Romantic Tarot Deck

The Romantic Tarot is an amazing deck. She is able to melt the hearts of the most inveterate pragmatists who have not believed in true love for a long time. Having studied its language, you can hone the skill of reading the real motives of people. Moreover, often even a conditionally negative character will simply want warmth, understanding. This is the most important revelation of the deck. After all, the human soul is full of secrets. What can we say in the case when one person meets another. However, this deck will help you understand yourself and your partner. After all, foremost, it was created to work with the sphere of relations. The name speaks for itself.

History of creation of the Romantic Tarot Deck

The beautiful Romantic Tarot deck was created by two women, Emmanuela Signarini and Giulia F. Massaglia. And this is not surprising, because only the representatives of the weaker sex themselves can correctly convey the ladies’ view of the world. This is not Manara Taro with his uninhibited eroticism. This deck invites you to read between the lines the secret dreams and hopes of girls. The publication of this mantic instrument took place in 2015 – relatively recently. But many practitioners have already managed to sufficiently appreciate all the advantages.

Many people confuse the Romantic Tarot with the Victorian. The fact is that in both versions, similar plots are shown, as if shrouded in love experiences. Also, on both, the action shown on the cards takes place in the same era. This is evidenced by the identical costumes of the heroes and the architecture of the buildings in the background. The viewer here sees silk dresses with ruffles on the sleeves, exquisite men’s clothes. The atmosphere of sensuality is literally mesmerizing.

Key features of the Romantic Tarot

This deck has its own "feature" – all suits of the Romantic Tarot are divided into four groups and show different cities. So, the Cups represent Venice, the Wands – Paris, the Swords – Vienna, and the Pentacles – Rome. The questioner seems to find himself in a different environment in order to receive an additional layer of important information. All these cities are shrouded in a haze of fairy tales mixed with real stories. The viewer is invited to go on a journey after Romeo and Juliet, Giacomo Casanova and Isabella de Luna. Somewhere love will turn out to be really sincere, posthumously connecting the hearts of two, otherwise it will be just a rush of passion, and in the third version it will inextricably link itself with materialism.

If we talk about the system by which the Romantic Tarot deck is built, then everything is quite simple here. It repeats the tradition of Waite – the numbering of the Fool, Strength and Justice has remained unchanged. However, in terms of visualization, the Romantic Tarot cards are very different from the classic Arthur deck. Aces are especially interestingly worked out – the true meaning of each of the Arcana can be read through the depicted objects. For example, a font will denote true feelings, and a red stocking garter will denote passion.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The artist Julia decided to show the dreaminess and sublimity of the images through the use of muted shades in her work. Thus, when a fortuneteller examines the Romantic Tarot deck, he gets the impression that he is reading a book with illustrations. Moreover, only adults will understand such literature. And age here is not meant in terms of depravity, but rather, understanding of life and relationships between people. The Major Arcana of the Romantic Tarot presents in the form of vivid, memorable stories. For example, the heroine of the Devil card here is a striptease dancer, dangerous, but alluring.

There were also tragic motives. The plot for Death is the scene in the cemetery. A lady in a black dress and lace veil lays a wreath on someone’s grave. But Julia also awarded the Minor Arcana of the Romantic Tarot deck with a great semantic load. So, in order to understand how sincere feelings are, you should pay attention to the absence or presence of masks. Venetian masquerade, ordinary blindfolds – all this serves only as a cover for the true "face". But even such a moment the artist was able to endow with beauty and grace.

Interpretation of the Romantic Tarot cards

In order to correctly interpret the Romantic Tarot deck, you need to feel the atmosphere. If desired, you can transfer the plots to ordinary life phenomena. For example, a sultan on the Nine of Cups will mean a heartthrob, and a strong man on the Three of Pentacles will mean an excellent worker. That is, even a minor group can show real people. The court Arcana also point to specific individuals. So, the Page of Cups can turn out to be a true friend, and in a negative environment – an unhappy man with non-reciprocal feelings.

But all the same images are sometimes recouped as life circumstances. It is important to take into account the moment that the Romantic Tarot deck first of all shows any events from the position of emotions. The people involved in the circumstances under consideration here will always “flash”. But one can easily consider the true background of events, other people’s motives. All this will help to draw certain conclusions, arm yourself with advice for the future.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Foremost, the Romantic Tarot deck is suitable for analyzing situations related to the relationship between a man and a woman. This is a kind of rose-colored glasses through which the fortuneteller looks at the world around him. And this approach is not always negative. On the contrary, the relationship between people is a rather subtle matter. It requires a kind of tool that focuses on the soul, not logic. The deck will come in handy in cases where you want to smooth out sharp corners. It simply provides the hope that loving hearts need.

But the Romantic Tarot deck is also useful for spreads related to comprehending oneself and one’s own desires. Sometimes people are too biased about their talents, aspirations. This Tarot focuses on lightness and dreaminess. It seems to give the keys to the door to a fairy tale, where everything is possible. If you follow the logic of the received prediction, then you can "catch" a chance to radically change your life. And for the better.

The spreads of the Romantic Tarot offer to be perceived from the position of something light, laid-back. Even the most tragic situation leaves hope for a better future. This approach is a red thread can be traced in all scenes. Even the Tower is a very negative card, here it represents the cleansing of the old, some kind of burden on the heart. Romantic tarot readings will always focus on a positive outcome, even if things aren’t going so smoothly right now. Therefore, all questions to cards will automatically be translated into their own Morse code – light and a little naive.

Who are the Romantic Tarot cards for?

Of course, the Romantic Tarot deck will appeal to women who have accumulated experience behind them. Too young girls look at life with passion, live in momentary impulses. And a lady in a beautiful mature age perceives what is happening a little differently. She has already learned to forgive her loved ones for their mistakes, shortcomings of character. Such an easy attitude to failures makes her an understanding person. Sometimes harshness only hurts. In addition, on this tool, you can look at all questions related to a person’s attitude to a particular issue. That is why psychologists will see it as an excellent assistant in order to consider the mood and feelings of the client.

And, oddly enough, the Romantic Tarot is also suitable for male practitioners. Namely, those representatives of the stronger sex who want to comprehend the mysterious female soul. After all, if you add sensitivity to endurance and stubbornness, then the result is a highly developed person, significantly different from most ordinary people. You can compare it with Androgyne, found on the World card at Waite. This is such a mythical creature that has signs of both sexes. And it’s not just about physics. More emphasis is placed on the spiritual component. Just like in cooking and surgery, men are again the best. The sphere of love for them can open even more than for women. After all, it is the stronger sex that is distinguished by the ability not to be afraid to make big plans and then realize dreams in real life.

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