Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Knight of Pentacles, Prince of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 12

Keywords: Confidence, Practicality

Active element: Earth โ›ฐ๏ธ (suit) & Air ๐Ÿ’จ (rank)

Zodiac sign: Virgo โ™

The Knight of Pentacles is a card of confidence and practicality. This is a noble merchant who went on a long journey in search of something exclusive. Along the way, he will come across obstacles, but they will only make the hero even stronger. A faithful horse will be able to carry the rider over any obstacle. But in the reversed form, the character becomes an unbridled and masterful nobleman. He forgets about his king, who sent him on his way. Now the rider is trying to deceive the crowned couple โ€“ he enjoys all the benefits provided, but is in no hurry to complete the tasks. Itโ€™s a pompous goose, bloated with self-importance. Money and power blinded his eyes and turned him into a greedy and petty tyrant.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Knight of Pentacles

In the classic Waite Tarot card, the Knight of Pentacles depicts a man on a black horse. The hero is dressed in steel armor, brown tunic and leather gloves. The helmet is decorated with green feathers, vaguely reminiscent of oak leaves in shape. In his right hand, the character holds a gold coin with a pentagram. The horse is completely black โ€“ from hooves to mane. He is wearing a red harness and a brown blanket. The head is also decorated with oak leaves. The horse appears to be standing or moving very slowly. The action takes place against the backdrop of a plowed field. Mountains and a small area with trees are visible in the distance. The sky is bright yellow, without clouds.

The court Arcana of the Knight of Pentacles is related to the element Earth by suit, but by rank โ€“ to Air. The result is a mix of energies. It is a slow but sure, solid movement. The Prince of Coins in the Tarot symbolizes the development of the situation for the better. The pentacle represents both money, material values, and knowledge. The horse on the card is large, which hints at a large supply of strength, readiness for a long journey, endurance. Oak leaves are a symbol of wisdom, rich experience. The hero looks forward, not at the coin in his hands. He sees a goal in front of him, so he is not distracted by trifles. Arable land personifies the presence of prospects for the future. The mountain gives hope for success, the implementation of big plans. Earthy colors represent practicality and confidence.

Meaning of the Upright Knight of Pentacles Card

  • Acquisition of material well-being and a comfortable life.
  • Time to receive the fruits of past actions, negotiations and deeds.
  • Not too far a trip or road to work.
  • Confidence in the future, practicality, thoughtfulness.

In the upright position, the Knight of Pentacles indicates a trip to work or a slow development of the situation. Also, the card falls as a characteristic of a young man. Often, the Arcana shows the receipt of an award, the receipt of funds. Circumstances are developing in the best way in favor of the querent himself. The Knight of Pentacles also figuratively shows the season โ€“ autumn. This is the period when you can harvest โ€“ literally and figuratively. All previous actions are bearing fruit. And let the characterโ€™s horse move not too fast, but it will take the rider safe and sound. In such a symbolic way, the reliability and trust of life are shown.

The Knight of Pentacles also indicates an equal exchange, as well as trade relations. The querent is aware of the responsibility for his every action and word, and therefore expects the same from others. The card falls on the expected events, a long wait. However, everything will pay off with a vengeance. The questioning person is waiting for success and the closure of basic needs. The fallen Arcana implies stability and reliability. For the hero of the card, comfort is important, so the Prince of Coins symbolizes mundane goals. The upright position hints at the fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Relationships leading to the creation of a family or the birth of children.
  • Reliable responsible partner who knows how to negotiate.
  • Romantic acquaintance on a business trip or expedition.
  • Focus on marriage, procreation, more stability.

In the love spread, the Knight of Pentacles symbolizes the realization of serious intentions. The partner is ready to live together, create a family. He is already taking some action for this. Perhaps the other half will settle financial issues, and then immediately make an offer. The card shows more concern for practical things โ€“ such as living together, daily routine. Beloved wants a reliable relationship, mutual respect. If such a person has made a decision, then he will never give up, he will go to the end.

For singles, the Knight of Pentacles predicts a long wait. But itโ€™s worth it. When the questioner almost drops his hands, at this moment life will take a sharp turn โ€“ the fortuneteller will get acquainted with his future second half. Happiness is already knocking on his fate, he just needs to be given time. It is best not to think about your personal life now, not to take radical steps. Everything will work itself out, back to normal.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Sending on a business trip, settling a work issue.
  • Increasing wages and taking on new responsibilities.
  • Luck, the ability to work with large sums or literacy.
  • The presence of practical experience and extensive experience in the profession.

The Knight of Pentacles represents business trips, business meetings, travel for work. The card shows logistics, transport companies, car leasing. As a characteristic of the situation at work, the Arcana speaks of an increase in the career ladder, a chance to increase your income. The querent is slowly but surely moving towards success. He gains practical experience, becomes a first-class specialist in his field. Soon, the questioner can get the position of a leader or take his business to a qualitatively different level.

The financial situation is stable and favorable. A fortuneteller knows how to competently manage his own, as well as other peopleโ€™s funds. Even if a person takes a loan, as a result, he increases his capital and quickly repays his debts. The Knight of Pentacles personifies financial literacy, savvy in matters of budgeting. Over time, the querent can get rich, become a wealthy person, a successful businessman.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Work with a muscular corset, withstanding heavy loads.
  • The need to include a variety of foods in the diet.
  • A strong psyche and the ability to accept what is happening, life.
  • Calm character and stability in terms of goals.

In the context of health, the Knight of Pentacles shows strong immunity and a strong body. All organs and systems of the body work smoothly, without interruption. However, the querent needs a large amount of protein and fat in their daily diet to maintain their current physique. Often the card falls on those people who work hard. Due to physical activity, they need to constantly monitor the receipt of the necessary vitamins, trace elements. In this regard, the meaning of the Arcana is very similar to the Ten of Wands.

As a psychological portrait, the Knight of Pentacles falls on people with strong nerves. They can withstand a lot, both physically and mentally. Such loads make a querent a strong person with unshakable principles of life. The Knight of Pentacles also speaks of the ability to restrain oneself, to temporarily forget about some needs in order to achieve an important goal. Such a person always knows exactly where he is moving and why he needs it.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • A practical approach to the study of spiritual practices, doctrines.
  • Selecting a goal according to your level or successive steps.
  • Slow movement towards enlightenment or understanding of the essence.
  • "Unpacking" an important awareness in the soul and mind of the querent.

Spiritually, the meaning of the Knight of Pentacles is contradictory. Here, a too mundane character switches his practicality to higher matters. He cognizes the world from the point of view of an ordinary person. His thoroughness and desire to analyze everything is taken to a high level. Even a rich man can be enlightened. Some people, on the contrary, must know material security in order to break through in the spiritual plane. You need to find a middle ground, and not go to extremes. In this sense, the card symbolizes a confident movement towards high goals.

The Knight of Pentacles asks questions: โ€œWhat do I want to get?โ€ and โ€œWhat can I give away?โ€. When a person receives something, then by all means she must share something in return. This process is similar to breathing โ€“ the lungs take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. It is not for nothing that trees are drawn on the card โ€“ they clean the air with their existence. Man is a mortal being, therefore for him all material values are temporary. One day gold will turn into clay. In the upright position, the card symbolizes the understanding of this fact and shows non-attachment to the world.

Meaning of the Reversed Knight of Pentacles Tarot

  • Pomposity, selfishness, which prevents you from moving, growing.
  • Purely mercantile interest, the dark side of capitalism.
  • Greed for the manifestation of emotions, sincerity or snobbery.
  • Willfulness or disposal of other peopleโ€™s property and money.

In the reversed position, the Knight of Pentacles does not mean the same as in the upright position. Now confidence borders on tyranny, and practicality turns into commercialism. The reversed card symbolizes movement in the wrong direction or a postponed trip. The querent only moves away from the goal, because he chose the wrong course of action. Also, the Knight of Pentacles in the opposite form personifies the appropriation of someone elseโ€™s resource โ€“ whether it be intellectual or material values. A good chance arises before the questioner, but he uses it incorrectly. That is why the results will not please the fortuneteller.

Also, the reversed Knight of Pentacles falls as a characteristic on greedy people. They put money before conscience. In some cases, the position of the card hints at various delays, inconsistencies. There are obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goal. It is possible that they relate to large financial expenses. In either case, the querent will encounter an obstacle in its path. The interesting situation will unfold in a completely different direction. And even if success was so close, at the last moment the bird of happiness will only wave its wing.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Relationships built on the principle of "buy-sell".
  • Insincerity in communicating with each other or hiding lies.
  • Loss of self-confidence is the true cause of loneliness.
  • Refusal to every suitor who shows signs of attention.

In a love reading, the reversed Knight of Pentacles shows a desire to "buy" the partnerโ€™s disposition. A person covers his shortcomings with money or gifts. In such a relationship there is no sincerity, but there is material well-being. Everyone has the right to decide for himself what is important to him. However, in this case, the position of the card hints that you can not expect changes in the future โ€“ the habit of paying off has become second nature. Perhaps one of the partners is simply cheating, leading a double life.

For lonely people, the reversed Knight of Pentacles shows the loss of a good chance. The questioner himself does not want to let anyone near him, he is afraid to trust. Potential partners do not even try to show attention โ€“ they know that the person will not accept gifts and courtship. For men, the Arcana in the opposite form hints at the connection between personal life and financial situation. If a guy has problems with work, then this is automatically reflected in his self-confidence.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Making a serious mistake in your workplace.
  • Postponed business trip, crisis or instability.
  • Waste of other peopleโ€™s funds, short-sightedness or withholding.
  • The presence of large debts or unsustainable loans.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles Tarot gives an unfavorable meaning to the spread for work. It may indicate dismissal, lost trust from superiors. Business brings only debts and trembling nerves. In the workplace, various difficulties sometimes arise, which are difficult to neutralize. The querent chose the wrong profession or made a mistake with the vacancy. In any case, the position of the Arcana symbolizes the loss of stability, the increased risk of ending a career. If a business trip was meant, it will be postponed or canceled altogether.

In terms of finances, the reversed Knight of Pentacles denotes a precarious position. The questioner has something to lose, and now he is on the verge. Perhaps a person spends borrowed or last money. At the moment, the crisis is not yet felt, but soon it will definitely come. A card in the opposite position hints at the danger of spending too much, not thinking about the consequences for your wallet.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Abuse of chemicals, additives.
  • A sport that only harms a person; leg diseases.
  • The desire to stand out through invented stories.
  • Puffiness or refusal to listen to others.

The state of health of the reversed Knight of Pentacles is not in very good condition. The body may swell, become heavy and heavy to lift. Often, this position is passed by people who are very fond of sports. This interest makes you take harmful steroids and anabolics. As a result, the liver and heart suffer. Also, the reversed view of the card hints at problems with the legs. This may be varicose veins or overweight, which does not allow you to move freely.

Mentally, there are obvious problems. The Knight of Pentacles in the opposite sense indicates a tendency to lie, insincerity. Personality is used to evading responsibility, lying at every turn. A person may present himself as a millionaire and philanthropist, although in reality he is greedy and penniless. All this is done for the sake of attracting attention to their own person. The person does not stand out in any way, therefore he sees a way out only in a lie. If you point it out to her, you can get a whole tub of dirt in your direction.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Uncertainty in your choice of path and superficiality.
  • Grasping knowledge and practices "on top", frivolity.
  • The study of spiritual heritage for profit.
  • Selling someone elseโ€™s knowledge, not their own experience in practice.

In the context of spirituality, the reversed Knight of Pentacles shows peculiar defectors. Such people today are fond of Christianity, tomorrow โ€“ Buddhism, the day after tomorrow โ€“ Islam. They start but never finish the job. The mind is always striving for something new. He quickly gets bored with the same thing. But the essence lies in the constant continuous movement. If you leave things halfway, you can simply wear yourself out. The position of the card indicates such smart people who think they have known the world. But these are just their illusions. Often the interest in spirituality here is due to the desire to sell their knowledge.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles asks questions: โ€œWhy am I treading water?โ€ and โ€œHave I chosen the right path?โ€. If a person quickly loses the desire for a chosen direction, then it is worth thinking hard. Perhaps a person follows fashion trends, other peopleโ€™s advice or their own self-interest. To continue the path, you must initially set a clear and achievable goal.

Knight of Pentacles as a Significator of a Person

If the Knight of Pentacles fell upright, then the Arcana shows young dark-haired men. In terms of character, these are self-confident individuals who often managed to get rich at a fairly young age. They always strive for independence, so they like to understand any subject on their own. The card also shows people under the sign of the zodiac Virgo. Examples include celebrities โ€“ Tom Hardy, Adam Sandler, Tim Burton. These are always punchy people, however, with a difficult character. They are used to being obeyed and obeyed at all times.

But when reversed, the Knight of Pentacles symbolizes real snobs. The card position now shows meticulous self-proclaimed "teachers". Nobody asked them, but nevertheless, others receive moralizing in their direction. Most often, this opinion is very strongly reminiscent of disguised malice and envy. Aristotle and Thomas Edison were famous for their obnoxious characters. And even their bright heads did not help the latter to find true friends.

Knight of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Knight of Pentacles Card

If the card lies upright, then the Knight of Pentacles advises to systematically achieve the goal. In order to conquer a new peak, the querent needs to study and work even more, gain practical experience. Now is the best time to realize all the possibilities and talents of the questioner. This road will not be short, but in the end it will bring a well-deserved reward. Also, the Knight of Pentacles card warns of the danger of stopping or, conversely, in a hurry. You should find a middle ground for yourself and balance between periods of rest and work. If the questioner takes too small a task or a very large one, there is a great risk of defeat.

Reversed, the Knight of Pentacles advises to abandon the trip or the planned plan. At the end point of the querent, no one is waiting, so the journey itself will be meaningless. It is best to spend time thinking about escape routes. Moreover, the position of the card advises to return money to someone or not to take into account other peopleโ€™s moralizing. Also, an reversed Arcana warns of the danger now to go forward. Some person will try to deceive the fortuneteller, to catch him on the bait of mercantile interest. If you believe in these fairy tales, then you can stay "with a nose."

Knight of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

Today, the querent is waiting for a trip to work or a meeting with some dark-haired man. The Knight of Pentacles hints that all matters will revolve around financial issues. If the fortuneteller is planning a date, then his passion will come with a specific goal โ€“ to put everything in its place, to achieve specifics. On these days, knowledge will be assimilated in practice the first time. The questioner can go on an expedition or will be engaged in the execution of instructions from higher authorities. The coin sometimes symbolizes documents, securities. In this case, the fortuneteller will have a chance to prove his devotion and relevance in terms of career or study.

But the reversed Knight of Pentacles changes the vibrations of the day to negative ones. Today, delays are possible, long in time "traffic jams". Trips will be rescheduled or canceled altogether. The receipt of funds is postponed until later. A person will not be able to receive a debt from friends or colleagues. Also, the reverse position of the Knight of Pentacles card in the spread of the card of the day predicts a lack of understanding between people. On this day, it is difficult to agree, to come to a common opinion. All orders will be misinterpreted, and therefore โ€“ incorrectly executed. Itโ€™s best to give yourself a break and rethink your plan of action.

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