Page of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Page of Wands, Jack of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 11

Keywords: Announcement, Inspiration

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ (suit) & Earth โ›ฐ๏ธ (rank)

The Page of Wands is the first fiery card of the royal court of the Tarot, with its inherent qualities โ€“ brightness, warmth, passion. This is a messenger with good news, announcing the start of an important event. He is entrusted with the role of a messenger who must correctly convey the orders of the King. The young Page is also subordinate to the Knight of the same suit of Staves. It is as if he passes the flame entrusted to him further. The outcome of any case depends on how accurately the main character will act. If in the upright position the path is crowned with success, then in the inverted position, difficulties appear. There is always a risk that the flame will become uncontrollable and start a fire.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Page of Wands

In the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Page of Wands card depicts a young man holding a sprouted staff in his hands. The guy is dressed in a richly dressed. The outfit is designed in gold and red tones. On the fabric, there is a print in the form of black salamanders. The head of a young man is decorated with a sky-blue hat with a scarlet feather. The lapels on high boots resemble fiery flashes. The blond is standing in the desert, the same as on the Knight of Staves card. In the background are three sand pyramids. The sky is blue, though. From the card you can feel the atmosphere of the scorching sun, heat. However, the young manโ€™s attire still speaks of coolness โ€“ the action most likely takes place in the early morning.

The color scheme, in which the style of the Page of Wands is maintained, symbolizes the cardโ€™s belonging to the element of Fire. This is a hint of passion, excitement, movement. Black salamanders, warm tones of clothing and the action itself against the backdrop of a sultry desert also confirm the sunny qualities of the Arcana. A rich outfit gives the figure of the protagonist importance and solemnity. But at the same time, the cold shade of the hat speaks of purity and an unclouded mind, good intentions. The young manโ€™s gaze is turned upwards at the staff in his hands โ€“ this detail indicates a focus on growth, the pursuit of higher ideals.

Meaning of the Upright Page of Wands Card

  • The arrival of good news, long-awaited news from a person.
  • Obtaining permission to implement the conceived by the querent.
  • Taking an example from more successful people, the importance of developing.
  • Honesty, open play, direct declaration of intentions.

The Page of Wands in the upright position, like all Jacks, symbolizes a messenger, a messenger. By rank, the card belongs to the elements of Earth. This gives the Arcana a certain slowdown โ€“ the flame burns evenly, without flashes. You can compare it with the warmth of a candle or lamp. The native element Fire, to which the whole suit of Staves belongs, still gives the card brightness and activity. Thus, the Jack of Clubs is traditionally seen as a messenger bringing good news. The news will set in motion some business, set the querent in motion. Soon, events will change for the better.

The card speaks of a surge of inspiration, motivation to create something, to move forward. The Page of Wands falls on travelers, adventurers. It is also a symbol of honesty, the victory of truth over lies. The vibrations of the Arcana resemble an ever-burning fire that can warm the traveler. He patronizes people who are in constant search of themselves, ready to develop in their business. This is a squire of noble blood, hoping to become a real knight in the future. In the meantime, he regularly performs duties, hones his skills. The card speaks of the initial stage, a strong impulse that can set in motion any event.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Emergence of sympathy, open recognition of feelings.
  • Preservation of former interest, passion for current love.
  • The partner is lower in financial position or status.
  • The presence of a child in the second half or a joint child.

In the love spread, the Page of Wands shows a spark of passion. The partner or the questioning person himself is ready to reciprocate. The card symbolizes the presence of genuine interest, a vivid impression of communication. For those couples who have been together for a long time, the Arcana promises to maintain the former love, but without a storm of emotions. The family lamp continues to burn, warming both. At the same time, the beloved is faithful in soul and body to his choice, honest with the fortuneteller. The card symbolizes a pure game without pitfalls.

For singles, the Page of Wands will soon promise a new boyfriend. The person himself will show sympathy, openly admits to it. Indirectly, the Arcana speaks of the presence of a bright appearance or a passionate character. Such a personality flares up in a second and does not lose interest in the person for a long time. Acquaintance can occur at work, conferences. In this case, the future lover will be younger in age or lower in social status. In the querent, he or she will see an ideal worth striving for.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • A positive response from higher authorities, superiors.
  • Assistant position, junior employee, verification stage.
  • Financial assistance from parents or partner, scholarship.
  • Work for the sake of an idea and self-development, not because of material benefits.

In the spread for work, the value of the Page of Wands will be positive. The authorities will entrust any important assignment, give a chance to prove themselves. The querent will feel the prospect of growth. This card holds the position of assistant manager. At the same time, the material reward for the questioner is not as significant as the very fact of joining something fundamental. The situation is reminiscent of a student who is ready to work for the minimum wage in the company of his idol. A person here is driven by growth motivation, not todayโ€™s profit.

The financial situation is read in two ways. On the one hand, the Page of Wands speaks of selectivity and luxury, but on the other hand, it does not directly show the presence of a large amount of money. Rather, the questioner is under the wing of wealthy parents or a successful protรฉgรฉ. The querent can carry out small assignments or serve as an ideological inspirer, the engine of any process. For this, he is bestowed with material goods, all doors are opened for future achievements.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Youth, adolescence; tightened body.
  • Mobility, good sexual function, beautiful appearance.
  • Openness to everything new, curiosity, stimulation.
  • Honest character, the presence of a sense of humor, playfulness, lightness.

In terms of health, the Page of Wands denotes a youthful body, a good metabolism. In the upright position, the card indicates the presence of a huge amount of strength, a beautiful appearance. At any age, the querent looks youthful and fit. The Arcana symbolizes the teenage period, when hormones are raging, and you want to conquer the whole world. The card also means an increase in physical growth, healing of fractures, good potency for men. The querent is not predisposed to gaining excess weight, regardless of whether he plays sports or not.

The psychological state on the Page of Wands card is read as positive. The questioner follows the call of his heart, strives for new heights. It is easy to ignite it, to motivate it with any goal. The querent seeks to know the level of his influence on the surrounding reality. He seems to be testing his own strength for strength. The fortuneteller is accustomed to being honest with himself and others. He is always cheerful and positive, has a great sense of humor.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Introduction to a certain culture, religion and egregore.
  • The ability to motivate others, to charge with their energy.
  • Practical experience, application of gift and talent.
  • Slow, but constant development and movement forward.

In terms of spirituality, the Page of Wands is a diligent student. This is a person who looks at his teacher and wants to become the same in the future. For the sake of a lofty noble goal, he is ready to do any work, just to always get vivid impressions. The querent becomes like a torch, which was set on fire from a great flame. In order to constantly burn a certain idea, it is sometimes necessary to give air โ€“ to create a distance between the questioner and the mentor. Already, the fortuneteller has achieved a lot and can boast of the experience gained in practice.

The Page of Wands asks questions: โ€œWhere is my source of energy?โ€ and "How to keep this flame?". The Jack is close to the Knight, but one day he himself must take the initiation. In the meantime, you have to learn from others, gain knowledge. The upright position of the card indicates the correct development, the ability to wait in the wings. The querent is not in a hurry, but constantly maintains an interest in conquering peaks. Pyramids in the background of the Arcana symbolize involvement in the mystery, something sacred.

Meaning of the Reversed Page of Wands Tarot

  • Positive changes are delayed, good news too.
  • Inability to deal with emotions or control oneself.
  • Incorrect performance of duties, wayward character.
  • Hasty decisions, wrong conclusions; selfishness and arrogance.

Reversed, the hero on the Page of Wands card becomes an annoying, wayward youth. His honesty borders on insults. The event happened, but the messenger is in no hurry to bring the news. If you turn the Arcana, then the pyramids move up, and the look of the messenger โ€“ down. This is a direct indication of a change of orientation, a departure from the originally conceived plan of action. Reality makes its own adjustments to the ideas about it. In any area of life, things are postponed, processes slow down. There is a dispersion of attention to insignificant things. The querent is overwhelmed by desires, and therefore it is difficult for him to direct energy into a single channel.

In the opposite meaning, the Page of Wands symbolizes the wrong distribution of forces and time. The questioner seeks to get something, but does not know how to do it. Development does not occur because of excessive vanity, closeness from people. If the concepts of honor and patience passed through the upright position, then here we can talk about inadequate self-esteem. A person is driven by internal impulses and does not pay attention to others at all. In some cases, the reversed Page of Wands shows failure to fulfill oneโ€™s duties, attempts at sabotage.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Suppressed passion, an attempt to change a partner, rejection.
  • Relationships on pause, containment of negative emotions towards a person.
  • Exaggerated expectations from a lover or egocentrism in a couple.
  • Annoyance or manifestation of feelings for an indifferent person.

In a love spread, the reversed Jack of the suit of Fire shows a manifestation of interest on the side. It is also possible that the questioner himself extinguishes the desires and aspirations of the partner with indifference, coldness. In such a pair, the former passion slowly fades away, only warm memories remain. The Page of Wands in the opposite sense indicates that there is no development in the relationship. One person does not hear the second. An atmosphere of disunity and disagreement begins to reign.

For lonely questioners, the Page of Wands reversed does not predict the imminent appearance of a partner. The querent has certain problems in communicating with the opposite sex. He is easily carried away by someone, and then begins to impose his own view on things that are important to him. Trying to remake a loved one only feeds the querentโ€™s ego even more. The period of loneliness is dictated by inflated ideals and too high a bar. In this context, the meaning is similar to Ten of the same suit. The fire goes out of control and leaves burns on the heart.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Difficulty to enter the team, get used to the work schedule.
  • An inappropriate attempt to show their professional skills.
  • Financial dependence, limitations in the development of a specialist.
  • The presence of debts and the need to pay unsustainable amounts.

In the career spread, the Page of Wands reversed shows excessive confidence and initiative. This is a situation where an impudent youngster on an internship is trying to remake the companyโ€™s way of life for himself. The pressure of the querent will play against him, all ideas will be rejected. Also, the position of the card indicates the difficulty of adapting to certain limits โ€“ work schedule, professional ethics. The questioner seeks to take a leadership position, but is not yet ready for this role. There may be problems with finding the right vacancy, dissatisfaction with ambitions.

The financial position of the reversed Page of Wands is in the red. The querent has debt obligations โ€“ unsustainable loans or loans. This fact of the presence of encumbrances does not allow developing, doing what you really want. Even with a permanent job, the questioner has to give away most of the funds somewhere. Most likely, the available work will never fully cover the item of necessary expenses.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Minor burns from fire or chemicals, liquids.
  • Skin problems โ€“ psoriasis, dryness or peeling.
  • Teenage crisis, disobedience to generally accepted rules.
  • The habit of devaluing others, the lack of morality, ethics.

In the context of health, the Page of Wands in an inverted meaning symbolizes "teenage" problems โ€“ acne, acne, stretch marks. This also includes dry mucous membranes, peeling of the skin, psoriasis. Perhaps the current state was affected by improper care โ€“ the use of cosmetics with an excess of alcohol. Often an inverted Arcana speaks of sunburn, wounds received with the help of fire. However, judging by the rank of the card, the ailments are temporary. A healing period will soon follow.

The psyche is also similar to adolescence. The Page of Wands shows little rebels who are not yet ready to openly declare their beliefs. They are accustomed to bothering only those whom they subconsciously consider an authority โ€“ parents, teachers, bosses. The protest manifests itself in inappropriate sarcasm, devaluation or disobedience to generally accepted rules. The personality has not fully matured and behaves like an offended child. It is difficult to communicate with such a person, he does not feel the framework and personal boundaries.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • An untraveled path, an unfinished process of self-knowledge.
  • Ambition, badly affecting the formation of personality and growth.
  • Refusal to listen to anyone, to obey a higher person.
  • Actions that hinder development, comprehend higher truths.

In terms of spirituality, the reversed Page of Wands card indicates an untimely departure from your path. A person has not yet completely gone through the process of becoming a personality, but the ego is already leading in the opposite direction. The questioner wants to prove something to his loved ones, to strengthen his influence. However, such attempts cause nervous laughter. As a result, a spiritual seeker with his destructive desires delays his own development. It becomes important for him to surpass the teacher, and not really become a person a step above the rest.

The fallen Page of Wands in the opposite position asks questions: โ€œIn what way do I create problems for myself?โ€ and "How to calm ambitions?". It may seem to the questioner that he already knows everything and further training does not make sense. A person believes that she is a nugget, just those around her have not yet understood this. In this sense, a person becomes an obstacle to himself. Forces that should have been spent on internal growth, the formation of new values, go to fuel the ego.

Page of Wands as a Significator of a Person

The Page of Wands has an astrological correspondence with the signs of the zodiac of the fire element: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Can show a specific person โ€“ a young blond. But it should be remembered that in different decks the visualization of the main character is different. In divination, you need to focus on a specific image. Often, the card symbolizes some kind of assistant โ€“ the youngest member of the family, an employee with small responsibilities. He may be younger in age or lower in the career ladder. If the Arcana shows a child, then the Page of Wands speaks of his mobility, activity.

The reversed Arcana adds adjustments to the main value. Now striving for more becomes a fixed idea. A person seeks high ideals and therefore refuses to relate to ordinary things. A person can be of any age, but behave like a child โ€“ make scandals, show discontent. The Page of Wands reversed falls on those who are unable to take on the functions of a leader. However, at the same time, a person positions himself as an omniscient expert. As a result, he commits rash acts and wastes his energy on unnecessary things.

Page of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Page of Wands Card

In the context of the council, the Page of Wands directly speaks of the need to maintain communication. You should talk to all the people involved in the process. One must obey orders from superiors and not shy away from duties. Whether it is family matters or work, hierarchy is important everywhere โ€“ everyone should do their own thing. As a warning, the Page of Wands shows an unsolved problem with a person. It is worth waiting for a response from him, and then act in accordance with the circumstances. You need to wait for permission, do not try to outwit anyone. Such behavior will ruin the plans.

If the Page of Wands fell upside down, then the card advises to play for time. You can express dissatisfaction and criticize the proposed solution a little. Here it will turn out to put pressure on a certain person, to achieve freedom of action. As a warning, the Page of Wands in the opposite form, on the contrary, speaks of the danger of such behavior. If the querent tries to pull the blanket over himself, there is a great risk of losing respect altogether. A person will be written off from all accounts, they will not pay attention to his opinion. It is better to calm down for a while, to submit to fate. This will not be considered servility, on the contrary, such a maneuver will help to survive difficult times.

Page of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

The fallen Page of Wands in the Tarot spread on the card of the day gives a touch of passion, drive. Suddenly, news will come from an important person. The universe seems to turn on the green light for the implementation of any plans. Today you can start a new business, meet people, establish communication with colleagues. Plans cease to live in the head and easily materialize. Now is the time to act, but at the same time listen to the advice of more experienced people. On this day, rational ideas can come โ€“ they should be implemented as soon as possible, otherwise you can cool down. As a significator of the situation, the card shows an area without vegetation or a real desert.

The reversed Page of Wands predicts a day spent waiting for an answer. The querent will not be able to do something, because he did not receive direct instructions. Perhaps there is a lack of understanding of the big picture. All the actions that a person decides to take will not bring a positive result. Rather, they will only exacerbate the state of uncertainty. Soon the answer will appear โ€“ a sensible thought will arise or people will prompt. However, today one should not rush into action, try to overtake life itself.

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