Wheel of the Year Tarot Deck

The Wheel of the Year Tarot – a deck from the light group. It reflects the power of nature, all four elements. Whether it’s bonfires, fragile snowflakes or flashes of lightning – everything here is intertwined with each other. Water will turn to ice, rain or become fog. And a tree struck by lightning will be stoked in someone’s furnace. Man is inextricably linked with everything that happens on the planet. The same applies to his inner world.

History of creation of the Wheel of the Year Tarot Deck

This deck came out in 2011. And although it’s still very young, compared to Waite or Crowley, she still managed to find fame in the circle of soothsayers. Maria Caretti and Antonella Platano worked on the creation of the Wheel of the Year Tarot. The union of these two women once again won the hearts of fans with another creation. Maria took as a basis the idea that everything in this world is interconnected and fluid. Just as the seasons follow each other, so people develop in cycles. It is only important to tune yourself in the right way, go with the flow, and not against it.

Antonella Platano gave the Wheel of the Year Tarot deck a fabulous flair. In a way, the cards continue the ideas of the artist’s past creations – 78 Doors, Universal Goddess. But now the emphasis is on the time of action, natural phenomena. Thunderstorms, green meadows, ripe fruits – all this perfectly conveys the atmosphere. This mantic instrument is rich in symbols imperceptible at first glance. It immerses the viewer in a beautiful world full of mythical creatures, wise rulers and ordinary peasants.

Key features of the Wheel of the Year Tarot

The most striking key feature here is the relationship with seasonality. The Wheel of the Year Tarot deck reflects the eternal flow of life that can be observed in nature. And the man himself, following the snows and rains, is subject to this influence. So, in winter people feel a certain melancholy, a breakdown. In the summer, the time for new achievements begins, energy is taken as if from nowhere. And this wheel is spinning thanks to the Sun. If we talk about the system, then the deck belongs to the English school. At the same time, Strength goes at number 8, like Arthur Waite. The meaning of the Tarot Wheel of the Year echoes the "classics". However, the same images are shown from a slightly different angle, inextricably linked with natural phenomena.

The Major Arcana of the Wheel of the Year Tarot show mythical creatures, as well as the person himself. This approach reflects the main idea of paganism. People here are not slaves of some god sitting on a cloud. On the contrary, each person is a real creator of his own destiny. Yes, he can seek help from Mother Earth, forest spirits, or deceased relatives. But a person performs specific actions himself. It is he, and not someone else, who sows the seeds, cares for the future harvest and collects it in the fall. Similarly, with the dark manifestations of the soul. An example of this is the Devil card, where passion and depravity are simply personality traits, and not a specific evil spirit.

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot Wheel of the Year are divided into four groups. They correspond with the seasons of the year, as well as with pagan holidays. People practicing natural witchcraft celebrate holidays – Yule, Ostara, Lita and Mabon. These four turning points correspond to the changing of the seasons. Therefore, the minor group is distinguished by vivid plots illustrating the daily affairs of people in a given season. For example, on the Two of Wands, a guy and a girl make props for legumes. Time of action – hot summer.

It is noteworthy that the deck shows the 18-19th century. The suits of the Wheel of the Year Tarot reflect various estates. So, on the Arcana of the Cups, the questioner sees scenes of relaxation, as well as beautifully dressed people, nobles. Pentacles also show talented artisans and merchants who have a lot of gold. Swords symbolize the military or people of intellectual professions. All this gives additional information regarding the type of activity, as well as character.

The court group differs from the classical system. The Page turned into a Princess, just like in Crowley’s deck. However, this is the only change. Next come Knights, Queens and Kings. All the heroes of Wheel of the Year Tarot cards can be correlated with fairy-tale characters. In the Queen of Swords, the Snow Queen is easily guessed, and in the Lady of Cups – a kind aunt-godmother from Charles Perrault’s fairy tale.

Style and symbolism of the deck

Artist Antonella Platano chose bright colors to reflect the diversity of nature. In different seasons, the Earth either dresses in a white fur coat, or in an orange dress made of fallen leaves. The Wheel of the Year Tarot is like a calendar with fabulous pictures. Antonella made the deck in her own style, which distinguishes the woman from other illustrators. The most interesting thing is that the cards are not particularly replete with symbolism. The main message must be read from the characters themselves and the surrounding nature. It is also worth paying attention to animals. They will reflect the character of a person, his totem.

At the same time, mythical creatures are present on the Major Arcana – fairies, spirits, goddesses. The World closes the deck. Here the androgyne is shown as Mother Earth, the planet itself. This card in the Tarot Wheel of the Year reflects the combination of all the elements, balance and harmony. Often, publishing houses decorate the box of this deck with this image. After all, these cards belong to the group of light ones. Even on the Tower Arcana, there are no tragic scenes. It simply depicts a tree that was struck by lightning.

Interpretation of the Wheel of the Year Tarot cards

To work with the Tarot deck of the Wheel of the Year, you need to pay attention to the scene, the background. For example, snow will speak of inner emptiness, longing or cold towards the second half. It is also poverty, need. Gold coins will directly indicate wealth and prosperity. This symbol is also read as an internal resource, knowledge and skills. Wands represent strength and motivation, the willingness to act. There are a lot of dynamic scenes showing the activities of people.

The author suggests looking at the planet itself from a different angle. The Earth appears as a loving Mother who takes care of her children. Therefore, everything is alive on the cards – trees, fruits, and rivers. You just need to be imbued with this energy in order to correctly understand it. The Wheel of the Year Tarot does not separate the animate from the inanimate. Everything is life. Birds and animals are just as important as people.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

The Wheel of the Year Tarot deck perfectly reveals issues related not only to everyday life, but also to the inner world of a person. Feelings and true motives of behavior are clearly visible in it. The cards show the eventfulness and also specifically indicate the time frame. The seasonality depicted on the Arcana gives clues as to when exactly this or that prediction will be lost. At the same time, the minor group can even be symbolically compared with the morning, afternoon, evening or night. Thus, the spreads of the Tarot Wheel of the Year can shed light on when this or that event occurred. Such accuracy is not inherent in all cards.

The Wheel of the Year Tarot is also suitable for spreads relating to the spiritual path of a person. In this regard, the deck will gently and unobtrusively push the seeker to his essence, the truth that lies within each personality. The fortuneteller will understand in which direction he should move, exactly how to most fully reveal his potential. The deck will also "respond" to questions related to natural magic. Tarot cards of the Wheel of the Year will suggest methods of influence, hint at a person’s totem. This information will help you choose a charm or find out which deity to turn to in this situation.

Who are the Wheel of the Year Tarot cards for?

Foremost, the Wheel of the Year Tarot deck will appeal to Pagans or Wiccans. These are practices that are guided by the forces of nature, the lunar calendar and the change of seasons. Also, the cards are suitable for those who are engaged in white magic, energy cleansing and harmonization. Dark magicians are unlikely to like the language of the deck. After all, even the Arcana Death is shown here in a brighter form than usual. It gives hope for future changes, although it puts an end to the moment.

Also, the Tarot deck of the Wheel of the Year is suitable for practicing psychologists. Cards perfectly reflect the different character of people. Sanguine, choleric and melancholic – all these psychological types are visible through the images and colors on the plots of the Arcana. In addition, fans of Antonella Platano’s work will like the deck. Bright rich colors, fabulous pictures will set you in the right mood. Fans of simple light decks will understand this language. However, divination by the Wheel of the Year Tarot will amaze you with the clarity of the answers you receive.

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