Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The natural world beckons and frightens at the same time. After all, man himself is a part of this planet, but is not always aware of himself as one with animals and plants. According to physicists, then all living things are a continuation of each other, although they think of themselves as separate parts. Not surprisingly, this idea is reflected in the world of magic. The Wild Unknown Tarot is an attempt to return to your originality to find answers there. It is important not to be afraid of inner strengths, to accept your angels and demons with gratitude.

History of creation of the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The author of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck is the artist Kim Krans. She was also involved in the visualization of her own project. The girl has been drawing since childhood, finding her occupation meditative and soothing. In the future, Kim became interested in Indian culture, various spiritual practices. So, the artist turned into a real seeker of truth. And, of course, along the way, Krans met with a card predictive system.

None of the already created decks attracted the attention of the girl. That is why she decided to create her own magical tool. Thus began the story of the Wild Unknown Tarot. The deck was first released in 2012 and initially targeted only at the English-speaking audience. However, over time, the fame of these cards has reached other countries.

Key features of the Wild Unknown Tarot

The main key feature of the Wild Unknown Tarot is the unusual drawing of the Arcana. The author plunges into the world of primeval nature, dangerous and charming. The system itself is classical: Justice under the eighth number, and Strength – under the eleventh. However, the images are strikingly different from the same Waite – instead of people, various animals and plants are shown here. And the plot is still there.

Changed the court card system. These Minor Arcana of the Wild Unknown Tarot represent a family. So, now instead of Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings appeared: Daughter, Son, Mother and Father. The group of Swords is shown as owls, symbolizing intelligence, wisdom. Wands are serpents, devious, in constant motion. Cups are beautiful swans, personifying fidelity and love. And Pentacles are shown in the form of a flock of deer, reflecting assertiveness, practicality.

Style and symbolism of the deck

The Wild Unknown Tarot deck is made in a monochrome style. The cards look like black and white pencil sketches. When interpreting, one should pay attention to the thickness of the lines, their smoothness or abruptness. At the same time, each Arcana has a bright color spot that attracts the attention of a fortuneteller. It hints at an important detail, which will be the main message in the spread. The numbering is shown on top of the Arcana in Roman numerals. The signature is only on the major group, Aces and court cards.

Separately, it is worth noting the Major Arcana of the Wild Unknown Tarot. The archetypes familiar to everyone are transferred to the animal and plant world. So, on the Chariot card a horse is depicted, and on the Lovers – two birds soaring in the sky. All the images here are intuitive and simple. They correlate with the classic ones, but still have their own characteristics. Separately, we can note the Empress and the Emperor. Here the characters are replaced by trees. The plant on the Empress is pink, with the moon in the background. And on the Emperor, the viewer sees a tall spruce, a sunny day. Such symbols are a direct reference to the feminine and masculine energies.

The suits of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck also remain familiar – Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. The minor group impresses with its refinement and originality. They are a reworking of Ryder-Waite. An example is the Three of Swords – the card shows sharp blades wound with a scarlet ribbon. Such a move is very reminiscent of traditional motives – a broken heart, bleeding. At the same time, in some places the illustrations are similar to Crowley – the Four of Wands is shown in the form of symbols, there are no animals here.

Interpretation of the Wild Unknown Tarot cards

The interpretation of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck requires an intuitive approach, as well as an understanding of the laws of the animal world. The very specificity of the cards refers to the primordial energy, something unrestrained, but beautiful. Foremost, you should pay attention to the numbering of the Arcana. Then it is worth correlating the shown image with real life. You can draw parallels with classic decks.

It is also worth looking closely at the color scheme of the Arcana. So, lighter cards will talk about something positive, and dark ones, on the contrary, will reflect melancholy, uncertainty. Individual color details in the Wild Unknown Tarot should be interpreted intuitively. For example, pink will speak of tenderness, love. But red is more about passion, unstoppable energy. Blue color hints at relaxation, trust in space.

To correctly understand the Wild Unknown Tarot deck, you should be able to work with symbols. For example, the branches of the trees on the group of Wands will display constant growth, striving forward. It is both passion and career motivation. Roses on the Two of Cups show pain and beauty at the same time. Swords and a fox on the Seven of Blades indicate cunning, deceit. Coins with pentagrams on the Eight of Pentacles are traditionally associated with money, a resource.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

In general, fortune-telling on the Wild Unknown Tarot deck can be carried out on any questions. This includes all areas of life: career, relationships, health, self-development. However, the best cards will reflect the psychology of behavior, because most of the Arcana depicts animals, birds, reptiles. Representatives of flora and fauna will give a description of a person, show his minuses and advantages.

The four suits in the Wild Unknown Tarot deck also correspond to different facets of life. An experienced master will easily transfer symbols and plots to reality. Therefore, prediction using these cards depends more on the level of preparation of the soothsayer. The deck itself is rich in insights. It is only important for the questioner to be able to correctly interpret all the symbolism, the color palette. At first glance, a dark deck is diluted with images of a rainbow, fire. All this is shown for a reason.

You can ask the Wild Unknown Tarot deck those questions that do not concern specific people. Cards in this case will characterize circumstances, not individuals. In addition, the Arcana can reflect the inner world of the fortuneteller, his various sides. The deck teaches you to negotiate with yourself, to accept both strength and weakness. After all, nature can exist only in harmony – a bias in one thing will lead to disaster. The same applies to a person. Kindness without the ability to protect yourself simply turns into depression, slack. Constant aggression can take away all the energy, devastate and repel loved ones.

Who are the Wild Unknown Tarot cards for?

The Wild Unknown Tarot spreads are ideal for people who love nature and are looking for their totem. They are connected to Mother Earth, they honor everything that the planet gives. It will probably be difficult for city dwellers to understand the behavior of a deer, an owl or a goat. It requires complete immersion in the archetype, identification with it. Frequent practice with a deck can open a new path for the seeker, give advice on important life decisions. It can become a way of therapeutic work.

Also, the deck may appeal to fans of unusual cards. Still, the Wild Unknown Tarot differs from the classic arcana by the absence of familiar characters and plots. And the drawing itself deserves applause – the artist’s style is very unusual, memorable. Fans of Kim Krans’ creativity will appreciate this deck. The Wild Unknown Tarot will also appeal to practitioners who are fond of shamanism. You can consider animals and plants as some kind of spirits. It is possible to work with them, to receive energy replenishment. The cards will point the right direction for the querent. They will give a hint with which totems he needs to work.

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