Four of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Four of Wands, 4 of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 4

Keywords: Recognition, Satisfaction

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

The Four of Wands is a card of joy and fun. It is reminiscent of the Three of Cups, but focuses on a specific reason for everyoneโ€™s happiness. This is a long-awaited haven, a reliable rear in the context of any life situations, be it work or love. The minor Arcana symbolizes the presence of space for the free manifestation of oneself, positive emotions. A person has reliable associates, like-minded people with whom one can share pleasant events. This card is like a laurel crown given to a querent. Thanks to the work done, the person has the right to a long-awaited rest. The intoxicating wine of feelings has finally become available.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Four of Wands

The Four of Wands card in the classic Rider-Waite Tarot depicts a celebration scene โ€“ people are dressed in bright outfits, their heads are decorated with flower wreaths, bouquets are visible in their hands. All the action takes place against the backdrop of a castle with a red roof. To the right is a semicircular stone bridge, surrounded by greenery. In the foreground is a garden lattice (pergola), consisting of four poles, decorated with fruits and flowers. In the distance, another group of people is visible. It seems that all its members are dancing or actively moving. The colors predominate on the card โ€“ ocher, yellow, red, green and blue.

Some elements of the Four of Wands Arcana are very reminiscent of the plot of the Three of Cups โ€“ flowers, fruits, elegant cheerful people. An atmosphere of joy, a celebration of life reigns on the card. The gifts of nature mean prosperity, well-deserved fruits of labor. The white-stone fortress indicates the protection of the rear, stability, and reliability. The number of staffs also symbolizes solidity, fundamentality. The color palette in which the drawing is made shows the qualities of the element Fire โ€“ drive, activity, speed. People on the Arcana 4 of Staves are cheerful, cheerful. They energize everyone around them. The mood of the characters is like a fire, from which sparks fly.

Meaning of the Upright Four of Wands Card

  • Successful resolution of the case, an established business, a strong family.
  • Reward for good work, well-deserved vacation and rest from work.
  • Recognition from your family, work team or superiors.
  • Prosperity, well-being, the ability to work and also rest.

The Four of Wands is reminiscent of the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz. This is the place where wishes come true. At the same time, people do everything themselves, sometimes without even suspecting it. The 4 of Staves personifies the ability to work well, and then enjoy the fruits of their work. The upright position of the Arcana speaks of a well-deserved reward, a whole holiday dedicated to oneโ€™s victories. The Four of Wands card falls on entire teams or individuals on whom the well-being of the family and employees depends. The querent has built a solid base, the foundation for a happy life. This may apply to work, relationships, health. Everywhere, the Four of Wands will be a kind of beacon, signaling a reliable pier.

The numerical designation of the Arcana, coupled with the suit of Fire, speaks of sustainable development. Staffs on the card have green leaves โ€“ in perspective they are mighty trees. If we transfer this nuance to real life, then the Four of Wands card means an extremely successful resolution of cases, the ability to build working schemes, structures. All deeds on this Arcana will lead the questioning person to success, happiness. The victory will not go unnoticed โ€“ the merits of the querent will be appreciated by his close people or work colleagues.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Mutual understanding, respect in a couple; strong relationships.
  • A partner with serious intentions, the desire to start a family.
  • Successful work on relationships, joint growth, development.
  • Acquaintance on vacation, holiday, social event.

In the love spread, the Four of the suit of Wands indicates the presence of a family or serious intentions on the part of a partner. At the same time, a loved one quickly achieves location, does not hesitate to make important decisions. If he made a choice for himself, then nothing can interfere with the implementation of his plans. This is a player who is willing to take risks for the sake of his love. In such a couple there is no place for boredom and stagnation โ€“ there is passion, a mutual desire to study and get to know each other.

For lonely people, the Four of Wands promises a period of increased attention. The querent is waiting for new acquaintances. Perhaps a meeting with a potential partner will take place at an informal working conference or on vacation. The card promises easy, laid-back communication that has a future perspective. The questioner will be able to leave behind a pleasant impression, to hook with individuality. There will be a feeling that reality over and over again offers new opportunities for building relationships.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Demand in the profession, in the labor market, in the team.
  • Work in a prosperous company, stable financial growth.
  • Working corporate; receiving a bonus from superiors; bonuses.
  • Organizations with many employees and partners.

In the spreads for work, the Four of Wands speaks of fruitful work, the achievement of goals. It is possible to receive an award, open up new prospects. The position occupied by the querent brings a sense of stability, gives certain guarantees. Arcana shows social bonuses โ€“ medical insurance, payments from the budget. The work completely covers material needs. Also, a fortuneteller can fulfill himself through his activities โ€“ as an excellent speaker or organizer, motivational coach.

In the context of finance, the Four of Wands does not directly refer to money. Rather, the card speaks of a stable financial situation at the place of work, the presence of prospects for subsequent growth. Also, the Arcana can show the well-being of a family or a team, in which the questioner himself is included. The success of such a group depends on the contribution of each of its members. In this sense, various holdings, joint-stock companies pass through the Four of Wands card.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Athletic form, regular training and proper nutrition.
  • Full recovery, healing of wounds, fractures, sprains.
  • The ability to motivate others, easily join teams.
  • Easy disposition, positive thinking; high stress tolerance.

In the health spread, the Four of Wands denotes good health or complete recovery from ailments. If there were fractures, they will heal properly. The card correlates with the musculoskeletal, vestibular apparatus, as well as muscles. In the upright position, it shows excellent physical shape, harmony and flexibility. The body is โ€œdryโ€, โ€œtechnicalโ€, easily withstands heavy loads. This may be dictated by regular exercise, or good genetics.

The psyche of the Four of Wands is stable and resistant to injury. A person knows how to adapt to any environment, even the most negative one. He easily finds a common language with other people, knows how to sway the opinion of the interlocutor in his direction. Such a personality manages to motivate people, create small and large close-knit teams. The upright position of the card indicates purely peacekeeping motives. Such a person is well suited for positions related to communication, oratory. In terms of art โ€“ an actor, a musician.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The achievements of the past days, the presence of certain experience, skills.
  • Constant development, active phase of growth or transformation of the mind.
  • The accumulation of oneโ€™s own sensory experience and the transition to a new one.
  • Joy from a job well done, inspiration and happiness.

The Four of Wands symbolizes active work even during rest. These are processes that have already been put on track and now do not need constant monitoring by the querent. In spiritual terms, the suit of Fire correlates with the alchemical stage of Rubedo โ€“ the stage when work on oneself tends to completion. There is a "remelting" of old attitudes, patterns of behavior. The personality is transformed, becomes strong and beautiful in its individuality. All negative character traits go away, and psychotraumas are healed. It is like mining gold among faceless stones โ€“ a person has almost reached untold riches, there is very little left.

The card asks questions: "What is the change in me?" and โ€œWhat can I be happy about right now?โ€ Such reflections illuminate aspects that the querent does not pay attention to. It seems to him that everything happens by itself, however, fruitful work in the past contributed to todayโ€™s success. The Four of Wands is not the will of chance or a gift of fate. Rather, the phrase that the knocker will be opened sooner or later is more suitable here. The main thing is to look for your door, do not stop searching.

Meaning of the Reversed Four of Wands Tarot

  • Slowed growth, a period of stagnation or prolonged rest.
  • Hope for old contacts and developments in all spheres of life.
  • Pretentiousness, actions for show and boasting of oneโ€™s position.
  • The desire to join more successful individuals for profit.

The meaning of the Four of Wands reversed will change slightly. Now the steady growth is slowing down but not completely disappearing. The holiday is delayed, and therefore the work fades into the background. Getting some benefit comes first. Motivation for further action will not appear until the fruits of old labors are โ€œeatenโ€ to the last. Laziness, a share of extravagance, laxity is added to the energy of the Arcana. It seems that everything that is possible has already been achieved, you should not be too active. This situation contains a catch โ€“ if you stop now, then there is a risk of losing everything that has been gained.

If you turn the card over, then the image of the pergola with fruit will be at the top, and the fortress at the bottom. This means a focus on results, obtaining a certain benefit. The process of achievement itself is not interesting or does not bring joy at all. The reversed Four of Wands is work for money, relationships for stability, not love. In the first place is the desire to prove something to someone, to impress with their merits, or the achievements of the team, company, family. A person becomes involved in other peopleโ€™s victories, and this alone already warms the soul.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Familiar, stable relationships and a strong family; routine.
  • A partner who depends on his family, relatives, work.
  • Novels at work, during a business trip; alliance with a colleague.
  • Slow development of relationships, connection for the sake of their desires.

In terms of love, the reversed Four of Wands shows a long-term stable relationship in which all is well. There may be predictability in them, but partners are happy with this situation. If the inverted card fell on a new partner, then it indicates the involvement of the beloved in the already built processes. This may be the presence of strong family ties, responsibilities in a common business with parents. In any case, a person is not completely free in his decisions, there are strong factors that affect his love relationship.

For lonely questioners, the Four of Staves in the opposite position also predicts increased attention from the opposite sex. However, potential gentlemen or ladies will not be in a hurry to translate a love affair into something more. It can only remain at the level of a flash of passion. At the same time, in terms of intimacy, the partner is ready to continue communication. According to this position of the Arcana Four of Wands, there are novels that began on business trips, at professional gatherings, conferences. The chance for the future of such relations is small, but still it is.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Sick leave, maternity leave, a long period of rest.
  • Squeezing the last resources out of a business or job.
  • Adventurous schemes for obtaining money, a precarious position.
  • Waste of everything earned, the shortsightedness of the querent.

In the context of work, if the Four of Wands fell in the reversed position, then this is a direct indication of an extended period of rest. The querent can take maternity leave or time off at his own expense. Sometimes the position of the Arcana speaks of the use of social benefits that the organization provides. Also, inverted 4 of Fire shows work on a rotational basis. It can also mean an unwillingness to change something, a habit of working in the old way, which consistently brings even a little money. Often the reversed card shows a position in the state apparatus.

In the opposite position, the Four of Wands Tarot gives the meaning of large expenses to the financial spread. The querent can squander the remaining money, with the hope that he will earn even more. The emphasis is on a well-established scheme for obtaining finance. But sometimes the system fails โ€“ indirectly, the position of the card indicates a dangerous exhaustion of available resources. These include: pulling money out of a business during an unsuccessful period, taking unsustainable loans even during an internship for a profitable position in the future, etc.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Burns of the skin, atrophy of the muscles of the limbs and fractures.
  • Sprains, dislocations, bruises; slow wound healing process.
  • Delusions, a tendency to focus on the opinions of others.
  • Deceit, hypocrisy, malevolence; unnatural behavior.

In a health spread, the reversed Four of Wands signifies a slow but sure recovery. According to the position of the card, various sprains or muscles, dislocations, burns pass. All ailments are not critical โ€“ the querent will return to normal. Also, an inverted Arcana may indicate that the questioner is currently on sick leave. Sometimes the reversed Four of Wands shows diseases that can be stopped, kept under control.

In the context of the psyche, the card in the opposite position shows the discrepancy between reality and feelings. A person can rejoice and laugh in an inappropriate situation. It is difficult for him to grasp the essence of what is happening and adequately respond. The person becomes involved in a kind of "feast on the bones." The reversed Four of Wands suggests that a person can gloat when someone has problems, things are not going well. Cowardice, sarcasm, friendship against someone โ€“ all this is closely considered personality.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Deception of oneself, laziness, clinging to existing merits.
  • An extended halfway stop and a waste of energy.
  • Spraying on transient joys instead of working on yourself.
  • Premature celebration, untimely manifestation.

The reversed Four of Wands gives the quality of slowness, a kind of drowsiness. A traveler going to the Magic City finds himself in an enchanted field of yellow rapeseeds. He begins to forget where and why he is moving. In the moment of personality, it seems that the goal has been achieved, you can relax and unwind. However, this is just a mirage, a reflection of their own dreams. It is not profitable for the ego to give up positions. For him, the birth of individuality is equal to the death of past attitudes. A person plays with himself, trying to push back the moment of a quantum leap in his mind. Itโ€™s a mindset, a standard inertia, thatโ€™s hard to get away from.

The reversed Arcana Four of Wands asks questions: โ€œHave I come to the final goal?โ€ and โ€œWhy did I start this path?โ€. Now it is important for the querent to return to reality and continue working on himself. The more he will be lazy, shy away from the necessary changes, the faster he will be at a broken trough. All the accumulated experience can collapse under the weight of unwillingness to move on.

Four of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Four of Wands Card

As advice, the Four of Wands speaks of the need to relax, to let go of the situation. You donโ€™t have to worry about problems โ€“ loved ones will support you at the right time. The victory is close, the first results are already visible. In the future, everything will go on as usual, will return to normal. The inverted Arcana, on the contrary, suggests that now you need to make the last push, make efforts to achieve the goal. You need to pay attention to the mood in the team, motivate colleagues or family members. People need to see the end point, where the whole process is going. At the same time, it is important to maintain a fighting spirit, to encourage in time for the implementation of targeted tasks.

As a warning, the Four of Wands indicates the danger of publicity. There is no need to share your victories in terms of career or love ahead of time. The goal can get out from under the nose, and then others will pester with questions and advice. Gossip, envy and anger from ill-wishers, dishonest attempts to join the success of the querent are also possible. The reversed Four of Wands warns of unforeseen problems. A once-thriving business may fall into decline, and relationships will run out of steam. This is a consequence of the short-sightedness of the querent himself, the hope for the Russian "maybe", which fails at the most inopportune time.

Four of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, the upright Four of Wands promises participation in some kind of mass holiday โ€“ the day of the city, the anniversary of a relative, the birth of a nephew or grandson. All people on this card will be united by the spirit of joy and fun. This also includes concerts of vocalists, theatrical performances, competitions. The day will bring positive emotions, allow you to relax and have a good rest. During these days, a huge number of acquaintances with new people can occur. There will be an opportunity to show yourself in the best light. After such a holiday, โ€œusefulโ€ contacts will remain, ties with friends and relatives will be strengthened.

The reversed Four of Wands Tarot card also speaks of celebration, but on a more modest scale. It can be gatherings with a couple of friends in a cozy cafe or an evening with the family. Also, the position of the Arcana shows the celebration of success at work, together with colleagues and the boss. The reason for the fun changes โ€“ it becomes less important, but still significant. Sometimes the reversed card simply shows contentment with the current state of affairs, gratitude to oneself and the Universe, for everything that the querent has. In any case, the day will pass in joy, without negative events.

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