Occult Tarot Deck

Sharp claws, snake skin, dragon wings and scary faces – all this is just an attempt to reflect the world of Darkness and its inhabitants. But if there is good, then there must be evil. The Occult Tarot deck is like a mystical tome, mined from the very depths of hell. And only the strong in spirit can take material and spiritual values from it, without losing their human appearance. If the querent makes a mistake, then he himself will turn into such a demon.

History of creation of the Occult Tarot Deck

Occult Tarot is a fairly new deck. It was first released in 2020. The first edition included the cards themselves, as well as an accompanying book. It was written by the author of the deck – British occultist Travis McHenry. He also created the Angel Tarot, reflecting in it the world of purity, love and something sublime. Now the time has come to show the society of soothsayers something that is closely connected with the earth. After all, as you know, demons and demons are much closer to a person than the same angels. It’s all about low vibrations.

The author in the Occult Tarot deck showed the infernal world. Greed, hatred, revenge – these and other human vices have taken on a frightening form. But if you disassemble any demon in detail, you can see just a heap of negative energy. However, the questioner has the right to use it for his own good. It all depends on the ability, the level of training. McHenry himself simply offers the keys to secret knowledge. He is not responsible for the consequences of their use.

Key features of the Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry

All cards of the Occult Tarot are the door to the other world. No wonder the deck was called the oracle. The author himself offers two approaches at once to choose from. On the one hand, there are 78 cards in this system. Each Arcana corresponds to the "classics". The suits of the Occult Tarot remained the same: Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. However, the images themselves do not agree with Waite. The fact is that on each card one or another essence of hell is drawn.

However, they are divided into hierarchies. So, six characters are considered princes of darkness: Baphomet, Lucifer, Moloch, Beelzebub, Azazel. The remaining 72 cards are less significant figures. At the same time, the Major Arcana of the Occult Tarot presents from a completely different side. So, the Devil depicts not the classic Baphomet, but Moloch. According to legend, animals and even babies were sacrificed to this medieval character. In return, the deity granted wealth and prosperity to cruel priests.

The Minor Arcana of Travis McHenry’s Occult Tarot deck can be conditionally divided into standard groups. For example, demons often appear on the Cups, which are responsible for beauty, love, the acquisition of qualities that allow people to be attracted to themselves. Pentacles are money, material well-being. Swords – the ability to learn secrets, learn something new. Wands – passion, blood magic. However, these are all just conventions. In fact, any demon can bestow something on a fortuneteller, regardless of his "orientation". It all depends on the price that the latter is willing to pay.

Entities of a higher order appear on the court cards in the Occult Tarot deck. They seem to be following their "wards" from the same group. Only an experienced practitioner will be able to work with them. The same can be said about the aforementioned princes. Such entities do not tolerate familiarity. They take control of a person’s life in their clawed paws, but they definitely lead to the desired goal. If the querent has already agreed to interact with the demons, you need to be able to bring what you started to the end, not be afraid and not stop halfway.

Style and symbolism of the deck

All cards in the Occult Tarot deck have a black back with scarlet embossing in the form of some kind of seal. The background on the Arcana is light, and the images of demons and demons are made in the style of medieval engravings. It is in this form that they have reached the society of the 21st century. It is possible that these drawings are simply someone’s fantasy. But the main thing is the message itself, and not the outer wrapper. Some of the images are taken from Aleister Crowley’s Goetia. The mystic entered into trance states and called entities with the help of seals. He sketched the images that appeared to him.

By the way, on each Arcana in the Occult Tarot deck, there is a demon sigil and his signature at the bottom. The name of the deity is also written in Hebrew on the right. Under the images themselves, there are a couple of lines regarding the character, challenge, and qualities of the character. Above – correspondence with the classical Tarot system. The author of occult cards used only three colors – white, black and red. Interestingly, on the Seven of Swords, he covered the name with hieroglyphs, and the image itself seemed to be crossed out with two scarlet stripes. Perhaps this is a kind of protection against excessively violent and unyielding energy.

Interpretation of the Occult Tarot cards

How to work with the Occult Tarot deck, each practitioner decides for himself. Beginners can only focus on the traditional names of the cards. In fact, the same archetypes partly remain the same, only they are presented from the dark side. But professionals can really interact with the demons sealed in the drawings. To do this, you should study the accompanying book from the author, as well as familiarize yourself with the works of Crowley. The literature that describes the rituals of summoning, gives advice on working with infernal entities, is suitable.

And the very classic interpretation of the Occult Tarot is built around a certain archetype. Therefore, the querent needs to get to know him better in order to understand the character and interests. This is partly helped by the information indicated on the Arcana itself. But this deck does not imply the use of reversed positions, because all demons are already negative in nature. To sum up, then everything, as usual, is decided by experience, the development of one’s own meanings obtained during fortune-telling.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Occult Tarot deck are a universal way to check yourself, relatives, and the house for the presence of negativity. The cards will reflect the magical effect, its essence. Further work on the return to the sender is possible. But here everything is purely individual. Indeed, in some cases, the curse or love spell outlived its "initiator". In general, the occult deck is great for analyzing confusing situations closely related to witchcraft. This is clear from the title.

However, the specificity of the Occult Tarot deck does not limit the fantasy of the querent. You can use cards to work out internal blocks, minuses and shadow aspects. It’s just that in this case, all the demons are just a reflection of the questioner himself. You need to learn to accept them in order to keep them under control. This approach is very constructive. After all, the world of Darkness can benefit the magician if he initially has positive intentions. But the occult deck will be reluctant to reveal ordinary, everyday questions. It is better not to touch on any mundane topics at all. In this case, it is worth transforming the request so that the cards help to take control of the situation.

Who are the Occult Tarot cards for?

Fortune-telling on the Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry is more the prerogative of experienced practitioners than beginners. The deck is complex and rich in hidden meanings. Plus, it’s very dangerous. Therefore, this Tarot is best to bypass if there is still no honed skill in reading Arcana. But magicians will like the cards. They will not only give a correct prediction, but also point to specific actions, rituals, rituals that will help solve the situation. After all, books about demons will give only superficial knowledge, and not applied experience. It is better to focus on your own perception, and not on speculation. Moreover, each person sees the world in his own way.

The Occult Tarot deck is suitable for dark magicians and witches. These are the people who are not afraid of the Darkness. They seek strength no matter what. They are not to be frightened by repulsive images. Light practices, shamans may not be able to cope with the pressure of entities. Indeed, each card already contains a huge charge, as the author of the deck himself claims. But even here everything will depend on skills and experience. If there is an interest in the infernal world, then even a beginner can begin to get acquainted with the hierarchy of Hell, try to interact with entities.

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