Pagan Tarot Deck

The connection of human with nature in today’s realities is a real gift. But even a century ago, people were tied to the earth, guided by its cycles. The Pagan Tarot is an attempt to resurrect this relationship. At the same time, you should not judge the deck only by its name. There will be no idols, stone sculptures here. Human himself is true magic. He can both create and destroy. And all this, again, is consonant with the natural elements. After all, the same fire is able to warm in a fierce cold or, conversely, burn down your home to the ground.

History of creation of the Pagan Tarot Deck

The author of the Pagan Tarot deck was the American soothsayer Gina M. Pace. The main idea for the new mantic instrument was the idea of the harmony of the world, the balance of dark and light energies. That is why the deck has a second name – Tarot of White and Black Magic. The illustrations were created by Christian Spadoni and Luca Raimondo. The deck was first published back in 2002. However, the motives of the Arcana, interesting stories are still relevant.

The Pagan Tarot immediately became popular with the esoteric society. Further, the deck was reprinted more than once around the world in the classic and mini versions. Gina Pace was able to connect two realities – conventionally ordinary and magical. It was this approach that won the love of the public. Here, each practitioner could see his reflection in a given situation. The deck has become a manifesto of the complete acceptance of life in all its manifestations.

Cards have become a breath of fresh air in a stuffy office. The beginning of the century can be described as a race for money. The constant struggle with circumstances led to the search for something original. The Pagan Tarot has become a universal key that opens the door to your own world of peace and harmony. She is as abundant as Mother Nature herself. Therefore, there will be both a riot of fire and the smoothness of water. The earth will give stability, and the air will refresh the head, give a lot of new ideas.

Key features of the Tarot of White and Black Magic

A key feature of the Pagan Tarot can be called the main storyline. The main character here is an ordinary young girl. She must go from an inexperienced neophyte to a real master. Both positive events and painful, difficult ones await her. All other characters are some kind of teachers on this path.

If we talk about the structure of the Pagan Tarot deck of White and Black Magic, then we can attribute it to the classical English school. All plots are references to traditional Waite cards. However, the group of court Arcana has undergone significant changes. Four cards of each suit turned into a reflection of certain magical ranks: Elemental, Novice, Senior and Mage. The characters here differ in age and experience.

The Major Arcana of the Pagan Tarot deck reflect the spiritual path, the comprehension of oneself. It starts with the Fool. It’s the same girl here. She is in zero gravity, dressed in a white dress, and galaxies of stars twinkle behind. There is no way yet, but a white cat winds nearby, as if leading to an unknown distance. The very end of this journey is also interesting. On the World card, the heroine stands with a man. Mythical creatures fly around them – symbols of the four elements. Together they reflect true balance.

But the Minor Arcana of the Pagan Tarot are not inferior in terms of originality. Yes, here the emphasis is on real life, but the prediction as a result is full of details. The heroine seems to descend to earth and get her unique experience here. In the minor group, the viewer sees ordinary offices, houses, supermarkets, as well as wildlife.

Style and symbolism of the deck

All images on the cards of the Pagan Tarot deck are vaguely reminiscent of comics. Here you can clearly see the style of Luca Raimondo, known for the Arcana of Casanova. Christian Spadoni also did a great job on the images of animals, natural spirits. Such a tandem of artists made it possible to create a combination of two opposites. The reality seemed to be distorted, the fairy tale became possible. Looking at the cards, one gets the feeling that events in life can unfold according to this scenario. One might wonder if a work colleague is a real witch.

The shades in the Pagan Tarot are muted, the images are matte. The color palette also differs depending on the elemental group. So, the Arcana of the Swords are designed in cold colors, and the Wands – in warm ones. Each card has a white border, the number and suit are written at the top, and there are duplications in different languages at the bottom. The shirt shows a scene from the World card. At the same time, each image has a lot of details – from the symbols of the elements, to birds and animals. Often a pentacle appears – a sign of the connection of all elements. This is the traditional "key" of Wicca – a magical current that focuses on working with nature, comprehending its secrets.

Separately, it is worth considering the symbolism of each suit in the Pagan Tarot. So, Fire is personified by small dragons. Fairies and dolphins are visible on cards of the water suit. The earth is reflected by the gnomes. But a beautiful fairy reappears on the Air group. However, she is shown floating in the air, wrapped in a whirlwind of snow.

Interpretation of the Pagan Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Pagan Tarot deck can be connected with intuition. It is not necessary to draw parallels with the same Waite. The questioner should feel the main message of the card in order to get the correct prediction. Absolutely everything must be taken into account: from the characters, their facial expressions, to landscapes and small signs somewhere in the corner of the image. Divination by the Pagan Tarot can be a brief digression into the Wiccan tradition. Moreover, the querent does not have to study something beforehand – there is no direct reference to any deities. All images are intuitive, simple even for a beginner.

It is also worth taking into account the elements. The suits of the Pagan Tarot deck represent fire, water, earth and air. At the same time, man is considered the crown of nature, the highest point in the pentacle. He can control all the elements both within himself and outside. Thus, the strength of the spirit is formed. However, all the same forces are reflected in the ordinary real world. Thus, Swords traditionally show painful scenes; Wands – passion for life, inner impulse. Cups are connected with family issues, children, feelings for your partner. Pentacles are money, work, business.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Pagan Tarot suggests a wide variety of topics. They can be both mundane, relating to the material sphere, and sublime – about spiritual growth, the development of one’s own abilities. Everything will depend on the skills of the fortuneteller. The deck itself assumes a certain synthesis of energies, manifested and hidden. Classical motifs will reflect the real physical world, ordinary life. But the Major Arcana are more focused on spirituality.

It is best to use the Pagan Tarot deck to work on yourself. All questions should involve space for inner growth. So, even the most painful situations can teach you to be more conscious, merciful. But, the deck also answers questions regarding witchcraft. It will help you choose the method of influence, view your perspectives in a particular tradition.

Who are the Pagan Tarot cards for?

Foremost, the Pagan Tarot will appeal to people who practice magic. And both light and dark. The deck itself does not make a distinction between these two streams. Everyone can find their own answers. Also, the cards are suitable for those individuals who are interested in psychology. The Arcana shows various interactions between people, and therefore give a whole field of meanings. They are able to advise the most advantageous strategy of behavior.

Fans of the artists Spadoni and Raimondo will also like the Pagan Tarot deck. Their style is very reminiscent of illustrations from books. At the same time, the pictures reflect ordinary real life, smoothly turning into a modern fairy tale. The deck will replenish the collection of fans of unusual cards. Still, most of the stories here are very peculiar, interesting. They do not copy Waite, but rather complement the well-known meanings. Therefore, even beginners can buy a deck at the very beginning of their journey. It is quite easy to use.

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