Viceversa Tarot Deck

It seems that Arthur Waite, with his classic deck, briefly and succinctly reflected this multifaceted world. Love, work, spiritual search, health – nothing is new under the sun. However, the Viceversa Tarot makes adjustments to the hackneyed rule. The deck has become a breakthrough, a fresh look at unshakable truths. At the same time, it is aesthetically pleasing and mysterious. But whether the author succeeded in creating a replacement for the traditional system is up to each fortuneteller to decide.

History of creation of the Viceversa Tarot Deck

The idea of creating a double-sided Viceversa Tarot deck belongs to Massimiliano Filadoro. He decided to show the world something new, but at the same time with a reference to the classics. The well-known Waite system with standard images and meanings was taken as a basis. But, as in real life, any circumstances and phenomena have another side, a second bottom. It all depends on what angle you look at. The questioner is invited to become an observer and try to find the key to the situation of interest. The cards will become a guide to the truth.

The artist of the Vice Versa Tarot is Davide Corsi, already known for his works: Draconis, Eternal Night of Vampires, Sacred Sites. The deck was first released by the Italian publishing house Lo Scarabeo in 2017, and accompanying literature was included with the Arcana. The book was written by Lunaea Weatherstone. The fact is that the Massimiliano system, in fact, contains not 78 familiar cards, but as many as 156. The reverse side is a whole archetype with a sometimes unexpected designation. The book helped the audience not to get confused, to read the messages correctly.

Key features of the Tarot of Vice Versa Tarot

The Viceversa Tarot deck belongs to the English school. Everything here is clear at first glance: the Fool without a number, Strength – 8th. However, the Arcana themselves are double-sided. Weatherstone’s book contains descriptions of all archetypes. If you briefly go over the Major Arcana of the Viceversa Tarot, you can see a similarity with Waite’s classics. Here, the fortuneteller should not have any special problems in interpretation. But the dark side is interesting. For example, “behind” the Empress, a skull is visible on the shore of a reservoir. Such a symbol refers to death, the finiteness of life. Although initially the card means procreation, abundance.

The Minor Arcana of the Viceversa Tarot is also served with a special sauce. Somewhere there are fewer heroes than Arthur Waite, somewhere there are more. But the main meaning is still preserved. At the same time, the "shirt" of the card will not always be interpreted as a complete opposite. Rather, it means a different point of view or the addition of details. Interesting Ten of Swords. So, in the upright position, it here standardly means complete collapse. But the second version shows the main character, who jumped out of the armor in time. The blades are stuck in shining armor, and the character himself is sitting next to him. We can say that the card means a decrease in negative energy, a way out of the most confusing situation.

Often places, symbols and characters will appear on various Arcana. So, "behind" the Tower, the viewer sees two sphinxes and the wreckage of a chariot – everything that previously appeared on the card of the same name. Or on the Ten of Cups "behind" a bowl from an Ace is depicted. By the way, the suits of the Viceversa Tarot deck remained the same. The court Arcana also did not change. And this is good, because the querent has yet to deal with the shadow aspects of the deck.

An example is the Five of Pentacles. So, the standard tramp here is adjacent to the rich man from the same house. And the trouble is that a wealthy character is shown holding his head with his hands. Perhaps his spiritual impulses are not satisfied with money. Well, or the hero is worried about the safety of his property. The Vice Versa Tarot deck is good because every fortuneteller will see his own meaning. You should rely more on intuition than on immutable postulates.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Viceversa Tarot is replete with symbolism. Here are the signs of the zodiac, and the Hebrew alphabet, and the Egyptian gods. It may even seem that the author drew analogies with the secret society of the Illuminati: on many cards there are shining stars, the All-Seeing Eye and masks. One thing is clear – the deck turned out to be sublime and spiritual. All the same scenes with characters have become more elegant. The artist’s style helped in part to achieve this: Davide Corsi combined realism with computer graphics, seasoned everything with muted shades and left room for bright accents. As a result, the deck turned out fabulous.

At the bottom of each Viceversa Tarot card, there is a small border. On it is indicated the numerical designation and suit. The Major Arcana are numbered with Roman numerals. That is, there is no direct connection with astrology or Kabbalah. However, this deck is not in vain called Vice Versa – if you look closely, you can see the symbols of the planets, totem animals. The querent is invited to independently draw analogies and solve this mystical puzzle.

Interpretation of the Viceversa Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Viceversa Tarot deck in many ways refers to Waite. The "second bottom" of the Arcana is proposed to be perceived as a decrease in the intensity of energies, the appearance of third parties, or leaving the situation behind oneself. To emphasize this facet, the artist often uses the day-night technique. That is, the standard position of the card shows the manifested events, and the non-standard position shows the hidden ones. The prediction will depend more on the intuition of the fortuneteller. There is no single recipe for working with a deck.

At the same time, it is not necessary to take into account astrology or Kabbalah. Yes, symbolism plays a special role in the Viceversa Tarot deck – different seals can give additional meanings. They are especially important in working with magical themes. But for standard questions, the querent has the right to take into account only the characters, their actions and the background. You can correlate the message with Waite’s interpretation – this will not be considered a mistake. However, in order to fully understand the message of the deck, you can get acquainted with Egyptian culture, Kabbalah, and astrology.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Fortune-telling on the Viceversa Tarot is suitable for numerous topics. Here and everyday situations related to work, business. In terms of health, the cards also perform well, because there are many heroes here. The deck is useful for viewing relationships, analyzing personality. But it is also suitable for spiritual topics. The symbolism of the Arcana will indicate interaction with certain gods, signs, totem animals. Here everything will be limited only by the imagination and erudition of the fortuneteller.

Therefore, we can safely call the spreads of the Viceversa Tarot universal. The author seems to give into the hands of the questioner the key that opens all the doors. The final result depends on the ability to use the gift. Court Arcana will show specific people – their characters, appearance, interests. The minor ones will reflect mundane situations. But the Major Arcana are those events that dominate the querent. This is fate, something that is difficult or impossible to change, to get around. You can perceive major cards as some kind of karmic lessons, which, as a result, are designed to make a person stronger and more conscious.

Who are the Vice Versa Tarot cards for?

Of course, the Viceversa Tarot deck will appeal to all fans of Rider-Waite. Still, the images and meanings here are very similar. However, beginners can get confused about the flip side. Therefore, it is best to choose this mantic instrument for those who already have experience with the classics. This experience will help you move to a higher level. After all, the interpretation of the cards is quite complicated, despite the clues from the book. At the same time, it will not work to not use the reverse side – when shuffling, the Arcana can take a different position.

Also, the Viceversa Tarot deck will appeal to those people who prefer a fantasy style. After all, unearthly landscapes appear on the cards here, goblets and pentacles soar in the air, and the characters are dressed in the clothes of the era of knights. Davide Corsi pleases his fans with such images, similar to illustrations for fairy tales. Well, of course, the cards are suitable for practitioners who are fond of astrology. No wonder, most of the scenes here are decorated with falling comets and signs of the planets.

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