Vintage Tarot by Alexander Ray Deck

It seems that just a few hundred years ago the world was completely different. Internet technologies, freedom and rights in society, self-expression through art – all this gives modernity certain advantages. However, if you look at the bygone era, you can find that the morals of people have remained the same. Love and hate, cunning and simplicity, kindness and pettiness – all this is eternal, like the universe itself. The Vintage Tarot deck by Alexander Ray has become a time machine that takes you to a beautiful past. The author decided to leave all the best and omit the base manifestations. As a result, he came up with a beautiful predictive tool that plunges you into wonderful dreams.

History of creation of the Vintage Tarot Deck

The Vintage Tarot deck was created by Russian psychologist Alexander Ray. When creating cards, the author was inspired by the Middle Ages. Arcana became a mirror of a bygone time. This is an amazing era, full of beauty and charm. Modest ladies, gallant gentlemen, majestic architecture and the flourishing of art – Alexander Ray took all the best to create a deck. He also focused on the divination methods used by the famous soothsayer Maria Lenormand – the language of flowers and herbs, animal totems, secret symbols.

The Vintage Tarot was first released in 2021. It became the link between the popular 36-card oracles and the traditional Egyptian system. The author conveys secret knowledge in an accessible form and does it quite elegantly. It is worth noting that Ray developed both the concept and the artwork himself. The author also wrote accompanying literature, in which he spoke about each card and about the reversed meanings. Despite the fact that the Arcana were released recently, they have already become a proven tool in the hands of experienced practitioners.

Key features of the Vintage Tarot by Alexander Ray

The Vintage Tarot deck belongs to the English school. However, in addition to the standard 78 cards, there is one more – empty or white. It corresponds to the Joker in the playing deck, shows the space that the questioner must fill himself. The Fool goes without a number, and the Strength card is the 8th, which continues the tradition of Waite. The suits of the Vintage Tarot also leave the classics – Swords, Cups, Pentacles and Staves. The court group consists of Pages, Knights, Ladies and Kings.

The Major Arcana of the Vintage Tarot is presented in the form of well-known archetypes. For example, the Hermit depicts an old man holding a lantern in his hands – the same motifs as those of Arthur Waite. The Devil shows a fallen angel towering over two winged entities. It looks like one of them is light, and the other is dark. A beautiful girl is drawn on the World. Elemental symbols are placed at the four corners of the card. In general, the major group duplicates classical ideas, only the elaboration of details and presentation differ.

The Minor Arcana in the Vintage Tarot is also left with standard scenes. Only particulars or main characters change, but the meaning remains the same. It is interesting to introduce symbols from the Oracle of Madame Lenormand into this deck. So, on the Seven of Swords, a fox is drawn, denoting cunning and agility. On the Five of Cups, the plot is also reworked – in addition to the pensive man, a child also appears. But in general, the author managed to fit his interpretation into a certain “base”, the classics of Waite decks.

Aces are very interesting and detailed. In the Alexander Ray Vintage Tarot deck, on all Aces there are many symbols that are standard for a particular element. For example, on the Ace of Swords, the blade is decorated with a scarlet ribbon and white flowers, on the Ace of Pentacles, olive branches and a golden ribbon frame the coin. All cards have no borders. This approach allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the era shown. At the bottom of the Arcana there is a name, and at the top – a numerical designation in Roman numerals. The shirt has a floral ornament on a beige background. An eye is depicted in the middle. If you do not look closely at the details of the shirt, then the cards can be turned over and not notice this in the work.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Vintage Tarot deck is made in the old style. The illustrator used muted tones, a beige background. Many heroes are very similar to characters from the paintings of great artists. For example, on the Eight of Staffs, an old man is shown pointing into the distance. His gesture is reminiscent of the painting "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo Buonarroti. And the Devil from the card of the same name looks like Alexander Cabanel’s Lucifer. Clothing mostly corresponds to the Middle Ages. However, on the Major Arcana you can see different eras, starting from antiquity itself.

The Vintage Tarot has a rich symbolism. Animals and birds, plants, ancient seals – all this gives a large layer of information. Separately, it is worth noting the Masonic symbols: the eye of Horus, six-sided stars, olive branches. They refer to the ancient knowledge about the creation of the world, the alchemy of the spirit. The Vintage Tarot often makes angels or children heroes. Such a move hints at the connection between the material world and the spiritual hypostasis.

Interpretation of the Vintage Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Vintage Tarot deck can be made based on the work of Waite. Still, the cards have a traditional structure, and the plots are similar to the classic ones. However, a fortuneteller can supplement the prediction if he reads the symbolism that the Arcana is rich in. To do this, you can study the Keys of Solomon. In addition, the characters are well-developed in the Vintage deck. According to their gestures, body language, it is possible to build a logical chain. The colors and shades used will also matter.

The Vintage Tarot deck has no astrological or kabbalistic counterparts, but the signs of the planets are visible here and there on the cards. The querent can read Arcana intuitively, simply by comparing the prediction with real events. To do this, it is worth starting a special diary for records. So it will be easier for beginners to work with the Vintage Tarot and draw parallels with life. You can also study the Lenormand Oracle first. He will give clues regarding the interpretation of animals, buildings and plants.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The spreads of the Vintage Tarot suggest any. In this regard, the tool is universal. However, it is worth remembering that the cards are "light". They convey information in a soft, positive way. On the deck, you can look at topics related to personal relationships, career growth, learning, and even health. Everything will depend on the experience of the querent. Symbolism will allow you to work with specific topics – spirituality, inner growth. It will give a clue to the nature of certain angels or entities.

In this regard, the Vintage Tarot deck is suitable for developing a connection with light energies. On it, you can look for the presence of magic and look for a way to remove it. Vintage Tarot perfectly combines the manifestations of the material world and the spiritual. As a result, the fortuneteller has a key in his hands that can open many doors. The only thing that the Arcana will not show is the methods of inducing curses or love spells. In this regard, they are far from destructive.

Who are the Vintage Tarot cards for?

Fortune-telling on the Vintage Tarot will appeal to both experienced practitioners and beginners. The language of the deck is simple and understandable, but also deep and multifaceted. Each predictor can choose the level of interaction with the cards that will be comfortable. Even if the questioner has not worked with Waite, this tool can be taken as a basis as a teaching aid. Especially, it will appeal to those who have already dealt with the Lenormand Oracle. Fans of Alexander Ray’s work will also appreciate the deck. Indeed, in addition to psychology and writing, he is also a popular illustrator.

The Vintage Tarot deck will appeal to all those who are interested in ancient knowledge. Maps will help to understand the legacy of the forefathers and apply it to modern life. Also, the Arcana will suit fans and followers of Maria Lenormand. Although the instrument does not directly refer to the great soothsayer, Alexander Ray nevertheless performed the Arcana in a style similar to his previous work. This is the famous Oracle Lenormand. But not all people will understand the approach of the artist. The style here is reminiscent of paintings from the Middle Ages. Those who are accustomed to realism, the work of Alexander Ray will not be to their liking.

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