Tarot of Sexual Magic Deck

The Tarot of Sexual Magic is another deck from the erotic group. However, it differs from the rest in fantasy plots on the verge of dark and light magic. There are both beautiful fairies who grant wishes, and evil witches who send curses. But all this diversity simply would not exist if one detail did not exist. That link is love. And she still rules the ball, no matter from which side to consider the issue of gender relations.

History of creation of the Sexual Magic Tarot Deck

Two people worked on the creation of the Sexual Magic Tarot deck. The idea itself belongs to Laura Tuan. On the visualization, the woman worked together with the artist Mauro de Luca. And, I must say, such a tandem initially guaranteed success. The deck was revealed to the world in 2009. The reissue was already on the next one, which indicates the incredible popularity of this Tarot. The author and the artist seem to have mixed their opposite energies. That is why there is no bias in any direction. Both sexes need each other and therefore constantly interact.

The Sexual Magic Tarot deck is strikingly different from the mantic tools from the same erotic group. Here one can see the exclusive "handwriting" of Mauro, also known for his fantasy divination systems. All images are very reminiscent of fairy tales for adults, in which everything is possible. There are both terrible witches and good kings. After all, no fairy tale is complete without antagonistic characters.

Key features of the Tarot of Sexual Magic

If we talk about tradition, then, undoubtedly, the Sexual Magic Tarot deck is made according to all the rules of the old English school. Justice – 11, Strength – 8. The Fool was again left without his number. There are no Kabbalistic or astrological correspondences here. The most important feature can be considered an emphasis on sorcery, magic. The name of the deck directly indicates this. If you look at the Tarot of Sexual Magic from such an angle, then the fortuneteller opens up a lot of interesting things. All the same classic images are filled with a new meaning, more sexual, liberated.

All Tarot cards of Sexual Magic show different interactions between the sexes. There is both sincere affection and hatred. In general, the deck clearly conveys the idea that without a bottom there is no top, without light there is no dark. A woman needs a man just as much as he needs her. A similar meaning should be transferred to ordinary life events. Sexuality is the basis of any person. He himself would not exist if one day one couple did not merge in a passionate dance. That is why any circumstances can be rephrased in the language of feelings and at the output you can get a detailed answer with the help of Arcana.

Style and symbolism of the deck

An important detail of the Sexual Magic Tarot cards is the bright scarlet frame. It seems to immediately erase the boundaries between the questioner and the deck, forcing them to switch to a trusting “you”. But such frankness is most welcome. Indeed, further the querent will have to enter the unknown world of sensuality. And such stories can scare an overly constrained unprepared viewer. The Minor Arcana of the Tarot of Sexual Magic shows in the light of everyday life. There are also scenes in ordinary houses, in the garden and in the wild. Space and background can be read as an additional layer of information. He will either directly show the environment, or only hint at inner constraint-freedom.

The Major Arcana of the Sexual Magic Tarot are no less interesting. The plots here are also the relationship of the sexes. But now the characters are getting grotesque. They turn into archetypes, by which you can easily understand the main message of the spread. For example, the character of the Devil remains cunning – he only provokes, does not act openly. From him, as they say, bribes are smooth. An interesting visualization of the Tower Arcana. This card shows the moment of copulation of a couple at the peak of pleasure, but a threat is approaching from behind – a Viking with an ax. If we move away from direct comparison, we can simply see a metaphorical danger. Potentially, it concerns not only the love sphere, but also money and health. Even on the Hermit, there is an erotic scene. The protagonist seems to make a vow to himself to adhere to celibacy, that is, abstinence from intimate relationships.

If we consider the suits of the Sexual Magic Tarot, then the sophisticated viewer will not find anything new for himself. However, again, the emphasis should be on relationships. So, Swords will show conflicting cold communication between partners. Wands will demonstrate the initial passion, the emergence of interest. Cups traditionally "bless" the union, symbolize sincerity. And Pentacles show both stability and commercialism – it all depends on the context. Heroes of the court Arcana also have a pair. The only exceptions are the Page of Cups and the Queen of Swords. But even a cold lady looks at the portrait of her beloved, and the youth dreams of a passionate love affair.

Interpretation of the Sexual Magic Tarot cards

In order to correctly interpret the Sexual Magic Tarot deck, you must initially be prepared for frank answers. It may just suddenly turn out that the beloved partner lacks communication with other representatives of the opposite sex, and the modest one lacks intimate dominance. But the answer here is the weapon. And this double-edged blade can be used to your advantage.

Particular attention should be paid to small, seemingly insignificant details on the cards. All of them carry a sacred meaning too. The fact is that Tarot of Sexual Magic is an occult tool. This deck will hint at which method of influence is best to resort to. And all of this, of course, applies to love magic. So, needles on the Queen of Swords card can mean a love spell with submission as revenge, and food on the Three of Pentacles can mean exposure through nutriment.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Fortune-telling on the Sexual Magic Tarot deck will help you better understand your own relationships or customer relationships. This tool gives the fortuneteller a key that unlocks the door to the intimate world of pleasures. It is woven from reality and conjecture, and exists only thanks to love. The mutual attraction of the two sexes bestows and takes away life, inspires and brings down to the depths of Hell. But this is life, with all its ups and downs. However, the sexual undertones of the cards can also show everyday situations. It’s just that the authors of the deck chose a certain scarlet prism through which the querent is invited to look at what is happening.

Tarot of Sexual Magic will reveal the partner’s erotic fantasies and give advice on how to deal with them. After all, sometimes what you want can turn out to be harmful. The deck brings to the surface everything that people hide even from themselves. The same work can be viewed from the angle of eroticism. Thus, it will become clear that the boss wants the fortuneteller to learn to defend his rights – the Ace of Swords, and the colleague really wants to help – the Knight of Wands. In other situations, sincere affection will manifest itself, which a person is embarrassed to show – the Page of Cups.

Who are the Sexual Magic Tarot cards for?

Since a man and a woman worked on the creation of the Tarot deck of Sexual Magic, the tool is suitable for both sexes. His language is universal – there are both "male" plots, full of strength, formidable energy, and "female" ones – softer and calmer. Each person will be able to find something of their own. But we should not forget about sincerity. The plots here are quite frank, and this fact will obviously not please the hypocrites. Therefore, the deck will be more to the liking of liberated individuals who understand and accept themselves. And also for those who are only on the way to inner freedom.

The Sexual Magic Tarot spreads is the alphabet that teaches you not to be afraid of yourself. The resulting prediction can be taken as real advice for action. That is why this erotic Tarot is suitable for psychologists, sexologists, psychotherapists. Through the prism of intimacy, it is possible to notice personality pathologies, as well as the light and dark sides of the individual. All this will help the practitioner to give the client effective methods in terms of internal transformation. After all, the human ego consists of two sides, a mix of Yin and Yang energies.

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