Page of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Page of Pentacles, Jack of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 11

Keywords: Prospects, Opportunities

Active element: Earth ⛰️ (suit & rank)

The Page of Pentacles in the Tarot is a messenger card. It symbolizes the arrival of good news or shows a modest child. You can compare the hero with a young Robin Hood, striving for peace throughout the Earth. He still believes in equality and communism. With the sincerity of a teenager, the character looks at his pentacle – he believes that he already knows what to do. But in the reversed form, the card symbolizes delusions. The former hero is now himself blinded by the glow of gold in his hands. He stops on the way and turns into a sole proprietor. The road from holy simplicity to bourgeois is measured in a few steps.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Page of Pentacles

In the Waite Tarot deck, the Page of Pentacles card depicts a guy holding a gold coin in both hands. The hero is dressed in a green tunic with decorative cuts on the sleeves. The head is adorned with a red turban. Shirt, belt, underpants and boots are ocher. A young man stands in a field strewn with berries and flowers. A little further away you can see a plowed area for planting, and even further – a blue mountain. On the left are trees with a large crown. The sky is yellow – it looks like the time of action falls on sunset or sunrise. The main character raised the pentacle up, so the coin is symbolically similar to the sun.

The colors and shades used to visualize the Page of Pentacles are characteristic of the elements of the Earth. They create associations with fertile soil, rooting, stability. This is hinted at by flowers and scarlet berries under the character’s feet. The plowed area also represents the availability of resources for further growth. The mountain in the background indicates the possibility of success, great achievements. The absence of any symbols on the guy’s clothes speaks of practicality, simplicity, tightness. The hero looks at the gold coin with adoration and surprise – he realizes the value of his find. A headdress, on the other hand, can hint at the presence of prospects, wealth in the future.

Meaning of the Upright Page of Pentacles Card

  • The arrival of news about finance; from work or school.
  • Receiving a small gift, not too much money.
  • Scrupulousness, meticulousness or attentiveness to every detail.
  • Availability of resources for further development; earthiness, will.

In the upright position, the Page of Pentacles symbolizes the initial energies of the Earth group. This is a good basis for implementation, the soil that will bear fruit. The card represents the ability to science, mathematics. A person wants to learn, explore the world and gain practical experience. Often, future entrepreneurs or researchers pass through the Arcana. By suit and rank, the Jack of Coins belongs to the element of Earth. That is why the energy of the card is very slow. This is the first impulse, the desire to achieve something. However, the card already hints to the inquiring person of great opportunities. In this situation, there is a loophole that will lead to success.

The Page of Pentacles also shows the arrival of news or the receipt of a gift. In this case, the news will relate to financial issues. By the upright position of the card, you can talk about the positive outcome of any conversation. The querent will be able to get everything necessary for the further development of events. If the Ace was only talking about a chance, then the Page already holds its value in its hands. The Arcana shows an opportunity that was successfully used. If this is a gift, then it will always be useful for practical use. In some cases, the card simply shows the arrival of not a large, but the required amount.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The initial stage of the relationship, reverent behavior, sensitivity.
  • Partner – much younger in age; subordinate, student.
  • A message, a call from your potential lover.
  • Willingness to equally invest in a family or a couple.

In a love spread, the Page of Pentacles can show a young partner. Otherwise, the card indicates modesty, respect and reverent attitude towards each other. The couple cannot boast of vivid manifestations of feelings, but they are proud of loyalty and trust. Often, relationships pass through the Arcana, in which both a man and a woman are invested equally. Together they achieve vital heights, material stability. Because of the experience of mutual assistance and support, such a couple may never part at all.

If a person is lonely, then the Page of Pentacles predicts the appearance of a young humble admirer. Most likely this is a colleague or classmate. An interested person will show attention by engaging in an interesting dialogue. It is important for her to show off knowledge, to show modest charm. But in some cases, the fallen Page of Denariyev simply speaks of a period of life in which there is no place for relationships. Now, for the fortuneteller, issues of finance and work are more important.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • The period of development of applied experience in the chosen field.
  • Internship, first job, gaining knowledge or skills.
  • Good news about money and positive results.
  • A small regular income, working on a new business.

In the context of the significator of activity, the Page of Pentacles symbolizes various start-ups, as well as only training in a certain profession. The card shows curiosity and the accumulation of experience, therefore it sometimes represents interns. In terms of the current situation, the Page of Pentacles indicates the acquisition of new skills, the passage of additional advanced training courses. If the querent follows the path of knowledge, he will independently open the doors to a better life for himself.

The financial situation is stable. According to the Arcana Page of Pentacles, a person may not earn much, but even what he has is enough for him. The questioner knows how to save, save money. For the sake of a certain goal, a person will move gradually, but constantly. The current financial condition is very similar to the student’s. At the same time, a fortuneteller can be of any age, but only now is he learning financial literacy, getting on his feet. The card gives hope for further growth and success in the future.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Not too fast process of maturation of the body of a teenager.
  • Small stature, thick build and slightly rough skin.
  • Calm character without sudden mood swings, tantrums.
  • Thoughtfulness, modest charm; erudition, curiosity.

In the context of health, the Page of Pentacles represents the late maturation of a young organism. A teenager can look like a child for a long time in terms of appearance. Also, the Arcana speaks of a tendency to be overweight, slowness, sluggishness. Many processes in the body do not proceed as quickly as in other people. However, in upright form, the card does not hint at the presence of any serious diseases. The same former ugly duckling will turn into a beautiful swan with age.

The mental portrait shows a modest but reliable person. He thinks about the future, does not do stupid things on emotions. Also, the Page of Pentacles falls at the time of learning new knowledge, gaining experience in practice. Personality love to learn, to analyze any situation. Think twice before doing anything. A sharpened mind is the hallmark of a questioning person. People often turn to him for wise advice.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Humility before life, willingness to wait and constantly learn.
  • Awareness of the value of one’s own being, respect for parents.
  • Adopting knowledge from a certain master, enlightened.
  • Connection of bottom and top, body and spirit, the ability to keep balance.

The fallen Page of Pentacles Tarot gives a positive meaning to the spread of spirituality. Here, the card represents the willingness to spend a lifetime on gaining experience, practical knowledge. A person realizes his imperfection, understands that he is an eternal student. It is this awareness that allows the individual to stand firmly on his feet, not to fly away into fantasies about his exclusivity. The Page of Pentacles also speaks of connecting with your body, rooted in the current moment. The questioner looks up, but feels his feet touch the ground.

The Page of Pentacles in fortune-telling asks questions: “What do I need to comprehend?” and “How to always stay at the moment?”. Yoga combines both spiritual and physical activities. This balance hits exactly to the point, catching the practice to the very heart. Peculiar distortions in one direction or another can make a person a slave of the body or higher matters. It is best to try to observe the golden mean, not to rush in your spiritual development. Sooner or later, everything will happen by itself – the Bodhi tree will blossom.

Meaning of the Reversed Page of Pentacles Tarot

  • Greed, both financially but also emotionally.
  • Shyness, immersion in oneself, isolation from reality.
  • Bad news about money, negotiations or delay.
  • Petty theft, hiding the truth and refusing to accept anything.

In the reversed position, the Page of Pentacles changes its meaning. Reasonableness turns into frank stinginess and stinginess. Humility turns into shyness. The reversed card promises bad or false news regarding finances. It is also a loss, a small loss. Although the hero is depicted with a gold coin in his hands, he misses a lot. This is the case when a person gets hung up on trifles and therefore loses good chances one by one. In the opposite form, the Jack of the suit of Pentacles shows the unwillingness to accept anything in your life, to follow the new. Now the character of the Arcana looks like Scrooge McDuck, counting every cent. Money for him is the highest good, which is much more expensive than human relations.

Often, the reversed Page of Pentacles personifies distrust in oneself, the world, and the people around. The querent tries to close, withdraw into itself. But all these tricks lead only to negative results. The knowledge gained by the questioner is not able to apply in practice. As a result, he becomes a collector of doctrines, lost in his fictional world. This position also hints at emotional greed, tightness in actions and the manifestation of experienced feelings.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Omissions and secrets between partners, understatement.
  • Accumulated claims or grievances that interfere with reconciliation.
  • Shyness in terms of communication with the opposite sex.
  • Misunderstanding by others and fear of showing feelings.

In the context of love, the reversed Page of Pentacles shows emotional closeness. Partners are not ready to discuss important things with each other. Against the background of isolation, misunderstanding may arise, the second half has the right to be offended. Most often, the position of the Arcana indicates a relationship with a man of science. For him, research, evidence and knowledge of the new are important. Personal life fades into the background. All attempts to change a loved one lead to the emergence of conflicts, the beginning of the "cold" war.

For singles, the Page of Pentacles in the opposite sense does not predict any changes. The person himself will want to close himself from the opposite sex for a while, to know himself and his needs. Sometimes the position of the Arcana will indicate the difficulty of leaving the past and stepping into the new. The fortuneteller is overly obsessed with his own shortcomings, he is embarrassed to manifest himself clearly. Often that is why he does not have a personal life. Here, the reversed card indicates problems with socialization.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Temporary small earnings, dishonest actions.
  • The lowest personnel in the company and a meager flow of finance.
  • Blaming others for lack of money or greed.
  • Contentment with too little, unmet needs.

In the spread for work, the meaning of the Page of Pentacles takes on the most unfavorable. In this area, the position of the card indicates lower positions, petty theft, vulture. A person has not achieved any heights in life, is forced to live on a small income. In this case, the reason often lies in the inability to perceive new information, to develop. A person thinks that he knows everything, treats criticism badly. An example is people who are sure that all rich people are thieves. Although in fact the person himself is inclined to take someone else’s, perhaps to take pens or tea bought for the whole team.

The financial situation wants the best. Personality is shaking for every penny, trying to save. Once again, he will not spend money on training or retraining. All these expenses are considered unreasonable. The reversed Page of Pentacles shows a reluctance to change anything. Such a person will scold the government, the family, the education he has received, but still he will not move from his familiar place. In this case, the work is more expensive than parasitism.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Problems with the digestive system or slagging.
  • Threat of miscarriage or stillbirth; male infertility.
  • Obsession with one’s own shortcomings, complexes and guilt.
  • Blinkers, learned helplessness syndrome or apathy.

In the context of health, the reversed Page of Pentacles represents being stuck in adolescence. The body has not lost the fullness inherent in children. Also, the opposite type of Arcana speaks of delayed cell regeneration or the appearance of a tumor. Men will have problems with reproductive organs, women will have problems with bearing a child. It is also a slow metabolism, swelling or constipation. In some cases, hemorrhoids. The body has accumulated an excessive amount of waste products and toxins.

The mental state is unsatisfactory. The reversed Page of Pentacles shows individuals who are always self-absorbed. They are easy to offend, offend, but they will never show true emotions about this. Shyness plays against the querent himself, driving him into a corner. Intrusive ideas may appear in thoughts. The person is not self-confident, complexes for any reason. Often such people are real geniuses, but they do not appreciate their talents and achievements.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Living by past standards, thoughts or feelings.
  • Knowledge and science that will never be useful in life.
  • Clinging to intrusive thoughts in an attempt to find out the truth.
  • The "eternal" student who is afraid to go out into life and manifest himself.

The reversed Page of Pentacles lies down when the seeker does not want to give up something. A person is so accustomed to a past life that he is afraid to get a new experience. This is the prerogative of the mind – to put everything on the shelves, to try to rationalize approaches and thoughts. But the problem is that as soon as a person finishes repairs in the kitchen, the faucet in the bathroom inevitably breaks. Life flows, everything changes every second. All attempts to paint your schedule, and even more so spiritually, are doomed to failure.

In the opposite form, the Page of Pentacles asks questions: “What am I clinging to?” and “What do I want to fill with this?”. Memorabilia does more harm than good. They litter the apartment, turning it into a cabinet of curiosities. In this case, the same applies to human habits. All this echolalia is aimed at one goal – to find peace somewhere outside yourself. But true harmony can only be found in your soul. Therefore, the questioner is invited to reconsider the approach to the accumulation of both things and unnecessary knowledge.

Page of Pentacles as a Significator of a Person

As a significator of a person, the upright Page of Pentacles denotes dark-haired children, adolescents. By nature, such a child is shy, but very smart and educated. He is intellectually developed beyond his years, prefers the exact sciences – mathematics, physics, chemistry. Also, the card can show a propensity for entrepreneurship. If the Arcana falls on an adult, then it symbolizes his level of well-being. In this case, it is a job in a simple low-paid position. Perhaps the questioner is undergoing an internship or has recently graduated from an educational institution, received a new profession.

If the Page of Pentacles fell upside down, then the Arcana represents timid children. They are afraid to raise their hand at school, to ask for help. It is impossible to extract an extra word from such a child, even with the help of pincers. All experiences he will carry in himself. For an adult, the position of the card indicates a dependent position. The fortuneteller does not fully provide for himself, cannot cope with solving everyday problems. Sometimes “experienced” businessmen who have not opened a single business, but still know how to do it, pass along the reversed card.

Page of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Page of Pentacles Card

The Page of Pentacles advises to focus on absorbing the educational base. Now it is important for the querent to gain knowledge and consolidate it empirically. To resolve an exciting situation, you can also offer a small financial assistance, make a gift. The querent already has the answer to his question, it is best to trust logical thinking. As a warning, the Arcana says that now you don’t need to listen to anyone. The questioner slowly but surely goes his own way, develops. Some higher idea leads the fortuneteller, so there is no need to go the distance, change the vector.

When the card lay upside down, then the Page of Pentacles advises to wait with actions or responses. You need to properly evaluate your prospects and opportunities, and only then think about the implementation of plans. You need to be careful about all the advice and hints in the near future. You may receive false or incomplete information. Also, the reversed Page of Pentacles warns of petty theft or withholding resources from the querent. People around can use the ideas and developments of the fortuneteller for their own purposes. It is better not to devote anyone to your own plans, to try to protect yourself from society as much as possible.

Page of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

Today, the inquiring person will receive news regarding financial matters. The upright card of the Page of Pentacles promises good news. It can also be with a tutor. The fortuneteller himself or someone else will act as a student. Also, the card shows the emergence of a great chance. The querent will be able to grab onto the bird of happiness. If there is a business, then it will begin to bring the first dividends. For those who study, practice is possible today. In general, the card carries calm vibrations, does not portend any violent emotions. Today, a person can deal with issues of money or education. The work will be argued – you can not worry about anything.

But if the Page of Pentacles is rolled upside down, then the meaning changes. The day promises to be very long. There may be a conversation with a boring meticulous person. The workflow will “get up”, and the training will be given too difficult. Also, on these days, there may be delays in the transfer of non-cash funds. If someone owes a querent, then this person will delay the return of finances. Today, it is difficult to understand what exactly is meant in a conversation. People around will choose their words carefully, hiding the truth. All attempts to understand will only lead to new confusion.

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