Justice Tarot Card

Card Name: Justice, Fairness, Balance, Harmony

Category: Major Arcana, Soul

Position: 11/8

Zodiac sign: Libra ♎

Justice is a tarot card with a loud name. It personifies the structure and orderliness of life. This is a Arcana of crystal purity in the face of the law. Fairness denotes the truth, which must necessarily prevail. Everything will be as it should be. There is no place for lies here. But in the opposite form, Justice hints at obvious shortcomings. Sometimes formalities only act to the detriment, and do not simplify life. All laws are invented by people, and people tend to err. But it is not clear whether this was done intentionally or not. In the opposite form, the card says that the authorities should not always be trusted.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Justice

In the classic Tarot Waite, the Justice card depicts a fair-haired girl seated on a stone throne between two gray columns. The lady is dressed in a scarlet robe with a light green cape. The head is decorated with a golden crown with a blue stone in the middle. The second jewel is red, inlaid in a brooch on the chest. In her left hand, the heroine holds a scale, and in her right hand, a raised sword. Another important detail is the girl’s short hair. Distantly, the haircut resembles a man’s. A scarlet cloth is stretched behind the throne. Behind it is a yellow background. The throne itself stands on a certain elevation.

On the Arcana of Justice, the main character is the Roman goddess Justitia. She was responsible for punishments and rewards. The mythical woman judged people and controlled their future fate. In Greece, there are also references to a similar goddess. There she was called Themis. Therefore, on the Fairness card there are the classic attributes of a deity – a punishing sword and scales, on which the deeds of a person fall. The blue stone in the crown symbolizes a sober mind, a cold mind; red on the chest – a burning heart demanding the truth. Short hair hints at a masculine character. The columns represent a strict framework, the presence of rules and restrictions. The scarlet robe denotes the bestowed power, the right to deal with issues related to the future of people.

Meaning of the Upright Justice Card

  • Officiality, the presence of rules of conduct, etiquette and respect.
  • The letter of the law, documentation, constitutional law and justice.
  • Harmony, maintaining order, honesty or independence.
  • Freedom of speech, adherence to certain limits or dogmas.

In the upright position, Justice shows official relations, the letter of the law. Often the card falls on the courts, jurisprudence. These are all organizations involved in the settlement of documentary issues. The Major Arcana Equilibrium represents the connection of the mind with the heart. Here are vertical columns, as on the Priestess and the Pope. Arthur Waite himself wrote that they symbolize the gateway to the Higher Law of Being. It can be said that this is a heavenly office, in front of which everyone is equal. Therefore, Justice often hints at fate and karma. The questioning person will face a situation where life will reward according to merit – punish or forgive.

In the Marseilles Tarot, Justice stood at number 8. However, Waite decided to move the location of the card. He explained this step with astrological correspondence – the Arcana means Libra, and therefore cannot appear before Leo (Strength). The assigned zodiac sign well shows the very essence of the card. From the standpoint of numerology, the number 11 symbolizes balance, the settlement of inconsistencies. Upright, the Fairness card alludes to the preservation of a fragile peace, but also to vigilant vigilance. At any moment, the heroine’s sword can fall on the head of a negligent sinner.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Official painting in the registry office, marriage and a new family.
  • Respectful attitude of partners to each other or trust.
  • Long development of a love relationship; good potential for a couple.
  • The desire to take a closer look at the future partner, to get to know him better.

In the spread of relationships, Justice implies legal marriage. For a couple, this is an important condition in order to achieve mutual happiness. Here the card shows mutual respect, listening partners to each other. People try to maintain order in everything related to their personal lives. They feel the limits of what is acceptable and do not want to step over them. In terms of feelings, this is a rather “dry” card, but it speaks of the stability and strength of such an alliance. You can always count on the second half – the partner will not betray.

For loners, Justice indicates the difficulty of admitting to oneself. The querent considers relationships to be something very significant, and therefore does not focus on short-term novels. The questioner will think very well before letting into his life, the heart of another person. Therefore, even if there is an acquaintance with a potential partner, the development of communication will be delayed. To trust someone, the querent must be completely confident in the sincerity of the second half.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Lawyers, prosecutors, bailiffs; executors of the law.
  • Accounting, document management; hierarchical structures and places.
  • Ability to count money or properly manage income.
  • Contribution to future financial independence or the ability to save.

In terms of the professional activity, Justice refers to the work of lawyers, judges and other law enforcements. These are always serious organizations with a clear hierarchy. Labor here is associated with papers, documents, recording data. As a characteristic of the situation, Fairness hints at a probationary period or a test of existing knowledge and skills. The querent has a chance to prove his aptitude, to show his best side. Upright, the card promises a generous reward if the person does not dissemble.

The financial situation is quite stable. Justice symbolizes the balance of income and expenses. A fortuneteller lives within his means, knows how to restrain spending. This approach to budgeting allows you to gradually save money, save it. At the same time, the Justice Arcana can talk about investing in one’s own training and development. If this continues, then soon the questioner will achieve the desired freedom in the material plane.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • The presence of restrictions in the diet, physical activity.
  • The desire to keep the youth of the body longer.
  • Calmness and calmness, disposing behavior.
  • Reliable strong character, nerves of steel, fearlessness.

In the context of health, Justice means a strict attitude to all prescriptions, doctor’s instructions. A person cares about his own performance. He is ready to adhere to proper nutrition, daily routine. At the same time, it doesn’t matter if there is a real threat to health – the querent will prefer to lay straws in advance. Most often, this situation is typical for people of advanced age. They no longer need the effort to go to bed early and wake up early. All this becomes a habit over time.

The state of the psyche can be described as alert, observant. Justice embodies attention to detail, scrupulousness. A person thinks for a long time before doing or saying anything. Just needs to conduct a detailed analysis of everything that is happening. A person can boast of respect for his person. He deserved that kind of treatment because of the right decisions in the past. People around are used to asking the querent for advice, they really listen to what is said.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The emergence of great responsibility to oneself, to the environment.
  • The deciding vote and the need to take control of the situation.
  • A focus on pre-established rules and an honest approach.
  • Impeccable moral character and trust of loved ones.

In various situations, Justice predicts the need to resolve an important issue. It can be a choice between meat or vegetables, otherwise partners. Everywhere a person will encounter a fork in the road. Depending on which direction he turns, his future fate will change. Now every little thing matters. Over time, it will develop into a complete picture of what is happening. But at the moment, the querent can only rely on intuition and also common sense, logic.

Justice in Tarot divination asks questions: “What is the right thing to do?” and “What should I focus on?”. The card elevates moral principles above base desires. It calls to be guided by peace ideas, the voice of conscience. Everyone is equal before Themis. The goddess judges people only by their actions, and not by appearance or wealth. Therefore, you need to be guided only by objective truth, not by the demands of the ego. This will help to make the right choice, not to make a mistake with the conclusions.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Serious attitude to issues of religion, spirituality.
  • Following prescribed norms or decency.
  • Ability to listen to yourself and others and draw conclusions.
  • Awareness of the assigned responsibility, justification.

The fallen Justice in the Tarot spread of spirituality attaches importance to rigor, order. A person is oriented towards ethics, higher ideals. Every step is important for him, because life is very fleeting. Here, the Justice card is revealed as an assigned responsibility. Everyone has it, but not everyone understands it. Those who have realized themselves as the creator of their own destiny are most inclined to ask internal questions. In order not to get lost, it is worth checking each step with the direction of the compass arrow.

In terms of karma, Justice gives the right to judge others. In this incarnation, the querent may be responsible for other people’s destinies. However, this is still a test. You can’t be slack here, but you shouldn’t be too strict either. Rather, you will have to become a kind of teacher who grades behavior. And during this process, the character of the questioner himself is carved. He learns to be fair, listen to the voices of the heart and mind at the same time. An error can cost too much to all participants in the process.

Meaning of the Reversed Justice Tarot

  • Circumvention of the law by its own methods, postponed processes, cases.
  • Inability to achieve the truth, difficulties in finding the truth.
  • Long reflections or protractedness, or empty formalities.
  • An attempt to hide from the punishing hand of fate, responsibility.

The reversed position of the Justice card symbolizes punishment or violation of the law. However, even in the opposite sense, the Arcana hints at the irreversibility of retribution. This is not the Devil with his cunning and resourcefulness. The reversed Fairness card represents a pending trial, the need to collect the necessary data for a final decision. But in any case, the position of the Arcana indicates a stopper or the presence of circumstances interfering with the case. The reversed Justice card sometimes means a softening of the sentence of fate, a more loyal attitude towards the querent. Themis seems to close her eyes to minor flaws and lets the person go forward.

In some cases, Justice in the reversed position indicates the fictitiousness of an event. These are fabricated documents, false papers and fake signatures. In this context, the reversed Harmony can be played both positively and negatively for the querent. If he needs to resort to deception, then he will succeed. However, others can also beat the questioner by taking advantage of a loophole in the laws. Also, the Arcana in the opposite sense symbolizes excessive bureaucracy, a formality that suffocates. This is a bureaucracy that harms more than helps citizens.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Divorce or unwillingness to marry at all, to marry.
  • Fictitious unions, the need for official documents.
  • Partner who already has a family; the role of the third extra in a pair.
  • A bitter experience in terms of love, forcing to be alone.

In a relationship spread, the reversed Justice takes on a negative meaning. This is a fictitious marriage, which is needed only for papers and documents. For example, a couple could sign only to move to another country or pull off a fraudulent scheme. Love has no place here. In the second case, the position of the Arcana may hint that one of the partners does not want a legal marriage. He is burdened by such a responsibility. Therefore, the second half prefers to nullify all talk about the family.

If a person is lonely, then the fallen Justice in the opposite form promises a meeting with an officially married person. That is, in this case, the position of the card speaks of marriage, but this is not the union in which the questioner is. Life will give you a choice – follow your heart or listen to the voice of reason. Sometimes such couples have a future, but these are rare cases. Much more often it happens that lovers or mistresses forever remain on the sidelines.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Difficulty in moving up the career ladder.
  • The unfair attitude of the authorities towards the person of the fortuneteller.
  • Official bankruptcy, deplorable situation in terms of money.
  • Tax evasion or creditors and banks.

In a job spread, the reversed Justice shows a well-deserved reward that is not in a hurry to give. The authorities ignore the merits of the querent, prefer to turn a blind eye to them. In this case, all negative points will be marked immediately. In the context of activity, the position of the Justice card indicates the juggling of papers, the protection and shielding of the guilty. This is the creation of "fake" documents, the illegal issuance of the necessary licenses. However, sooner or later, punishment for such deeds will surely follow.

In terms of finances, Justice in the reversed position indicates the presence of debts. At the same time, the querent may become bankrupt in the near future. These are unaffordable expenses that act depressingly. The questioner can evade bailiffs, not pay loans or alimony. He has to not "shine", use only cash. This situation is due to the frivolity and irresponsibility of the fortuneteller himself.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • The fight against chronic ailments, also constant pain.
  • The inability to relax, the need to be alert.
  • The habit of everyone to discuss and criticize or an evil character.
  • High expectations from others and arrogance.

On the health side, Justice reversed denotes severe restrictions to maintain a satisfactory state. These are chronic diseases, periodic annoying pains. Basically – ailments of the teeth, bones, cartilage. One way or another, but the querent will have to monitor their health. If you do not do this, then the disease will begin to progress. Also, the position of the card correlates with brain activity. In this case, a person has serious disorders. For example, dementia, depersonalization.

In terms of the psyche, the reversed Justice personifies unnecessarily slow personalities. They are indecisive, unsure of themselves. Trying to structure everything only drives you into a corner. They are also gossipers, lovers of discussing those around them behind their backs. Such a person does not notice his own shortcomings, but zealously criticizes other people’s weaknesses. He always knows who to do, but he himself can regularly step on the same rake.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • A game of formality, an attempt to step over the laws.
  • Invented rules designed to complicate processes.
  • Erroneous judgments or extra ostentatious coldness.
  • Fear of making a mistake or obsession with control.

Foremost, the reversed Justice is played out as dishonesty, excessive pretentiousness. The law turns in the direction that is convenient for the most important person in this story. A kind of double standard, difficult to implement. Even the Constitution can be rewritten if the barbarians seize power. And then it is no longer freedom. Therefore, in this context, the reversed Fairness card personifies formal constructions, rules, and dogmas. The ethical side of the issue is relegated to the background.

In the opposite way, Justice asks questions: “Where am I wrong?” and “Why is this good for me?”. When a person does not want to admit a mistake, he is ready to build a tower of Babel from arguments and excuses. A person is able to logically justify each step. But in the depths of the soul the flame of truth will burn. And this scorching fire will not give rest. Therefore, it is best to first understand yourself, and then proceed to decisive action.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Senseless adherence to formalities, earthiness.
  • Atheism, disbelief in the Higher Forces, the soul and the idea of rebirth.
  • The desire to get off with little blood and not pass their lessons.
  • Distrust of fate, an attempt to hide from retribution for all sins.

In terms of spirituality, the reversed Justice shows the unwillingness to pay the bills. Also, the seeker cannot face the truth, turn the focus of attention on himself. He is used to judging others, only he has enough mistakes. And all these unresolved issues turn into a burden on the heart. Sometimes it’s better to get punished faster than to constantly wait for it. There was even such torture. A prisoner sentenced to death was informed about today’s "X" day. However, evening came, and no one came for the man. And so it was repeated day after day, until the time of execution really came. Waiting is the worst punishment.

From the point of view of karma, Justice in its opposite form is played out as a wrong judgment, a fatal mistake. A person can receive punishment without guilt. Such a test is given for a reason. In this life, a person has to go through several circles of Hell in order to begin to appreciate being. For some, such twists of fate seem unfair. However, the Higher Forces know better what a particular individual needs.

Justice as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies upright, then Justice shows well-mannered people. They are distinguished by gallant manners, able to reason soberly in any situation. These are good judges with a subtle flair and intuition. Appius Claudius Caecus was an ancient Roman statesman. It is he who is considered the creator of the treatise on jurisprudence. Thanks to this work, ordinary people were able to understand the principles of law that guided the supreme power. The people remembered Appius Claudius as an honest man.

Reversed, Justice shows those who play with the law according to their own rules. Such individuals can rewrite the book of God or the Constitution to their advantage. All this is due to selfish impulses, unwillingness to obey. However, such a person does not want to officially go beyond. Therefore, he destroys the system from the inside, turns it in the direction he needs. These are dishonest judges, bought lawyers. They do not think in patterns, but they perceive others as limited elements. Arrogance here is paired with a sharp mind and immorality.

Justice: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Justice Card

If Justice fell out upright, then the card advises to adhere to the established rules. A knurled track will allow you not to go astray, to prevent fatal mistakes. The querent must act according to the code of conduct. Now it is best to justify the expectations of others, not to conflict with them. As a warning, Justice hints at the danger of not playing by the rules. You can make a big mistake by underestimating the enemy. The questioner is faced with a huge system in front of which he is simply tiny. Therefore, all attempts to gain the upper hand will not lead to success. Rather, they only destroy the already fragile balance.

Justice, which has fallen out in the reversed form, on the contrary, advises to find the necessary loophole. You can use fake information, fabricate papers. If necessary, buy the loyalty of others, structures. Only in this way is it possible to achieve the goal. As a warning, Fairness in the opposite way indicates the problem of being honest. Now the truth will only make things worse. In order not to make problems for yourself, you should turn the steering wheel in the right direction as quickly as possible, divert attention. These are necessary measures, but they will be effective.

Justice: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, upright Justice prophesies important events and events. They need to be prepared in advance. For example, the card might show an actual lawsuit. In this case, the law will remain on the side of the querent. The upright view of the Justice card hints at the imminent resolution of a confusing situation, even within the walls of the court. All issues related to papers, documentation, will also be resolved. Also, the Arcana shows trips to various government agencies. In other situations, the card simply promises the settlement of important matters, the reconciliation of both sides. All this applies to both personal relationships and work moments.

Reversed Justice predicts a difficult day. Today, it will not be possible to bring clarity to the most important matters. Processes are postponed, postponed indefinitely. Going to government offices will only bring a headache. On these days, it is impossible to get a short and clear answer – everywhere they will try to evade responsibility. And there will also be no strength left to fight such a well-functioning system. Therefore, it is best today not to enter into conflicts, not to make promises. Everything said can be used against the questioner himself.

Major Arcana