Knight of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Knight of Wands, Prince of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 12

Keywords: Initiative, Adventurism

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ (suit) & Air ๐Ÿ’จ (rank)

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius โ™

The Knight of Wands is a fiery card that can warm or burn. The main character can be compared to Hephaestus, who gives fire to people. When he strives towards a new goal, sparks and lightning fly from him. This is not just an initial impulse โ€“ the second court Arcana symbolizes active actions. The earth is melting under the hooves of the steed carrying the Knight towards his fate. And everyone who has become an involuntary witness is now striving to repeat the triumph of the idol. The card shows the strongest motivation, a push from the Universe. Standing still will not work, forward is the only direction. In this regard, the Prince of the suit of Staves resembles the Major Arcana Sun.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Knight of Wands

In the classic Waite Tarot card, the Knight of Wands depicts a young man on a red horse. The rider is dressed in armor and a yellow cape with salamanders โ€“ the same as the hero Page of Staves. The helmet is raised, adorned with red feathers. With his left hand, a man holds a horse by a harness, and in his right hand he holds a sprouted pole. The horse reared up โ€“ it seems that the picture captures the moment of rapid movement. The horseโ€™s mane, the jagged edge of the cape, red gloves and fluttering feathers โ€“ all these elements resemble a real flame. The action takes place against the backdrop of the desert. Three Egyptian pyramids are visible behind. The sky is bright blue, without clouds.

Arthur Waite advised to pay attention to the posture in which the horse of the Knight of Wands is located. It reflects the character, vibrations of the Arcana. This is expressiveness, enterprise, striving forward. According to the suit, the card belongs to the element Fire, according to the rank โ€“ to the Air. Therefore, the flame flares up, the free spirit of the protagonist is maintained. The staff in his hand is a symbol of the campaign. The man went on the road not for the sake of conquest, like the Prince of Swords. He strives for knowledge, new experiences and discoveries without the use of violence. All movement on the Arcana occurs from right to left. If you put a Page of Clubs card next to it, then the figures of the heroes will look at each other. The Arcana should be read depending on which side the Knight of Wands fell on โ€“ coming or going.

Meaning of the Upright Knight of Wands Card

  • A violent manifestation of feelings and the emergence of a new object of passion.
  • A strong desire to do something or set off on a fast journey.
  • The fast pace of development of events and the desire to realize oneself.
  • Applying knowledge in practice, the desire to live a full life.

The Arcana Prince of Staves in the upright position means drive, expression. This is a storm of emotions, a cocktail of fiery feelings. A person lights up some ideas and is ready to immediately take on its implementation. The desire for your goal cannot be limited โ€“ the hero of the Knight of Wands card cannot hold anything. In a positive sense, this behavior motivates and energizes those around you. It can inspire, move to action. A horse is a symbolic image of that huge store of internal energy that contains a certain event or person. The battery is fully charged, and therefore it is impossible to stand still.

In any area of life, the Knight of Wands predicts imminent changes. According to the upright position of the card, we can say that all changes will be for the better. A person will finally pull himself together and solve pending cases, projects. There is also a great chance of a new passion appearing โ€“ for a potential partner, hobby or job. The Universe itself will push in the back and whisper in the ear possible brilliant prospects. These are decisions that come at once, without a thorough analysis, dry calculation. What they will lead to โ€“ you should look at the nearest Tarot card that has fallen out.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A high degree of passion in a relationship, pressure from a partner.
  • Bright intimate life, renewal of feelings and constant interest.
  • The emergence of a strong desire for someone, a new acquaintance.
  • Attempts to win favor or conquer with their behavior.

In the love spread, the Knight of Wands shows a dangerous situation. The querent is completely fascinated by his partner, ready to give up everything for the sake of this relationship. The questioner is blinded by passion and tries to win favor in any way. Even if a person is not inclined to adapt to someone, nevertheless, in terms of love, he will do anything. On the one hand, such a state of affairs brings a feeling of full life, a desire to create, to develop for the sake of someone. On the other hand, such impulses are not always correctly assessed by the partner. If everything is fine in a couple, then the Knight of Wands symbolizes a stormy intimate life, a constant warming up of interest in each other.

For single people, the card predicts a long-awaited meeting with a new lover. Soon the querent will have the opportunity to establish a personal life. A potential soulmate will light a torch of passion in the soul. The Knight of Wands also shows the most future partner โ€“ an expressive man with blond or red hair. For guys, the Arcana personifies their own behavior in an attempt to win their favorite passion.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Departure on a business trip for the sake of gaining experience, impressions.
  • Quick implementation of a business idea, temporary project, adventurism.
  • Luxurious life without a steady income and some kind of stability.
  • The habit of acting according to the situation without planning and analytics.

Work on the card Knight of Wands is undergoing changes. The querent will have a chance to show his best sides, professionalism. It is possible to go on a business trip in order to develop competencies, get motivation. As a significator of activity, the Arcana shows the positions associated with the implementation of creative ideas. It is also freelancing, temporary work, project activities. On this card there are offices in which there is no clear dress code. Employees are given freedom of action, and eccentric ideas are valued more than workaholism.

In terms of finances, the Knight of Wands shows an easy attitude towards money. The querent can quickly receive a huge amount and also quickly spend on a โ€œbrilliantโ€ idea. This approach is close to entrepreneurs, lovers of various kinds of adventures. At the same time, even in the most difficult times, the questioner does not strive for stability. Colossal monetary growth occurs only in a critical situation, so a crisis is a welcome time.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • High testosterone levels and increased libido in men.
  • Developed muscles, weightlifting, bodybuilding.
  • Leadership position, enterprise, impulsiveness in the black.
  • Active character, ability to react quickly in a difficult case.

In the context of health, the Knight of Wands symbolizes quick rehabilitation, correction. All healing processes occur more rapidly than in other people. The card indicates a good sexual function in men, an excess of testosterone. Rapid muscle growth is stimulated, bones remain in optimal density. However, for women, the same hormone in surplus will lead to the formation of a male-type figure โ€“ an increase in the shoulder section and a decrease in the hips. Therefore, sometimes the Knight of Wands falls on female bodybuilders taking steroids.

The psyche on this card is in an excited state. A person is obsessed with a certain idea and is ready to immediately implement it in any way. At the same time, a person can motivate others, offer to participate in joint projects and affairs. An excess of energy also sets in motion physically โ€“ the questioner wants to play sports, work on the body. People with a pronounced leadership position pass through the Knight of Wands. They are ready to take responsibility and can develop even the most failed, at first glance, ideas.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Movement towards the ultimate goal of working on oneself, transformation.
  • The active stage of experiencing psychological trauma or pain.
  • Aggression, rage and rage, directed in a peaceful direction.
  • The ability to manage oneself, achieving a high bar.

The Arcana of the Knight of Wands in terms of spirituality shows the final stage of work on oneself. This is Rubedo โ€“ the stage of melting lead into the philosopherโ€™s stone. The great work, the creation of a new "I", will soon come to an end. The personality has gone through the three previous stages and is now just putting the finishing touches on it. The upright position of the Arcana speaks of accuracy, despite the swiftness. This is a real enlightenment, a departure from the familiar world of frames and patterns. A person melts down all the dirt and painful experience, renews his soul.

This court Arcana asks questions: โ€œWhat do I need to pay attention to?โ€ and โ€œHow to maintain the desired pace of achieving the goal?โ€. If you show a little more pressure, then the whole process will be in vain โ€“ the liquid will boil away and will not be able to accept the structure of the stone. However, the Knight of Wands in a straight position speaks of the right speed, the right direction. At the usual human level, this can be interpreted as work on oneโ€™s psychotraumas. Ultimately, the personality must be transformed, freed from the fetters of the past.

Meaning of the Reversed Knight of Wands Tarot

  • Short temper, rage, covering the eyes; character complexity.
  • Inappropriate expression, outbursts of aggression with or without a reason.
  • Following momentary impulses to the detriment of yourself and others.
  • Getting loved ones by the eternal stream of ideas, goals; importunity.

If you turn the Arcana, then the meaning of the Knight of Wands changes. Now fast pace and initiative hurt the querent. Events form a chaotic pattern with unpredictable results. Positive growth is held back due to rash actions, disunity of views. The person takes one step forward and two steps back. Internal impulses bring discord, a person rushes between desires and a way of realization. There may be several important goals, aspirations at once. At the same time, the path of achievement does not add up due to the excessive impulsiveness of the questioning person. The meaning is similar to the inverted Eight of Staves โ€“ arrows of attention cannot hit the target.

Another fortuneteller is simply used to restrain impulses. However, the trapped energy will still find a way out. The reversed Knight of Wands is throwing around the room, annoying calls to friends in an attempt to calm down. It does not matter what drives a person at this moment โ€“ constructive plans or resentment. The essence of the excited psyche, the difficulty to concentrate, let off steam. As a result, a person can break firewood, destroy relationships with loved ones due to the ardor of character. The Prince of Wands, in the opposite sense, makes mistake after mistake.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Quarrels or aggression against each other; difficulty finding common ground.
  • Different views on the way of the family, building relationships.
  • Throwing between several potential lovers.
  • The eternal search for new vivid sensations or dissatisfaction.

In the spread for love, the Knight of Staves reversed promises a refusal to support, problems with mutual understanding. Partners cannot reach out to each other, come to a common conclusion. There is no clear model of relationships โ€“ today everything is fine, and tomorrow the whole day will pass in quarrels. The reversed Knight of Wands is a kind of Italian family with a stormy finding out who is right and who is wrong. The stage of reciprocal passion changes to pronounced aggression. Emotional swings are dictated by the complexity of the nature of one or both partners.

For singles, the Knight of Wands in the opposite sense predicts a turbulent period in his personal life. There may be an intimate relationship without further development of the relationship. On the one hand, the querent may even have several potential partners, but on the other hand, all these connections will not bring satisfaction. The fortuneteller will feel himself rushing between two fires. Peace will only dream. However, true spiritual impulses cannot be fully realized.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Refusal to obey the rules, arbitrariness in the workplace.
  • Illegal business activity; fake firms, companies.
  • The habit of squandering money, spending on dubious things.
  • Refusal of constant development, the desire to go the easy way.

The Knight of Wands reversed in the context of the work is a ticking time bomb. The position of the card shows the activity that will cause harm in the future. The querent treats current tasks negligently, perhaps shirks work, does not want to obey. Arrogance will play a cruel joke and push the boss to decide to fire such an employee. If the inverted Page of Fire only allowed himself to criticize the rules, then the Prince openly declares other beliefs, tries to bend the system for himself. But the position of the card speaks only of a resounding failure.

In terms of finances, the Knight of Wands in an inverted meaning personifies impulsiveness in dealing with money. If by the upright position one can speak of adventures that will be crowned with success, then here one should not even dream about it. The impulses of the querent make you spend everything clean, as well as borrow from others. The habit of living in a big way is absolutely not supported by anything. Perhaps the fortuneteller has a problem โ€“ gambling. In the reversed position, gambling entertainment takes place โ€“ cards, casinos, sports betting.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Damage to the skin, a large area of burns, abrasions.
  • For women โ€“ problems with appearance due to hormonal failure.
  • Outburst of negative feelings, emotional burnout and discord.
  • A trigger that provokes aggression or uncontrollable rage.

In the health spread, the Knight of Wands reversed shows improper wound healing, scarring, visible stitches. Severe burns are possible. This also includes a bright allergic reaction, the appearance of spots on the skin. For women, an increase in testosterone levels is possible due to hormonal failure. This entails the appearance of facial hair, the presence of fat deposits on the abdomen in the male pattern. Also, the position position of the Arcana speaks of the dryness of the female genital organs, problems in intimate life.

The psyche on the Knight of Wands card is Pandoraโ€™s box. A person is used to accumulating negative emotions in himself and sooner or later will explode. They are driven by conflicting feelings, and therefore it is difficult to deal with existing problems. It seems as if the person moves in a vicious circle with no chance to find the right door. All attempts she tries to make are doomed to failure from the start. To solve this theorem, one should turn on a sober mind, but internal impulses dictate their conditions. Human behavior becomes similar to the zeal of a bull who saw a red ribbon.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Fear of sinking into oneself, working through psychological trauma.
  • Using available opportunities to the detriment of yourself and others.
  • Adrenaline addiction, or the eternal search for thrills.
  • A crippling passion, also an inability to deny yourself anything.

The reversed Knight of Wands Tarot gives a touch of disappointment to the spiritual spread. A serious mistake has been made in working on oneself. A person cannot hook the problem on the hook of the inner eye. To get out of a psychotrauma, you need to immerse yourself in it completely. This is where the difficulty itself comes into play. Thus, the person is protected, she does not want to re-experience severe pain. Instead, hypersubstitution occurs โ€“ a person can achieve great heights in the business world, become rich and famous. However, he will be afraid of something for the rest of his life and try to avoid similar situations.

The Knight of Wands in the opposite form asks questions: โ€œWhat am I running from?โ€ and โ€œWhy canโ€™t I calm down?โ€. Not everyone can boast of outstanding results. Often, inner emptiness inclines on the path of self-destruction. A person never calms down, tries to prove his importance to absolutely everyone, even if this is impossible. Crazy ideas, manias appear. It is difficult to say โ€œnoโ€ to yourself, even if the object of desire brings destruction with it.

Knight of Wands as a Significator of a Person

As a significator of a person, the Knight of Wands symbolizes young people of athletic build. The card has an astrological correspondence with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Vivid living examples of the Arcana can be found among the stars โ€“ Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg. These are the names that everyone hears about. People on this card are always extraordinary personalities that attract views. Whatever they do โ€“ acting, cooking or collecting butterflies, success and glory await them everywhere.

The reversed Knight of Wands also passes fame. But now itโ€™s getting sad. An example is former stars who have become addicted to alcohol or drugs. The brilliance of spotlights blinds and makes one forget about internal ethics. The Prince of Wands is an open card, so the behavior is outward oriented. Inner pain and dissatisfaction are hidden behind a dazzling smile. The life of Marilyn Monroe is a prime example of this.

Knight of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Knight of Wands Card

The Knight of Wands advises you to take matters into your own hands. You must act immediately so as not to lose time. The situation is developing as well as possible, so the questioner can grab luck by the tail. Wherever the querent is, everywhere one should be clearly manifested, be an initiator, a leader. In the context of the warning, the Knight of Wands speaks of the need to act even faster, otherwise the chance will be missed. If the fortuneteller does not independently manifest himself, put forward his own candidacy, then he can be overtaken by more efficient rivals. Circumstances are imminent.

If the Knight of Wands fell upside down, then the card advises to direct your ardor in a peaceful direction. The presence of many impulses, and in different directions, should be integrated into something third. It is necessary to accumulate a reserve of strength and for the time being to deal with easier tasks. Before an important meeting, it is better to properly prepare, get together. When the card lay upside down, then, as a warning, the Knight of Wands, on the contrary, speaks of the failure of the plan. You can not even take up the opportunities offered โ€“ the querent will not be able to achieve positive results.

Knight of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

The Knight of Wands promises a very active day. The questioner will have to work hard, prove his worth as an employee or family member. There will be a clear realization that concrete steps need to be taken as soon as possible. The querent will feel in himself the strength to realize his innermost desires. The goal is very close, you just need to reach out with your hand. Sometimes the card of the day speaks directly about participation in horse races or bets on horses. It is also possible to observe outstanding personalities and their activities from the outside. Today, the fortuneteller will receive motivation from the outside, will witness his or someone elseโ€™s success.

The reversed Knight of Wands in the spread of the card of the day shows destructive behavior. The querent will want to do something extraordinary, get out of the framework set by someone. However, such a scenario of development of events will lead to emotional devastation. On this day, all attempts to change the situation will not lead to the desired. This is simply impossible, you should accept and deal with the current routine. Assertiveness will be rejected by loved ones, perceived as inappropriate behavior. There is a great chance to find negative fame for yourself. Today, acute situations, conflicts with others are possible.

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