King of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: King of Pentacles, King of Coins, Lord of Earth

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 14

Keywords: Nobility, Success

Active element: Earth โ›ฐ๏ธ (suit) & Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ (rank)

Zodiac sign: Taurus โ™‰

The King of Pentacles in the Tarot is a card of breadth of views and own possessions. The hero of the Arcana is like a noble nobleman, a favorite of the Emperor himself. At first glance, the character is soft and refined, but this is only an illusion โ€“ in fact, the King is pragmatic and down to earth. It was because of these qualities that he became so rich. However, in the opposite form, the King of Pentacles card represents real misers. Now the hero of the Arcana can take the name Rockefeller. No matter how much money he has, it will never be enough. The reversed card shows dishonest methods of earning money and unsolicited advice. Such a person exploits others and even "goes over the heads" for his own comfort.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the King of Pentacles

In the classic Waite Tarot card, the King of Pentacles depicts a man seated on a throne on the roof of a fortress. The hero is dressed in a black robe, decorated with a vine-shaped decor. The neck and ears are covered with a red cloth, and a golden crown with laurel leaves and scarlet flowers crowns the head. In his left hand, the lord holds a pentacle, in his right โ€“ a rod with a ball on top. The throne itself is black, with large bas-reliefs โ€“ the heads of brown and gray bulls. The left foot of the hero stands on a stone, reminiscent of the same yak. Paving stones are visible below, and along the entire perimeter of the roof there is again a vine with fruits. In the background are a castle and a large blue mountain. The sky is bright yellow.

The hero of the Arcana King of Pentacles looks at the coin in his hand. Like the spouse, he is also focused on wealth and abundance. Grapes here symbolize rest, intoxicating joy. Bulls denote perseverance, a huge supply of resource and motivation. The head on which the manโ€™s foot stands โ€“ this detail personifies the ability to control oneself, to stop if necessary. Despite the royal mantle, reminiscent of velvet, the left foot is still covered with steel armor. This is a sign of protection, closeness from the inside. The mountain and the roof on which the action takes place hint at high achievements. The castle symbolizes fundamentality and strong support.

Meaning of the Upright King of Pentacles Card

  • A responsible man is a son, father, grandfather or boss.
  • Stability, reliability or high position in society.
  • Thriftiness in a positive aspect, energy exchange and turnover.
  • Documentary processes, financial issues, materialism.

In the upright position, the King of Pentacles denotes both a specific man and can be a significator of the situation. By suit, the card belongs to the elements of Earth, and by rank โ€“ to Fire. Because of this, the energy resembles expanses parched by the summer heat, where exotic fruits grow. In the context of real life, this fact manifests itself as material abundance, practicality and over-motivation. The last Arcana of the suit of Coins shows a focus on the results of labor, a focus on comfort. For the querent, it is important not only to satisfy the primary needs, but also to hit the jackpot. The Lord of the Earth means the game on a grand scale, without exchanging for some trifles.

The card also represents financial flows and work with important documents. This is the ability to collect thoughts, masculinity and a purely business approach to solving problems. The hero of the Arcana King of Pentacles is unemotional. That is why he managed to achieve heights. He always enters into the process of exchange, thanks to which he does not waste his internal resource. Money allows you to shift the focus of attention to the really important things, without being sprayed on everyday problems. The card has no โ€œwateryโ€ qualities associated with beauty, but at the same time the character is dressed in richly decorated clothes โ€“ this is another proof of the exchange of money for absolutely any services and things.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Wealthy husband, boyfriend, lover; stable relationship.
  • Established personal life, a strong union with the chosen passion.
  • Acquaintance with a businessman, politician or rich man.
  • Luck in both the romantic side of life and financial.

In a love spread, the King of Pentacles shows a partner โ€“ a reliable husband or boyfriend. He can give his companion financial stability, provide the proper level of comfort. Next to such a man, the lady will never deal with everyday life โ€“ the betrothed will simply hire a housekeeper and free up time for her beloved. Often, such gentlemen have excessive demands, but they are absolutely justified. The upright position of the card hints at a comfortable life and a strong foundation for creating a family.

If the girl is lonely, then the fallen King of Pentacles predicts an early acquaintance with a wealthy man. For guys, the Arcana promises a financial breakthrough, which will become a springboard for starting a love relationship. If the querent is confident in his position, then his personal life will automatically improve. Now the card focuses on well-being and success. It is best to pay attention to this area of life. Women, on the other hand, can simply accept signs of attention, but at the same time think about some kind of equivalent exchange โ€“ a manifestation of warm feelings.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Work in government or in a brokerage company.
  • Long-term investment, a block of shares, bonds.
  • The ability to see the prospect of a business, good luck in finances.
  • Full security, life with dividends, business, affairs.

For a career spread, the King of Pentacles is the most favorable card. Here the Arcana is revealed as a high position, huge professional achievements, notorious success. The querent can write his own book, become a highly paid specialist, leading trainings and seminars. They listen to his advice and want to understand the secret of such well-being. As a significator of activity, the King of Pentacles shows the stock exchanges, the state apparatus, large networks and branches.

The financial situation is extremely prosperous and promising. The King of Pentacles is an image of a tightly stuffed wallet. The questioning person managed to build his own empire and make capital. But even if he ever loses what he has earned, he will still be able to return his former prosperity. The King of Coins symbolizes precisely the inner instinct for money, the ability to โ€œsqueezeโ€ the result out of the current situation. This grip distinguishes the rich from the poor.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Prevention of diseases, also maintenance therapy.
  • Recourse to the help of specialists; surveys, analyses.
  • Psychological maturity or the ability to take responsibility.
  • Awareness of oneโ€™s exclusivity or independence.

In the context of health, the King of Pentacles symbolizes a sensitive attitude towards oneโ€™s well-being. A person realizes that his physical condition is the key to further success. Getting sick is not beneficial to anyone, so you should monitor your well-being. The querent loves to undergo various examinations, contact specialists. For the sake of maintaining good health, he can even go to a traditional healer. The result is important, not the methods themselves. In this case, the fortuneteller does not have serious ailments. All trips to clinics are just preventive measures.

The state of mind is stable. The querent is morally mature, can take on any responsibility. The King of Pentacles shows strong personalities, formed under the yoke of circumstances. Material security is a measure of inner abundance, as well as savvy in social manifestation. The fortuneteller knows how to negotiate and enter into an equal exchange. He is absolutely ready for any adversity, because he knows that he will cope with even the strongest life storm.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Demand in the market of spirituality and many customers.
  • The ability to transform an internal resource into an external one.
  • Investing time and money in your training or practice.
  • An equal exchange of energies leading to a breakthrough or growth.

Even spiritually, the King of Pentacles is revealed as a card of abundance and generosity. The seeker has discovered in himself a whole world full of many amazing manifestations. He can realize talents and turn them into money. In the upright position, the hero of the Arcana does not specifically seek finance. They are simply attracted to the energy of the character. In this context, the card can speak of being in demand as a yoga instructor, magician, or fortune-teller. The questioner will always have clients and financial stability.

The King of Pentacles Arcana asks questions: โ€œWhere can I spend my resource?โ€ and "How to increase it?". As long as the flow of money flows, it brings with it even more abundance. To get something, you must first give. In this case, the card hints at further spiritual development, the "purchase" of knowledge from the masters. The querent must only move forward, not being afraid that the resources will someday run out. Life is abundant, so it will always support and give everything you need.

Meaning of the Reversed King of Pentacles Tarot

  • Greed, obsession with money and increasing funds.
  • Too oppressive figure of a father, grandfather, son or boss.
  • Stubbornness bordering on insanity and emotional stinginess.
  • Callousness, pragmatism, distrust of the heart and even relatives.

In the reversed position, the King of Pentacles changes its meaning. The hero is noble and successful only at first glance. These are the masks behind which hides a tyrant focused only on money. For the sake of his own well-being, he will betray his closest ones, โ€œsell outโ€ his friends, like Judas. In pursuit of material values, the character becomes callous and rude. His heart is tightly closed, and in his head the calculations of what he has earned are tirelessly carried out. The reversed card represents greed, prudence and a tarnished reputation. All this can concern both a specific person and the essence of the situation.

Also, the reversed King of Pentacles shows the eternal race for wealth. If in the upright position, the hero effortlessly attracted abundance, then his shadow side is forced to fight for every coin. You can compare the character with John Rockefeller. As eyewitnesses wrote, the dollar billionaire was extremely stingy even with his own children. Despite fabulous wealth, he fed his family with the cheapest food and did not buy new clothes. Yes, as a result, the man managed to create an empire and provide for future descendants. But the way for this was chosen extremely radical.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Marriage of convenience with an unloved man and a dishonest exchange.
  • The desire to make amends with flowers, gifts, money.
  • Meeting with a boring person who does not understand the word "no".
  • For men โ€“ low self-esteem, misperceptions.

In a relationship spread, the reversed King of Pentacles denotes a partner. A man is trying to "buy" the location of his wife or girlfriend, he is used to making amends with gifts. Such a person is waiting for a full return for the sake of invested funds. Perhaps he even counts all the bills spent. This is the same commercialism, only on the other side. For guys, the position of the card can signal the presence of a rich lover in the second half. The querent himself puts the money issue at the forefront and therefore has a complex.

For singles, the King of Pentacles in the opposite form promises a meeting with an unpleasant type. This gentleman will want to get the girl with money and a beautiful picture. However, in the future, she will have to pay all the bills. This is a golden cage that will close soon. For men, the position of the Arcana speaks of problems of self-perception. The person is not self-confident, and therefore tries to cover the shortcomings with his financial situation. But this is the path to degradation. Only mercantile girls will be attracted to such a person.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Bribery, dishonest business practices and theft.
  • Sitting and attachment to work because of loans.
  • Wealth that came from an unfair method.
  • Greed or ostentatious generosity and deceit.

In terms of activity, the reversed King of Pentacles falls on illegal methods of earning money, non-payment of taxes. This is speculation, trading in defective low-quality goods. As a characteristic of the situation, the reversed card shows problems with the boss due to his greed. It will be difficult for the querent to get what is due, you can not hope for honesty. Also, in the opposite sense, the Arcana symbolizes one-day firms and people who are directors only on paper.

The financial situation is precarious. The questioner has to do hateful work for the sake of imaginary stability. The King of Pentacles reversed shows wealth in public, but poverty in soul. The person is an adherent of the philosophy of beggars and does not know how to change thinking. Often such a person is always in debt, even if he earns well. The key role here is played by the choice of a profession according to the mind, and not according to the spirit of the heart. This makes the querent hostage to the current situation, the monthly "rat race" for food and shelter. And even the presence of a penthouse does not automatically turn a person into a wealthy one.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Diseases due to inactivity or overeating, gluttony.
  • Problems with the digestive system; sickness from a man.
  • Low self-esteem or obsession with oneโ€™s own shortcomings.
  • The desire to isolate oneself from society and hide in oneโ€™s own world.

If the King of Pentacles fell upside down in a health spread, then it is too late to engage in prevention. The position of the Arcana shows the diseases of the rich โ€“ gout, salt deposits in the kidneys and joints, obesity. A person is not engaged in physical activity, therefore, is at risk. He prefers to spend the earned money on momentary pleasures, and closes his eyes to the state of health. For women, the reversed King of Pentacles symbolizes ailments passed down from a father or grandfather.

The mental state is unfavorable. A person often gets hung up on some insignificant things, thereby nourishing an inferiority complex. The King of Pentacles in the opposite form indicates that a person has communication problems. Through money, he tries to minimize social encounters, whether it be shopping or other public places. The querent does not want to leave the house and prefers proud loneliness rather than an evening in a noisy company.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Business on someone elseโ€™s grief, resale of knowledge and experience that is not yours.
  • Serious mistakes in practice and wrongly conveyed thoughts.
  • Attachment to earthly life and fear of death and everything higher.
  • Pragmatism, distrust of the Universe, oneโ€™s spirit or soul.

In the context of spirituality, the reversed King of Pentacles is played as deceit and quackery. A person perceives magic as just a way to get money. A man decides to open a business built on fooling the population. Often, people who buy other peopleโ€™s knowledge for the sake of further profit, resale pass by the position of the card. They can compose spellbooks, rearranging a lot of things there or removing fragments they donโ€™t need. The result is a deaf phone that only harms gullible subscribers.

The King of Pentacles in the opposite sense asks questions: โ€œWhy did I choose spirituality?โ€ and "How to get away from the material background?". If you turn the card back, then again the pentacle will symbolize pure knowledge. Now he personifies the lower vibrations of the material world. To change the situation, you should face the truth and honestly confess your sins. Only sincerity to oneself will help to reconsider the guidelines.

King of Pentacles as a Significator of a Person

Upright, the King of Pentacles characterizes rich and generous men. With the help of money, they can create the aesthetics of everyday life. Foremost, such a person is focused on meeting the initial needs. The card corresponds to Taurus, a very down to earth sign of the zodiac. David Beckham, Salvador Dali and Mark Zuckerberg are its bright representatives. All these people know how to capitalize on their talents. For the sake of wealth, they did not have to step over themselves, doing an unloved thing. Also, the Arcana represents simply dark-haired or red-haired men.

But if the card lay upside down, then the King of Pentacles shows greedy and materialistic personalities. Roman Mark Crassus in the 1st-2nd centuries BC famous for his desire for wealth. For the sake of his "little" obsession, he resold slaves, and also set fire to other peopleโ€™s houses. Then he called his own firefighters, and as a result, he bought these dwellings at a cost that was favorable to him. The hero of the inverted card symbolizes people who have no concept of honor and decency. For the sake of wealth, they will do anything.

King of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the King of Pentacles Card

The King of Pentacles in the upright position advises you to be patient and not retreat from the goal. It may take a lot of time and resources, but it will definitely pay off. The Arcana also speaks of the importance of seeking support from a father or husband, grandfather. It may be that even the boss is able to help the questioner in solving some problem. As a warning, the King of Pentacles hints at the importance of engaging in an equal exchange. It will not always be calculated in monetary terms. Reciprocity and honesty play a decisive role. All attempts to cheat will lead to mediocre results or even to their absence.

The reversed King of Pentacles advises to hide oneโ€™s true position, whether it be poverty or wealth. You should also refuse to others in material support, do not give ready-made solutions. The entire resource of time and finances should be spent only on yourself. If the querent does not follow this advice, then he can spray himself on other people. As a result, he will wrap himself up, without achieving anything concrete. By extending a helping hand to others, the fortuneteller thus renders a "bear" service. Taking responsibility all the time on your shoulders, you can turn loved ones into a hated burden.

King of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

The King of Pentacles Tarot gives a positive meaning to the spread of the card of the day. Here the Arcana will be played as a great success, a springboard for accomplishments in the material plane. Today, the questioner will hit the jackpot, fulfill some dream, for example, buy real estate, a car, or invest in a profitable project. Also, the card can show a meeting with a wealthy relative, the adoption of practical experience in terms of doing business, building a career. This is a great day for business negotiations, discussion of joint plans. For entrepreneurs, the card promises the arrival of a large amount or the signing of a lucrative contract, winning a tender.

But if the King of Pentacles fell upside down, then you can forget about money. These days, the tension will increase. The querent will become afraid that some truth will emerge. It can concern both the business sphere and personal life. There is a high probability of worries about your savings or debts. There may be a meeting with an unpleasant person, too persistent and stingy with emotions. He loves to give advice, but never vouches for results. It is best not to dedicate anyone to your affairs and not be led by "well-wishers". In any case, this day will bring a useful experience, whatever it may be.

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