Nine of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Nine of Wands, 9 of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 9

Keywords: Fortitude, Overcoming

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

The Nine of Wands is a card of patriots and strong-willed people. These are fighters who have gone through more than one battle. Their bearing is to be envied. Persistence and overcoming any obstacles are the two main guidelines for this card. The Arcana shows the presence of rich life experience, fearlessness and readiness to protect oneโ€™s own principles. Such a person will not make a deal with his conscience, will not betray and will not run away from the battlefield. The meaning is similar to the Seven of the same suit. But if earlier it was a young soldier, then Nine is a real veteran, hardened by constant battles. The Arcana says that there is something to live for and what to protect from enemies.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Nine of Wands

On the Nine of Wands card in Waiteโ€™s classic tarot, the main character is depicted with a staff in his hands, standing in defense of the other eight poles. The manโ€™s clothing resembles the porterโ€™s attire โ€“ an elongated frock coat, a belt at the waist, light underpants and high boots. There is a white bandage on the head. The heroโ€™s gaze is directed to the upper left corner. Both hands grip the sprouted staff tightly. A flat stone platform is visible in the foreground. The remaining poles are arranged in a row, close to each other. However, they are different in height. In the background is a hilly landscape, the sky is blue.

The very figure of the protagonist on the Nine of Wands card denotes a defender, a person in the service. He constantly monitors the property entrusted to him in the form of wands. In this case, the gatekeeper uses the same pole as an instrument of protection. This is an indication that a person can dispose of his good. The gray stone ledge in the foreground symbolizes support and strength, fundamentality. The pose of a man also expresses the strength of the spirit, the readiness to repel attacks. Facial expressions show distrust of space, a share of skepticism. Clothing symbolizes composure, solidity โ€“ the sleeves are rolled up, the dress is belted. The background speaks of dynamics and movement โ€“ the wands are different in height, and the hills are very steep and sharp.

Meaning of the Upright Nine of Wands Card

  • Protection of interests, life orientations, habits, foundations.
  • Gained experience; the presence of material, spiritual gifts.
  • Personal boundaries, isolation, overcoming barriers.
  • Tribute to the past, unwillingness to move forward, to accept the new.

The Arcana of the Nine of Wands in the interpretation of tarot readers Tali Goodwin and Markus Katz is an illustration for the work "Jack and the King". Arthur Waite himself, the creator of the deck, spoke of the main character as waiting for a blow from the side. This is hinted at by the bandage on the head of the depicted man. The whole scene resembles a sentry at the walls of a medieval castle. The man is a sentry with a spear, and the background behind is a makeshift fortification. Despite the semblance of expectation, nevertheless, the Arcana belongs to the suit of the element of Fire, which speaks of dynamics. While the hero is on duty, the poles continue to grow green and grow. In this regard, the card indicates the readiness to protect oneโ€™s own interests, oneโ€™s position and the right to development.

This Arcana from the suit of Staves symbolizes the presence of notorious personal boundaries, internal stamina, immunity to other peopleโ€™s opinions. Life will be regularly tested for strength, and therefore you need to properly hold on to the established attitudes and principles. The Nine of Wands in the upright position indicates that the individual has something to lose. This may relate to inner experience, impressions, as well as material values. Life baggage requires vigilant attention, which indirectly hints at the great importance of what is happening. Sometimes the card shows the presence of certain traditions, habits that have become second nature to the questioner.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A quiet family haven, closed from foreign influence, prying eyes.
  • Joint experience of partners, habit, reliable rear, loyalty.
  • Stuck in past relationships and fear of letting go.
  • Difficulty adjusting to another person or changing yourself.

In the love spread, the Nine of Wands shows a personal life closed with seven bolts. The couple does not like to discuss their relationship with other people, even their closest relatives. Family problems are not customary to make public. According to the upright position of the card, we can talk about quiet happiness that does not tolerate publicity. Such a union is strong, it is almost impossible to destroy it. Partners develop together, make a common contribution to the family. In the past, there may be many difficulties that have been solved and made the union only stronger.

For lonely people, the Nine of Wands shows life in the past. Perhaps the querent is still holding on to the completed relationship, unable to psychologically separate himself from his former partner. He constantly compares new people, their behavior, with significant figures for himself. It can also be parents who have had a great influence on todayโ€™s personal life. It is hard for a person to leave the usual comfort zone, to expand the circle of friends. This fact dictates the difficulties in building new relationships.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • The position of the security guard of the enterprise, a certain person.
  • Work as a watchman, administrator; lawyer activity.
  • Passive income, investment in real estate or business.
  • Waiting for results or saving existing cash.

In terms of work, the Nine of Wands shows work in the field of protection, protection of other peopleโ€™s interests or property. This may be a lawyerโ€™s practice, a military position. This also includes working as an administrator in the hotel business. A person is attached to his place or to what he must protect. As a significator, the card also indicates the time when it is worth competing for the position. You need to keep your eyes open, constantly prove your own competence. Sometimes the Arcana shows the presence of great practical work experience, seniority.

In the context of finance, the Nine of Wands symbolizes a practical approach to money. A person thinks how to save and increase funds. He can put money in the bank at interest or invest in real estate. The querent is not used to spending beyond measure, rather, it is psychologically easier for him to save, to keep count. The card for the future predicts a further increase in financial flow, a stable situation. However, now the questioner should properly prioritize.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Bumps and abrasions; diseases associated with dancers and fighters.
  • The transfer of the disease "on the legs", lack of rest.
  • Distrust of others, suspicion, the habit of fighting.
  • Soldier bearing, stamina and a strong hardened character.

In the spreads for health, the Nine of Wands shows the presence of injuries to the head and body. Often, the Arcana falls on the ailments associated with athletes, wrestlers โ€“ sprains, bruises, abrasions. The human body is used to such loads and therefore quickly recovers. However, systematic injuries hint at the presence of weak areas that need to be constantly monitored. This includes knees and ankles. For dancers โ€“ also protruding bones on the legs. The Nine of Wands also shows chronic ailments, concussions, migraines.

The psyche on this card is closed from everything new. It is difficult for a person to understand modern trends. In a positive sense, the Nine of Wands speaks of the presence of a large store of knowledge, life experience. A person is accustomed to focus only on what he knows himself. It is difficult to convince, to persuade for the opposite point of view. Such a person is not subject to panic, it is almost impossible to knock him off the course he has planned.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Familiarity with native culture, understandable traditions, rituals.
  • Rejection of alien developments, practices, experience of other peoples.
  • Earth magic and connection with a specific place of rituals.
  • Growth through a chosen religion, philosophy or belief.

The Nine of Wands Tarot gives a touch of materiality to the spiritual spread. Even in subtle matters, a person is accustomed to reasoning in terms of practicality and understandability. It may be hard for him to open up to new experiences. Rather, a person is more attached to the legacy of the past โ€“ a particular religion or tradition. This includes reading philosophical literature, collecting the rituals of any peoples. The querent needs an indestructible base, a foundation for starting the spiritual path. In the future, this type of personality will โ€œmelt downโ€ the experience gained and will be able to independently create a legacy for the next generation.

The drawn Nine of Wands card asks questions: โ€œWhat am I most attached to?โ€ and "How can I sublimate it?". Getting involved in other peopleโ€™s past developments is not a bad thing. As a starting point, you can use any culture that is closest in spirit. The Arcana often falls on practices that are tied to the earth, a certain point. For example, hand treatment for healers is best done in their native land โ€“ the Philippines. And shamans cannot work without attributes taken from their homeland โ€“ a tambourine, bones of local animals.

Meaning of the Reversed Nine of Wands Tarot

  • Beliefs, prejudices that interfere with life in the present tense.
  • Dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs or irrelevance.
  • Unsolicited help, unnecessary protection, or fear of losing control.
  • Excessive attachment to external attributes, things or values.

If the card is turned over, then the meaning of the Nine of Wands changes to negative. Now a tribute to traditions becomes a dead vestige, not needed for a full life. Everything that a person fought for is slowly fading into the past. The principles and laws that were in force yesterday are no longer relevant today. You can compare this phenomenon with the behavior of people who went through the war. Even in peacetime, they do not calm down, they remain in suspense, constantly expecting a catch. The Nine of Wands reversed is stuck in the past, neurosis. The position of the card indicates that there is nothing to fight for, and the person simply wastes energy. Something or someone no longer requires protection.

The Nine of Wands upside down denotes rejection, loss of meaning, a real crisis. The position of the militia does not bring anything good to the querent, only aggravates the situation. It is difficult for him to surrender to chance, to let go of the control of the mind. For an inflamed ego, this will mean defeat. Therefore, a person is forced to keep a face, to pretend that nothing special is happening. The 9 of Staffs reversed โ€“ these are ambitions that have not been met. The once beautiful clothes or dishes remained lying in the closet, covered with dust. And now no one needs her. The position of the Arcana denotes untimeliness, loss of relevance.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Jealous partner, pressing, trying to control.
  • An attempt to remake a loved one, to impose a model of behavior.
  • Exhausting relationships, "golden cage" and addiction.
  • Fear of letting you in, revealing yourself as a person, falling in love.

In the context of a love spread, the reversed Nine of Wands symbolizes the complexity of the character of one of the partners. The person is jealous and overly prudent. He cannot give freedom of choice to the beloved or beloved. As a result, he turns into a domestic tyrant, jealous, strangling with his attention. Relationships in the inverted position of the card morally crush, exhaust. A financial issue may also be added here โ€“ the partner is financially dependent on the problematic second half.

For lonely people, the Nine of Wands in the opposite sense shows a strong attachment to the past. The questioner himself or his former partner has not yet let go of the situation. On the energy plane, those around them read the aura of the querent and feel that the person is not free. This state of affairs is inherent in overly conservative natures or those who have physically lost a loved one. One way or another, the inverted Arcana speaks of a period of withdrawal into oneself, complete detachment from reality.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Low income, forced savings on essentials.
  • Fear of tomorrow, survival and lack of finances.
  • Greed, lack of prospects, refusal to act and develop.
  • Empty expectations, loss of money, unpaid business, shortage.

In terms of work, the Nine of Wands in the opposite form shows work in a low-paid position. A person loses more than gains by wasting time in a place like this. Perhaps he has long outgrown the current position, but he himself limits further professional growth. This happens because of fear of the future, self-doubt. As a result, there comes a moment when work no longer brings its former joy. In an attempt to maintain what is available, the individual misses good chances over and over again.

The finances for the Nine of Wands reversed leave much to be desired. The cash flow is very small and mainly goes to cover the necessary expenses โ€“ utility bills and food. There can be no question of any material wealth. A person is used to being stingy, greedy. It is difficult for him to spend money, and therefore there is no increase in income. The very thought of having to invest somewhere is scary. It would be better for the querent to save money on clothes and food, but he will not dare to take an adventure โ€“ opening his own business or changing jobs.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Incorrect treatment or refusal to receive help.
  • Advanced diseases or lack of attention to the problem.
  • Fear of letting in, trusting and revealing even to relatives.
  • Stubbornness, living by principles that bring only difficulties.

In terms of health, the reversed Nine of Wands shows severe injuries and refusal to receive treatment. The querent consumes internal resources, works for wear and tear. A person is used to leading an unhealthy lifestyle and does not want to give up junk food or alcohol. The position of the card speaks of the fear of doctors, distrust of traditional medicine. Often, the reversed 9 of Clubs shows self-treatment, resorting to dangerous folk methods. Also, these are neglected chronic diseases, flaws in appearance.

The psyche, according to the reversed Nine of the suit of Wands, signals the presence of mental trauma. A person behaves not identically to the situation, inadequately. He lives in fears about the future, tends to see the world in a negative light. From the outside, it may seem that the person grew up in alienation, without enough attention, the love of parents. In adulthood, it is difficult for a person to build communication with others, to open up to someone. There may be problems in your personal life, a long period of loneliness.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Superficial judgments about religion, the meaning of life, faith.
  • Distrust of oneโ€™s own experience and escape from the true essence.
  • Humiliation of oneself as a person, acceptance of slavery, bondage.
  • Escape to the spiritual search as an attempt to escape from problems.

The reversed Nine of Wands Tarot gives a negative meaning to a spiritual spread. Stubbornness and following oneโ€™s own principles, inherent in the upright position of the card, now become another problem on the path of development. There is a parable about people and a boat. Its essence lies in the fact that, when necessary, a person can use a certain tool. But if the situation is behind, it is pointless to forever pay tribute to the method worked once. Then the spiritual search simply becomes a dead ritual without purpose and meaning.

The Nine of Wands, in the opposite sense, asks questions: โ€œWhy am I attached to the past?โ€ and โ€œWhat needs to be cut off as unnecessary ballast?โ€. The reversed position does not give freedom of spirit. All traditions become a cage in which it is crowded. Buddha was not a Buddhist, and Jesus was not a Christian. They just lived the inner truth. Then people created a culture โ€“ rites and rituals built around an enlightened person. However, this is a road to nowhere. The spring is exhausted, those around are suffering, but still waiting for something. In fact, the source is always inside everyone, everyone just forgot about it.

Nine of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Nine of Wands Card

As advice, the Nine of Wands upright speaks of the need to firmly adhere to the chosen position. A person acts and thinks correctly, so you should not listen to others. The inner premonition that everything will be fine will not deceive. The endurance and stamina of the querent will bear fruit in the future. And in the context of the warning, the Nine of Wands shows the difficulty in persuading a person. It will be difficult to get through to a colleague, boss or family member. Perhaps the questioner is included in the new team with his own established way of life. No need to try to change something, it is better to obey the traditions.

When the Nine of Wands fell upside down, then the card advises you to reconsider your own views on life. Most goals and aspirations have become irrelevant. Even if you manage to implement them, they still will not bring joy. It may turn out that these are echoes of the past โ€“ the dreams not of the querent himself, but of his parents. As a warning, the Nine of Wands reversed speaks of the danger of marking time. While the fortuneteller is thinking about how to keep everything as it was, life takes an unexpected, sharp turn. A second โ€“ and all the baggage of experience flies into the abyss. The old methods no longer work, you have to go forward towards new heights.

Nine of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

The Nine of Wands rolled upright predicts a day spent waiting for a better time. There will be some tension in relationships with people. You may have to prove your right to have your own opinion, to enter into a confrontation. Advocacy can play out as a dialogue with an elderly relative or a person of higher status. However, this is not just a Seven of Fire โ€“ the card shows the actual presence of experience, the right to stand your ground. Even if the querent is young, the Nine of Wands still speaks of self-sufficiency, courage and valor. At the same time, the questioner can participate in drinking without trying to prove something to someone. This is just self-defense for the sake of the inviolability of personal space.

If the card lay upside down in the spread for the card of the day, then the Nine of Wands promises an awkward situation. The querent will have to face the results of his labor, or rather their complete absence. Someone will put pressure on a sore callus, poke a finger at the fortunetellerโ€™s shortcomings. It is important to remember: everything he said is definitely not true. And perhaps a loved one will behave in this way โ€“ turn a blind eye to their own mistakes, but at the same time see a beam in someone elseโ€™s eye.

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