Knight of Swords Tarot Card

Card Name: Knight of Swords, Prince of Blades

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Swords

Position: 12

Keywords: Decisiveness, Tenacity

Active element: Air ๐Ÿ’จ (suit & rank)

Zodiac sign: Gemini โ™Š

The Knight of Swords in the Tarot is a wonderful horseman, awarded the great honor to know eternal life. Thanks to his courage and brilliant mind, the hero becomes like an angel of justice. His purity of soul rejects even the slightest manifestation of base feelings. However, there is a catch here too. Inverted, the same Knight of Blades becomes a warrior of evil forces. Now he also fights fearlessly, but on the dark side. Decisiveness turns into aggressiveness. Beautiful Prince faces the real world and canโ€™t stand the flood of negativity. Depending on the position in the spread, the card shows the direction of energy inward or outward.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Knight of Swords

In the classic Waite Tarot card, the Knight of Swords depicts a galloping rider. The man is dressed in steel armor and a red cape with a cloak. The visor is raised, the helmet is decorated with a scarlet plume. In his right hand, the hero firmly holds a sword raised up, ready to bring it down on enemies. The riderโ€™s cape and horse blanket are decorated with symbols of birds and butterflies. On the armor there is an ornament in the form of wings. The facial expressions of the guy indirectly indicate a cry, or anger, selflessness. The horse is white, the mane develops in the wind. The animal is shown in a jump or fast-paced run. The action takes place against the backdrop of a desert area with rare trees. A circling flock of birds can be seen in the distance. The sky is bright blue, the clouds are cirrus.

Most of the details on the Knight of Swords symbolize movement โ€“ birds, butterflies, wings and clouds. The crowns of the trees are bent to the right, which shows the direction of the wind. The hero himself moves to the left. This is an indication of determination, perseverance and self-confidence. The scarlet color represents motivation, a strong desire. Raised hand with a blade โ€“ readiness for struggle, conquest. The white horse symbolizes honest methods, noble ways to achieve the goal. This is the speed of thought, creative ideas. The card by suit and rank belongs to the element Air, which makes its energy even more impetuous, divorced from earthly feelings.

Meaning of the Upright Knight of Swords Card

  • Honesty to yourself and others, nobility, truth.
  • Decisive action, the presence of convictions, high ideals.
  • Fearlessness and self-confidence, a guide to achieving the goal.
  • Rapid growth or development of the situation; striving forward.

Researcher Marie Greer believes that the entire Rider-Waite deck is an illustration of medieval legends. The cup held by the Queen of Water is a symbol of eternal life, immortality. The hero on the card, the Knight of Swords, seeks to see the Holy Grail. It is believed that Galahad, the son of Lady Elaine and Lancelot, became the prototype of the horseman depicted. The guy was pure in soul, so he was a knight of the Round Table of King Arthur. Thanks to moral qualities, the young man was awarded the right to look at the Grail. The Arcana shows the scene of his journey. Therefore, in the upright position, the card denotes swiftness, passion for something.

The hero is guided by a higher idea, a good goal. The Knight of Swords symbolizes fearlessness, the ability to gather in the face of danger. This is selflessness, nobility. However, the energy of the card is very cold and impartial โ€“ there is no place for the fire of the heart, as on the Prince of Wands. Rather, the rider is guided by internal principles, beliefs. The court Arcana denotes a very rapid development of events, a quick response or an unexpected meeting. The situation will appear in its true light, without any embellishment. The card represents truth, honesty. Perhaps the querent will open new doors to a wonderful future, there will be ways to change something.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Cardinal changes in personal life or decisiveness.
  • Rapid transition from one stage to another, surprise.
  • The end of the period of loneliness and acquaintance with a person.
  • Meeting at the wrong time, immediately direct recognition of feelings.

In the love spread, the Knight of Swords symbolizes the imminent development of relationships. A partner may surprise you with a proposal to legalize a marriage or have a child. It doesnโ€™t matter how well people know each other. The man came up with what he thinks is a brilliant idea. Therefore, he wants to quickly realize the intention. However, sometimes in such a pair, there is a lack of sincerity of feelings and empathy for each other. Rather, partners are guided by internal beliefs about how a family should be.

For lonely people, the Knight of Swords predicts unexpected changes. Acquaintance can occur at a time when the querent is absolutely not ready for it. For example โ€“ on a trip or during active work. Soon the situation will change dramatically. The Rider of Pikes symbolizes the transition, abrupt changes. The period of loneliness will end, a new stage in the life of the questioning person will begin. The upright position of the card indicates the noble intentions of the future lover.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Freelance, work via the Internet or a remote job.
  • Constant conversations at work, the transfer of information.
  • The emergence of demand in the labor market, the supply of work.
  • Meeting in the Internet space โ€“ by video link, in a chat.

In the context of the significator of activity, the Knight of Swords symbolizes the sphere of high technologies, programming. It is also work via the Internet โ€“ writing texts, creating digital images. The rapid transmission of information is key. This also includes professions โ€“ negotiator, manager. In terms of the current situation at work, the Knight of Swords hints at an early meeting with a client, an unexpected proposal for cooperation. Sometimes the card speaks of the rapid start of a business โ€“ a startup.

The financial situation will soon change for the better. The querent will be able to sell their own competencies, skills, knowledge. The Knight of Swords says that in the near future, the questioner may receive many proposals. At the same time, you need to react very quickly, immediately grab onto work, implement projects. The important thing is how the fortuneteller conducts a dialogue, whether he knows how to negotiate with people. Communication skills in this case play a major role.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Constant training of the mind, exercises for the brain.
  • A good voice and hearing, keen eyes and a hardened body.
  • A technical approach to life, thoughtfulness or dry logic.
  • Following own strategy and resolute character.

In the context of the human body, the Knight of Swords denotes the neural connections of the brain, nerve endings, and also the voice. The upright position of the Arcana indicates that everything is in order with the health of the questioner. The card shows good hardening, resistance of immunity to temperature extremes. Such a person is fussy, quickly perceives information, and is ready to immediately proceed to the implementation of the plan. The voice is high, the diction is worked out. Also, the Prince of Air personifies sharp hearing and excellent eyesight.

The mental state is excited. A person thinks a lot, develops action plans. For her, a purely intellectual approach to life is important. The Knight of Swords shows logic, strategist. At the moment, he again proves something to someone, achieves his goal. Often such a person is categorical and thinks in terms of evil and good. But at the same time, being confident in his rightness, a person is ready to fight to the last. The card falls on principled individuals who have their own point of view.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Focus on gaining knowledge, learning from the experience of others.
  • The search for oneself outside and the desire to comprehend the truth outside.
  • Reading spiritual literature or meeting with mentors.
  • The desire to find true answers to difficult questions.

From the standpoint of spirituality, the Knight of Swords shows the triumph of reason over the voice of the heart. The seeker is still completely closed and does not perceive the subtlety of the world. Such a person is attached to a certain denomination, he needs dogmas and clear rules. If you leave him alone with him, then, most likely, he will simply go crazy. The flow of thoughts does not allow you to calm down, makes you be in constant motion. But if we consider the positive aspects, then the card symbolizes the beginning of the search, the aspiration to conquer the peaks. So far, the querent approaches this issue only from the side of the accumulation of knowledge.

The Knight of Swords asks questions: "What information am I looking for?" and โ€œWhat can she give me?โ€. Dry knowledge at the beginning of the path allows you to put the mind on certain tracks. These are the same frames, but now they are spiritual. Such information is needed so that the neophyte does not go crazy from the versatility of the world. Further, in the direction of moving inward, gradually all restrictions should go away. But for now, they are needed. Someone elseโ€™s experience is like arrows on trees in a dark forest of philosophy and morality.

Meaning of the Reversed Knight of Swords Tarot

  • Impact, negative energy or dangerous emotional charge.
  • Inappropriate behavior, a direct manifestation of anger, hatred.
  • Squabbles, struggle for superiority or intellectual battle.
  • Disruption of all plans, unexpected appearance of problems, obstacles.

The reversed position of the Tarot card changes the meaning of the Knight of Swords to a negative one. Now the speed of movement becomes inappropriate, destroying all plans. The rider turns into an insensitive machine, programmed only to achieve the goal. He is ready to go over the heads for his own benefit. Often the reversed Knight of Swords card means an unexpected blow of fate, the machinations of enemies, and serious problems. The changes will be for the worse. The conceived is difficult to implement, because intervention from a third party will follow. The position of the Arcana represents negativity, anger and harshness. In any spread, this is an indication of a miss, a defeat.

Also, the reversed Knight of Swords can denote specific people who interfere with the implementation of the querentโ€™s plans. But in some cases, this is the very behavior of the questioner. A person cannot think logically, think about the consequences. He focuses on momentary flashes, which is why he drives himself into a corner. These emotions have nothing to do with passion; rather, they are dictated by the desire to assert oneself, to prove oneโ€™s intellectual superiority. However, all actions will be a struggle with oneโ€™s own shadow. Therefore, the reversed Prince of Blades denotes untimeliness, the inability to wait and adapt to circumstances.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • An attempt to assert itself at the expense of a partner and an unequal marriage.
  • Selfish approach to relationships, other peopleโ€™s desires, goals.
  • Refusal to communicate with an unpleasant person and avoid a tyrant.
  • Suppressed anger, which does not allow to establish a personal life.

For a love spread, the Knight of Swords in the opposite form is a bad sign. The position of the card speaks of serious claims and jealousy on the part of the partner. A person wants to control the second half, to be the master of the situation. However, the role of a leader in a pair turns into a real tyrant. The reversed Arcana can talk about quarrels and assault. This is a sick love, a neurotic attachment to the object of sympathy. The desire to reshape a partner according to oneโ€™s own pattern already speaks of a lack of respect.

Lonely people, on the contrary, will accept another rejection from the opposite sex. The reversed Knight of Swords shows the train of feelings that has rushed past. The querent will not be taken seriously, while they can verbally throw mud at him. But there is a significant plus here โ€“ some tactless, embittered person will bypass the questioner. In this context, it is better to be alone than to let such a character near you. We can assume that this is protection from the universe.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Loss of a job, refusal of an employer, crisis.
  • An unexpected dismissal and an unforgivable mistake.
  • Poverty or a business operating at a loss for the owner.
  • Rapid loss of a large amount, incorrect calculation.

In terms of work, the Knight of Swords reversed denotes a resounding failure, an unattained goal. The querent made a mistake, showed himself sharply, began to act thoughtlessly. Self-confidence has led to negative consequences. Sometimes the position of the card speaks of honesty, which played against the questioner himself. The nature of the querent does not allow him to deceive people, fawn over the authorities. Therefore, it is often difficult for such a person to find a suitable job. The internal compass leads in the opposite direction, far from the concept of "success".

The financial situation is very difficult. Unexpected problems have arisen that require investment of money and energy. Now the querent feels empty in his soul and his wallet too. The reversed Knight of Swords shows the presence of a huge cash gap, a situation close to bankruptcy. The questioner failed to cope with the problems. Failures are pouring like from a cornucopia, not letting you get up from your knees. The position of the Arcana indicates the absence of any prospects.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Deterioration of the patientโ€™s condition, loss of vision and hearing.
  • Psychomotor agitation and difficulty calming down.
  • Schizophrenia or disintegration of the personality, exhaustion of the mind.
  • Self-hatred or the process of character degradation.

In the context of health, the Knight of Swords, in the opposite sense, speaks of a sharp deterioration in the condition. In a short period of time, the disease can move to the next stage. Urgent surgical intervention is required. Often the position of the card shows dementia, schizophrenia, or tremor paralysis. The human brain begins to work incorrectly, which can provoke various visions, sound hallucinations. If the querent does not suffer from any illness, anyway, in the near future there will be pain in the body, or a mechanical injury will be received.

The state of mind is rather deplorable. The reversed Knight of Swords represents movement from one extreme to the other. If a person has been kind and accommodating for a long time, now his character becomes the exact opposite. Behavior itself, the manner of speaking and moving, is changing. Twitching appears, the personality becomes stubborn. There may be outbursts of anger, unreasonable anger. Often, self-destruction begins with the person himself. He is addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Death cults, combat magic, voodoo, negative influences.
  • The desire to take revenge on everyone and everything, to restore justice.
  • Fixation on oneโ€™s own pain, resentment and past grief.
  • Fear to stop and soberly assess the extent of their mistakes.

In terms of spirituality, the Knight of Swords reversed speaks of a kind of transition to the dark side. Personality cultivates in itself hatred for the world around and people. Life itself appears as an enemy to the weary traveler. He wants to avenge past grievances and experienced pain. People with such undeveloped baggage of experience turn into evil sorcerers and witches. They harm everyone and everything, driven by the desire to repay the world with the same coin. At the same time, they are not interested in the question of morality and the appropriateness of such magical influences.

Reversed, the Knight of Swords asks questions: โ€œWhat am I fixated on?โ€ and "How to let go of the resentment of the past?". The stone on the soul every day will pull the seeker down. Falling into negative thinking, trying to take revenge on the world, a person gets more and more bogged down in his own swamp. Even such a place can become cozy and comfortable for someone who is afraid to face the truth. But only letting go of inner pain will give true peace to a weary soul.

Knight of Swords as a Significator of a Person

The Knight of Swords personifies young, ambitious people. These are stiff intellectuals who know how to correctly convey the idea to everyone. They like to engage in disputes, to prove a point of view. For such individuals, strength is the ability to kill a person with one word. But they can also inspire and inspire to exploits. If a person is able to imagine something, then it is already possible. This Arcana has an astrological correspondence with the zodiac sign Gemini. Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Natalie Portman โ€“ all these celebrities are not without a sense of humor, they have the gift to charm and convince.

In the opposite form, the Knight of Swords shows the most negative side of intellectuals. Now the card falls on various instigators, those who call for unleashing wars and civil strife. Internal contradictions force such people to broadcast aggression outward. They rejoice when others argue and hate each other. A classic example is Ernst Junger. This is a writer who became famous thanks to the book "Storm of Steel". He shared the ideas of Hitler, with the help of a pen, kindled the flames of war.

Knight of Swords: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Knight of Swords Card

If the Knight of Swords fell out upright, then the Arcana advises to act immediately. The querent is driven by the right thoughts, so you can count on success. The sooner the questioner begins to implement his plan, the more he will achieve in the end. It is also worth paying great attention to conversations, correspondence. Your thoughts should be expressed dryly and clearly, without emotional overtones. The Knight of Swords also warns of the presence of rivals. An interested adversary enters this race for some prize. The querent needs to try to overtake the enemy in several ways. However, the spirit of competition will only spur.

If the card lay upside down, then the Knight of Swords advises to abandon the implementation of the plan. Now is not the time for action. Plans may not be fully developed, and ideas may simply be unrealizable fantasies. We need to go back to the very beginning and reconsider our priorities. As a warning, the reversed Knight of Swords indicates that some undertaking is doomed from the start. The surrounding people will not support the questioner. All conversations and motivational speeches will be wasted. The trip will also not bring the desired results.

Knight of Swords: Daily Card Meaning

The Knight of Swords dropped upright predicts unexpected events. On this day, everything conceived will be realized within a few hours. Very little time will pass from a flashed idea to a concrete result. Today, spontaneous trips are possible. If a person has not decided on something for a long time, then on this day he will feel a surge of energy and confidence. Also, today there may be an unexpected meeting. Acquaintance is also possible through the Internet. The appearance of the Arcana speaks of the emergence of a brilliant idea, a stream of fresh thoughts. A sober look at things will appear, a crystal clear understanding of the plan for future actions.

The reversed Knight of Swords Tarot gives a negative meaning to the spread of the day card. Today the querent is going to fail, miss. There may be a headache. The solution to the urgent problem will never be found. In this case, the problems will not go anywhere. The position of the card symbolizes the outflow of energy, inner unrest. Anything that is done in haste will then bring disastrous consequences. The questioner does not have enough strength, or information about something. This gap can lead to a fatal decision. Today it is better not to take on complex cases at all, not to try to solve all the issues.

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