Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Nine of Pentacles, 9 of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 9

Keywords: Wealth, Prudence

Active element: Earth ⛰️

The Nine of Pentacles in the Tarot is a card of wealth and abundance. It symbolizes the light of spotlights and the brilliance of diamonds. Luxurious life beckons and makes you dream about it. In the upright position, the Arcana personifies the fulfillment of a cherished desire, the favor of fate. A person has achieved material freedom and can afford various entertainments not for everyone. However, when reversed, the ninth card of Coins shows laziness and apathy. You can compare the meaning of the reversed position with a nobleman who is tired of attending luxurious balls. Every day he becomes more and more helpless, unprepared for real life. In the whirlwind of events, a person loses his moral character, turns into a rude and callous.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Nine of Pentacles

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Nine of Pentacles card depicts a girl with a falcon sitting on her hand. The heroine is dressed in a yellow dress to the floor. It has long sleeves and red lining. As a decor, the fabric is decorated with drawings of sunflowers, very reminiscent of the sign of Venus. The head of a young woman is covered with an arsel, an attribute of the wardrobe of noble people. The left hand is dressed in a leather glove. This is necessary so that the claws of the bird do not scratch the skin. The heroine stands in front of a vineyard. Nine pentacles or coins are also shown here: six on the left and three on the right. Trees and mountains are visible in the distance. In the right corner, the outlines of a castle with a red roof are visible. And on the ground, very close to the girl, a small snail is drawn.

The heroine of the Arcana Nine of Pentacles is a rich lady. This is indicated by her outfit with massive sleeves, a headdress and even a falcon. Previously, only people from high society could hunt these birds. In ancient Rome, there was a delicacy dish of falcon tongues. Ripe grapes symbolize intoxication with life, joy and fun. The snail hints at a slowdown. The girl lives comfortably, she does not need to work. Therefore, the card means the achievement of a big goal, success. Finally, you can relax and taste the fruits of your own labor.

Meaning of the Upright Nine of Pentacles Card

  • A generous gift of fate, a rich life or security with everything you need.
  • Luxury, upper classes, unusual hobbies, extravagant interests.
  • Happiness in the material, comfortable conditions and prudence.
  • Positivity, acceptance, a place and time for the manifestation of their gifts.

In the upright position, the Nine of Pentacles symbolizes wealth, luxury and the fullness of life. The Earth element gives the card materialism, conjugation with purely physical sensations. The face of the girl on the Arcana is relaxed, to some extent even disinterested. She is accustomed to comfort – this is her level of norm. The falcon can talk about a passion for some kind of hobby. The questioning person has the right to afford an unusual pastime. He earned a comfortable life, so now he is in search of joys for the soul. However, the Nine of Pentacles also indicates a happy coincidence, a gift of fate. Today’s success could be dictated by the high position of relatives or the second half.

The Nine of Pentacles also shows a passion for art, reflections on higher matters. Having reached a certain level in the material plane, a person will definitely think about more subtle worlds. But even in the upright position, the Arcana only hints at this. Now he points to satiety, idleness and contentment with his life. And if the Nine of Cups spoke of love, strong feelings, then the Arcana in question symbolizes the focus on the accumulation of wealth.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Comfortable communication, getting used to each other and taking care of yourself.
  • A wealthy family or partner is a child of wealthy parents.
  • Acquaintance with a prominent man and his attempts to surprise the querent.
  • A rich lady who is in love with a fortuneteller and wants a relationship.

In a love spread, the Nine of Pentacles often speaks of comfort for a girl or woman. A man seeks to fully provide for his beloved, to give her everything for a happy life. But also the card can show a passion already from a wealthy family. The partner will have to try to please his lady. In general, the Arcana hints at a warm relationship, comfortable communication with each other. Here everything is stable and understandable, although without violent outbursts of emotions. Indirectly, the card speaks of devotion and habit.

For singles, the Nine of Pentacles predicts a wealthy boyfriend. Soon there will be a long-awaited acquaintance. A new lover will try to surprise the girl – give an unusual present or arrange a non-standard date. For men, the meaning of the Nine of Pentacles changes a little. Now a girl from high society becomes a potential lover. She is already accustomed to everything exclusive, it is difficult to surprise her. But the lady has a genuine interest in the querent.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Professional demand or a well-built career.
  • Favorite job, bringing stable income, respect.
  • Great opportunities and a comfortable life, and the closure of desires.
  • Circumstances that will allow the questioner not to work.

For a job spread, the Nine of Pentacles is a desirable card. Here, she maximizes the importance of wealth and security. The Arcana shows a comfortable high-paying position. A person does not need to be exhausted in order to provide himself with a decent life. Managers value the competence of the questioner, therefore they are interested in his candidacy. As a significator of activity, the 9 of Coins symbolizes high-end boutiques with expensive things, five-star hotels and luxury vacations.

In terms of finances, the card is played as stability and prosperity. The Nine of Pentacles shows a high level in the material plane. For each person, it will be different, but the card symbolizes comfort for the questioner. Therefore, this Arcana passes both the possession of several real estate objects, and simply – the rights to an apartment or house. The Arcana also talks about the external attributes of wealth – a person dresses well, eats in expensive restaurants, has high-quality equipment and gadgets.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Body modifications – breast augmentation, removal of Bish lumps.
  • Youth, a beautiful face and the absence of serious diseases.
  • Self-confidence, narcissism, aestheticism or hedonism.
  • A completely relaxed psyche, enjoying your life.

The state of health is excellent. The Nine of Pentacles represents youth and beauty. Often, aesthetic medicine clinics and plastic surgeries go through this card. In this regard, the Arcana is similar in meaning to the Three of Water. The key role here is played by finances, which can allow any modifications to the body. In the upright position, the card indicates an unspent supply of energy. Organs perfectly cope with the load, tissues are quickly restored. The querent does not have any serious health problems.

The mental state is relaxed. A person is not in a hurry, likes to think and observe others. The Nine of Pentacles shows aesthetes who draw inspiration from everything beautiful and unusual. On the card are dreamers, artists. Thanks to material security, they can afford to comprehend the subtle plane of being. Such a person knows that whatever she wants will come true. That is why there is no tension and nervousness here.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • A full life and enjoyment of every day of being.
  • Getting a pleasant experience, a happy fate.
  • Interest in art, self-actualization, the ability to accept.
  • Open-minded, able to understand a great culture.

The Nine of Pentacles of the Tarot in the spirituality spread gives meaning to the union of opposites. Here the Arcana is played as a combination of higher and lower, comprehension of the beauty of being. Only a person with a fine mental organization can see the aesthetics of everyday life. He will enjoy every second of being, drink this cup to the bottom. It is not for nothing that the card shows bunches of grapes – this is an attribute of the ancient Greek god Dionysus. He patronizes idleness and fun.

The card shows hedonism – the enjoyment of life. The Nine of Pentacles asks questions: “What am I interested in?” and “What else do I want?”. The Arcana always denotes those people who put themselves first. In any matter, the aspect of their own comfort will be important for them. And this position is quite justified – when a person is full of strength, only then can she share something with others. Listening to the singing of the nightingale is possible only after a delicious dinner and a hot bath. According to Maslow’s pyramid, the card represents the closure of not only the base, but also the need for respect and aesthetics.

Meaning of the Reversed Nine of Pentacles Tarot

  • Various whims that appear against the background of boredom, permissiveness.
  • Willingness to turn a blind eye to many things just because of money, means.
  • A halt in development or an idle life leading to degradation.
  • Laziness, a beautiful wrapper without filling, a deceptive impression.

If you turn over the Nine of Pentacles card, then the castle moves to the fore, and the girl in the vineyard goes to the second. This fact may mean imprisonment, a "golden cage." Now the heroine focuses only on money and the external impression of herself. For the sake of a high financial position, she is ready to endure a lot, even turn a blind eye to some things. The reversed Arcana shows obsession with finances, a low level of morality. Often these are corrupt people, doing something just for the sake of making money. The questioner at all costs seeks to get what he wants, that he is ready to betray his soul. And most often, all dreams concern only the material.

In the reversed meaning, the Nine of Pentacles personifies the whims of the rich. It’s unbridled, lack of empathy. Such a person sees the meaning of life only in the accumulation of wealth. At the same time, he himself may not work. A person without a twinge of conscience spends other people’s money, learns to be hypocritical for the sake of his own well-being. In the context of the situation, the Arcana in the opposite form shows deals with conscience, dishonest methods of earning. It is also materialism, philistinism. Sometimes, according to the position of the Arcana, there is financial dependence on another person or organization.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Relationships are only because of material gain, comfort.
  • Lack of sincere affection and feelings; hypocrisy.
  • Acquaintance with a man who wants to "buy" a girl.
  • Meeting with a lady who considers only easy communication.

In love readings, the reversed Nine of Pentacles most often shows relationships because of profit. One of the partners becomes a host, parasitizing on another person. The position of the card indicates a lack of love and respect. Rather, the dependent simply found a great option to never work. For this purpose, he will be cute and fluffy, never say a word across. However, the whole circus is directed only for one thing – not to lose a place at the "trough". Everything written can concern both the questioner himself and his partner or partner.

Lonely people will soon receive an interesting offer. The Nine of Pentacles in the opposite form denotes trade and market relations in which there is no place for true feelings. A person will appear on the horizon who wants to "buy" the location of the fortuneteller. But if the fortuneteller agrees, he will worsen life with this decision. For men, the position of the card can talk about meeting a rich girl. But in this case, the lady will treat the questioner only as her toy.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Illegal organizations – shops, salons or clubs.
  • Willingness to commit crime for your own comfort.
  • Credit card addiction, false picture of success.
  • Lack of skills for independent living, work.

In terms of the significator of activity, the reversed Nine of Pentacles shows illegal methods of earning. These can be intimate services parlors, drug sales points, lack of a license to sell tobacco and alcohol. Also, the position of the Arcana sometimes generally indicates parasitism, inability to adapt to the realities of modern life. A person becomes dependent on his relatives or husband or wife. Often, huge debts to banks go through the reversed card. A person cannot deny himself purchases, therefore he falls for the bait of creditors.

The financial situation at first glance is good. But this is only an apparent picture. The Nine of Pentacles in the opposite position shows the desire to appear rather than to be. The querent can take expensive things on credit, borrow attributes of wealth from acquaintances. All this is done for the sake of an imaginary status in the eyes of others. In fact, a fortuneteller may have nothing to pay for utilities. The reversed Arcana also falls on male gigolos and women of easy virtue.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Inactivity, overeating or drinking alcohol.
  • Venereal diseases and promiscuity.
  • Drowsiness, slow speech and movement, lethargy.
  • Unwillingness to take responsibility, develop, move forward.

In terms of health, the reversed Nine of Pentacles shows the wasting of vital energy. The person becomes too lazy. Against this background, there is excess weight, swelling. Also, the position of the card hints at overeating, alcohol abuse. Food begins to ferment in the stomach, turning into a slow poison. Sometimes the reversed Nine of Pentacles symbolizes unsuccessful plastic surgeries. The person cannot stop, therefore he overdoes it with surgical interventions.

The mental state resembles a chrysalis that has not departed from winter sleep. She forgot that she must turn into a butterfly. The Nine of Pentacles in the opposite position shows inert people. They are used to the fact that all important issues are solved miraculously through the "main". This role is played by parents, bosses, teachers. The person himself does not want to decide anything, he is so good at the current moment. At the same time, sometimes the surrounding reality can be far from the ideal of luxury.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Spiritual degradation or loss of moral character.
  • Lack of meaning in life, constant boredom, laziness and apathy.
  • Unbridledness, which leads to disastrous consequences.
  • Life "in a dream" and fear to expand the horizons for knowledge.

Spiritually, the reversed Nine of Pentacles shows a complete stop. Blinded by the outward brilliance, the seeker has completely forgotten his soul. However, wealth also got bored at a certain point. The position of the card speaks of the loss of all meaning, longing, which only rich people will understand. But if a upright Arcana hinted at the emergence of interest in subtle matters, then everything is different here. A person could never meet with serious problems, therefore he considers himself to have already achieved something. But it is believed that only young souls choose an easy fate.

The reversed Nine of Pentacles asks questions: “Where did I stop?” and "What’s on the horizon?" To begin to develop, foremost, the traveler should move away from the sleep of the mind. The abundance of food and the wealth of clothes only separate from enlightenment, drive into the trap of the material world. The Buddha preached asceticism, the rejection of excesses. He considered this way of life the only salvation from the wheel of endless rebirths.

Nine of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Nine of Pentacles Card

If the Nine of Pentacles in divination fell out upright, then the card advises you to allow yourself to rest. The questioner has achieved a lot and now has the right to enjoy the fruits of his own labor. He can buy himself beautiful clothes, spend an evening in a chic restaurant or attend a theatrical performance. As a warning, the card says that all restrictions will be redundant. Constant savings, counting expenses and incomes will oppress a person. The fortuneteller works for his own comfort. You should appreciate your strength and perseverance. If you do not allow rest, then you can burn out, become a real slave.

The Nine of Pentacles reversed tells you to think only of yourself. Perhaps the querent had previously neglected his own needs. Now the string is stretched to the limit. To defuse the tension that has appeared, you need to go shopping or visit a beauty salon. But as a warning, the reversed Nine of Coins, on the contrary, indicates the danger of such behavior. Now is not the best time to live in grand style. Perhaps the position of the questioner depends on the other person. It is better not to give him trump cards in his hands and try to get out of someone else’s control.

Nine of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

If the card lies upright, then the Nine of Pentacles promises a busy day. Today, the querent can go to any exhibition, visit a museum. The day will be filled with the energy of art, abundance. It is also possible to receive a gift. The questioner has every chance to move up the career ladder, to achieve an increase in salary. The card is directly related to money, therefore it speaks of high demands and at the same time – their satisfaction. Now you can afford an expensive purchase. The fortuneteller deserves a rest. He managed to achieve well-being, so he has the right to relax properly.

In the reversed position, the Nine of Pentacles in the Tarot spread for the card of the day changes the meaning. Now the position of the card represents the manipulation of money, the need to be hypocritical and adapt. The querent stands on its feet only because of a certain person or organization. On these days, the benefactor can change the carrot for a stick. Therefore, the questioner has no right to decide something. He enjoys life as much as he is allowed to. Today, the fortuneteller will especially acutely feel the tightness of the "golden cage". Moreover, the reversed card can represent the adoption of prohibited substances or alcohol. All this is done in an attempt to forget, to escape from reality.

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