Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Eight of Pentacles, 8 of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 8

Keywords: Mastery, Concentration

Active element: Earth ⛰️

The Eight of Pentacles in Tarot is the card of all students and apprentices. She shows dedication to the process, genuine children’s interest. When an artist paints a picture, he completely dissolves in this process. The Arcana also speaks of consistency, the development of each movement. This is a good concentration on the current moment in order to get an excellent result. But reversed, the Eight of Pentacles means the loss of its former grip. Now the card represents an unloved business, compulsion and conditioning. An example is a talented cook who is about to become a surgeon. After all, his parents will not endure the self-will of the child.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Eight of Pentacles

In Waite’s Tarot, the Eight of Pentacles card depicts the same hero as the Three of Disks. However, now the man is still a novice in his field, not a master. The guy is dressed in a special work apron, red pants and a blue shirt. The hero sits on a bench, bending over a gold coin. In his left hand he holds a chisel, in his right a hammer. It looks like the apprentice is carving a pentagram into the disk. The second coin lies at his feet, another is leaning against the bench. The remaining five are nailed to a vertical wall or the trunk of a tall tree. The action takes place against the backdrop of an open area or courtyard. On the far left is a castle with a scarlet roof. The sky without clouds, blue.

The hero of the Arcana Eight of Pentacles has an important task – to fill his hand, to work out every movement. That is why he creates "masterpieces" – in the Middle Ages, this was the name of the reference sample. Identical coins here symbolize work on the stream, gaining experience. A black apron speaks of a decent level of craftsman, as well as a serious approach to business. The hero is concentrated on his actions, not distracted. This is a sign of endurance and fortitude. The tree represents constant growth and strength, the accumulation of strength. The card shows employment in something, workload, as well as obtaining a specific result of labor.

Meaning of the Upright Eight of Pentacles Card

  • Concentration on one thing, honing skills.
  • Stable flow, streamlined process, tried and tested method.
  • Constant work on oneself, turning the ideal person.
  • Meticulousness, attention to detail and readiness for difficulties.

In the upright position of the Eight of Pentacles symbolizes manual labor, financial stability and an established flow of energy. A person easily copes with the tasks set, skillfully approaches the solution of problems. His willpower is perfected. If he has set any goal, he will definitely come to it, albeit not on the first try. A coin lying on the ground may indicate a defective product. The querent makes mistakes, but never gives up. The element of the Earth gives the Eight of Pentacles card the meaning of diligence, perseverance and absorption in the process. Only in this way can a beginner become a well-known and respected master.

Also, the Eight of Pentacles indicates a large amount of routine work. The questioner will have something to do. At the same time, such work is always a pleasure. The 8 of Coin represents attention to detail. In the spread on any topic, the Arcana will play out as a willingness to constantly work and develop. The fortuneteller here acts as Michelangelo, cutting off everything superfluous. The surrounding reality also contributes to the acquisition of certain skills. They can turn to a person for help, because he is able to put everything in its place and streamline.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Ability to work on relationships, find a common language.
  • Efforts made to maintain the fire, sincerity.
  • Practicing methods of seduction on men or women.
  • Restructuring yourself, a serious attitude to the issue of love.

In terms of the love matters, the Eight of Pentacles shows the readiness of one of the partners to work tirelessly on relationships. He is ready to take responsibility for two, forgive a lot and at the same time lead to the goal he needs. Often the Arcana falls on male leaders, but it can also indicate decisive women. In such a pair, people learn to interact with each other. They become inseparable due to the difficulties they have gone through. The upright position of the card indicates the presence of a good prospect of a relationship.

For lonely people, the Eight of Pentacles predicts an interesting stage in life. In the near future, the querent will have to communicate a lot with the opposite sex. In this case, you do not need to focus on one person – the process itself is important here. The questioner must learn to correctly present his virtues, to behave in society. In this regard, the Arcana of the Eight of Pentacles sometimes shows attendance at pickup courses, seduction. Life prepares a person for a new stage, more harmonious relationships than they were before.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Various workshops, factories, agencies or bureaus.
  • Permanent work is also in high demand in the labor market.
  • Stable financial flow, willingness to increase it.
  • Good earnings or confidence in the future.

For the spread for work, the meaning of the Eight of Pentacles takes on the most favorable. The card promises the appearance of a good vacancy, the interest of employers in the candidacy of a fortuneteller. Also, the Eight Denariyev shows production on stream, various agencies, bureaus. It can be both the creation of material values and intellectual ones. In any case, the meaning of the card comes down to constancy and demand in the market. The Arcana falls on hardworking people who love what they do.

The financial situation is stable. The Eight of Pentacles represents an established cash flow, constant infusions of funds. A person can be engaged in the main work, while taking additional orders. He knows how to monetize existing skills. Also, the Arcana speaks of a constant increase in the level of professionalism, which will always be reflected in income. The card indicates a high degree of concentration leading to prosperity and well-being.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • A healthy body, quick recovery after an illness.
  • Strong body and increased endurance, strength of mind.
  • Pay attention to your problems, work with them.
  • Resilience to life’s troubles and strong will.

In the context of health, the Eight of Pentacles shows rapid cell regeneration, excellent matrix work. Also, a tree trunk on the card can symbolically indicate the spine and chakra system of a person. In the upright position, the Arcana means a quick recovery of all body systems, a willingness to work on improving well-being. Sometimes, coins can symbolize eggs or sperm. In this case, the card speaks of fertility, the absence of problems in the reproductive system.

The mental state is good. The Eight of Pentacles falls on those individuals who understand the importance of working on themselves. They always strive for more and better. The card can show the possession of several talents, giftedness. At the same time, the querent does not turn up his nose. He wants to constantly push the boundaries of possibility. The Arcana speaks of both intellectual development and work on the body. All this is the facets of one whole, called "superman".

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The work of the individual on himself, the internal observer.
  • The ability to concentrate for a long time, to be aware.
  • Immersion inside and at the same time the ability to manifest itself outside.
  • The found support of the personality and the expectation of high results.

On the spiritual side, the Eight of Pentacles shows work on your ego. A person recognizes the imperfection of the mind and is ready to change it. He realizes that he is being deceived by his own personality. All negative manifestations – laziness, apathy, anger – are taken into account. Now the individual wants to sublimate the dark side of himself into something lighter. To do this, he will need willpower and strength of mind. To maintain concentration and awareness, it is worth giving yourself more difficult tasks over and over again. There are meditation techniques in which one has to watch oneself while one is creating. Being inside, but at the same time creating something outside, is the highest degree of art.

The Eight of Pentacles asks questions: “What am I working on now?” and "How to keep a high tone of energy?". Fatigue depends on the internal reserve of forces. To maintain this fire, one has only to plunge into oneself. The result of the work will be what the master wants. Even in the presence of excellent health, he will be tempted to quickly finish what he started. The quality of the final result is a reflection of inner fullness and the ability to hold awareness.

Meaning of the Reversed Eight of Pentacles Tarot

  • Concentration on the wrong things and omissions due to your pride.
  • An attempt to reshape yourself and adapt to the world around you.
  • Lack of progress, labor wasted for the sake of a “tick”, approval.
  • Lack of demand, mediocre level of skills and knowledge.

If you turn the Eight of Pentacles card, then the meaning changes completely. Finished works are moved down, and unfinished or defective ones are moved up. Now the card means fatigue, coercion and work is not a joy. The hero does not want to work, but is obliged to do it. Therefore, all the products that came out from under his hands are clumsy and ugly. Perhaps the young man initially chose the wrong business in life. Now it’s hard for him to concentrate and create something really worthwhile. The reversed card of the 8 of Pentacles falls on forced circumstances and actions. The querent will have to do something that does not cause great joy in him.

The reversed Eight of Pentacles Tarot gives a negative meaning to the spread on any topic. Life forces a locksmith to do ballet, and an artist to wrestle. The wrong path or the wrong way to achieve the goal is chosen. The reversed position hints at the substitution of concepts. Now material success becomes more important than personal preference. According to the eighth Arcana of the suit of Coins, an unfortunate fate passes in the opposite form, an attempt to change the essence of a person. The personality continues to believe in the idea that just a little is left, and everything will be fine.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Non-reciprocal feelings, an attempt to bend a partner and change.
  • "Clumsy" attitude towards love or the sensitive side.
  • Problems in terms of building a dialogue, communicating with people.
  • Haste and desire to quickly take possession of the heart of the passion.

In a love spread, the Eight of Pentacles reversed shows a lack of happiness. The couple can’t seem to get along with each other. All attempts are crowned with resounding failure. Even the desire to peacefully resolve differences leads to new quarrels. Often, according to the position of the card, a situation occurs when one of the lovers decides everything for two. In this case, the unilateral order only exacerbates the precarious situation. Perhaps the couple lacks mutual feelings and respect.

For lonely people, the Eight of Pentacles in the opposite sense promises many unsuccessful attempts to find happiness. At the same time, worthy representatives of the opposite sex can be nearby. The whole thing lies in the querent itself. It can destroy even ideal relationships. The questioner has no sense of tact. Haste and a superficial approach to people leads to illiquidity in the marriage "market". The period of loneliness will continue until the fortuneteller himself takes up his re-education.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Unwillingness to work at the current place or develop.
  • Creating the appearance of employment, work on someone else’s vacancy.
  • Non-working ideas about starting a business, a startup.
  • Engaging in a business that will not bring the expected cash.

In terms of work, the reversed Eight of Pentacles symbolizes work "through the sleeves". These are low-quality results, an attempt to deceive the client or manager. A person does not want to do this, but is forced to earn money. Sometimes the position of the card speaks of underground activities, fakes for well-known brands. It is also possible that the questioner is working illegally. He does not have a license to work or has not been assigned the status of an individual entrepreneur. He also receives his salary in an envelope.

The financial situation is unfavorable. The Eight of Pentacles in the opposite form shows a low-paid job. The querent can invest a lot in his project, buy tools or order services for a business. But all this only “eats up” an already small budget. The reversed card indirectly speaks of an incorrectly chosen case. It is better for the querent to leave his venture before it leads to financial ruin.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Problems with the reproductive system in men and women.
  • The appearance of a tumor, neoplasms, congenital malformation.
  • Loss of self, disappointment in life, or emptiness in the soul.
  • "Template" fate and following someone else’s instructions, goals.

The reversed Eight of Pentacles symbolizes a failure in cellular metabolism. Benign or malignant tumors may appear. The body stops functioning normally. Sometimes the position of the card shows congenital anomalies of the body – the embryo began to develop incorrectly in the womb. Also, the reversed card may indicate the process of self-destruction. The chosen treatment harms more than helps to recover. Otherwise, these are addictions, addictions that damage the body.

The Eight of Pentacles in the opposite meaning shows people with low concentration. It is difficult for them to concentrate, to focus attention on one thing. The person has not yet realized himself and his needs. The reversed Arcana speaks of a lack of motivation for anything. A person lives only one routine and is slowly disappointed in himself. With this approach, it is easy to confuse an individual with a robot.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Following imposed patterns of behavior, other people’s ideas.
  • An attempt to become comfortable with society, religion or politics.
  • Fear of not meeting other people’s expectations and showing disagreement.
  • A meaningless life, devoid of simple joys and happiness.

Spiritually, when the Eight of Pentacles is drawn upside down, it is a bad sign. The traveler does not go his own way, he masters a craft alien to him. Sometimes even the faith native to the ancestors does not suit a particular person. All attempts to impose something on oneself, to fit into the tradition, only harm individuality. All rituals and ceremonies eventually turn into nonsense. A person engages in echolalia without comprehending the true essence. Therefore, it is better to move away from religion altogether and move your own way. The reversed Arcana does not promise any changes in the future.

The Eight of Pentacles reversed asks questions: “What is the meaning of my actions?” and “Do I need all this?”. If you continue to mindlessly go with the flow, you can live an unhappy life. Doing someone else’s work, in an attempt to get a reward that is not your own, is at least pointless. Even if the querent brings joy to grow flowers, then this is his destiny. There are no boundaries and immutable truths – they exist only in the head of the individual.

Eight of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Eight of Pentacles Card

If the card lies upright, then the Eight of Pentacles advises to practice a certain skill more often. It can be oratory, drawing or singing. You should approach your favorite business creatively, but also not deviate from the established rules. Before the eyes of the querent, there is already a ready-made template or authority that you need to follow. Moreover, the dropped card warns of a miss if the questioner gives himself a break. To hone your skills, you need to constantly raise the bar. The desire to stop and declare yourself a first-class specialist in advance will only throw you back several levels.

The reversed Eight of Pentacles advises to leave what the querent is doing now. All attempts to advance will not lead to success. In the chosen area, the questioner will not be able to develop, to comprehend the new. You need to quickly decide to abandon your goals. Also, the Eight of Pentacles in the opposite form warns of degradation and reduced responsibility. Man digs the earth where a priori there is no gold. This is a waste of time and your own energy. You can’t count on luck in the future. If the fortuneteller does not stop, then there is a great risk of losing yourself, being disappointed in life.

Eight of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

Today is a great day to do a good job. The Eight of Pentacles shows you have the time, the right place, and the inner resource to create something of value. The querent can engage in wood burning, sand painting or modeling. On this day, all the work will be argued, and the plan will turn out the first time. It is possible to visit any workshops, master classes. The dropped card speaks of the importance of practice. Sometimes the Arcana will show the educational process, memorizing poems or chemical formulas. In any case, the day will be productive, with the benefit of the talent of the questioner.

But the reversed Eight of Pentacles in the spread of the card of the day has a slightly different meaning. On these days, the fortuneteller will have to do an unloved thing. Someone can literally force you to solve a difficult problem. The questioner will feel obliged, and therefore will not have the right to refuse. Forced practice will temporarily deprive one of enthusiasm, plunge one into a state of dissatisfaction. Also, the reversed position of the Arcana can indicate the receipt of poor-quality services, the purchase of defective goods. The result of the actions here depends entirely on the internal request. If a person is not in his place, then his results will not please anyone.

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