Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Brave heroes, animal helpers, the presence of superpowers – all this is the world of the Shadowscapes Tarot. The deck immerses in its own space. In it, everything is possible and everything is permitted. Sometimes the querent just needs to rise above his own problems in order to see the situation from the outside. The cards make this possible. They give wings, give wisdom to know the root of all troubles. Do not be embarrassed by the "childish" images. It’s just a metaphor, a finger pointing to the moon. The deck gives hope for the future, gives strength to the hands of the questioner himself. After all, to get out of the vicious circle, sometimes you just need to believe in yourself a little.

History of creation of the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

The Shadowscapes Tarot is the result of the painstaking work of digital artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. The author worked on the cards at night, creating a magical world of amazing beauty. The deck was first published in 2010. And immediately attracted the eyes of sophisticated practitioners. The Arcana here are not just standard copies of Waite, differing only in terms of visualization. No, the Shadowscapes Tarot is a fairy tale about another world told by Stephanie. In the accompanying book, the author lifts the veil of secrecy over all the images. There, the artist conveys the main ideas of this or that Arcana in the format of a legend.

To cope with the energy of the Shadowscapes Tarot, a well-known practitioner Barbara Moore worked together with Stephanie. She described the standard meanings of the cards and gave examples of spreads in the accompanying literature. Thus, the deck has become more accessible for understanding. The main idea behind the creation of the Arcana was the desire of the author to show another world. This is a space where any dream can come true. However, there are dangers here too. This is a mirror in which the usual reality and its mystical reflection meet.

Key features of the Shadowscapes Tarot

The Shadowscapes Tarot deck belongs to the English school. There are 78 cards in this system. Despite the fantasy nature of the plots, the images from the cards again refer to the classics. The Major Arcana of the Shadowscapes Tarot is the standard hero path. However, now the road to itself runs through beautiful gardens, heavenly castles, rocks and dark forests. The heroes themselves often stand on a certain elevation, which indicates their desire to develop, grow spiritually. Trees, bridges, stones – all this is used as pedestals.

To better understand the meaning of each Arcana of the major group, it is worth reading the meanings from the author himself. For example, the Lovers show a couple of young people. They hold each other in a strong hug. Fairies are visible below, as well as a snake wrapping around an apple. Pigeons remove the crown from the guy’s head. The girl holds a wreath in her right hand. All this hints at the unimportance of ranks and statuses when it comes to love. A seal is drawn next to the couple – acorns and oak leaves in a circle. Stephanie writes that this symbol means the opportunity to give new life, to continue the race. But on the Death card in the Shadowscapes Tarot, a sad scene is shown – the phoenix burns to the ground. At the same time, a chick, the future successor of the hero, is visible below. Thus, the author speaks of the infinity of life. Death itself is only a transition.

The Minor Arcana in the Shadowscapes Tarot deck also echo Waite’s motifs. The main difference is the magical world itself, in which the heroes are immersed. For example, on the Eight of Wands, dandelions took the place of flying staves. The heroine blows on the plants, and they are easily picked up by a stream of air, carrying them away. The Six of Cups shows a scene of tea drinking in a magical forest. A little girl sets the table, and her toy guests dutifully wait for the meal. The forest fairies help the heroine. The same heart is visible on the Three of Swords. However, now the blades hit the white swan – a symbol of beauty, fidelity and love. The card also symbolizes loss, betrayal and suffering. The swan shows both the person himself and his sincerity, invaluable inner impulses.

The suits of the Shadowscapes Tarot deck remain the same. But the author added characteristic features for each group. Red and orange shades are used on the Wands. Foxes often appear here – a symbol of cunning and resourcefulness. The Swords are dominated by purples and grays. The main focus is on birds. They denote wisdom and the transmission of information. Blue shades are used on the group of Cups, and mermaids and inhabitants of the deep sea are considered a symbol. As a standard, the suit indicates the ability to love and give warmth. The group of Pentacles is made in green colors. The author chose dragons and lizards as patrons of this element.

Style and symbolism of the deck

In the Shadowscapes Tarot, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law put a lot of emphasis on symbolism. Mythical creatures appear on the cards – mermaids, beautiful goddesses, little fairies. The background is the sea, mysterious forests and flower meadows. The images themselves are made in watercolor technique, muted shades are used. The author of the Shadowscapes Tarot deck paid great attention to small details. Often, scarlet ribbons appear on cards as a symbol of protection and the presence of certain skills. The bodies of the heroes are decorated with tattoos, which speaks of their character or goals. Also of great importance in the Tarot deck is the symbol of the ball. It indicates the birth of a new life, personifies the human soul and even the universe itself.

In terms of designing the Shadowscapes Tarot, it is quite simple. The images have a purple frame and a caption at the bottom. The cards do not directly point to astrological correspondences. However, upon closer examination, the fortuneteller may notice the symbols of the Sun and Moon. The poses and gestures of the characters are also of great importance in the Tarot deck. So, if the character is turned to the left, then this means immersion in oneself; to the right – openness to the world, readiness to manifest. Spirals and fractal images speak of cyclicity. An example is a stained-glass window on the Wheel of Fortune or shells on a group of Cups.

Interpretation of the Shadowscapes Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Shadowscapes Tarot can be made according to the original meanings by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Each card is full of symbolism. Totem animals, mythical creatures, gestures of heroes, their clothes – all this must be taken into account. For example, circling black crows will hint at negative thoughts, melancholy. But the presence of a mermaid tail in a character will indicate the ability to show feelings and accept the emotions of other people. The trees in the deck symbolize spiritual growth, resilience and steadfastness in the face of challenges. The horns will speak of wisdom, having your own point of view and the ability to stand up for yourself. All symbols can be interpreted intuitively, without relying on the prompts of the author.

Also, the Shadowscapes Tarot spreads allow you to correlate images with Waite’s classics. The meaning remains the same. Such a base will help to understand the message of the cards. For example, the Empress here also denotes fertility, motherhood and care for her offspring. Moreover, both family relationships and the creation of a business, some kind of project are taken into account. The Hierophant personifies the teacher. The author of the Shadowscapes Tarot herself, in the accompanying book, tells the legend of how the salamanders came to the spirit of learning to fly. The same image can be transferred to ordinary life. So the card will denote a doctor, teacher or guru.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The Shadowscapes Tarot deck is a versatile tool. On the cards you can look at questions related to spirituality, the search for oneself. In this regard, the Arcana will give a prediction – what to do, what to work out, how to strengthen your talents. The deck helps you look at yourself in a new way. At the same time, she gently and tactfully speaks about the shortcomings. You can’t call the Shadowscapes Tarot naive, because there are also negative images in the system. The Devil is still the same demon, manipulating human weaknesses. However, now the key to the cage hangs over the head of his victim. The heroine has only to lend a hand and all the torment will end. The deck takes the same approach to real life.

At the same time, fortune-telling on the Shadowscapes Tarot also illuminates everyday issues. The cards will tell you in what area to build a business, with whom to communicate, and who should be avoided. The deck also shows diseases of the body and soul, gives a chance to deal with all problems and come to balance. It all depends on the skill of the practitioner. The Shadowscapes Tarot – as a universal mirror. At the same time, the fantasy nature of the plots does not affect the veracity of the predictions. It is important for the querent to include creative thinking and correlate images. For example, a school of fish from the Nine of Cups would represent friends and admirers. A spider weaving a web from the Eight of Pentacles refers to skill and constant work on a certain project.

Who are the Shadowscapes Tarot cards for?

The Shadowscapes Tarot is suitable for both experienced practitioners and beginners. The deck is simple and clear, although it shows an abundance of symbols. It is easy to read intuitively. Girls will appreciate bright images, sophisticated silhouettes and beautiful mythical creatures. The deck seems to plunge into childhood dreams, when everything was possible, a fairy tale could exist. Also, the deck will appeal to fans of the work of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. In addition to Arcana, the artist draws computer games and illustrates books. Some fans do not work with the deck, they perceive it only as a kind of trophy from their favorite author.

Also, the Shadowscapes Tarot is suitable for Wicca practitioners, pagans, runologists. In the deck, special attention is paid to the spirits of the elements, forests, and seas. All this layer of information can be transferred to ritual practice. The cards will help you find your totem animal, strengthen your connection with nature, and strengthen magical rituals. The images of goddesses and gods from the Arcana can be used as a kind of icon. It is important to work more often with the Shadowscapes deck in order to better understand the vibrations of certain spirits, to be able to ask correctly and interact with energies.

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