoting life itself. Engraved coins are shown on the Pentacles. They denote various spiritual gifts, rather than just money. And unusual symbolism appears on the Swords in the form of ornate blades. They again refer to the Kabbalah and the way of the cross.

We can say that the suits of Notoria Tarot in Light are a kind of convention. They define the sphere of influence of a particular character. On the Aces, the archangels are depicted, who control the angels and the elements. The court group also has Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. Here, the characters already have gender and age, unlike most characters of the major and numerical Minor Arcana. The Notoria in Light Tarot deck includes five cards that go outside the classical system and do not have a match. You can consider them the personification of deities above the archangels.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Notoria in Light Tarot deck was created using computer graphics. The art style is reminiscent of gothic. The deck is designed in one color scheme – black, gray, red and gold. The choice of shades once again emphasizes the wisdom of the angels, rather than their naivety. The characters themselves are often genderless. They have long gone out of duality and include both male and female. The eyes of the characters are white, without pupils. The hair is blond, and the wings are snow-white or golden. Refined facial features, but the facial expressions are distant. Habitual human emotions have nothing to do with warriors of light.

The shirt of Notoria Tarot cards partly repeats the abstraction from the Arcana of the Sun. Many hands reach for the scarlet circle in the middle. The image is fractal. There are no borders on the cards themselves. Symbols are located vertically on the side: sigil, number, name, planet, zodiac sign, traditional numbering according to the Tarot system. Often different words in Latin appear on the images. Symbolic animals and birds are also present: doves, eagles, crows, horses and crocodiles. The predominance of red can refer to blood, the very energy of life. Yellow and gold symbolize the power of light. Gray and black indicate the world of people, sins.

Interpretation of the Notoria in Light Tarot cards

The interpretation of Notoria Tarot in Light will not be too tough for everyone. The answers are to be found in the accompanying literature by Fabio Listrani. The author compares the traditional Tarot system with Kabbalah and astrology. The works of Solomon can be considered as the primary source. It will not be superfluous for a fortuneteller to study the "keys". But the characters themselves, the environment and the colors used can tell a lot. The main thing is to be able to see the details. Working with reversed Arcana is also possible. By the way, the deck is applicable not only for answering questions. The vibrations of each Arcana correspond to a particular deity. With the help of sigils, you can contact the spirits, ask for help or advice.

The spreads of Notoria Tarot in Light definitely affect the querent. The deck offers to look at the situation from a different angle. This is the prism of a certain spirituality that dictates its own rules. Even work and relationships become a lesson for a person. Angels lead upward, force them to give up base manifestations, such as anger, jealousy or envy. The main goal of the personality is the formation of the spirit, the carving of a new "I". And if a person’s thoughts are pure, then the angels will gladly help get rid of everything superficial. They will protect from enemies, suggest the easiest way to solve all problems. Higher vibrations have a positive effect on health and well-being.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Divination on the Notoria in Light Tarot deck can be done on any topic. However, the answer will concern the soul of both the questioner himself and the persons involved in the case. Angels are not interested in earthly joys or problems, although they empathize with people. The characters from the cards offer to rise above themselves, get rid of laziness, love addiction or greed. They will not advise any workarounds, cunning schemes. Directness, faith in God and his energy – this is the main message of the deck. It is important to learn to understand the language of the cards so as not to be mistaken in the interpretation. After all, the usual images according to Waite are hard to trace here.

In general, the Notoria in Light Tarot deck is best played on topics related to spirituality or magic. Arcana perfectly shows the impact on people and situations with the help of Reiki or cosmic energy. The deck directly refers to astrology, which will be useful for compiling the characteristics of clients. The poses of the characters and the drawing of the bodies allow us to draw analogies on the topic of health. However, the resulting prediction will not always be positive. In some situations, even angels lower their wings. Here the querent is invited to pray and trust in the mercy of the Almighty.

Who are the Notoria in Light Tarot cards for?

The Notoria in Light Tarot deck will appeal to all fans of Fabio Listrani’s work. Gothic buildings in the background, detached characters, a mysterious aura – all this can be considered the distinctive features of the author’s style. Also, the Notoria Tarot in Light deck will appeal to all adherents of ritual magic, in particular the Cabal. Indeed, in skillful hands, cards become a tool for obtaining new knowledge practically from the original source. Everything will depend on skill and practical experience. In any case, the deck implies constant work and certain qualities – kindness and honesty.

Definitely Notoria Tarot in Light is not suitable for beginners. The deck is far from the classic Arthur Waite system. It is better not to draw any analogies with her. It is necessary to comprehend the unique language of the cards in order to learn how to read the images. For novice forecasters, this task can become quite difficult. If there is a desire to work with the Arcana, then it is worth practicing in the major group. Then gradually you need to work out the "court", aces and suits. Separately, you need to tune in to additional cards that personify the supreme deities.

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