Eight of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Eight of Wands, 8 of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 8

Keywords: Advance, Speed

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

The Eight of Wands is the most dynamic Arcana in the Tarot system. It is action itself, pure impulse. The card represents speed, swiftness. You can compare it with a sound wave, the speed of light. The lack of manipulation from the outside in the image of the Arcana gives it a quiet charm. The fortuneteller seems to join the mystery by reading this Arcana. There is nothing here but the very essence of constant movement. This is a perpetual motion machine that makes the heart of the World beat without interruption. Despite belonging to the group of minor Arcana, the card carries a powerful charge of fiery energy, comparable only to the Ace of the same suit of Fire.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Eight of Wands

On the Eight of Wands tarot card in the Rider-Waite deck, artist Pamela Smith depicted a silent scene in which there are no people. In the foreground, only sprouted staves are visible, located diagonally. The sky is blue in the background, no clouds. In the background, a beautiful landscape is guessed with a green meadow, a river and a few shrubs. In the lower left corner, you can see the outlines of a large house or tower. This is the only card of the entire suit of Staves where there are no heroes. Even on the Ace Arcana, a human hand is drawn, giving personality. Here, the emphasis is on the process itself, shown on the card.

Arthur Waite in his works compared the depicted wands with arrows flying right on target. The swiftness and dynamics of the scene is shown through the tilt of the staves. It seems that this technique gives the picture liveliness and movement. Green leaves also denote growth, development. The background on the Eight of Wands speaks of a prospect for the future โ€“ the house is still far away, but its walls are already visible, immersed in greenery. Water is a hint of a resource. At the same time, this process of movement of the wands occurs without any intervention. The impulse from the outside has already been received, now the flight occurs by inertia.

Meaning of the Upright Eight of Wands Card

  • Drive, active actions or quick reaction to what is happening.
  • A running process, rapid achievement of a goal, a plan.
  • Growth phase, stimulation, strong motivation, intention.
  • Consequences of decisions made; a large supply of resource, energy.

The Eight of Wands in the upright position symbolizes a certain process of achieving a result. Events will unfold rapidly, regardless of the actions of the querent. Often these are situations that are difficult or impossible to influence โ€“ a certain context, environment. In a positive sense, the card gives high chances for constructive innovations, the rapid overcoming of obstacles. All spheres of life according to this Arcana will undergo changes. If 8 of Staves is surrounded by good cards, then the changes will be for the better. Sometimes, the questioner does not even have to actively participate in the ongoing process.

The Arcana means drive, a large amount of energy invested in the implementation of the plan. This is the achievement of goals, a "short" dream, the fulfillment of which is not far off. The Eight of Wands can be compared to a wound mechanical clock. The pendulum is started, now the subsequent movement of all gears is inevitable. The card operates on the principle of dominoes โ€“ having influenced one part, all the rest will certainly be involved. You should also pay attention to the number of staves depicted on the Arcana โ€“ this is a reference to community, integrity. All forces and resources are directed to a single goal, which greatly increases the likelihood of victory.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A quick transition to a new stage of relationship โ€“ marriage or family.
  • A strong desire to maintain the relationship, to develop together.
  • Changes in personal life, a quick romantic acquaintance.
  • Preparing to meet your person and expecting changes.

In the love spread, the Eight of Wands denotes the rapid development of relationships. Both partners strive to spend as much time as possible with each other. Perhaps the desire to legitimize the union, have children, or at least live together. The element of Fire gives the card speed, activity. In the context of a love affair, this can be expressed in the presence of a strong passion, a vibrant intimate life. The couple fits each other at the level of the physical body. In such relationships, heirs quickly appear.

For lonely people, the Eight of Wands predicts imminent change. The situation will change, in the future an acquaintance with an interesting person will follow. While the space seems to be preparing for innovations, it may seem that nothing is happening. However, if the questioner has a desire to establish a personal life, then this process has already been launched. You just need to wait a little. Also, the Arcana sometimes shows a chain of events that will lead to a meeting with a potential partner through already familiar, close ones.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Development of professional skills or career growth.
  • Fast and high-quality performance of their duties.
  • Work in the department for sustainable business development, spheres.
  • Transition to a higher level of income, expansion.

The meaning of the Eight of Wands in the spreads for work will be very favorable. In this area, the card is responsible for development, learning and further growth. The querent develops his competencies and becomes a sought-after specialist. Around there may already be talk of promotion, the transfer of additional paid duties. Sometimes the Arcana Eight of Wands shows a retraining. However, even here, the questioning person will be able to quickly figure it out and accept the new rules of the game.

The card represents company development activities, growth departments, and all start-ups. The Eight of Wands is a flow of fresh energy, an avalanche of new ideas and meanings. In terms of money, the card also speaks of some changes. If the financial situation did not suit, oppressed by stagnation, then soon things will change. There will be a feeling that everything happens by itself, but, most likely, past works will simply let you know about themselves. Suddenly, a client will call with a good offer or approve a loan to start a business. The querent will have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently move to a new financial level.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Fast fusion of bones and proper recovery.
  • A large supply of internal resources, the youth of the body.
  • The desire to learn new things, learn and develop further.
  • Mobility of the body, speed of thinking and good reaction.

In terms of health, the Eight of Wands represents muscles, cartilage, and bones. In the upright position, the card speaks of a strong, well-coordinated body. The body can take on a lot of physical and psychological stress. Most often, the Arcana falls on young people, or older athletes. Indirectly, the card shows the emergence of new neural connections โ€“ that is, the development of the brain, training for speed of reaction. The eighth Arcana of the Wands suit is an adrenaline cocktail that involves all body systems. This forces you to gather your strength and carry out some manipulations.

In the context of the psyche, the card represents an open state of mind. Such a person seeks new sensations, seeks to know the world with all available senses. The Eight of Wands patronizes explorers not only of the surrounding space, but also of the interior. Personality does not stand still, constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge. There is no word โ€œnoโ€ for this โ€“ the psyche is like a bamboo that grows through any obstacle.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Development of existing abilities and disclosure of talent.
  • The aspiration of the soul, the various inclinations of a person.
  • The relationship of spirit, soul and body; energy system of the body.
  • Integrity of the individual, willingness to move forward towards the goal.

In terms of spirituality, the Eight of Wands symbolizes the very growth that everyone aspires to. At the same time, it is inextricably linked with the human body. People who practice yoga systematically see some increase in physical growth. This is due to stress on the spine. After such exercises, it โ€œstretchesโ€ โ€“ the distance between the vertebrae increases. The spine itself, according to the masters of India, is a vertical structure with the Kundalini energy dormant in it. You just need to know how to awaken it, and you can become a superman.

The Eight of Wands asks questions: "What is my purpose?" and โ€œAm I ready to give myself completely to her?โ€. Numerous staves on the card hints at composure. To achieve any goal โ€“ spiritual or physical, the querent must first decide. Only a series of systematic blows to the same point will help to destroy the wall of all the obstacles that stand in the way of the seeker. In the upright position, the Arcana of Fire shows the correct flow of energy, the natural course of any process.

Meaning of the Reversed Eight of Wands Tarot

  • Life according to otherโ€™s standards, ideas, scenarios of behavior.
  • Choosing the wrong path, action in vain, dead end.
  • Wrong goal, waste of time without getting results.
  • Tendency to be manipulated or impulsive.

If the card lay upside down, then the Eight of Wands slightly changes its meaning. Arrows aimed at a target become blunt and bend under the hand of an inept shooter. The once fast process slows down or even stops. According to the Eight of Clubs or Staves reversed, the wrong setting of tasks passes. Energy goes in the wrong direction, and the results may not be what was originally expected. The situation begins to resemble the theater of the absurd, when a phone is used to hammer a nail, not a hammer. At the same time, a person has everything to achieve the goal, he simply sets priorities incorrectly.

The Eight of Wands reversed is played as fruitless efforts, meaningless actions. Life becomes like a squirrel wheel with endless work-home runs. It may seem to the querent that a little more, and he will break the prize. However, the coveted prey is just a carrot tied in front of a donkeyโ€™s nose. The apparent proximity of the goal provokes new actions. Not without reason, staves occupy most of the card โ€“ the focus is on the process itself, and not the final result. And in the context of the inverted Arcana, we can generally talk about the absence of remuneration for labor.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Promiscuity in the choice of partners, passion to the detriment of oneself.
  • Haste, unwillingness to wait and give time to think.
  • Mocking, sarcasm, jokes that interfere with building relationships.
  • Putting energy into a love affair without perspective.

In terms of love, the Eight of Wands upside down indicates that one of the partners is in too much of a hurry. Such behavior may be associated with internal fears of being alone with oneself, unresolved traumas. A pronounced rush is a psychological move designed to confuse a loved one. Often, it hides the hard truth. Also, the position of the Arcana indicates the wrong time or that the querent has chosen the wrong person to build relationships. The Eight of Wands reversed also shows injections and mockery from the partner.

For singles, the opposite position of the card indicates incorrect behavior. The questioning person is in too much of a hurry, and therefore cannot establish a personal life. This is manifested in the expectation of a quick response from potential gentlemen or ladies. The reversed Eight of Wands is also replete with pretensions and pricks of jealousy for no reason. The questioner, perhaps, is not fully aware of his problem, but on the other hand, he is fully confronted with the consequences of such behavior. Loneliness is dictated by the inability to maintain internal balance and exposure to transient impulses.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Failure to pass the probationary period in the company, refusal.
  • Postponed work on the back burner, stopping halfway.
  • Little money; borrowing at an interest rate.
  • Precarious financial situation and lack of results.

In the career spread, the Eight of Wands reversed shows actions that will not bring results. Perhaps the querent performs other peopleโ€™s tasks, and as a result remains out of work, without a resource for his own goals. Sometimes the position of the Arcana represents work in a position that has no future. These may be professions that will soon become a thing of the past โ€“ for example, those associated with manual labor. Also, an inverted card indicates the presence of a "glass ceiling" in income or the absence of development prospects in the planned company.

In terms of money, the Eight of Wands in the opposite sense shows a temporary financial upsurge. The sharp jump is dictated by the prevailing circumstances and has nothing to do with the actions of the querent. This situation very often occurs in the financial exchange. A vivid example is when a person wins a huge amount in the lottery, and a year later loses absolutely everything, plus remains in unbearable debts. Inverted, it is just a mirage, an oasis in which it is impossible to drink water.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • A difficult period of rehabilitation or recovery of the body.
  • Problems with the speech apparatus โ€“ stuttering and lisping.
  • Throwing to extremes, unstable psyche, irritation.
  • Outbursts of anger, inappropriate behavior and uncontrollability.

In the context of health, the reversed Arcana will speak of a slowdown in the process of bone tissue regeneration. Knots may appear on the phalanges of the fingers and toes. Hair split, nails break, become thin. The body lacks iron. The Eight of Wands in the opposite form shows a weakening of the immune system, problems with appearance. Also, the position of the card can indicate a serious autoimmune disease, developmental delays in the body or mind of the child.

The psyche of the Eight of Wands reversed shows an inadequate reaction. External events are misinterpreted by the personality, and certain behavior follows. A person may laugh at the wrong moment or cry for no good reason. Mood swings are interspersed with apathy, unwillingness to do anything. Also, the querent may have a habit of not finishing anything, stopping halfway. This also includes problems with the throat, speech defects.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Impatience, lack of properly set goals.
  • Unwillingness to overcome their weaknesses, hard work.
  • Barriers to self-knowledge, escape from the self, the soul.
  • The habit of being distracted by trifles, losing focus on the main thing.

If we consider the Eight of Wands reversed from the position of spirituality, then we can notice more material than sublime. The reverse position of the Arcana speaks of excessive ardor, intolerance, unwillingness to wait and cultivate fortitude in oneself. George Gurdjieff, a famous mystic who gathered crowds of followers around him, said that initially a person does not have a soul, it needs to be crystallized, created. Of course, this was said as a manipulation to set fire to the torch of desire, to create an increased interest in the topic of spirituality. But this phrase perfectly fits the description of the card in the reversed position โ€“ one desire is not enough, enlightenment will not happen with one desire.

The position of the Arcana asks questions: โ€œWhat exactly stops my growth?โ€ and โ€œWhy canโ€™t I see the end goal?โ€. The Eight of Wands in the opposite form invites the querent to work on concentration, choosing for himself only the necessary tasks. Splitting of attention does not allow to achieve great results.

Eight of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Eight of Wands Card

The Eight of Wands Tarot gives dynamics to the spread of the council. Here the card speaks of the importance of acting and at the same time being able to wait for results. The querent should keep his finger on the pulse, but not be too zealous. Rather, he should closely monitor the process in order to intervene in time if necessary. As a warning, the Eight of Wands focuses on waiting. There is no need to supervise yourself and those around you. Everything will happen on time, and intervention will only bring negative consequences. This situation should teach the querent to wait.

The reversed card of the Eight of Wands advises to postpone any actions, as well as expectations. It takes time to implement the plan. There is no direct relationship between reality and the specific steps of the questioner. All you have to do is slow down, let go of the reins of control. When it comes to growth and change, the saying about grief and Mohammed does not always work. The position of the card indicates the importance of peace. As a warning, the inverted meaning, on the contrary, hints at the danger of staying on the sidelines. The situation can get out of control if you do not intervene in time.

Eight of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

When the Eight of Wands is drawn as the card of the day, it is a good sign. The Arcana predicts the rapid development of events, unexpected twists of fate. A long-standing problem may be resolved, an answer to an urgent question will finally come. At work or in a relationship, the current situation will begin to change. The upright position of the Eight of Wands speaks of changes for the better. The day will pass in a certain state of meditation, third-party observation. Perhaps the querent will simply watch a good movie or become a spectator of his own life. In any case, the card does not show the active participation of the questioner himself. Rather, events will unfold on their own.

The reversed Eight of Wands, on the contrary, shows forced stops and obstacles on the way. Perhaps the fortuneteller will feel that he does not have enough energy, information or time to achieve something. The necessary events have not yet formed, and it remains only to make guesses about the future. The day can pass in the construction of some plans, setting goals. However, these are just hints, preliminary thoughts. A person has the right to change the final task a hundred times or choose another way to implement the intention. This position of the Arcana speaks of delays and transferring plans.

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