Queen of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Queen of Cups, Lady of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 13

Keywords: Intuition, Kindness

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง (suit & rank)

Zodiac sign: Cancer โ™‹

The Queen of Cups is one of the incarnations of the Empress among the minor Arcana of the Tarot. This is her sensual, emotional part, which lives only with love. Like a bright angel, the heroine of the card can turn evil into good. Her mere presence makes those around her startle. A little childish appearance, a dazzling dress and warm waves caressing slender legs. This beauty seemed to have come out of the sea kingdom, leaving Triton father for a while. And as beautiful as she is, she is also defenseless. A fragile flower that is easy to break, a precious pearl in need of a shell. This is an exquisite diamond, not worthy of everyone.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups card in the Rider-Waite Tarot depicts a fair-haired young woman seated on a stone throne. She is dressed in a blue dress with bows on the sleeves, a cape with a hood and a scarlet lining gathered around her neck. The girl has a golden crown on her head, and in her hands is a large goblet decorated with angels. The faces of the seraphim are also visible on the throne: one of them is holding a fish in his hands, the other two seem to be peeking out from behind the back shell. The action takes place against the backdrop of a pond and a sheer cliff. At the same time, the Queen sits on the shore strewn with small pebbles. The outlines of houses can be seen in the distance. The sky is clear, no clouds.

The clothes of a crowned woman personifies lightness and tenderness. Jewelry in the form of bows add beauty and sophistication. Decorative elements are not in vain located in the area of the shoulders. Hands are an extension of the heart, according to the Sufis, which means that jewelry in this zone denotes cordiality and kindness. A robe with a red lining is a hint of sensuality and passion covered by ethics. The lady is holding a golden bowl โ€“ the symbol of the Holy Grail. The heroine of the Arcana Queen of Cups, is in itself a kind of vessel of feelings. She is a future mother, like mercury, that has not yet taken shape. Mermaid angels complement the meaning of purity and sincerity.

Meaning of the Upright Queen of Cups Card

  • Womenโ€™s personality traits, character; smoothness, inertia.
  • Hope, kindness, gentleness, sincerity, participation.
  • External and internal beauty, natural naturalness.
  • Strong intuition, healing energy, higher vibrations.

The Queen of Cups or the Lady of Chalices correlates with the element of Water not only by suit, but also by rank. This gives the Arcana even more sensitivity, smoothness. The card represents the energy of Yin and all the qualities inherent in women to a greater extent. These include: gullibility, indifference, sensitivity. The heroine of the Arcana knows how to forgive, does not hold resentment or evil. She has excellent intuition, reads the moods and desires of others. In fact, this is an adult girl with the soul of a simple child. She is like Mother Teresa, the Virgin Mary and Aphrodite rolled into one.

Most often, the Queen of Cups denotes people, but also falls as a significator of the situation. This is a card of total relaxation and trust in the world. High vibrations envelop with warm waves, dispose to open up. Such energy heals old wounds, gives hope for a brighter future. All spheres according to the Lady of Water are crystal clear for deceit or self-interest. There is not the slightest reason to worry about something โ€“ the Arcana has absorbed the entire color spectrum and radiates with a white glow. True holiness, outside the religious context.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • An affair with a young woman, an inexperienced innocent girl.
  • A sensitive partner is gentle, dreamy, kind.
  • The initial period of romance in a relationship, honeymoon.
  • A girl in love who expects action from a man.

The Queen of Chalices in the love spread most often denotes a woman. If a girl is guessing, then it is she herself, if a man, then his companion. At the same time, a person on this card may not always be a water sign of the zodiac โ€“ Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Typically, the card falls as a character significator. Such a woman sincerely knows how to love, is ready for a relationship and, subsequently, for marriage. She is able to heal the wounds of the past, to give warmth. A love affair with such a lady fills with energy and inspires to exploits.

The card also predicts a romantic period. Perhaps the couple has just started dating, and both partners are experiencing an emotional upsurge. For single women, the Queen of Cups marks the time to fill yourself with the inner resource of love. Indirectly, this predicts the beginning of the novel. Before an acquaintance occurs, the girl will plunge into herself, open the source of femininity. For single men, the card indicates the presence of a secret admirer who harbors sincere feelings, but does not dare to show them.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Help from a kind woman, or a lady of the water sign of the zodiac.
  • Formation of an attractive image in a competitive environment.
  • Work in the field of fitness, beauty, fashion, plastic surgery.
  • "Easy" money, financial assistance from relatives, family.

In terms of work, career and business, the Queen of Cups shows the key role that belongs to a certain woman. It can be a boss, a client, a colleague. She will help with work matters. For example, he will write a letter of recommendation, leave a good review about cooperation. Also, the Queen of Water Tarot card indicates a period of communication and the formation of a positive image. Everything here is tied to emotions and intuitive perception. Career advancement directly depends on the impression that the querent leaves behind.

In the financial spread, the Queen of Cups predicts a calm period. Money will be easy to come, and just as easy to spend on all needs and desires. Financial assistance from a lover, husband, friends or girlfriends is possible. In general, the questioner can relax and not worry about finances โ€“ all requests will be satisfied. For men, in addition, the card will denote a woman who requires any help โ€“ a wife, lover, girlfriend or daughter, niece. This girl treats the querent well, hopes for his location.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Beautiful appearance โ€“ well-groomed hair, nails and healthy teeth.
  • Slim body with feminine shapes and hormonal balance.
  • Receptive psyche, increased emotionality, intuition.
  • Creative ability, talent in music, painting, philosophy.

For women, the Queen of Cups in terms of health will mean excellent health and a healthy hormonal background. If there were problems with appearance, then it will be possible to settle them. For example, lose weight, improve the condition of hair and nails, get rid of acne, stretch marks. For men, the card, on the contrary, shows the predominance of "female" hormones in the body. This negatively affects the state of the body โ€“ the hips, chest, and abdomen are rounded. The imbalance can be caused by the abuse of foamy drinks, or appear due to a thyroid disease.

The psyche according to the Queen of Cups is open and receptive to the new. Both men and women according to this Arcana have a soft complaisant character. They easily find a common language with the interlocutor, they know how to smooth out and prevent conflict situations. The Queen of Cups denotes people who have the ability to be creative โ€“ writing pictures, music or works of art. They pour out all the emotions experienced in their art. Social achievements are directly related to the internal balanced state.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Spring, time of youth, flowering; beginning of life, search.
  • Goddesses of beauty and meditation-attunement to their archetypes.
  • The influence of the internal on the external, harmony, balance.
  • Albedo, cleansing from everything negative, self-regulation.

In addition to the main meanings, the Queen of Cups also correlates with the season โ€“ spring. At the same time, this time can be read both in the literal sense and in the figurative one, i.e. in the context of youth. Arcana also symbolizes the archetypes of the goddesses of beauty โ€“ Slavic Lada, Roman Venus, Indian Lakshmi. The Queen of Cups tarot card can be used for meditative attunement with higher vibrations. To do this, put it on an altar with flowers and fruits, light red and blue candles. You need to relax and visualize the flow of energy from the Arcana entering through the hands. This practice bestows femininity, external attractiveness.

The Queen of Cups card asks questions: "What is my beauty?" and โ€œWhat is my level of inner abundance?โ€. This minor Arcana of the suit of Chalices is like an indicator of the state of the soul. If everything is good, then the outside will talk about it. Internal fullness, subtlety, grace should overflow โ€“ this is the state of quiet happiness, peace. Albedo can be cited as an example โ€“ the stage of the spiritual path, when the human soul is cleansed of the past. All negativity is "washed away" by the radiance of the spirit. The traveler acquires spiritual qualities that will help him move on.

Meaning of the Reversed Queen of Cups Tarot

  • Inability to stand up for oneself, isolation, embarrassment and timidity.
  • Hysteria, panic attack, tearfulness, weakness, passivity.
  • Sacrifice, self-torture, bringing oneself to a frenzy.
  • Fear of showing up as a person, of taking responsibility yourself.

When reversed, the meaning of the Queen of Cups will be different. Softness will change to spinelessness, kindness to forced concessions, and sensitivity to weakness. Now the heroine of the card begins to drown in her emotions negatively. If you turn the Arcana, then the reservoir is on top, and the throne is below. At the same time, the cup is closed, so a priori liquid cannot pour out of it. This speaks of the inner inexhaustible resource of the Queen. Her feelings and emotions run wild in any situation. And even when it is necessary to gather courage, the heroine is unable to do so. She is still immersed in herself, the psyche is inert and plastic.

The reversed position of the Queen of Cups card indicates the desire to close and do nothing. This is a kind of state of the victim or the position of a silent observer. At the same time, the intensity of the experienced feelings will only gain momentum. Tantrums and tears will signal rejection of the situation. Such a state may be inherent in the querent, but sometimes there are certain reasons for what is happening. Also, the opposite position of the court Arcana shows the mood of the world and society towards the questioner. The surrounding people and the events of the last days seem to force us to take on the role of a rescuer, a leader, to take responsibility for the weak.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Abuse, partner-victim, unethical relationships, manipulation.
  • Rejection, coldness from a loved one, unmet needs.
  • A period of loneliness and misunderstanding, a long wait for love.
  • Sympathy, unshared by a partner, suffering for someone.

The reversed Queen of Cups Tarot gives a touch of abusiveness to the relationship spread. At the same time, the role of the aggressor and the victim is constantly changing along the Karpman triangle โ€“ yesterdayโ€™s tyrant today receives revenge in the form of a demonstrative scene with hysteria. This is an unhealthy relationship between two immature personalities. If such a situation does not occur in the life of the querent, then the position of the Arcana indicates uncovered female needs. For girls, the cold behavior of a partner, underestimation in his eyes, is relevant. For men โ€“ a lack of emotions from a beloved, perhaps a repetition of a story from childhood, when motherโ€™s love was not enough.

For lonely fortunetellers, the Queen of Cups in an inverted position promises only melancholy and apathy. A person has long been ready for a relationship, but it is this area of life that is โ€œlameโ€. For example, unreliable lovers, failed husbands or wives come across. A love affair ends halfway to happiness. The true reason for this situation can be found out by pulling an additional card from the deck. Sometimes, the reversed Queen of Cups sometimes shows the unrequited love of both the querent himself for someone, and the rejected partner, secret admirer. Most likely, this is a woman, or a very sensitive man.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Unfulfilled expectations from the position and place of work.
  • Lack of interest in the proposed vacancy, assistance.
  • Financial illiteracy and problems with self-control.
  • Lack of money, material dependence on a lover.

In a job spread, the reversed Queen of Cups symbolizes unfulfilled hopes and incorrect positioning. This also includes inappropriate behavior at the workplace โ€“ attempts to have an affair, turn colleagues against the boss, etc. You can also talk about trying to induce self-pity for the sake of getting a job or an increase in salary. However, all sacrifices will be in vain. The chosen model of behavior will not lead to the goal. Also, the position of the card indicates a long period of unemployment, for example, a decree; may indicate a lack of competence.

In terms of finances, the reversed Arcana portends a difficult period. Money will begin to flow through your fingers, in connection with which there will be strong feelings. The former channels of communication, methods of interaction, are becoming ineffective, and there are no new opportunities for earning yet. The Queen of Cups in the opposite position shows the very state of the querent when he cannot control himself. Emotional swings do not allow you to take a sober look at the situation and try to do something. All savings quickly disappear, spent on impulsive purchases.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Diseases of the genital organs and chronic conditions.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases; hidden diseases.
  • Mental deviations from the norm, uncontrollability.
  • The period of residence of psychological trauma, rejection.

For women, the reversed Queen of Cups in terms of health indicates problems with the genitals. For example, chronic cystitis, thrush, prolonged menstruation. Indirectly, the position of the card indicates difficulties with conception, the unwillingness of the body to give birth to a child. For men, an inverted Arcana speaks of difficulties with urination, kidney stones, or sexually transmitted diseases transmitted from a partner. In some individual cases, it will denote a sex change, a hormonal transition.

The psyche of the reversed Queen of Cups is extremely unstable. A person is subject to frequent mood swings, cannot cope with piled-up obligations. This results in tantrums, frequent bouts of tears. From the outside, it seems that the person needs support, but this is not always the case. Often such a state has secondary benefits for the โ€œvictimโ€ herself. However, in the case of psychological trauma, the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist may really be needed.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • A state of eternal expectation, inaction, apathy.
  • Exposure to manipulation, depression, despondency.
  • Devaluation of oneโ€™s own merits, skills and talents.
  • Depression against the background of unfulfillment and compliance.

The heroine of the inverted card, the Queen of Cups, becomes like the cursed daughters of Danae โ€“ the Danaids. Guilty without guilt, she is forced to constantly fill her goblet. Having never tasted the joy of earthly love, the Queen turns into an ever-awaiting maiden. It is this state that translates the position of the card. It is superimposed on all areas โ€“ work, relationships, self-realization in creativity. Everywhere there is a ghost of some inaccessibility of the best, underestimation. The querent cannot get what he wants, no matter how hard he tries. In the end, it remains only to immerse yourself in order to try to understand what is the true reason for what is happening.

The reversed Queen of Cups asks questions: "Where am I devaluing myself?" and โ€œHow to learn to build personal boundaries?โ€. Despite the seemingly relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful landscape on the card, there are still limits to what is acceptable. Self-reflection on the opposite position of the Arcana leads to chronic depression. It is impossible to always be understanding and kind person. This is just one of the four hypostases of the Major Arcana Empress. In some cases, it is worth getting the sword of righteous anger, guided by a common cold mind.

Queen of Cups as a Significator of a Person

The Queen of Cups denotes young girls who are beautiful in their youth. Astrological correspondence with the zodiac sign Cancer. In addition, the Arcana shows such character traits as kindness, the ability to forgive, listen and hear the interlocutor. These are born psychologists, parapsychologists, esotericists. Men also pass on this card. They have the ability to understand the subtle female nature. They make excellent fashion designers, makeup artists, hairdressers. The Queen of the suit of Cups is a card of connoisseurs of beauty in any of its manifestations: photography, poetry, music.

The reversed Arcana as a significator of personality does not lose its main meaning. However, self-destruction is added here in the name of something more. Kurt Cobain, Gia Carangi, Charles Baudelaire โ€“ all of them are united by the desire for art and beauty, as well as a perfectly honed skill to ruin oneโ€™s life. The Queen of Cups reversed is the classic Juliet, ready to die for love. Therefore, all people walk along the edge of such a significator, not for long, but flickering brightly.

Queen of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Queen of Cups Card

As a tip, the upright position of the Queen of Cups speaks of a good opportunity to take a break from the routine. You can devote this time to yourself, loved ones and everyone whom the questioning person loves. The period favors confessing love, opening the heart to the beloved. The world will respond to such a risky step and cover the road to happiness with flowers. The reversed Arcana, on the contrary, advises to wait a little with confessions. The partner is not ready to reciprocate, and therefore the fortuneteller will be left alone with his resentment and unfulfilled hopes. It is better to hide your true feelings until a more favorable period comes.

In the context of the warning, the upright Queen of Cups indicates the danger of manifesting itself as a sensitive nature. Others can take advantage of the querentโ€™s cordiality, even betray for selfish purposes. Sometimes the card directly shows a young girl from the environment, who is a danger to the querent. The inverted Arcana Queen of Cups exacerbates this meaning. Some old wound will make itself felt. Perhaps a person who was once offended by the questioner will appear. Also, an inverted position can speak of unethical behavior, loosening of the psyche. Such actions will lead to nervous breakdowns. You need to take matters into your own hands as soon as possible.

Queen of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

If the Queen of Cups fell out in an upright position in the spread on the card of the day, then the questioner will have a wish fulfilled. Cherished dreams relate to feelings, so you can expect a declaration of love, a reverent attitude towards yourself. The querent will bathe in emotions, enjoy a relaxing environment. Arcana also means relaxing in the spa, visiting various cosmetic procedures, shopping. The day will be filled with pleasant impressions. For men, the Queen of Cups card portends a meeting with the woman he loves. Perhaps a romantic date or an interesting acquaintance. These days will allow you to express the desires of the heart, temporarily turn off the pragmatic mind.

If the card lay upside down, then the day will pass in expectations and memories. The best moments spent with a past partner or relatives will come to mind. It will seem that all the good things are behind, but the present does not please. The Queen of Cups in the opposite position promises a depressed, depressive state. Tears may well up, some old negative situation will be remembered. In this case, the querent is forced to be alone. Donโ€™t count on support. However, the day will still end, and painful emotions will go with it.

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