Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck

Even just a century ago, people believed in the existence of fairies. There were supposedly eyewitnesses who managed to see a small people in a flowering meadow or on the banks of a noisy river. This was partly influenced by the culture that developed in the 19th century. People were pure in soul, naive, and therefore they could discern something special in the bustle of days. The Victorian Fairy Tarot is an ode to that happy time when spiritual nobility and mercy to one’s neighbor were held in high esteem. The practitioner is invited to plunge into this forgotten Victorian tale in order to try to find answers to all their questions. Well, or at least temporarily forget about all the worries.

History of creation of the Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck

The Victorian Fairy Tarot deck was first released in America in 2013. The author of the cards was Lunaea Weatherstone, a big fan of fairy-tale themes. If we turn to history, then the Victorian era fell on the years of the reign of Queen Victoria of Great Britain from 1837 to 1901. This is the time of gentlemen, conservative family values and hard work. Thrift and economy were considered the highest virtues. Due to the fact that the queen managed to stay in power for so long, she managed to focus on the culture and moral character of the people of that time. Matriarchy also affected the interests of contemporaries. At that time, tea parties in nature and fairy tales about small creatures – fairies – were popular. They were endowed with magical powers and could help people.

That is why the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck has absorbed the best qualities of those times. Arcana reflect prudence, care for the family and home. Lunaea Weatherstone herself has become a kind of British queen, taking care of her subjects. The author has created a mystical world filled with kind and naive fairies. And illustrator Gary Lippincott helped her in this. It should be noted that the Tarot deck quickly gained popularity. Lunaea also wrote a book in which she gave brief meanings of all the Arcana and gave examples of working spreads. The woman emphasized the images of plants and advised not to neglect their interpretation. Now you can buy a Tarot deck with or without accompanying literature. The choice will depend on the level of training of the master.

Key features of the Victorian Fairy Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone

The Victorian Fairy Tarot belongs to the English school. In many ways, it is similar to Waite’s classic: the Fool goes without a number, and Strength is 8th. However, the Major Arcana of the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck have undergone changes in terms of names. For example, the Tower became the Burning Oak, and the Devil became the Goblin Market. The last card turned into Worlds, and the High Priestess into the Seeress. At the same time, it can be noted that the main message of the Arcana has been preserved. The names have only become more imaginative. An interesting card is the Empress. It depicts a crowned lady, somewhat reminiscent of Victoria herself. Next to the ruler are children, as if symbolizing subjects. The card also focuses on motherhood and family care.

The suits of the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck are also different from the original Waite. Four groups are divided by seasons and have names: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. At the same time, the Wands correspond with spring, not summer. The life of fairies has much in common with ordinary human life. In spring, nature blooms and the little inhabitants of the forest go for walks and plant gardens. In summer, they enjoy the warmth, relax and communicate with each other. In autumn, it is time to harvest and prepare supplies. And in winter, the fairies seem to freeze themselves, become silent and closed. Such a breakdown by season perfectly reflects both various areas of life and the time periods themselves.

The Minor Arcana of the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck have many similar meanings to the classics. For example, on the Four of Winters, a man is shown lying in a fallen old tree. Everything around is covered with snow and the hero tries in vain to keep warm. The meaning of the card comes down to stagnation and apathy, the inability to change the situation. A person only has to adapt to circumstances, but he does not always have the strength to make radical changes. The Four of Spring is interesting, where the dance of people and fairies is shown. Two couples are spinning in a round dance, symbolizing cooperation, coherence and constancy. The Aces in this Tarot deck, as usual, reflect the suits themselves: icicles and snow-covered branches (Winter), blossoming buds on a tree and a kite entangled in the crown (Spring), a snow-white lily on a pond (Summer), apples and acorns (Autumn).

The court Arcana of the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck deserve special attention. In general, they are similar to the standard ones, but there are some changes. Herald, Knight, Queen and King are the ranks of the Victorian deck. At the same time, each crowned couple is allegedly responsible for their lands, in which a certain season always reigns. So, the "winter" rulers are gray-haired, removed, and their thrones resemble a block of ice, from which the master carved a work of art. The “summer” couple is young, more cheerful and relaxed. The queen’s feet are bare, and the throne itself is decorated with bright flowers.

Style and symbolism of the deck

In the Victorian Fairy Tarot, the main characters are small fairy-tale creatures. They live in the bosom of nature and adapt to the changing seasons. The author placed great emphasis on the environment. Animals and plants of the Victorian deck give additional meanings in the interpretation. Various birds, hares, bears and rats appear on the cards occasionally. You can consider them as characters of the second plan and correlate with totems. So, the owl from the Hermit will personify wisdom, and the tortoise from the Knight of Autumn will represent slow but steady growth in finances. Plants also have their own symbolism. For example, a lily from the Ace of Summer means pure love, innocence. Mushrooms and ferns from the Eight of Spring indicate rapid growth, the rapid development of the situation.

If we talk about the design of the Victorian Fairy Tarot, then it is very simple. The cards themselves are close to a square in shape. A harp is painted on the shirt, surrounded by blue bells on a white background. The motives are very romantic and resemble illustrations for children’s books. After all, even conditionally negative Arcana are shown here as less negative. The drawing style can be attributed to Art Nouveau, because the illustrator builds plots based on natural motifs. And in order not to distract the questioner from seeing the cards, Gary Lippincott left only a small frame at the bottom of the Arcana. It has a name and a number on it.

Interpretation of the Victorian Fairy Tarot cards

To get the correct interpretation of the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck, you can read the author’s book. In addition, the fortuneteller is recommended to study the brief meanings of totemic animals and birds, the "language" of flowers and herbs. Thus, the prediction will be easily built around the symbolic "base". It is also worth paying attention to the colors used in the visualization of the Arcana. So, blue and white on the Winter group will mean cold, but at the same time a sharp mind. And gold and orange tones in Autumn will usually indicate frugality, practicality and the ability to earn money.

At the same time, divination on the Victorian Fairy Tarot does not involve the use of reversed positions. The author herself writes about this in the accompanying literature. The image on the shirt is not asymmetrical, which again creates problems in working with opposite values. However, the practitioner can try any format of interaction with the deck. It is possible to use only the Major Arcana, court cards, or the same suit. It all depends on the specific goal and the area that needs to be viewed. The author gives recommendations, but subsequent actions depend only on the tarologist himself. Over time, a person develops his own values, which may differ from the “base” of colleagues.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Victorian Fairy Tarot best answer questions related to finances, work, and business. Despite their "fabulousness", the cards are very mundane. They illuminate everyday moments. At the same time, the Tarot deck perfectly shows the relationship between people. It is worth taking into account that the Arcana try to smooth out sharp corners, present information in a positive light. So, even on Seven of Winter with its standard theft, the Victorian deck emphasizes the need of the robber himself. And the Five of Autumn leaves hope for outside help – the child points to a richly laid table and, perhaps, the host of the holiday will invite the poor to share the meal.

Also, the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck is useful for viewing the spiritual realm. Despite their practicality, the cards show the true motives of behavior, internal blocks and problems. At the same time, the Tarot also gives the key to the situation, forcing you to get out of the crisis, to come into the light. According to this mantic instrument, one can judge how much a person has shown his talents, his individuality. It is possible that he should combine spiritual growth with ordinary earthly joys. This will mean balance.

Who are the Victorian Fairy Tarot cards for?

The Victorian Fairy Tarot is suitable primarily for fans of the Lunaea Weatherstone cards. All her works are saturated with the special energy of the forest, love and freedom. Also, the Arcana will appeal simply to lovers of fairy tales, goblins or mermaids. In general, those adults who have forever fallen in love with children’s fairy tales and do not lose hope for a brighter future are true to their own values. It is possible that the Fairy deck will appeal to children who are interested in something mystical. For each card, you can come up with a separate short tale that conveys the main message. The older generation will also find an outlet here.

At the same time, the Victorian Fairy Tarot is also useful for those who practice natural magic and study the beneficial properties of plants. To strengthen your abilities in quackery, you can ask the deck for advice, ask to direct in the right direction and protect from people with bad intentions. Do not forget that all cards are primarily Spirits. Behind beautiful and harmless pictures there is a huge power that can give knowledge, give energy and lead out of the most confusing situations.

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