Eight of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Eight of Cups, 8 of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 8

Keywords: Self-denial, Alienation

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง

The mysterious Eight of Cups is still interpreted in different ways by various tarologists. Arthur Waite himself wrote about the card as a Arcana, promising parting and leaving. At the same time, eight golden bowls seem to hint at the frivolity of this act. The traveler left not far. Just one step back and everything will return to normal again. It is not known what motives are driving the person on the card. Perhaps he decided to test his spirit for strength and conquer the mountain of his own self. It is important to remember one thing โ€“ the Arcana is inextricably linked with the inner world and heartfelt experiences. This fact should be taken into account when thinking about the causes and events of the Water Eight under consideration.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Eight of Cups

In the Ryder-Waite Tarot deck, the Eight of Cups is characterized by a loud word โ€“ overcoming. The card shows a mountainous area with water bodies. In the sky there are two luminaries at once โ€“ the Sun and the Moon, however, the earth is well lit. This suggests that the moment of a solar eclipse is approaching. In the foreground are eight gold bowls. Pamela Smith, the artist of this deck, placed them in two rows. Five of the cups are the support for the other three. A figure with a staff moves away from them. The man is dressed in a red hoodie, scarlet boots and yellow underpants. Clothing hints at a noble origin or prosperity.

The core idea of the Eight of Cups card is very similar to the Six of Swords. But their main difference is that the traveler on the Arcana of the Water suit has something to lose. It is not known whether he leaves the cups forever or will return to them someday. Perhaps he goes on a journey for his own feelings, in order to prove them or rekindle them. In any case, the path is difficult, judging by the sharp stones and sheer cliffs. The number eight itself denotes cyclicality. Therefore, we can talk about the systematic nature of the scene occurring on the card. The hero is accustomed to difficulties, knows why he is moving and what he is striving for. This knowledge gives the necessary strength and energy.

Meaning of the Upright Eight of Cups Card

  • Selflessness, willpower, motivation to take action.
  • Responsibility, awareness of importance, the presence of motives for behavior.
  • Self-denial, overcoming difficulties; work on character.
  • High pain threshold, the skill to achieve oneโ€™s goal by any means.

The upright position of the Eight of Cups gives meaning to desire. The path has a specific reason, which means that it implies some kind of reward. And even one that is much larger than the existing bowls. Therefore, the difficult period is temporary; it will end with the eclipse of the Sun. Sooner or later, the luminary will shine even brighter and warm a person with its warmth. But now composure, determination and, to some extent, self-denial are important. You need to step out of your comfort zone to achieve even more valuable results.

The Eight of Cups patronizes all people of the word. This indicates a high level of endurance, the ability to endure the hardships of fate with your head held high. Difficulties can affect any area of life. At the same time, a person knows how to take responsibility for himself even for other people. Somewhere, he can infringe on own interests for the sake of the common good. This situation resembles self-sacrifice for the future of your own children, the development of the company or to keep the body in good shape. Everywhere, you have to give something to eventually arrive at the goal.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Relationship crisis, transitional stage, problems in the union.
  • Test for strength, the truth of feelings; rethinking.
  • Lack of certain emotions, leaving for another area of life.
  • Feeling of loneliness, incomprehensibility and abandonment; asceticism.

In love spreads, the Eight of Cups shows the grinding-in period. One partner or both are willing to work on the relationship. They understand the importance of their feelings, so they want to keep warmth. For this, you can go to great lengths: give up bad habits, change negative character traits and your behavior. The driving force is sincere love that is worth fighting for. The 8 of Chalices predicts a difficult period, but it will definitely end. The result will be an even deeper spiritual connection.

For lonely people, the Eight of Cups shows the difficulties on the path to personal happiness. A person will have to do a good job on their behavior and the formation of a request for relationships. He needs to understand himself, otherwise he will constantly run away from true feelings. Sometimes this behavior is dictated by internal fears. At the same time, those around them subconsciously already reject the potential chosen one. To prevent the problem from repeating itself, the querent must put its solution first. Persistence will help you achieve your goal.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • The presence of complex work tasks, the search for a way out of the situation.
  • Focus on results; a prerequisite for success, prosperity.
  • Request for wealth, material values and success.
  • Hard work, perseverance, motivation; punching vein.

The meaning of the Eight of Cups in questions of employment will be positive. Despite the approaching difficulties, the querent has a chance to build a brilliant career and create a thriving business. The presence of problems indicates an active phase of action. Now is the time to test yourself for strength. The result of such a quest will be access to a higher income level. On this path, the questioner will be helped by the presence of some kind of incentive. These can be parents, children, spouse or spouse. It is also worth informing friends and acquaintances of your intention. The promise will spur and motivate.

In terms of finances, the Eight of Cups shows dissatisfaction with the current situation. The fortuneteller intends to move forward at all costs, to break through a certain ceiling in money. Moreover, he already has good stable results, but this is not enough. A person can and wants to achieve complete financial independence. The element of Water does not directly speak of material things, but it indicates the presence of certain ambitions. If we take into account the sphere of interest, then here the Eight of Chalices card will indicate a strong desire to come to comfort and wealth.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Removal of toxins from the body, cleansing practices.
  • The period of rehabilitation, restoration of the bodyโ€™s strength.
  • Psyche, resistant to physical and moral troubles.
  • Working with a psychologist, a session of psychotherapy or hypnosis.

The Eight of Cups shows the period of recovery, healing from existing diseases. The querent has good immunity and, in general, the state of the body. This helps him to stay afloat even in the worst external conditions. Often the card falls on the period of various cleansing and recreational activities โ€“ treatment with leeches, taking herbal infusions, acupuncture. All this leads to a temporary cleansing crisis. But in the future, the condition will improve much, chronic diseases will subside.

The minor Arcana Eight of Cups characterizes the state of mind as a crisis. The person experiences the strongest emotions, but does not show this to others. Secretive behavior has become a habit, it is easier for a person to deal with problems himself than to share them with someone. This is a sign of willpower and rich life experience. Such a person is ready to work on himself, to understand the true reasons for his own condition. Such a characteristic may be temporary, due to the existing serious difficulties. And sometimes the Eight of Cups shows the inherent character traits โ€“ strength, endurance, endurance.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Spiritual asceticism, rejection of past passions, desires.
  • Hidden internal processes, the cultivation of the spirit.
  • Accepting the dark side of life or the unconscious.
  • Balance between feelings and reason, finding a compromise.

In terms of spirituality, the Tarot Eight of Cups represents a departure from the illusions shown in the Seven of Chalices. Here the traveler pulled himself together and continued what he had begun. For a while, he left behind the offered gifts and thereby acquired self-control, tempered character. Now his soul is not subject to temptations, no matter how subtle they may be. The seeker has realized his own worth and is no longer attached to the external attributes of success. An inner call leads him along a dangerous path, which means that this is a necessary condition for possessing great power.

The Eight of Cups card in the spread asks the questions: "What is my value?", "What can I give up for the sake of knowing myself?" Such introspection will expose true intentions. This is a kind of strength test. It implies an assessment of your sobriety. A person must test his will, prove to himself that he does not depend on feelings, fleeting impulses. Moreover, this process is quite subtle. This is not a radical departure like the Six of Swords. There is no need to burn bridges here. Rather, one must learn to love others, even at a distance.

Meaning of the Reversed Eight of Cups Tarot

  • Refusal of risks, adventures; the usual state of affairs, stability.
  • Minimizing losses, choosing comfort over uncertainty.
  • Contentment with little, fear of losing the accumulated resources.
  • Avoiding the idea of success; following the call of the heart instead of ambition.

The reversed Eight of Cups card takes on significance not until the end of the past crisis. It looks like a Pandoraโ€™s box. The fear of making things worse makes you stand still and do nothing. Over time, a person begins to doubt his decision. There are thoughts that it would be better to leave everything as it is. When you turn over the Arcana 8 of Water, the cups are at the top of the card. Moreover, the bottom row, which served as a support for three bowls, now exceeds in number. The structure becomes unstable. You can see in this detail a kind of reference to the Five of the suit of Cups. The Arcana become similar in terms of self-absorption and fear of letting go of the situation.

Also, the inverted Eight of Cups "lowers" the frightening mountain landscape down, making it even more gloomy. The traveler is not far away, so it is easier for him to return. He left the shining bowls on the calm shore. The thought of these haunts. Past values will not let you go forward. This means that it is not time to give up everything. It is better not to commit rash acts, to learn to appreciate what is already there. According to the opposite position of the Eight of Cups card, one can speak of stability and sustainability. All doubts and fleeting desires have sunk into oblivion. Only important fundamental things remained โ€“ a strong union, relationships with loved ones, etc.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Choosing in favor of your mate and giving up your own desires.
  • Earthiness, lack of pretentiousness in terms of love.
  • The return of an ex-partner, time-tested feelings.
  • Avoiding ambitions for the sake of family, children, relatives, loved ones.

The reversed Arcana Eight of Cups in a love spread smoothes rough edges in relationships. If the upright meaning personified the struggle and the desire to change everything, then quiet humility passes along this position of the card. Partners do not want something more, they are satisfied with everything. They appreciate each otherโ€™s love and thatโ€™s enough. A love affair can become a habit, life together can become boring and monotonous. However, the unknown is more frightening. The couple is ready to put up with anything, just not to lose their individual paradise.

For a questioning person who has no partner, an inverted Eight of Cups can mean reuniting with a former lover. It is also a signal to lower the bar for potential chosen ones. The prerequisite for building a serious relationship will soon emerge. There will be a desire to create a quiet haven, to have a family. Moreover, the request is easy to satisfy. One has only to look around. Perhaps the right person is already there. Relationships with friends of the opposite sex also take place along the reversed Arcana. There is a chance that a spark of love will appear.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Stagnation at work, temporary lack of perspective.
  • The danger of unpredictability; no time for risk, scams.
  • Habitual activity, returning to the previous place.
  • Living on dividends or strategic stock; saving.

In a spread of work and career, the Eight of Cups reversed shows no change. The working environment will remain the same โ€“ there will be no development, but there will also be no major upheavals. Rather, there will be a question of priorities. It will not work to combine several directions. You will need to choose a single goal and try to keep what has already been developed. There can also be serious obstacles to a qualitative leap forward. Better to ride out a tough time by supporting colleagues and business partners.

The inverted Eight of Cups predicts the period when the cash reserve will have to be used. There are no new opportunities now. Soon it will make sense to do your old job, to return to the previous place. Only proven methods of earning will work in a given period of time. Anything new will automatically become a risky undertaking. You should rely only on your own experience, old working relationships with trusted people. Also, the opposite position of the Arcana of the Eight of the suit of Cups warns of the danger of talking too much with others about your money.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Following the recommendations of the doctor; adherence to a diet.
  • Diseases of blood vessels, circulatory system, heart muscle.
  • Modesty, isolation, unpretentiousness, meekness.
  • The ability to appreciate your loved ones, dedication to your family.

The reversed Eight of Cups represents health limitations. The current state of the body requires the imposition of prohibitions on the use of alcohol and heavy food. In the opposite position of the 8 of Waters, diabetes mellitus, heart and blood vessel problems go away. To maintain a stable state, the fortuneteller must strictly monitor the diet and physical activity. It is also dangerous to go on a long journey alone. A heart attack, a sharp jump in pressure may occur.

The psyche according to the Eight of Cups card reversed is characterized as stable. Such a person does not jump over his head, is content with little. He made his own choice and no longer chases great opportunities. The personality tries to maintain a sense of comfort, to create a calm life in accordance with their ideas about it. The querent is quite modest, does not like to flaunt his dignity. Only the closest know about its positive aspects. In society, the questioner tries not to draw undue attention to his person.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • A lesson in sincere love and mutual help, self-acceptance.
  • Periods of self-realization through relationships with other people.
  • Weighing risks and values; opting for consistency.
  • Focus of attention towards simple joys, worldly qualities.

If the Eight of Cups fell upside down, then it speaks of a return to worldly life. The traveler realized that he had given up something too important. He cannot continue his spiritual quest while his family needs him. This period of life must be lived completely. There should be no remorse or regret about the past. The situation calls for going back. On the one hand, this can be considered a weakness, and on the other, a true strength and a victory over the pseudo-holy ego. It may be worth waiting for a while and then continuing to work on yourself again.

The reversed position of the Arcana asks the questions: "Am I moving forward or running away from the past?" and "Is this step necessary, or can you get away with a little blood?". Here, the Eight of Cups in the opposite sense shows the importance of introspection. Following the passing outburst of emotions, you can break the woods. Sometimes a complete withdrawal into oneself is simply inappropriate. There may be close people nearby who need support. To abandon them means betraying oneself, abandoning oneโ€™s own principles. Providing assistance will be the best lesson for both sides.

Eight of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Eight of Cups Card

The Eight of Cups in an upright position advises you to trust your heart. There is no need to be afraid to go forward. Life will support and give the necessary strength to implement our plans. The querent will receive much more than he has at the moment. There will also be a chance to prove yourself in the best light and prove courage by certain actions. The reversed Eight of Cups, on the other hand, advises to moderate the ardor and not chop off the shoulder. You should only listen to yourself and to people you can trust. All provocations from the outside can be safely ignored. They only carry destruction and suffering in the future.

As a warning, the upright Eight of Cups speaks of the dangers of acting alone. Imaginary self-confidence is dictated by transitory reasons. Donโ€™t rely on changing feelings. All decisions made on emotions and without advice from loved ones will bring chaos and confusion. And the reversed Eight of Cups, on the other hand, warns of a missed chance. If you listen to the advisers now, you may not come to anything. Excessive caution will become an obstacle to success. This applies to personal life, career building and, in general, movement towards any of your own goals. There are no friends on this path, you have to act alone.

Eight of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

The upright Eight of Cups Tarot gives the spread on the card of the day a contradictory meaning. On the one hand, the coming days will bring excellent opportunities for self-realization. On the other hand, they will push you to a decision to get rid of something. The ballast can be a disgusted job or a bored partner. The day will take away something important, and the reward will not come so soon. Tourist excursions, scientific expeditions, trips abroad take place along the card. One way or another, for the sake of new impressions, you will have to leave something behind. At the same time, you need to be able to do it correctly and without drama. The skill to negotiate is a common thread here.

If the card is turned upside down, then the day will pass with the usual chores. It may rain, or a snow storm may start, and the querent will watch an interesting film with his beloved at this time. Adversity will only strengthen the connection, show the importance of each other in life together. The reversed Eight of Cups predicts a heart-to-heart talk, a confession of some weakness. In doing so, you can count on the support of family or friends. Everyone has dark spots in their destiny, so it makes no sense to show yourself only from the positive side. On the contrary, the manifestation of shortcomings will give humanity and simplicity, which are so lacking in the world of lofty ideals.

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