Judgement Tarot Card

Card Name: Judgement, Last Judgment, Resurrection, Angel

Category: Major Arcana, Being

Position: 20

Planet: Pluto ♇

Judgement is the penultimate card of the Major Arcana Tarot. Two doors literally appear in front of the questioner. All further destiny depends on his choice. So, the upright position of the Arcana is responsible for Paradise in the soul, well-being and awareness. The Great Work is almost over. The Philosopher’s Stone will soon turn matter into gold. But the reversed card speaks of regression, a significant mistake. An oversight will not allow you to enter the new world. The fortuneteller will open the door behind which emptiness and oblivion are hidden. A person becomes just dust, without the ability to change anything. In this regard, the Arcana carries diametrically opposite meanings – from Heaven to Hell.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Judgement

In Waite’s Tarot, the Judgement card shows a biblical scene. The hour of resurrection has come when the dead rise from their tombs. They have to answer before God for everything done and not done during their lifetime. Half of the card is occupied by the Archangel Gabriel playing the golden trumpet. It is he who is entrusted with awakening the dead. The hero has blond hair, scarlet wings. The image of an angel is framed by clouds. A white flag with a red cross is attached to the musical instrument. The order of the Knights Templar had the same banner. A little lower are shown open coffins in which people stand. There are both men and women, children. There are six human figures in total. It looks like the coffins are floating on some kind of body of water. Trees and snow-capped mountains are visible in the distance.

On the Judgement Arcana, the main role is played by the Archangel. It announces the beginning of an important stage. People spread their arms – it seems that they were waiting for the time of awakening. The different ages of the deceased speak of equality in the face of death. It is also a hint that God will judge children by their actions. Water on the card can talk about the river of time or tears. In many creature traditions, a ritual to mourn the dead. The Templar flag symbolizes the Holy Land, the proximity of the Kingdom of God. Snowy mountains signify a life frozen for a while, a separation between two worlds.

Meaning of the Upright Judgement Card

  • Litigation in favor of the questioning person, legality.
  • Justice, retribution according to merit and the settlement of something.
  • The decisive moment, the return of situations and people from the past.
  • Great responsibility; blood ties, links between generations.

In an upright position, Judgement shows a way out of some protracted situation. Something will come up from the past and it will have to be dealt with. Therefore, the card symbolizes responsibility, the need to understand something. This is the Arcana of honesty and justice. He hints at the reward that the questioning person deserved by his own deeds. The querent will be held accountable to anyone. In some cases, the Resurrection speaks of real legal proceedings. But if the fortuneteller is not guilty, then you can not be afraid of anything. The card also shows family ties between people, blood ties. It implies generations, hierarchy.

The numerical value of the Judgement card represents duality. The bottom and the top came together to put everything in its place. Someone will go to paradise, while others will be turned to dust. Often the Last Judgment shows: the church, faith, traditions. People pay homage to their past. They have ethics, fear of the Highest. In a positive context, Judgement symbolizes a well-deserved reward, happiness. The fortuneteller maintains communication with his loved ones, has authority in their eyes. All achievements in any field will be noticed. The reward will not keep you waiting.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Reconnecting with a former partner or spouse.
  • The presence of common children, grandchildren or a long relationship.
  • An early meeting of their fate and also the beginning of a love affair.
  • A decisive step, a willingness to start a family and have children.

In a love spread, Judgement is played as a couple reunion card. Often, the Arcana falls on former partners, spouses who decided to get back together. Also, the Last Judgment shows the legitimization of relationships, the wedding in the church. The card predicts a long life together for lovers. She can also talk about the presence of children, grandchildren. In any case, the couple has a rich shared history. People are close, they can rely on each other in everything. In such a relationship there is no betrayal or lies. Everything is built on trust and respect.

For singles, Judgement predicts a fateful meeting. Soon there will be an acquaintance with the future second half. This is a karmic partner with whom there will be a long-lasting relationship. The querent will attract the right person, similar to himself. It is possible that the meeting will take place in the family circle or thanks to relatives. This couple definitely has a future. You can not be afraid to miss or not notice the second half – fate has long put everything in its place.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Proceedings about the inheritance from grandparents.
  • Sale of real estate, family values or curiosities.
  • Honest earnings, the golden mean and a small income.
  • Focus on stability, social guarantees, not on success.

In terms of activity, Judgement may show real estate agencies, as well as antiques dealers. This is something old, but what else can be sold. In some cases, libraries and archives pass along the card. As a signifier of the current situation, the Last Judgment symbolizes an important stage that the querent is going through. The question of his increase, increase in wages will be decided. And if the questioner worked well, then his work will definitely be appreciated, taken into account. They can issue a bonus, give a reward.

The financial situation is stable. The querent stands firmly on its feet, covers all the most necessary expenses. But here we are not talking about transcendental wealth. Judgement shows a situation where everyone is equal. This is a kind of communism with significant pluses and minuses. The questioner can work in one place for decades. However, for him it is above all stability. The card always gives some guarantees. An honest worker will not be left without a piece of bread.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Victory over the most terrible ailments or healing.
  • Second youth, plastic surgery, interventions.
  • Self-regulation of the psyche or restoration of balance.
  • Psychological hardening, lack of fear of fate.

The meaning of Judgement in terms of health is positive. Here the card shows the restoration of the body, recovery from even the most serious illness. The person seems to have a second wind. He feels a surge of strength, vivacity. Often the card falls on important operations, plastic surgery. The upright position of the Arcana hints at a positive outcome of the event. The human body has undergone dramatic changes for the better. You can not be afraid of the return of the disease, lack.

The mental state is inspired, cheerful. The Last Judgment is interpreted as a way out of depression, the ability to be reborn, like a phoenix. Such a person has experienced a lot, but has not lost his enthusiasm. Ready to solve complex life problems and gain experience at the same time. Even a painful crisis cannot shake a person’s faith in his own strength. On the contrary, negative circumstances only push the querent onto the path of growth and self-development.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The final, the end of a long story, the decisive moment.
  • Waiting for an answer or the imminent unfolding of the situation.
  • Face the consequences of your decisions.
  • The need to come to terms with the given and accept fate.

The Tarot Judgement that has fallen out gives decisive importance to the spread on any topic. The major Arcana implies the final point, followed by a new round. The baggage of accumulated experience will play "for" or "against" the questioner. It will not work to drive a hare to Paradise. The situation requires a serious approach and analysis. At the same time, events are often fateful, and one cannot prepare for them in any way. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be on the alert all the time, to live according to your conscience. Only this approach will save you from possible problems.

Judgement asks questions: “How do I evaluate myself?” and “What do I deserve?”. You can’t lie to yourself. The individual knows his strengths and weaknesses. Life is now acting as a large mirror. Subsequent events will reflect only what is already in the soul of the fortuneteller. Kindness will be multiplied tenfold, will pay off handsomely. But the negative moments will not be let down. You can only rely on yourself, because the future depends only on the actions of the querent.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • The inner voice of conscience, ethics and also morality of the individual.
  • Orientation to a righteous life or non-commitment of sins.
  • Honesty to oneself or trust in the Higher Forces.
  • Living in good conscience and quickly correcting your own mistakes.

In the spread for spirituality, the Last Judgment shows inner ethics. Archangel Gabriel seems to live in the soul of everyone. He whispers the right words in his ear when a person tries to make a wrong move. If the querent listens to the voice of conscience, he will avoid most mistakes in life. According to legend, every person is created in the image of God. He was granted: humility, kindness, sympathy. The crown of nature must live righteously, otherwise it will destroy itself. At the same time, everyone has freedom of choice. This is not a prison with constant supervision.

Karma is the inability to escape responsibility. Whatever the querent does in this life, everywhere he will be responsible for his actions. Nothing will go unpunished. But also kindness will allow you to beg your own forgiveness. Judgement is played here as the grace of God. Punishing immediately, the Almighty thus teaches an unintelligent person. After all, you can understand something only on your own experience. Other people’s mistakes are not able to convey the truth.

Meaning of the Reversed Judgement Tarot

  • A well-deserved punishment or an exhausting long wait.
  • Oblivion, the final point or the end of a life stage.
  • Separation from loved ones or court to the fullest extent of the law.
  • An attempt to escape from responsibility, to hide from justice.

In the reversed position, Judgement denotes complete oblivion, a final break, a disappointing outcome. The bowl of scales, on which the querent’s misses lie, significantly outweighs the second – with exploits. If we are talking about a real judgment, then the questioner will be punished. At the same time, the reversed card speaks of protracted processes, the need to wait a long time for an answer. Sometimes the expectation of execution is much worse than the last. The person is in limbo. The Last Judgment in the opposite sense also shows turning away from oneself, the family. Such discord can completely unsettle.

Now the same numerical value, but in reverse order, represents empty efforts. This is the complete destruction of everything to the ground. Judgement reversed hints at the disfavor of the higher – leaders, family members or spiritual mentors. The individual has made a fundamental mistake and will be forced to bear responsibility for everything. At the same time, the position of the card symbolizes the unwillingness to take life lessons. The querent realizes the mistake, but does not want to admit it to himself. And even more so to appear in the face of the law – the material world or the spiritual one. If a person is hiding, then there are good reasons for that.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Difficult relationships in a couple, the intervention of relatives.
  • Mutual grievances and claims that cannot be expressed or shown.
  • Meeting with a former partner and the desire to change the common past.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to resurrect the extinguished feelings of a loved one.

In a love spread, the reversed Last Judgment will be lost as a relationship without a future. The partner avoids responsibility. He does not want to enter into a legal marriage, the birth of children. All this seems like a real punishment to him. There is a great risk of not agreeing on fundamental issues. Also, the reversed position of the Angel card hints at the final break in relations. Lovers will not be able to find a compromise. Better to leave on a positive note.

For lonely people, the reversed Judgement promises an attempt to renew relations with a past partner. However, it will not be possible to return the former love. The former couple has already worked out their karmic lessons. As a result, the relationship becomes “empty”. She has nothing more to teach. People are simply wasting their time. At the same time, old grievances can surface that can open up an almost healed wound. The querent should pull himself together and try to end the past forever. Only in this way is it possible to open a new path to a happy personal life.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Fraud with an inheritance or an attempt to take other people’s money.
  • Setting up in the workplace, leaking information to competitors.
  • Dismissal or lack of demand as a specialist.
  • Lack of money and family problems affecting earnings.

In the context of activity, the reversed Judgement shows corruption, dishonest machinations. Often all this concerns the state system, the judiciary. As a signifier of the current situation at work, the reversed Last Judgment speaks of dismissal or lack of demand. The querent will face rejection from employers over and over again. It is possible that the questioner himself is guilty of the current situation. However, there are times when a fortuneteller may simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All responsibility will be pushed onto him so that the person who turns up receives someone else’s punishment.

In terms of finances, the reversed Judgement symbolizes the disgrace of fate. No matter how hard the fortuneteller tries, he still can’t get out of his current situation. There is a certain factor that hinders the establishment of cash flow. For some, relatives will be an obstacle, for others – the presence of unsustainable debts. In any case, the situation is extremely unstable. There is an acute shortage of funds.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Autoimmune diseases and congenital anomalies.
  • Injuries incomparable with life or death of the body.
  • Strong shock and also a depressive state.
  • Suicidal tendencies, dark thoughts and anxiety.

The opposite view of the Judgement card symbolizes ailments that are transmitted by genus. It can be like small flaws in appearance – moles, birthmarks; as well as genetic anomalies. Some diseases are transmitted through the generation, so sometimes it is simply impossible to predict anything. In the worst case, the position of the Arcana speaks of a fatal outcome. This is especially true for those people who have been struggling with serious illnesses for a long time. The card itself often falls on hospices.

The state of the querent is depressed. The reversed Last Judgment is responsible for the loss of orientation and the very meaning of life. Perhaps the fortuneteller experienced a strong shock, psychological trauma. Personality failed to cope with the negative moments. That is why even in the physical plane, laziness, weakness, apathy are manifested. The mind thinks there is nothing more to fight for. The battle is lost, so you should not even try to get up from your knees. In such a state, only a qualified psychologist can help the questioner.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Inability to recognize their mistakes, to accept punishment.
  • The desire to evade life lessons or carelessness.
  • Too soft talk with yourself and constant indulgence.
  • Fear of making important decisions, anxiety is also stressful.

In any situation, the reversed Final Judgment most often shows punishment. However, if in the upright form the card spoke of honesty, now there is a substitution of concepts. A querent may be crystal clear in the face of the law, but corruption interferes. Everything is the same, but in a figurative sense, affects other situations. In any case, the fortuneteller expects an unenviable end. Moreover, it will be very difficult, almost impossible, to influence the circumstances. In this context, one has only to reconcile and hope for the mercy of the "arbiter".

The card in the opposite form asks questions: “What is my mistake?” and “How to survive a difficult period?”. Often, however, the reversed Judgement hints at well-deserved troubles. In this case, the querent will have to accept the current situation. It is important to realize what exactly is the fault of the questioner. Only then can the lesson be fully learned. For some people, the internal compass of ethics is confused. Only external factors help them navigate the terrain, understand other people’s borders.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Punishment for grave sins, great grief, negative karma.
  • Life is like in a swamp – without positive changes, joy.
  • Unconsciousness in terms of actions, thoughts, deeds.
  • Chronic bad luck, constant blows of fate; miss.

In spiritual terms, Judgement in the opposite form is responsible for serious sins. Some things just don’t have an excuse. The person must be fully punished. Christians believe in oblivion to which every unrepentant sinner will be committed. Hindus, on the other hand, speak of constant rebirth, the inability to stop and rest in non-existence. A person clings to himself so many sins that he only spins the wheel of Samsara. She is unconscious, she simply does not understand what she is doing. However, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

The karma of the current incarnation is a series of failures. All life will pass under the auspices of the "loser". The Judgment Day in the opposite sense hints at the disfavor of the gods and the surrounding people. Perhaps the person sinned a lot in the past incarnation and now covers debts in this way. In any case, you can forget about the concept of "success". It will be difficult for the querent to establish at least some stable income or build his own family. Everyone around seems to be turned away from the individual, they do not want to have anything in common.

Judgement as a Significator of a Person

If Judgement fell out in upright form, then the Arcana shows honest people. They are not afraid of anything, because they are pure in their souls. Their sincerity can win hearts. But even in anger, such personalities are terrible. They act according to their conscience and are able to say “no” to their own whims. The card corresponds to Pluto – a small planet responsible for fatal events. Seraphim of Sarov is a saint revered by Orthodox Christians. During his lifetime, he endured many sorrows. The man was seriously ill for a long time, once he was even attacked by robbers. Still, the monk did not leave his path. Seraphim was said to have the gift of clairvoyance and healing. Until now, he is honored and remembered.

In the reversed position, the Last Judgment personifies pseudo-spiritual people. They may go to church but not believe in God at all. These are those who deny humility, preferring pride. However, life is finite – sooner or later you will have to meet with yourself. And at the most crucial moment, such people forget about the former image. They try to beg forgiveness from those offended by them. But it’s all in vain. The fate of those whose souls are afflicted with the disease of arrogance is simply to disappear. Even relatives will never remember their names.

Judgement: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Judgement Card

If the card lay upright, then Judgement advises to act openly and honestly. The time will come when everything will fall into place. You just need to believe in a positive outcome, wait for the decisive moment. Until then, attention should be paid to the spiritual side of life. You should move away from material desires and focus on true values – love, family, children. The Last Judgment also warns of the danger of forgetting about a possible punishment. Nothing can be hidden from higher authorities. Moreover, it can be both immediate superiors and angels, God. In any case, a person needs to act according to his conscience, not to try to play on two fronts.

The reversed Judgement advises you to accept your mistakes and try to correct them. There is still time to change the situation. If you now take responsibility for what is happening, then you can turn the circumstances in the other direction. Also, do not rely on relatives or friends. Everyone will be responsible only for himself. Also, the Arcana in the opposite form warns of someone’s weakness. Someone wants to frame the querent, throw their own problems on him. In this situation, it is worth putting everything in its place by talking directly.

Judgement: Daily Card Meaning

Judgement shows the day "X". Today, an important matter will be decided, an exhaustive answer to the question of interest will be received. People from the past may also appear – former partners or distant relatives with whom the querent has not communicated for a long time. However, such a surprise will be pleasant. Also, the card sometimes shows a confession in a church or an honest conversation with oneself. In some cases, the Last Judgment promises a trip to the deceased relatives in the cemetery. The fortuneteller will remember them, ask for any help or advice. The support of the family will definitely be felt. The answer may come through a dream that night.

The reversed Judgement as a card of the day implies cases that stand still for a long time. Today will be no exception. Exhausting expectation will undermine from the inside. You may have to wait for a response from management, the second half or parents. In any case, the querent will take the position of an obedient observer. He will not be able to influence the development of the situation. However, do not forget about the position in which the questioner is. You should keep your ears open and not allow even the slightest blunders. Today, any extra word can play against a fortuneteller. No need to lose vigilance or go on about your desires.

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