Witches Tarot Deck

The Witch Tarot – a deck with a speaking name. This is a kind of tome with secret knowledge. The practitioner is invited to explore the world of herbs, animals and natural phenomena in order to seize this immeasurable power. But there is one important detail – you need to use the received energy only for good. Neglect of this rule can be fatal for the questioner.

History of creation of the Witches Tarot Deck

Ellen Dugan is a practicing American witch. In addition, the psychic is fond of landscape design and even received a master’s degree in horticulture. A woman pays great attention to plants in her magical practice. When creating the magic Tarot of the Witches, Ellen Dugan was guided by natural phenomena. Artist Mark Evans helped visualize the images. Such a creative tandem showed the world a new mantic instrument in 2012.

Another name for the deck is Ellen Dugan’s Tarot of the Witches. It perfectly captures the essence of these cards. After all, foremost, the author wanted to show her own vision of the world, to acquaint the fortuneteller with a magical reality. All sorts of miracles are possible in it – healing, personal growth and family happiness. After all, only with this approach can any witch become truly happy. In general, you should not be afraid of this word. It only denotes a knowing mother – a wise woman who knows much more than others and therefore has the right to lead. The witchcraft deck turned out to be quite light, although it introduces the questioner to otherworldly forces.

Key features of the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan

Ellen Dugan’s tool is Waite in the looking glass world. The classic imagery here is complemented by rich Wiccan symbolism. However, the names themselves are modified, although they reflect the same essence. The author focuses on magic, mysticism. Ordinary characters are immersed in a fairy-tale reality in which there is a place for magic. And although the elder and court Arcana of the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan copies the main ideas from Waite, nevertheless the medium has made her contribution everywhere. Thanks to this, traditional meanings sparkled with new colors.

The suits of the Ellen Dugan Witches Tarot deck reflect the four natural elements. Each of them contains characteristic characters. For example, Cups are distinguished by a soothing range, beautiful characters. Children and mermaids often appear in this group. They symbolize sincerity, faith in miracles. Wands are shown in bloom. There is a lot of sunlight, bright colors. Swords are replete with depressing pictures, negative stories. However, they also hint at wisdom and intelligence. No wonder the image of an owl appears here. Pentacles also draw scenes that reflect stability and comfort. Green color, gold coins indicate success.

Ellen Dugan interprets the Major Arcana of the Witches Tarot a little differently than the classic deck of Arthur Waite. For example, you can disassemble the Death card. Here is a dark horseman walking across a scorched field. But on the right, a little boy is shown holding out a bouquet of white daisies to the spirit. Such visualization shows hope for the future, innocence and sincerity, which help to survive any tragedy. The interpretation of the Witches Tarot in this regard is distinguished by the positiveness of the predictions. Even on the Devil’s Arcana, the viewer sees the fears of the characters themselves, rather than a real evil being.

The Minor Arcana of Ellen Dugan’s Witches Tarot have also undergone significant changes. The cards are supplemented with pagan symbols, which is why they help to get more complete information. So, a red cat appeared on the Two of Wands, and the poles themselves bloom and are tied with a scarlet ribbon. The animal can be interpreted as a hint in which direction to move. After all, before the character "opens" the choice – to stay with what is or to move into the new. The cat sits on the left, which indicates the fidelity of intuition. Thus, the traveler should listen to himself and not be afraid to open new horizons.

The court Arcana of Ellen Dugan’s Witch Tarot deck, as elsewhere, reflect specific personalities. From these cards you can judge the appearance of people, their characters. But at the same time, the Arcana of the courtyard also symbolizes the area of interest. For example, the Page of Pentacles will indicate the study of information about a new job. The King of Swords will reflect the results already obtained in terms of self-defense, or in a profession related to intellectual work.

Style and symbolism of the deck

Mark Evans took classical subjects as a basis, but supplemented them with images of birds, animals, and plants. Ellen Dugan attaches great importance to natural phenomena, various mythical creatures. It seems to compare the real world with the fictional one. No wonder the author is fond of gardening. Over the years of practice, the woman studied plants, their magical properties. Thus, the witchcraft deck of the Witches Tarot is a tutorial for beginner practitioners. All the symbolism here appears for a reason. For example, on the Ten of Swords, an aconite flower is drawn. It is poisonous, warns of danger.

The pictures themselves are bright and vibrant. And although the Witches Tarot does not have an astrological correspondence, nevertheless, the images provide enough semantic load. Just pay attention to the background. Nature plays an important role here. A gray landscape, scorched earth, or vice versa, blue water and a bright sky will tell about events of interest. It is only important to tune in to the language of the deck.

Interpretation of the Ellen Dugan Tarot cards

Fortune-telling on the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan can be done in any convenient way. Sometimes even a spread on one single card will tell more than nine positions. The main condition when working with this deck is to take symbolism into account. However, the correspondence with the "classics" will still be true. For example, the Five of Cups traditionally reflects half results. And the presence of a mermaid on the card simply hints at unrealizable hopes. In addition, one can recall a fairy tale with this heroine in order to figuratively suggest future events.

In the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan, personification plays an important role. So, on the Arcana of the Moon, a girl appears with a torch and a bunch of keys on her belt. Her figure can be read as the unconscious, something mysterious, but enticing. The heroine also displays a dark goddess. You can work with her and ask for help. After all, it is not without reason that the deck was called the Witches Tarot. Each Arcana here is endowed with magical power, which should be used for your own good.

What questions is the deck suitable for?

Ellen Dugan’s Witch Tarot spreads are the key to getting the information you need, of any kind. Questions can concern both the physical world and the other world. This tool will show what exactly is needed for any ritual, magical effect. The deck will also tell you how the ritual went. In addition, Ellen Dugan’s Witchcraft Tarot can also be used for everyday situations. The cards will show the personal life of the person of interest, the most successful area in which to build a career. In this regard, the tool is classic and versatile.

However, do not ignore pagan symbols. They can show a person’s totem, his strengths and weaknesses. Still, the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan has more of a magical focus. It would be foolish not to use such a layer of additional useful information in practice. The deck contains symbolism that can be read as a guide to action. Ellen Dugan herself describes in the accompanying book how to influence reality with the help of these cards.

Who are the Thoth Tarot cards for?

The Witches Tarot deck is best suited for pagans, Wiccans and runologists. These are the people who are guided by natural phenomena, draw strength from the elements. And most often, such magicians practice light witchcraft or repel the attacks of enemies. Definitely, these are peace-loving people who do not see the point in causing harm. On the contrary, they always strive for the development of themselves and others, positive changes. Also, the deck is suitable for herbalists. After all, it is simply replete with images of medicinal plants. Cards will show which herbs are suitable for solving a particular problem.

In addition, Ellen Dugan’s Tarot of the Witches will also appeal to lovers of the "classics". The language of the deck is quite simple, intuitive. Even beginners in the world of magic can deal with it. The Arcana will introduce you to important symbols, give advice on finding yourself, your own path. And it doesn’t matter if it means the material world or the spiritual one. Therefore, the deck will appeal to a wide range of predictors.

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