Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Four of Pentacles, 4 of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 4

Keywords: Stability, Stagnation

Active element: Earth ⛰️

The Four of Pentacles is a classic card of all bankers, wealthy people. The Arcana symbolizes a stable position in society and a tightly stuffed wallet in your pocket. This is a fabulous Leprechaun that fulfills desires of a material nature. But in the reversed form, the Arcana personifies an angry dwarf. He won’t rest until he gets his gold back. This is pathological stinginess and jealousy, distrust of others. The greedy miser languishes over gold, which he himself will never need again. The reversed card gives the person and the situation the most unpleasant qualities. It is a pathological greed that can suffocate.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Four of Pentacles

In the Waite Tarot deck, the Four of Pentacles card depicts a man with coins. The hero sits on a certain elevation, and behind him is a large city with peaks of towers and houses. The man is dressed in a red dress and a dark purple cape, a golden crown adorns his head. The scarlet boots are not laced. Under each foot lies a pentacle. The third one is in the hands – the man seems to be pressing this disc to himself. The fourth coin stands edge-on on the hero’s head. It seems that the owner of the city is shown on the card – the crown hints at a high rank. The Arcana is similar in meaning to the King of the Earth and the Emperor. At the same time, the hero’s possessions with their appearance speak of prosperity and wealth.

The very posture of the owner from the Four of Pentacles Arcana is quite closed. He holds the coin firmly to his chest with both hands. This is a sign of economy and a serious approach to waste. Man is not wasteful. Moreover, he got his position thanks to the ability to be practical, stingy. The disk on the head hints at thoughts about finances. Pentacles under the feet symbolize reliable support, choosing the path under the banner of materiality, money. A dark cape, as it were, hides the hero from prying eyes. This is a sign of modesty and restrained behavior. Beautiful buildings behind indicate success, ability to manage projects and budgets. The card refers to the elements of the Earth and therefore denotes the material manifestation of energy in the form of specific results.

Meaning of the Upright Four of Pentacles Card

  • A stable position or steady growth, development, base.
  • Control over the situation, wise management of circumstances.
  • Satisfaction with the current situation, comfort or reliability.
  • Great experience behind him, constancy or established flow.

In the upright position, the Four of Pentacles shows the presence of experience, a base. It can be practical knowledge, as well as material values. The numerical designation of the Arcana symbolizes a stable position, stagnation. But in this case, it is not a void like on the Four of Swords. Here the querent has done well in the past and is now enjoying the results. He has the right to allow himself a rest, to make a stop. The crowned figure on the Four of Pentacles symbolizes status and great achievements. The questioning person has the right to control something or someone, to influence the situation.

The Four of Pentacles shows comfort and security. Everything is under control, so there is nothing to worry about. In this case, the master of circumstances can be the querent himself, or another person. In any case, the questioner is waiting for a quiet time. The 4 of Coins personifies the ability to act according to the situation, to make the right decisions. The work is going well, the flow is well established. In any sphere of life, the Arcana is played as a stable, understandable position. All discrepancies are settled, the train is put on rails. Man curbed himself, became the master of his desires. This is a slow but persistent card.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Loyalty to your choice, reliable and honest partner.
  • Focus on creating a family, or a strong union.
  • Serious attitude to the choice of a new lover.
  • The appearance of a person who wants to become a couple.

In a love spread, the Four of Pentacles does not directly speak of strong feelings. Rather, the partner wants stability and clarity in the relationship. He is family oriented and does not scatter on fleeting hobbies. Also, the second half is not too emotional, but you can always rely on such a person. The beloved seems to put a tick in front of the name of the querent. Thus, he makes the final choice, hoping for the long term. Sometimes all the same can apply to the characteristics of a fortuneteller.

For lonely people, the Four of Pentacles predicts the appearance of a powerful partner. Immediately after meeting, this person will consider his favorite passion as his own. All his behavior will eloquently declare serious intentions. Otherwise, the card shows the approach to the love of the questioner himself. In this case, he will also have a chance to improve his personal life. The other half will be ready to reciprocate and accept the rules of the game.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Availability of capital, cash deposits, banks or exchanges.
  • Long-term investment and purchase of real estate.
  • The ability to save money or reasonable spending below income.
  • Practical use of all possibilities and means.

The Four of Pentacles falls on activities related to saving and saving money. It can be bank employees, economists, financiers. This also includes deposit accounts for the passive growth of money. It is also a contribution to real estate, or long-term investments. Reliability and perspective play a key role here, not temporary earnings. In the context of the situation at work, the Four of Coins shows a stable position, good opportunities for further development. A person skillfully manages the situation, can save and increase his funds.

The financial situation is very good. At the same time, the querent may not be rich, but he will always have enough for a comfortable life. The Four of Pentacles symbolizes the ability to save, spend wisely. This approach allows the questioner to slowly but surely increase capital. In its direct meaning, the card speaks of expediency and economic savvy. The fortuneteller has financial literacy and skillfully uses his knowledge.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Sedentary lifestyle, with a balanced diet.
  • A huge supply of energy or excellent health and condition.
  • Isolation, calmness, sound reasoning, thoughts.
  • The habit of keeping things to yourself and sorting things out on your own.

In terms of health, the Four of Pentacles represents the digestive system as well as metabolism. In the upright position, the card shows a fast metabolism. The body uses its reserves to the maximum. At the same time, a person is quite inactive, can be engaged in sedentary work. However, weight gain does not occur due to the intuitive feeling of hunger and satiety. The querent feels and understands his needs well, without going to extremes. Sometimes a method of losing weight with the help of counting calories passes through the card.

The state of the psyche is quite harmonious. The Four of Pentacles falls on reasonable people who value themselves and their work. They are accustomed to bringing what they started to the end, they like an integrated approach to any business. These are reliable friends, loyal comrades-in-arms. They will never give out someone’s secret, but at the same time they themselves rarely reveal themselves to anyone. Such a person is somewhat emotionally closed, not used to expressing feelings violently. But this kind of slowness of the individual can have a calming and relaxing effect on others.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Rich life experience and skill in some area.
  • Valuable advice, knowledge transfer to needy people.
  • Developments in terms of meditation, or magical practices.
  • Collection of working methods of influencing destiny.

In the context of spirituality, the Four of Pentacles symbolizes the experience, the application of knowledge in practice. The man has gone through a lot and made sound conclusions from this. Now he does not manifest himself once again, and provides help only to those who ask for it themselves and turn out to be worthy. Knowledge in any field was not easy for the querent. That is why the individual is aware of their value. Each new method that works is like a pearl that the seeker puts on his necklace of life experience. To become a master, one must completely fill this thread. But now the questioner has the right to boast of his achievements.

The Four of Pentacles asks questions: “What can I work with right now?” and “How to properly manage the resource?”. You can easily devalue your own work. The goal is the end result. The card indicates that the querent has already achieved something. Whether it is excellent concentration, the ability to stop the flow of thoughts – all this indicates good work in the past. It’s time to reap the rewards and at the same time appreciate even the smallest victories over yourself.

Meaning of the Reversed Four of Pentacles Tarot

  • Greed, playing with one goal or unwillingness to make concessions.
  • Selfish behavior, thinking only about yourself and your comfort.
  • Too much attachment or even obsession with material things.
  • Obstacles to the flow of energy, obsession, neuroses.

If you turn the Arcana, then the meaning of the Four of Pentacles changes to negative. Tightness and economy turn into outright greed. The flow of energy is disrupted, because there is no way out. You can compare this process to pinching a watering hose. Sooner or later, the water will still come out in a sharp stream. In terms of characterizing the situation, the reversed card speaks of withholding information, material values. The person himself does not want to share something, or those around him do not want to give something away. This is a kind of neurosis, fixation only on accumulation.

In this case, all acquisitions become a headache. The reversed position indicates the fear of losing what has been acquired, letting go of the reins of control. The Four of Pentacles in the opposite sense is responsible for pettiness and scrupulousness in a negative aspect. In this case, the querent has everything for a comfortable life. However, this fact is more depressing than encouraging. It is terrible to lose your values, position in society. For the sake of maintaining status, the hero of the Arcana will do anything. If a person has already tasted the joys of life, now he will not part with them for anything.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • A partner greedy for the manifestation of feelings and noble deeds.
  • Intense jealousy, fear of losing control of one’s companion.
  • Fear of opening up to people, distrust of the opposite sex.
  • Attachment to one’s past and hope to revive something.

In a relationship spread, the reversed Four of Pentacles does not indicate the presence of love at all. The partner treats the questioner as his toy. He resembles a child who does not want to give the ball to the general game. All this is manifested in pathological jealousy, distrust of every word. The fear of losing the other half pushes the person to rash acts. There are frequent quarrels or omissions. Also, the position of the card shows financial dependence and manipulation in connection with this. The other half can be greedy, save on the querent.

For lonely people, the Four of Pentacles in the opposite form does not promise a new acquaintance. Most likely, the fortuneteller himself is tied to his past. He can store memorable gifts and things from a former partner. Fixation on the past makes a person closed and inaccessible. Also, the position of the Arcana indicates the fear of taking the first step yourself, showing the feelings that have arisen. Psychological armor is read by others as a stop signal.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Dishonest organizations, employers, or fraudulent schemes.
  • Shortage of what is due and exploitation of the querent.
  • Fear of losing what you earn or investing in the wrong way.
  • Extreme savings and unwillingness to spend a dime.

The reversed Four of Pentacles Tarot gives a negative color to the career spread. The position of the Arcana shows unreliable organizations, unscrupulous employers. The querent may be underpaid, deliberately deprived of bonuses. All this is done in order to cash in on honest workers. Sometimes the reversed Four of Coins symbolizes dishonest politicians, bribe-takers. In terms of characterizing the situation – the need to save every penny, the risk of losing everything acquired.

A person does not know how to manage money and therefore can lose everything he has earned. The reversed Four of Pentacles symbolizes the money in the mattress, which is eaten away by inflation every year. The querent has reached a certain financial level, but does not know at all what to do next. He hesitates, and this negatively affects future prospects. Also, the reversed Arcana shows excessive stinginess, counting each check. A person is tense, always in fear for his means.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Muscular "shell" and the presence of blocks in the human body.
  • Obesity of varying degrees and also fatigue.
  • Distrust of the world and others, fear of poverty and need.
  • Diogenes syndrome, hoarding, isolation, whims.

In the context of the state of the body, the Four of Pentacles in the opposite position indicates the presence of some problems. Some organ does not fully cope with its functions. According to the position of the card, constipation, kidney and liver stones, as well as obesity pass. It is difficult for a person to move around, to cope with everyday affairs. Often the querent has driven himself into a similar state. This was facilitated by overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Most often, coupled with diseases, a person has certain neuroses.

The reversed Four of Pentacles shows incredulous people. They are afraid to live, to spend their energy on others. They constantly think that the resource will end, and a crisis will come. Such a person can seize experiences, engage in hoarding. An attempt to calculate and paint everything is due to some kind of trauma. Therefore, all subsequent actions are hypersubstitution. Most often, according to the position of the card, the syndrome of pathological hoarding passes.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Obsession with past achievements, fear of moving forward.
  • Unwillingness to let go of the situation, to move towards future goals.
  • "Dead" knowledge and worship of idols, but not the spirit itself.
  • Clinging to old ways of working or proven ideas.

If the Four of Pentacles is reversed, then the card takes on a negative meaning. The seeker has understood and learned a lot from his own experience. But the problem is, he doesn’t want to move on. A person can hide true knowledge from others, transmit false information. All this is done out of fear of losing one’s own position in society. However, in order to complete the great work, the traveler will have to let go of himself. To advance on this path, it is necessary to fall and rise more than once until the personality grows real wings.

The Four of Pentacles reversed asks questions: “What do I not want to lose?” and “What is the root of my fear?” All attempts to fix the moment are doomed to failure. Life flows and changes, it is impossible to stand still. If a person closes himself off from the world, then sooner or later he will turn into a psychological old man. What worked in the past may not work today. Therefore, the querent is invited to give himself freedom, to try to inhale deeply, unclenching his hands.

Four of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Four of Pentacles Card

If the card lies upright, then the Four of Pentacles advises to cooperate, to reconsider everything that a person has. We must try to bring together material or intellectual values. The questioner already has everything to achieve the goal. You just need to properly manage your luggage. The Four of Pentacles also warns of the need to be reasonable in everything. Others are guided by the fortuneteller, take a positive example from him. The general results depend on how the questioner will act now. It is important to notice your trump cards in time to win the game.

The reversed Four of Pentacles advises not to share anything. This can apply both emotionally and materially. You should hide yourself from others as much as possible. You may have to withhold information about your current income. But as a warning, the Four of Pentacles, in the opposite form, speaks of the danger. Now, if the querent will hide something, then it will come out sideways for him. Excessive greed and stinginess will lead to negative consequences. Close people may turn away, to whom a person will not lend a helping hand.

Four of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

The Four of Pentacles promises a very good day in terms of income. A day is suitable for counting money, drawing up a business plan. Today, dividends can come from invested funds in stocks, bonds. The questioner will feel the energy of abundance and prosperity. At the same time, the situation also promises success in the future. The man did a good job for today’s stability. The card also shows a view of real estate, commercial buildings, cars. All this is necessary in order to increase your money again. For business owners, the Arcana predicts the beginning of a profitable period.

If the Four of Pentacles fell upside down in the spread on the card of the day, then the meaning changes. Today the querent will try to hide something from others. It is also possible that the situation is the other way around – when other people will not say something. The fortuneteller has all the resources, but does not have access to them. Also, the position of the card indicates an unwillingness to share experiences, to open up to loved ones. The person must digest the information received and give out the dry residue in the form of specific actions. These days are suitable for creating backup retreat plans. Sometimes the reversed Arcana shows greed on the part of another person, observation of his behavior.

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