Tarot of White Cats Deck

The world of cats is a completely different reality, different from the human one. They are beautiful, smart and brave, with empathy. The White Cat Tarot deck shows these pets from the light side. “Those who know how to give love, receive it doubly” – this phrase can be considered the motto of the mantic system. It is simply saturated with humor, cordiality, kindness. Practitioners who catch the wave of the deck can be considered people with a pure soul. After all, not everyone is able to find the truth in these cards.

History of creation of the White Cats Tarot Deck

The Tarot of White Cats is a very positive deck that offers a different perspective on magic. This mantic system was created by the Italian illustrator Severino Baraldi in 2005, and then reprinted in 2008 and 2012. It became a kind of breakthrough, after which cards on the theme of mystical animals began to appear. Baraldi’s work at first glance seems very comical. However, the author’s biography itself speaks of rich experience and hidden meanings. The illustrator worked on the design of the historical encyclopedia, which required attention to detail. Publishing house Lo Scarabeo collaborated with Severino not for the first time. Their creative tandem gave the world Tarot Druids, Princesses, Dragons. Each work of the author is saturated with mysticism, despite the apparent simplicity. This is the characteristic feature of the illustrator.

The White Cats Tarot deck focuses on a separate group of animals. These are not just cards dedicated to various totems. The narrow specificity allowed the author to build a whole structure, hierarchy. The deck shows a certain world that dictates its own laws. The scene resembles some kind of paradise, which is inhabited by cute fluffy creatures. Here they live and love, work and rest. Even sad moments are shown not so tragically. In general, the Tarot of White Cats is a positive deck. After all, the animals themselves, in whose honor the cards are named, are affectionate creatures, albeit with character traits.

Key features of the Tarot of White Cats by Severino Baraldi

The Tarot of White Cats belongs to the old English school. There are 78 cards in the deck, the Fool goes without a number, and Strength is the 11th. The plots refer to Waite’s classic motifs. The main difference can be considered the characters themselves – instead of people, the author painted animals. Moreover, cute creatures have a different color: striped, red, white, tortoiseshell, with black spots on the ears and tails. This technique allows you to characterize the characters. The very name of the Tarot deck refers to spiritual purity, simplicity and sublimity. White is the color of rebirth, the unstained soul. It gives the cards a special vibe.

The Major Arcana of the White Cats Tarot are inspired by Waite’s "hero’s journey". However, even the most negative cards are shown more positively. For example, slaves on the Devil are careless red kittens who accidentally fell into a trap. At the same time, the chains are not tightened, the heroes can get out if they wish. On the Tower card, the building does not collapse completely – a stone foundation remains. It gives hope for the subsequent restoration of the fortress. An interesting card is the Wheel of Fortune. Here, a cat turns a wooden wheel on which mice run. Moreover, the group moves along the outer rim, and the loner – along the inner side. The key to the situation can be considered the ideas of the protagonist. After all, no one knows in which direction fate will turn the wheel.

The suits of the White Cats Tarot deck are standard: Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. Each group is responsible for certain energies and elements. There are no clear divisions by seasons or colors. Rather, each particular card reflects the mood of the situation. The Minor Arcana of the Tarot of White Cats are very “mobile” in this regard, like Waite. For example, the Eight of Cups depicts a moonlit night, while the Three of Swords depicts an overcast sky. It all depends on the energy of the Arcana, not the suit. The poses of the heroes, facial expressions and landscapes of the minor group basically repeat the classical motifs. However, on the Ten of Swords, instead of the stricken hero, the questioner sees a white veil with blades pierced into it. The character himself runs away from the scene unharmed.

Aces in the Tarot of White Cats are interesting. They show kittens, which symbolizes the initial energies of a particular suit, the birth of something new. The only exception is the Ace of Swords. Here is a picture of a young cat being knighted. This technique most likely refers to the seriousness and severity of the Air group. On court cards, the fortuneteller sees crowned persons or their entourage. Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages – the hierarchy is preserved. The thrones of any couple are decorated with decorative elements in the form of all the same pets.

Style and symbolism of the deck

Despite some naivety of the deck, the author still paid a lot of attention to symbolism. The Tarot of White Cats only seems to be a simple system. In fact, many signs are hidden behind a distracting simplicity. So, on the King of Pentacles, a snail is visible, denoting slow decision-making. The Devil card depicts the star of David, and on the Empress, kittens frolic at the feet of the heroine as a symbol of fertility. And in general, the deck retains the esoteric bias of Arthur Waite. The main thing is to pay attention to the hints scattered here and there. This also includes the interpretation of the used shades that set the mood for the Arcana.

In terms of design, the White Cats Tarot deck is very concise. The author took a clean background as a basis. The plots themselves were decorated with gold frames. Here are frolicking kittens running after the ball. At the top and bottom are the names of the cards in several languages. The numerical designation is also on top. On the back of the cards is a cup of milk with a white kitten sitting in it. The image is mirrored, which makes it easy to work with reversed positions. There is also a fun frame on the back.

Interpretation of the White Cats Tarot cards

Along with the Tarot of White Cats comes a small booklet. It briefly describes the main meanings of all the Arcana and gives the "Cat’s Eye" spread. You can arm yourself with this information to feel the energy of the deck. It is also worth taking the values according to Waite as a basis. After all, after all, the author adhered to the classical system, albeit with a rearrangement of Strength and Justice. Prediction can be built around the gestures of the characters, their facial expressions and even clothing. It is worth paying attention to the background, the colors used. In addition, the author generously seasoned the deck with symbols. Fruits, flowers, birds and other animals can tell a lot about the practice.

The interpretation of the Tarot of White Cats can be done intuitively. To do this, you need to try to plunge into the atmosphere of the cards, imagine yourself in the place of the main character. Foremost, you should feel the emotions of the character. For example, it will not be difficult to relate to the cat on the Three of Swords. The pose of the hero clearly speaks of a strong shock, grief. The winning cat on the Six of Wands carries the banner. Facial expression, straight back and gaze directed forward – all this speaks of faith in one’s own strengths, motivation, triumph.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

White Cats Tarot spreads will cover a wide range of topics. It can be personal relationships, and career, and even health. The deck is considered universal, although it presents information in a more positive light. Cards give hope for the future, give peace. That is why they are good as a therapeutic tool. With the help of a deck, you can work out internal negative beliefs, remove blocks. But at the same time, the Arcana of the Tarot of White Cats perfectly show the external reality – the actions of others and the consequences of the decisions made. The deck also copes with issues of spirituality, the search for oneself, one’s destiny.

However, the Tarot of White Cats is not suitable for topics related to magic. The deck may show the presence of negativity, but it will not be easy for the querent to correctly read the message of the Arcana. Too cute and positive images even on the Seven of Swords or the Tower. But here everything depends only on the practical experience of the questioner. With proper work with the deck, cards will lift the veil of secrecy even in the most extraordinary questions. You need to take the White Cats Tarot in your hands more often in order to learn how to read between the lines. As usual, it’s all about experience.

Who are the White Cats Tarot cards for?

Fortune-telling on the Tarot of White Cats will become simple and understandable even for beginners in magic. The deck perfectly conveys the main message with the help of vivid images. In addition to neophytes, it will also appeal to experienced craftsmen who want to get the classics in a new reading. Another mantic system will appeal to fans of the work of Severino Baraldi. In many ways, the author’s style resembles illustrations for children’s books. But even such simplicity and naivety can take you to the wonderful world of predictions, the search for answers to all questions. The deck seems to lull and says that everything will be fine.

Of course, the Tarot of White Cats will appeal to all lovers of pets. These cute creatures symbolize both physical grace, beauty, and mental flexibility. They teach to forgive and come out of the most unforeseen situations as a winner. Also, the deck is suitable for psychologists and everyone who works with overly nervous clients. Cards have a therapeutic effect, they calm and set positively. Even the color scheme itself allows you to relax and let go of all problems.

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