King of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: King of Cups, King of Chalices, Lord of Water

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 14

Keywords: Wisdom, Sensuality

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง (suit) & Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ (rank)

Zodiac sign: Scorpio โ™

The King of Cups is a Tarot card that has absorbed all the best male qualities. The hero of the Arcana catches the eye due to its beauty. But this is the harmony of the body and spirit, the synthesis of spirituality and matter. Some tarologists compare the man on the card to King Arthur, a wise ruler who was looking for the Holy Grail. For the sake of such a goal, he assembled a knightly order of valiant warriors. It is noteworthy that the hero stops his search on the Queen of Cups. His beloved holds the cup of life and death in her hands. So the card hints at the true meaning of life, concluded in love. Together, this couple achieves wholeness and balance.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the King of Cups

The King of Cups card in the Rider-Waite tarot depicts a man sitting on a throne in the middle of the open sea or ocean. The hero is dressed in a blue dress, over which is thrown a yellow mantle with red elements; on the neck โ€“ a chain with a pendant in the form of a fish. The head is decorated with a golden crown with scarlet inserts, the ears are covered with an azure cloth. The Lord holds a scepter in his left hand, and a goblet in his right. The throne on which the man sits is streamlined, its lines are smooth, rounded. On the lower part, supporting the armrests, you can see the engraving of a goblet on a long stem. The sky is without clouds, a ship with scarlet sails is visible behind. At the same time, the water surface is restless โ€“ the waves are raging, and a fish is visible in the left corner.

The King of Cups card belongs to the Water element according to the suit, but in rank belongs to the element of Fire. This is indicated by the heroโ€™s clothing โ€“ a combination of blue and red. The manโ€™s ears are covered with cloth, which indicates the ability to โ€œsoftenโ€ what he hears, to be able to listen and understand the interlocutor. The pendant in the chest area represents a good heart, the ability to be flexible, to make concessions. The raging sea is a direct indication of sensuality, emotionality. These are both tears of joy and worries about losses โ€“ a whole cocktail inherent in the Lord of the suit of Cups. If you connect the Arcana with the Queen of Chalices, it turns out that the characters are looking at each other. They make up the most harmonious pair of all the court cards in the Tarot deck.

Meaning of the Upright King of Cups Card

  • Kindness coupled with wisdom; care, guardianship, responsibility.
  • Pacifism, peaceful coexistence and integrity.
  • A cherished desire, a penchant for something and talent.
  • The victory of both sides, humanity and proper education.

The hero of the Arcana is a wise and kind-hearted ruler. He is always ready to listen to his subjects, give proper advice or help with a matter. Unlike his Queen, he has a scepter โ€“ an attribute of indisputable will. Therefore, the King of Cups can conduct energy, connect emotions with specific actions. The element of Fire makes Water warm, adds passion and sensuality. The hero is amorous, romantic. It is easier for him to solve everything peacefully than to unleash a war. In the upright position, the King of Cups denotes a specific person endowed with the above-mentioned character traits.

The card also symbolizes life situations tied to feelings. It can be a relationship with the opposite sex, a strong desire to get something. The Arcana King of Cups shows true intentions, what the very soul of the questioning person wants. In the spread for any sphere of life, the fallen Lord of Water will indicate the interest of the querent. In this way, you can find out your calling or select the desired branch of events based on an internal request. The card also implies the favor of fate, a way out of any problems without much loss. The interests of the querent will be satisfied, it will be possible to get what you want.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The presence of a beloved man; for guys โ€“ feelings for a woman.
  • Willingness to develop relationships, seek trust, love.
  • Sincerity, mutual respect and trust in a couple; strong marriage.
  • An early meeting with a loved one; serious relationship.

The meaning of the King of Cups in a love spread will be positive. This is one of the best cards for the realm of feelings. Here she denotes a partner โ€“ a kind and gentle man. The beloved has sincere feelings for the questioning woman. He knows how to care, very romantic in his manifestations of love. For example, it can give a flight in a hot air balloon, strew the bed with rose petals, surprise with an unexpected gift. For such a guy, relationships are important, they nourish his masculinity, give strength for new achievements. This is no longer a knight, but a full-fledged ruler. A love affair with him leads to an early marriage, cohabitation and the birth of children.

If a man is guessing, then these qualities belong to him. The querent will be able to win the attention of the woman of interest, to achieve recognition. For single girls, the King of Cups predicts an acquaintance with a potential lover. A man will show his interest in gallant behavior, very quickly move on to action. At the same time, he will not press or incline towards an intimate relationship, like the Lord of Fire. Here, passion is combined with a subtle feeling of a partner. The Lord of Cups shows the ability to keep time, all manifestations of feelings will be timely.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Help in finding employment from a compassionate man.
  • Various travel agencies; organization of holidays, events.
  • A penchant for adventure, the realization of a big dream or goal.
  • The ability to think broadly, connect other people to the process.

In the spread for work, the King of Cups can denote a specific person who is well related to the questioner. He will help to get a vacancy, put in a good word to the authorities. Sometimes the Arcana shows the director himself, ready to hire. Also, the King of Cups card serves as a significator of activity โ€“ this is work in the field of organizing travel, holidays. The questioner gives people emotions, ignites them. In terms of a career, everything will be easy for the querent. The key point is the ability of a person to think creatively, to approach tasks creatively. This ability will lead to success and demand.

In terms of finances, the King of Cups promises a situation in which you will have to maneuver and contrive. In pursuit of your own desires, you can lose the feeling of the ground under your feet. The querent will now and then face harsh reality, but skillfully overcome obstacles. The King of Chalices here symbolizes reckless adventures and a tendency to soar in the clouds rather than work long and hard. But still, the fortuneteller will be lucky. You will be able to reach your goals, get what you want.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Excellent immunity, fast removal of toxins.
  • Beautiful appearance at any age and youthful skin.
  • Softness, a sense of tact, coupled with passion, liveliness.
  • Smoothness, appeasement; the ability to enjoy life.

The health according to the King of Cups is now in good condition. The upright position of the card indicates the bodyโ€™s ability to quickly remove toxins and heal itself. At the same time, the lifestyle can be anything, up to the systematic abuse of alcohol and sweets. The hydrolipidic balance is normal, the skin is in perfect condition. People according to this Arcana retain youth for a long time and even in old age they can boast of chic hair, strong nails and the absence of wrinkles.

In the context of the psyche, the King of Cups denotes flexible thinking and the ability to work with the subconscious. Such a person quickly finds an internal resource to overcome any psychological trauma. He can handle stress easily. Personality manages to win over, calm aggressive people. These are born psychologists, negotiators. A person with a similar character knows how to enjoy life, fantasize and make dreams come true. Creative thinking is one of his strengths, coupled with a charming appearance and gallant manners.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Traveling in search of yourself, your desires and new sensations.
  • Love for everything unknown, unknown, mysterious.
  • The dream of a lifetime or a higher destination, a path to your heart.
  • Getting inspiration; spark to travel.

The King of Cups is one of the cards that patronize travelers. The hero of the Arcana sits on a throne in the middle of the open sea. A man is not tied to a certain piece of land, he can move in any direction, change it at will. This is signaled by a ship in the background. The water surface is restless โ€“ now a fair wind is blowing, and in five minutes everything can change. This quality is inherent in people and events according to this Arcana King of Chalices.

This card asks questions: โ€œFor what desire can I go on a journey?โ€ and โ€œHow long will this dream feed me?โ€. Since the traveler is guided only by the compass of his own heart, he cannot be deceived by false ideas about success. The hero will go in the direction that attracts and excites, regardless of the opinions of others. The dropped card King of Cups cannot be relied upon, but you can take an example. The hero inspires and inspires, makes you think about your own destiny and hidden desires.

Meaning of the Reversed King of Cups Tarot

  • Waste, laziness, pomposity; focus on external manifestations.
  • Frivolity, carelessness, a tendency to lie and embellish.
  • The desire to stand out and rise above others in a dishonest way.
  • Suppression of true desires, sacrifice for your well-being.

The reversed position gives the King of Cups a touch of selfishness and frivolity. From a fair, good-natured and humane hero, he turns into a pompous tyrant. External attributes of beauty, status turn into the primary goal without any spiritual content. The Lord is capricious and eager for everything shiny, like a magpie, collecting any trinkets. There is no trace left of the desire for a wonderful future โ€“ it is important to satisfy only momentary needs, without thinking about tomorrow. The inverted Arcana is a corrupt politician who betrayed his kingdom for the sake of rich clothes and a company of beauties.

In some cases, the King of Cups card in the opposite meaning indicates the suppression of true desires. An eloquent example is when a young guy is forbidden to meet with his girlfriend, offering a better match. Following the order of the parents, the youngster puts an end to his heart. A charming gentleman, a wonderful gentleman, capable of betraying like Judas or Brutus. And all because the concepts of success and love were once substituted. Money and outward attributes of wealth overshadowed sincerity and real feelings.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Relationship immaturity; surface relationship.
  • Romance without the desire to enter into an alliance or start a family.
  • Temporary romance, fallback, the presence of a mistress or lover.
  • Lack of initiative and unwillingness to work on relationships.

In terms of love, the reversed King of Cups shows a partner who is not ready for a serious relationship. Such a man knows how to care, give chic gifts, but it is impossible to rely on him. If something happens and help is needed, then he is gone. As soon as the woman deals with her problems, this gentleman will reappear. Perhaps the lover already has a permanent partner, and the inquiring girl is in the role of a mistress. Or maybe the guy is simply not mature enough to take responsibility for the one you love.

For men, the King of Cups in reverse shows a relationship with an unloved girl, or a relationship where the interests of the querent are not taken into account. He is always a step below the partner, in the position of a silent observer. For singles, a card in the opposite position means a depreciation of the very idea of a love relationship. The fortuneteller does not seek to find a partner, start a family. All connections are transient and superficial. This aspect can be a conscious decision, but sometimes refers to unconscious patterns of behavior.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Commercialism, dishonest behavior, fraud in money.
  • Gossip, intrigue in the team, or an affair with the boss.
  • Unwillingness to advance in a career, laziness and unemployment.
  • Financial losses, life at the expense of loved ones, family.

In the context of the work, the reversed King of Cups shows hope for lucky chance. A person does not take responsibility for the results of work and career advancement. It is easier for him to be on the sidelines, to please the authorities in order to receive bonuses from this. The classic example is the secretary who gets paid to bring coffee and listen to the directorโ€™s complaints. Often, in general, the inverted Arcana falls on unemployed people sitting on the neck of their partners or parents.

In terms of money, the King of Cups in the opposite position symbolizes irrational spending and debts. Finances are distributed unreasonably, often for the sake of satisfying momentary desires. At the same time, the Arcana has a difference from the Queen of the same suit. If the female hypostasis is more inert, then the male has a share of enthusiasm. For this reason, the reversed Lord of Water is frequently mistaken. A person tries to achieve financial well-being, but acts by irrational methods, relying only on intuition.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Inflammation of the genitals, kidneys; urinary incontinence.
  • Unpleasant smell, sweating of the palms, oily skin of the face.
  • Self-doubt โ€“ appearance, personality traits.
  • Resentment and fixation on their own failures.

In terms of health, the King of Cups reversed indicates problems with the excretory system. The sebaceous glands begin to produce a large amount of secretion. Because of this, appearance suffers โ€“ the skin looks shiny, the hair quickly becomes dirty. This also includes diseases of the kidneys, genital organs. For men, it will mean inflammation of the prostate, for women โ€“ difficulties with the ovaries. It can also be enuresis, excessive sweating. A bad smell comes from a person.

The psyche of the inverted King of Cups card fails. Personality is hard to endure various problems, prone to melancholy and soul-searching. Any little thing can drive you into depression. In this case, a person tends to talk about his experiences to others in an attempt to get help. However, advice and support do not work โ€“ on the contrary, the victim syndrome turns on. Personality loves to suffer and cause self-pity. The backlash feeds the ego and the feeling of being unique.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Loss of inner guidance, betrayal of oneself.
  • Deal with conscience; close your eyes to your own principles.
  • Orientation to the image, perception in the eyes of others; statement.
  • Wrong decisions that led to an internal crisis.

A reversed King of Cups cancels all travel. The hero is caught in a storm and does not know where to go. The situation unsettles, makes you cling to any straw for the sake of survival. Now the traveler is not up to higher matters, he would have to sort out his emotions. On foreign shores, it is necessary to mimic the environment. The hero becomes a chameleon โ€“ the way others want to see him. All the qualities of a merciful King become nominal. Kindness and honesty are all just slogans under which a weak personality hides.

The King of Cups in the opposite position asks questions: โ€œAm I really like this or just want to appear?โ€ and โ€œWhat will help me achieve balance?โ€ Now we need to think about honesty to ourselves and responsibility to others. In some places, the querent cheated in an attempt to get what he wanted. However, life turned him to face him and forced him to live the situation. Even the inverted position does not speak of immorality. Somewhere inside, the heart is still alive, and the conscience gives a voice. Following this call will help you get out of a spiritual crisis.

King of Cups as a Significator of a Person

As a significator of a person, the King of Cups denotes young men, romantic and sensual. They fall in love easily and are ready to do anything for their partner. Relationships and family serve as motivation for personal growth. Such a person will never betray, and even if there was a separation, he will not hurt, take revenge. He fights to the last for his love, ready to sacrifice personal comfort. At the same time, such individuals can be quite successful in terms of career. Most often these are singers, actors, directors. Alain Delon, Keanu Reeves, Jack Nicholson are people who have combined popularity with ordinary human happiness to love and be loved.

The card has an astrological correspondence with the zodiac sign Scorpio. Also, the King of Cups simply refers to all people gifted with good looks, charm and all sorts of talents. These are the favorites of fate, the real lucky ones. Sometimes the Arcana falls on women. In this case, it denotes the influence of a lover on a girl. The beloved person comes first, the querent lives by his interests. Such dependence is inherent in young partners, but sometimes it happens in mature women.

King of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the King of Cups Card

As an advice, the upright King of Cups speaks of the need to be gentle and understanding. A gesture of goodwill will be appreciated by others and will save you from most problems. You should take the place of your opponent, try to look at the world through the eyes of another person. The ability to understand the motives of human behavior will preserve inner strength. The reversed King of Cups advises to listen to your feelings. Perhaps the querent now needs to throw out emotions, to say all the moments that do not suit him. Only then can balance be achieved.

As a warning, the King of Cups shows the danger of showing up as a sensitive person. Kindness will be taken advantage of by selfish people. Now is not the time to be sincere. Even allies can be hidden enemies. Perhaps relatives take advantage of the location and generosity of the querent. If the card lay upside down, then this is a signal of betrayal. Someone is playing a double game and blatantly lying to the questioner. For women, the position of the Arcana indicates the possible presence of a partner in a mistress. In the near future, you should be careful and monitor the behavior of friends, colleagues, lovers.

King of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

The King of Cups as a card of the day promises a romantic evening with her man. The partner will take care of all the preparations, notify you of your plans in time. You can relax and trust your loved one. Also, the Arcana denotes a caring father, uncle, brother. For men โ€“ a reliable friend. Meeting with such a person will inspire, inspire for exploits. He will serve as an example of a reliable family man. For single girls, the day can bring a meeting with their future partner. The guy will show up himself โ€“ he will come up, invite you on a date, etc. For men, the card speaks of the opportunity to establish a personal life on this day, to prove himself a gentleman.

If the King of Cups fell upside down, then the day will pass in some kind of drama. The girl will refuse to meet, and the guy will gather his courage for a long time to invite him on a date. The querent will fantasize about something, but not take concrete action. All attempts to reach the goal will turn out to be wrong, will not bring any benefit. The day will be filled with feelings for your image. The questioner will feel insecure, will doubt his own attractiveness. Moreover, such a situation is often far-fetched, having nothing to do with reality.

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