Four of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Four of Cups, 4 of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 4

Keywords: Satiation, Discontent

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง

The Four of Cups continues the difficult path to personal happiness, which began with the Ace of the Water suit. This is no longer a frivolous Three, but it is not yet an intermediate milestone in the form of a Five. The transitional state promises long reflections alone with oneself. And in this sense, there are no reliable helpers here. For the Four of Cups, loved ones do not please, work does not bring the former satisfaction. From the outside, nothing has changed. However, the hero himself changes. He lives the first moments of the inner impulse of the soul. Strange thoughts come to him. The person becomes like Siddhartha Gautama. Like an Indian prince, a person begins to possess a passion for knowledge. But for further growth, they have to leave their home and their loved ones. And all this, in order to one day become a Buddha, to grow spiritually.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Four of Cups

The Four of Cups card depicts a passive waiting scene. A young man sits in a meadow under a tree, he folded his arms over his chest, his gaze is directed downward. The guy is dressed in bright clothes: a red shirt, green vest, blue leggings and burgundy shoes. The color of the clothes speaks of a noble origin. Three golden cups are standing in front of the one sitting in a row. A hand appears in the air from a puff of smoke, holding the fourth bowl. The guy is located on a dais, and behind is a reservoir surrounded by trees. The sky in the background is bright and cloudless. However, it is clear that the person is puzzled by something. He does not show interest in precious cups, does not even look at them.

Like all Fours in the Tarot deck, the 4 of the suit of Cups symbolize a stable, stable state of affairs. The situation for this numerical value can last for a long time, turning into a routine. The Water element represents the realm of the senses, and this stagnation concerns emotional issues. Judging by the fact that a person has moved away from the reservoir depicted on the Arcana, now emotions are not important to him. The tree stands for inner growth. Water nourishes the roots of the tree, but it also needs sunlight. Likewise, a traveler sitting under its shadow needs to strive forward, to move away from the usual. The Four of Cups indicates that tenderness, affection and total acceptance are necessary, but that is not enough for a qualitative leap forward. Personality requires solar qualities, such as mobility, aspiration, charge.

Meaning of the Upright Four of Cups Card

  • Personality crisis, questions about your place in life, search for meaning.
  • Boredom, annoying people, boring relationship with a partner.
  • "Greenhouse" conditions, overprotection, an attempt to keep a person.
  • Obsession, an attempt to please, the detachment of the beloved.

The Arcana Four of Cups in an upright position denotes a spiritual crisis. This is a state of weariness from earthly joys. Previously, everything was easy, life was supportive of the querent. He had already drunk the elixir of happiness from the cup to the dregs, and now he was bored. The personality rethinks the experience gained and tries to re-know itself. On this card, satiety and boredom pass. A person is given every chance, he is in ideal conditions. However, the comfort is depressing for him. Past joys have become disgusted, strange thoughts come to mind. From the abundance that exists, I want to plunge into myself and understand: what is really important and what is imposed by others, albeit loving people.

The chance depicted in the form of the fourth bowl is not at all tempting. It is similar to the previous ones and will not bring something radically new. You can compare the energy of the Four of Cups with allergies from sweets. At first, the dessert satiates and pleases, and then it causes only disgust. So the former feelings and familiar sensations become boring, there is no drive, incendiary. The querent understands that the current state of affairs is becoming fundamental. A little more and he will not have a chance to get out of the gingerbread house of the insidious witch. Cats scratch their souls, the mind begins to add one to the other in an attempt to find a suitable solution to the theorem.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The end of the "candy-bouquet" period, a habit.
  • Fatigue from emotions, desire to move away for a while.
  • Dissatisfied or bored partner, difficulties.
  • Parasitizing on other peopleโ€™s feelings, playing on the nerves.

The meaning of the Four of Water in a love spread is similar to the vibrations of the Major Arcanas Hermit and Temperance. But here the partner only thinks about taking a decisive step. The couple goes through the grinding stage. Romance is over, and then primitive everyday issues await. Whether the love boat breaks or not depends largely on the determination of each individual in tandem. If none of the partners takes active action, you can forever remain in the swamp of faded feelings. The Four of Cups claims that it is familiar and comfortable. But still, routine will not let you go to new achievements.

Perhaps the querent has gotten a partner-narcissist or an adult "child". Itโ€™s hard to please such a person, he is often offended by trifles, continues to pull the burden of childrenโ€™s problems. Whatever his other half does, he will find flaws everywhere. The second side of the medal of the Tarot card Four of Cups is an attempt to keep an indifferent partner nearby. Love is a gift that is given just like that. It cannot be earned or begged for. And one of the partners is trying to awaken reciprocal feelings with sensitivity and a kind attitude. But as a result, only friendship and respect can be achieved, but not heartfelt affection. Here, the Four of Cups speaks of empty dances with a tambourine around someone who will not appreciate the efforts.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Easy-to-understand but uninteresting work; "warm place".
  • The patronage of the boss, help from employees.
  • Financial help from relatives or friends.
  • Analysis of financial behavior, revision of the situation.

In career spreads, the Four of Cups denotes a familiar, but boring activity. There is a prospect here to build a brilliant career, but the querent himself does not want this. Perhaps he chose the vacancy not at the call of his soul and therefore feels remorse from unrealized potential. The Four of Cups personifies situations when a talented artist works as a locksmith, and an engineer paints clay pots. Both can work well, but you canโ€™t fool yourself. Perhaps others are trying to convince the fortuneteller. They list all the advantages of the area in question, but do not take into account the personโ€™s feelings.

In terms of finance, 4 of Cups represents comfort and patronage. The querent does not need to think about making money. It can be provided by a family, a partner, or a permanent job with valuable benefits. However, the questioner begins to wonder if he really gets what he wants. Perhaps someone elseโ€™s money obliges you to live by someone elseโ€™s rules. Now the querent is reconsidering his approach to finance, he may be thinking about increasing income. Sometimes the Four of Cups card foreshadows a cardinal change in life scenario. Along with earnings, a person begins to change his character and approach to life.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Attentive attitude to health, taking care of your well-being.
  • Useful procedures, rehabilitation period or rest in a sanatorium.
  • Work with body, soul, spirit; disclosure of internal potential.
  • Sincere expression of emotions, reflections on higher matters.

The Four of Chalices Tarot gives a positive meaning to the spread on the topic of health. The card denotes taking care of your physical and mental condition. The fortuneteller thinks about how he can improve his well-being. These include: taking dietary supplements, sports, massage and gymnastics. For work with consciousness and subconsciousness โ€“ psychotherapy, hypnosis, consultations with a psychologist. But these are all optional actions. The Four of Cups indicates that the questioner does not have serious illnesses. Rather, it is simply paying close attention to any change in oneself.

Psyche on the card Four of Cups is closed on itself. A person is used to delving into his own experiences, not paying attention to the words and actions of others. He becomes a guide and indicator for himself. The closed pose of the guy depicted on the card โ€“ legs and arms crossed, speak for themselves. The querent is not used to sharing emotions, he is neutral or benevolently reserved. At the same time, it can bring confusion, without showing true feelings. The fortuneteller sometimes does not understand himself, but at the same time he does not give false hopes, does not deceive.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Inconvenient questions, an attempt to put everything in its place.
  • Meticulousness, intransigence, a reference only to their opinion.
  • Thoughts about the future, disgusted, unhappy present.
  • Time for some kind of coup, changes in fate.

First, the given fourth Arcana of the suit of Cups marks the beginning of some kind of crisis. The querent pauses and succumbs to a melancholic mood. Everything is fine, but something is still missing. This state is associated with deeply personal inner experiences. Like everything in this world, even the best moments of life are boring. You cannot live forever in refined peace. The soul requires continuous upward movement, growth. And constancy and stability turn into stagnation.

The Four of Cups card indicates internal causes and processes. It makes you think about the future, about your role in your own destiny. This Minor Arcana invites you to ask yourself questions: "Who am I?" and โ€œWhat exactly do I want, and not others expect from me?โ€. Thoughts like these will provide the correct clue to the situation. It doesnโ€™t matter in what scenario the 4 of the Water suit fell โ€“ financial, psychological or love. The card everywhere indicates the importance of introspection. A person can trust their own intuition and follow its prompts.

Meaning of the Reversed Four of Cups Tarot

  • Devaluation of the importance of their feelings and experiences, distrust.
  • Resentment at others or at oneself, bare nerves, constant apathy.
  • Exposure to someone elseโ€™s influence, dishonest compromise with others.
  • An attempt to hush up conflicts to the detriment of oneself, suffering alone.

The inverted position of the Four of Cups gives even more inertia and slowdown. For this position of the card, in any situation, the querent loses a good chance. While going through the options, he does not pay attention to the door open in front of him. The questioner is playing for time, and therefore all possibilities collapse like a house of cards. The very fact of outside participation causes dissatisfaction. The energy of the reverse card is similar to the behavior of a spoiled child. He has already begged for all the toys in a local store, but each time his desires grow larger. But still, sometimes isolation and resentment have a basis. The justification for such behavior will be shown by the Swords that fell nearby.

If you turn over the card, then on the Four of Cups the tree will be on the bottom, and the bowls and pond will be on top. In life, this will manifest itself in the fact that a person closes his eyes to his feelings. He can succumb to other peopleโ€™s persuasion, the imposition of stereotypes. Being guided by someoneโ€™s opinion, over time, a person ceases to trust himself. Your own development does not make sense, because there are always advisers. However, there will certainly be side effects in the form of completely unconscious withdrawal โ€“ infidelity, alcohol, drugs. The reversed Four of Cups is when bright flashes of immoral acts are interspersed with decent behavior. But such a kaleidoscope is unlikely to bring true satisfaction from life.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Inert behavior, lack of initiative of the partner.
  • A crisis period that will not lead to development.
  • Latent resentment, bad attitude, neglect.
  • Conversations behind the back, the influence of someoneโ€™s opinion.

When, in a love spread, the Four of Water fell out inverted, then it denotes suppressed emotions. The querent closes his eyes to his own experiences, brushes them off. Perhaps this behavior is dictated by the fear of loneliness. A person plunges headlong into the daily routine, buries his head in the sand so as not to think about anything. The real reason for what is happening lies in the wrong partner nearby or in hidden grievances. One way or another, the fortuneteller does not want to understand this. The inverted Four of Cups says itโ€™s easier for him to give up on everything.

The Four of Cups reversed may mean not the questioner himself, but his pair. In this case, the Arcana speaks of distrust, jealousy and hidden negative thoughts. A partner may not show that he is dissatisfied with something, however, all his behavior suggests otherwise. This includes long periods of silence, ignorance. At the same time, the person does not want to get in touch. All attempts to talk lead to an exacerbation of the situation. If everything is fine in a relationship and there is no reason to worry, then the reversed card advises you to think about negative influence from the outside. Perhaps relatives, friends, or even ill-wishers are pressing on the other half.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Work slipshod or even unemployment, laziness.
  • Empty hopes, exaggerated demands for money, work.
  • Excitement, frequent thoughtless spending, disorder.
  • "Childish" financial behavior, shopaholism, breakdowns.

In terms of work, an inverted Four of the suit of Cups means laziness and lack of initiative. The person receives any assistance required: in finding a suitable job or training a profession. However, the personality itself has no interest and desire for work. And if an upright position speaks of an unloved work, then the opposite position shows a lack of firmness in character. It is difficult for the questioner to make important decisions. He can build his own career only with the help of others. But, of course, this will not always be the case. Sooner or later, others will get tired of "dragging" an adult.

On the Tarot card of the Four of Cups inverted, a state of financial stagnation passes. The questioner has a glass ceiling in income. And, most importantly, he does not even try to overcome the line. Hands dropped, but still the acceptance of the situation did not happen. As a result, the fortuneteller has periods of thoughtless spending of large sums. He easily gets into unbearable loans. At the same time, the querent considers such steps to be justified, naively expecting help from outside. It is difficult for him not to succumb to feelings and turn on a cold mind.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Avitaminosis โ€“ seasonal or due to illness.
  • Decrease in body weight, restrictions on food, activity.
  • Imbalance between accepting and giving, old problems.
  • Emotional alienation, withdrawal, coldness.

In the field of health, the Four of Cups in the reversed position represents a lack of fluid in the body. These include: anemia, disturbed water imbalance, a low percentage of fat in the tissues. You can also talk about poor absorption of vitamins and minerals obtained from food. This condition is caused by diets or existing medical conditions. In the event that the process of "drying" the body takes place under the supervision of a specialist, then the process does not pose a threat. All other methods of losing weight according to the inverted card are equated to extreme and harmful to the body.

The mental state of the Four of Cups reversed is also close to exhaustion. But feelings come into play here. The querent refuses to accept and give up emotions. Its inner doors are heavily bolted, and its heart is under armor. Old wounds taught me not to trust people. Perhaps now there are no problems in the outside world โ€“ a person can be surrounded by loving people, loyal friends. But inside, he is unable to cope with the trauma he has suffered. Therefore, the most logical way out for him was indifference.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Thoughts about the eternal, hateful hobbies, self-flagellation.
  • False crisis, unfinished business, impatience.
  • Regression, the practice of recalling past lives, experiences.
  • Unclosed gestalt, unconscious stuck in the past.

Spiritually, the Four of Cups inverted means giving up all worldly pleasures. A person begins to look for something more than ordinary joys. Previously, he managed to know the euphoria of the Troika of Cups, and now he came to his own conclusions. But the reversed card is turned upside down to make a conditional "minus". The personality does not move forward, there is no growth. She runs in a circle, continuing to seek new sensations. Rare periods of search for truth end without ever yielding lasting results.

The reversed Arcana Four of Cups asks questions: "What is the meaning of life?", "Is there something more than base joys?" But the point is that the person is not yet mature enough to receive an answer. He needs to return to an untapped stage in his own life. Sometimes it will be the closure of childhood desires, less often โ€“ the realization of adolescent aspirations. All material needs should be satisfied so that the soul does not gnaw at the feeling of incompleteness. In addition to clothes, delicious food and valuable things, you can go into relationships with people. Frequently, this is where all the gaps appear. They need to be filled with love and acceptance.

Four of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Four of Cups Card

The dropped out upright Four of Cups for the questioning person gives advice to listen to yourself more often. The heart will tell you whether the partner is nearby, whether the profession has been chosen correctly, how to behave in the future. At the moment, those around you are not important. Even seeming well-being can turn into a real hell if life goes beyond oneโ€™s own desires. If the card is upside down, the advice remains the same. That being said, you need to pay special attention to what others are saying. You need to try to get away from someone elseโ€™s influence. It will not bring positive results. Rather, loved ones act on the basis of their own personal motives.

In the context of a warning, the Four of Cups upright, on the contrary, turns the querent towards people. If he waits for a long time, choosing between different options, you may lose a good chance. Now is not the time to withdraw. It is as inappropriate as falling into melancholy on a general holiday. It is worth making a choice quickly and not delaying important decisions. An upside down card indicates opportunities already missed. A person should conduct an analysis of their behavior in order not to repeat mistakes in the future. Sometimes, the Arcana Four of Cups in the reversed position indicates that someone has taken advantage of the person, having secured his friendship in advance.

Four of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

The spread on the card of the day with the upright Four of Cups predicts the period of revision of thoughts, feelings, behavior. Absolutely everything will be subject to analysis โ€“ how the person looked, what he answered, and what he actually thought. Not a single detail leaves the querentโ€™s keen eye. And, of course, reflections will take place in splendid isolation. But even this scenario takes place. In the future, this will help to deal with yourself, to put everything in its place. On this day, visits to psychologists, philosophical reflections or classes in oriental practices will be fruitful. Better to refrain from noisy gatherings with friends.

An Four of Cups reversed promises a whiny mood, a feeling of apathy. The condition can be caused by hormonal changes or a recent fight. In any case, the day promises to be emotionally colored. It is worth shifting the focus of attention from abstract negativity to sensations in the body. Those places where pain is concentrated will show the presence of clamps. And only full acceptance of your emotions, painful sensations will help you calm down. Meeting other people today will not bring relief, but rather exacerbate the current state of affairs. Help will come only from within, you cannot rely on external circumstances.

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