Knight of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Knight of Cups, Prince of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 12

Keywords: Romanticism, Illusory

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง (suit) & Air ๐Ÿ’จ (rank)

Zodiac sign: Pisces โ™“

The Knight of Cups is the court Arcana, which is expected in all Tarot love spreads. The hero of the card seems to mark the victory of love over hatred, good over evil. The duality of the world is poured with a deft movement of the hand into a precious cup, which the rider carries as an elixir of eternal life. However, only those who are brave at heart, those who are ready to put affection on the altar of sacrifice in the name of true love, will be able to know it. Not without reason, in many confessions there is a comparison of this feeling with the death of the ego. After all, this is the same flower that should bloom on the ashes of past adversity. But even here, it all depends on the position of the card โ€“ the Knight of Cups also has its negative features.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups card in the Rider-Waite Tarot depicts a horseman with a cup in his hand. The young man is dressed in metal armor, over which is worn a cape embroidered in the form of red fish. Blue feathers are attached to the helmet and shoes. Harness of the same color. The horse itself is white. The action takes place against a clear sky. Behind you can see a mountain landscape with a river and a sparse forest. It is noteworthy that the design of the card is very similar to the Major Arcana Death โ€“ all the same rider, snow-white horse and water in the background. However, if the hero of the Knight of Cups is a young guy, then here a human skeleton is hiding behind the armor.

The clothes of the rider indicate involvement in the element of Water. At the same time, the fish on it are red โ€“ a hint of passion and ardor of feelings. Feathers on the armor symbolize the dreamy mind and speed of action. The cup is a manifestation of oneโ€™s own emotions. The river in the landscape behind also denotes feelings. Mountains and hills are lifeโ€™s difficulties, obstacles on the way that the hero is ready to overcome for the sake of his desires. The Knight of Cups also belongs to the element of Air in rank. This element gives mobility and speed, but in combination with Water, it becomes balanced. The hero moves slowly so as not to spill the cup, but persistently enough.

Meaning of the Upright Knight of Cups Card

  • Pleasure, romance, life satisfaction, idealism.
  • Easy resolution of any cases, "knightly" help in something.
  • Beauty, love, pleasant feelings, being in love.
  • Dreaminess, poetic nature, flight of fancy and soul.

The Knight of Cups symbolizes romance and pleasure in life. This is no longer a carefree Page, but a completely mature man who is ready to express his feelings. You can compare it with Casanova. In the upright position, the Arcana denotes elegance, tact and charm. These are beautiful gestures, the aesthetics of everyday life. The hero is not in vain depicted on a white horse. In some decks, the card is called the Prince of Chalices โ€“ the name speaks for itself. The dream of all girls and women, a hero-lover, hurrying to meet his beloved. The Knight has absorbed all the best qualities and therefore is one of the desired arcana in any spread.

This card gives a touch of lightness to any area of interest. Working negotiations become informal, and relationships are even better, blooming like roses in a fragrant garden. Everywhere the Arcana promises something pleasant and good for the querent. Fate becomes favorable, despite past difficulties. The Knight of Water brings surprises, envelops with his presence and allows you to relax. It is like taking a sip of fresh spring water in the Gobi Desert, scorched by the rays of the sun. The nectar of life is poured into a golden goblet, giving happiness and love. In this case, the card can denote both a specific person and some positive circumstances.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Marriage proposal; declaration of love, sympathy.
  • The period of gaining the confidence of the querent; beautiful deeds.
  • Acquaintance with the future boyfriend, husband; with a girl, wife.
  • Date invitation; romantic evening, nice gift.

The Knight of Cups Tarot gives romance to the love spread. The questioner is waiting for a long-awaited date with his partner. Even if the couple has been together for a long time, a second โ€œhoneymoonโ€ will come in their relationship. The beloved will invite you to a restaurant or theater, make a candlelit dinner โ€“ it all depends on his imagination. Also, the Prince of Water next to the Ace of Pentacles can mean an engagement proposal or a valuable gift. The dropped Arcana along with the Une of Cups is a recognition of feelings. In any case, the upright position will speak of sincere intentions and a cocktail of emotions.

For single people, the Knight of Chalices card speaks of the imminent onset of a new period in their personal lives. In the near future, the querent will be surrounded by the attention of the opposite sex. Possible invitations to meetings in an intimate setting, gifts in the form of flower bouquets and sweets. It is important that the fortuneteller will be pleased with this fact. Annoying admirers or coercion into a love affair are excluded. The Arcana of the Knight of Cups promises that all acquaintances will have a chance for further development. Potential partners will begin to show chivalrous qualities, they will try to win the location of the questioner.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Professions related to beauty: make-up artist, stylist, fashion designer.
  • Work according to internal request; the loyalty of the boss.
  • Financial well-being, spending on your fleeting desires.
  • Job responsibilities related to communication with clients.

In the spread for work, the Knight of Cups denotes the achievement of goals through charm. Building a career depends on the ability to present yourself: manners of speaking, dressing beautifully and being tactful. The querent may not have enough experience or the necessary skills and still get his way. The card represents communication with colleagues and the boss more than professional competencies. If we consider the Arcana as a significator of activity, then it will mean work in the field of art and beauty: fashion ateliers, galleries and salons.

In terms of finances, the Prince of Cups promises a period of spending on various desires. Money comes easily โ€“ the querent knows what he wants and has chosen a job to his liking. Despite the fact that the level of the norm for each questioner will be different, nevertheless, the Arcana speaks of complete satisfaction with the available income. A person can afford to relax properly, go on vacation. If it does not work, then there is a possibility of financial assistance from the second half. It can be a full security or a one-time gift.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Beautiful facial features and a slender, toned body; flexibility.
  • Hormonal balance, a surge of energy, vivacity, a reserve of strength.
  • Pleasant character, the ability to win over the interlocutor.
  • Love for life, desire to create, express feelings.

The value of the Knight of Cups in terms of health will be positive. Here, the Tarot card personifies external physical data โ€“ the beauty, flexibility and harmony of the body. At any age, the querent is used to taking care of himself. However, the Arcana does not speak about the state of the internal organs (the body of the hero in the image is covered with armor). At the same time, the hormonal background is in order. At the moment, oxytocin and dopamine predominate โ€“ an internal cocktail for happiness and positive. For men, these hormones together give a state when you want to move mountains for the sake of your beloved. For women โ€“ a feeling of quiet joy.

In the context of character and psyche, the Knight of Cups denotes people with a mild character: tactful, polite, accustomed to respecting other peopleโ€™s boundaries. It is easy and comfortable to communicate with such personalities โ€“ they will never ask uncomfortable questions, they will not raise unpleasant topics. At the same time, the querent himself will not allow familiarity โ€“ he will simply stop communicating with a tactless interlocutor. The Prince of the suit of Cups also shows the state of being in love, inspiration and dreaminess. But, unlike the Page of the same suit, these states will be expressed to a greater extent, for example, through art.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Self-sacrifice, sincerity, altruism, philanthropy.
  • Inner harmony, willingness to give and receive love.
  • The path at the call of the heart, trust in your feelings and intuition.
  • Search for true love, your purpose or mission.

The Knight of Cups focuses on the sphere of feelings, so all situations on this card, one way or another, are tied to emotions. For the hero of the Arcana there is no concept of officiality. He lives in a world where communication between people is a value. Money, intelligence, any achievements โ€“ all this is not as important as mutual understanding and mutual assistance. This is the card of hipsters or adherents of the idea of world peace. For the sake of this goal, the traveler puts on armor and sets off on a difficult journey. His mission is to give love, to illuminate the dark space with his fiery heart. You can compare the hero with Danko.

The card asks questions: โ€œFor what am I willing to sacrifice personal comfort?โ€ and "How far can I go in love?" Such topics are comparable to a koan, where there is no single answer. In fact, the Knight of Cups personifies love and the search for it. In this journey, you need to meet yourself, transform through the return of energy. And then, in the end, to understand that the source of happiness is inside โ€“ the same notorious Ace of Cups, from which it all began. But, before realizing this, there is still not a single mile to go.

Meaning of the Reversed Knight of Cups Tarot

  • Inflated self-esteem, selfishness, inadequate perception of others.
  • Dependence on someone elseโ€™s opinion, approval of oneโ€™s own actions.
  • A beautiful picture without a soul, a heart; illusory nature of love, feelings.
  • The eternal search for something better, the uncertainty of their requests.

The reversed Knight of Cups card becomes less positive than in the upright position. The basic meaning of love becomes illusory. Now the traveler is only hiding behind good intentions. He is not ready for difficulties and overcoming himself. The hero has enough praise from the outside to begin to be proud of himself without any visible action. If you turn the Arcana, then the golden cup overturns, the rocky terrain takes the central place. This means stopping and obstacles along the planned path. This Knight is not ready to fight for high ideals, it is easier for him to close his eyes to his own dreams and choose a simpler goal.

The inverted position gives the Knight of Cups vanity and "too upturned nose". The hero of the card strives for a better life and does not notice how he can offend or underestimate others. He focuses only on his person and believes that someday he will be truly loved. This is pure selfishness, originating in self-doubt and dislike. Now the Knight goes on a journey with an empty cup, hoping that someone is able to fill it to the brim. The picture resembles the wanderings of a homeless person, looking for somewhere to snatch a piece of bread. And the same poor at heart roam around, who a priori cannot give anything in return.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Love affair on the side, communication on intimate topics with others.
  • Dissatisfaction with current relationships, the search for new feelings.
  • Hidden request for superficial emotions, fear of opening the heart.
  • Fear of being alone, escaping into any connection for the sake of calming yourself.

When the Knight of Cups fell upside down in a love spread, this is an occasion to think well about a partner. This position of the Arcana speaks of the insincerity of the second half. At a minimum, the beloved waits for the first step from the querent himself, in the worst case, for the questioner to be responsible for the two. At the same time, he can show his โ€œchivalryโ€ somewhere else on the side, and throw off the whole life on the shoulders of a husband or wife. Sometimes, the opposite position of the card simply denotes the former romance that has disappeared from the relationship.

For a lonely questioner, the Knight of Cups reversed promises a period of fleeting acquaintances. All potential partners will not want to continue the relationship. Everything will be limited to a one-time intimate relationship, or the role of a lover or mistress will be offered. Most likely, the querent himself attracts such people into his life. An inverted card gives a hint to pay attention to emotional blocks that do not allow worthy candidates to come closer to the heart. If they are not worked out, it is likely to always remain on the sidelines.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Protracted search for a new job, dishonest behavior.
  • Embellishment of working conditions, business, deception of colleagues.
  • External well-being for show, problems with finances.
  • Temporary jobs, coaxing money from partners.

In terms of work, the inverted Knight of Cups speaks of inflated requests from employers. Perhaps the querent is incompetent in the area in which he wants to take any position. Because of this discrepancy, there are problems with finding a suitable vacancy. The questioner resembles the main character from the fairy tale "The Naked King". He convinces everyone and himself that he is an excellent specialist, but, for some reason, in the end he remains out of work. Or maybe a potential boss behaves similarly โ€“ he praises the work, but in fact, deceives his colleagues.

The finances under this position of the Knight of Cups are not encouraging. The fortuneteller has many material desires, on which he is sprayed. The wallet suffers from this. Perhaps outwardly, the querent looks like a well-earned person โ€“ he dresses stylishly, buys new models of gadgets. But, in reality, at the moment he is going through difficult times โ€“ he gets into debt, takes excessive loans. The position of the Arcana indicates impulsiveness and isolation from reality.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Mental and physiological blocks in the body, imbalance.
  • Problems with the removal of fluids from the body, blockage.
  • Life in a fictional world as a result of some kind of trauma.
  • Tendency to provoke others and bring to emotions.

The Knight of Cups in an inverted position symbolizes a violation of the flow of fluids in the body. These include problems with the kidneys, ureter, blockage of blood vessels, varicose veins. For women, this may mean menopause or the systematic absence of menstruation. This affects the hormonal system. A person needs to get useful substances from food, nutritional supplements or medications. Also, sometimes, an inverted Arcana shows the possibility of appendicitis.

In terms of the psyche, if the card lay upside down, then it indicates a tendency to lie. The querent partially or completely invents non-existent facts. This condition is due to psychological trauma that the brain is trying to hide from consciousness. Moreover, the reversed Knight of Cups shows provocations in order to get an emotional response. The questioner manipulates the opponent in order to lead him to a scandal. Having thus received the necessary energy, the ego is briefly sated. This is the behavior of a psychological child who did not receive love in childhood.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • "Soap bubble" or empty promises, blatant lies.
  • Insecurity, avoidance of responsibility and the realities of the world.
  • Suspiciousness and excessive gullibility to the detriment of oneself.
  • Blurred perception of oneโ€™s present position.

The Knight of Cups reversed loses all knightly qualities. Now he becomes a shiny wrapper without candy. The dropped Arcana in an inverted position represents a bluff and a game for show. Any area of life that interests you will bring disappointment. You canโ€™t rely on a hero โ€“ today he is here, and tomorrow he is gone. Therefore, the imaginary charm will play against the querent. This can be expressed in a very attractive job offer, promises of a partner to improve. But everything will turn out to be untrue for the sake of obtaining momentary benefits.

Reversed, the Knight of Cups asks questions: โ€œWhy do I want to believe in a lie?โ€ and โ€œWhat am I really afraid to accept?โ€. In this context, the emphasis is on reality. The carriage will turn into a pumpkin at exactly midnight and the querent will still have to face himself. The search for something beautiful outside of yourself is obviously doomed to failure. In order not to be disappointed anymore, you need to cultivate this beauty in your soul, become a source, not a consumer. This position implies responsibility for oneself, and not an escape for illusory sunbeams.

Knight of Cups as a Significator of a Person

The Knight of Cups also designates specific individuals in divination. The card has an astrological correspondence to the zodiac sign Pisces. The Arcana shows attractive young men. Appearance can be anything โ€“ in each deck, the heroes on the Knight of Chalices card differ in hair color and facial features. You should focus on the image, and not the classic interpretation according to Rider-Waite. However, all people according to this Arcana are united by a soft tactful character. Men are kind, gallant and polite. They know how to charm any girl, but at the same time, they do not use this knowledge to the detriment.

The hero depicted on the Knight of Cups card moves with the help of a horse. That is, he is on the way, has not yet reached his beloved. This fact suggests that a man is in search of a life partner, or has already found her and is only taking steps towards greater rapprochement. In any case, the heart of a young person (by age or in his soul) is ready to let deep feelings in, to bestow warmth. A man knows how to take care, tries not to hurt by word or deed. They are also excellent interlocutors, understanding perfectly.

Knight of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Knight of Cups Card

As a piece of advice, the upright position of the Knight of Cups indicates the need to make your dreams come true. Now is the best time to confess your feelings, open up to your lover. Also, do not be afraid to ask for more from life โ€“ the Arcana advises to act carefully, but persistently, and then everything will work out. The reversed Knight of Cups, on the contrary, denotes some interference from the side. At the moment, the inner impulses of the soul cannot be satisfied. You can accept and wait, or look for a berth on other shores. This applies to both personal and work relationships.

The upright Knight of Cups warns of the danger of appearing as a compliant person. Others will be able to take advantage of the gentleness of the querent and inflict wounds right through the heart. Also, now you should not trust the second half. Perhaps a serious conflict has occurred, which is too early to begin to smooth out with forgiveness and concessions. The Knight of Cups reversed further exacerbates this meaning. All steps towards will be rejected by the partner, and the querent will be left with a broken heart. Sometimes the position of the Arcana speaks of a double game of loved ones โ€“ betrayal, "friendship against someone", etc. In any case, at the moment, it is dangerous to trust people and show your emotions.

Knight of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, the upright Knight of Cups predicts pleasant communication with a lover or potential gentleman. An invitation will come for a romantic date โ€“ a walk under the moonlight or an evening with a glass of champagne. However, the querent himself can express such an idea. The only important thing is that his partner will not mind. Business meetings are still possible, which will turn into a flash of sympathy. Any sphere of life on a given day will be shrouded in a romantic veil. It will seem that everything is fine โ€“ couples in love, lyrical films and songs will catch your eye. And yet, an unexpected acquaintance with the future second half may take place.

The reversed Knight of Cups shows meetings that are delayed. The date will be postponed to another day, and the loved one will disappear for a while. This is true for those couples who do not live together. For partners in marriage, the position of the Arcana promises a little rest from each other โ€“ you can even get tired of true love and constant pastime together. It is important to note here that after such a pause, relations will resume with renewed vigor, as if a second wind will open. Such situations include waiting for the arrival of a partner from another city, working abroad, etc. For single people, the reversed Knight of Cups simply speaks of memories of past relationships or watching a movie about love.

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