Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Queen of Pentacles, Lady of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 13

Keywords: Welfare, Prosperity

Active element: Earth โ›ฐ๏ธ (suit) & Water ๐Ÿ’ง (rank)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn โ™‘

The Queen of Pentacles is a card of warmth and home. Of all the Ladies in the Tarot system, she alone symbolizes motherhood. This is the highest purpose of a woman โ€“ to create something new, to give life. The universe is abundant and ready to share gifts with all its abodes. The heroine of the Arcana takes care of comfort and prosperity, takes care of seemingly simple things. But in the opposite form, the card means something less rosy. There is no emptiness in the world, therefore here the Arcana pours gifts. But in this case, a person is faced with illness and misfortune. As far as the heroine can be generous for good, so for evil.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Queen of Pentacles

In the classic Rider-Waite Tarot card, the Queen of Pentacles depicts a dark-haired woman seated on a throne in the middle of a garden or forest. The heroine is dressed in a scarlet dress and shoes, a white shirt with gold piping on the sleeves. The head is covered with a yellow skullcap with a green cape fixed under it, up to the very legs. The Lady holds a large coin with both hands. The head is tilted down, the gaze is directed to the pentacle. The throne itself is gray, decorated with bas-reliefs in the form of two angels, pear fruits and a goatโ€™s head. On the ground nearby, patches of grass are visible, followed by sand. A little further away is a small river, and even further โ€“ the blue mountains. From above, the branches of the rose bush are shown along with the flowers. An inconspicuous brown hare is visible in the lower right corner. The sky is bright yellow.

The Arcana of the Queen of Pentacles by suit belongs to the element of Earth, but in rank โ€“ to Water. As a result, energy resembles moist fertile soil, on which shoots quickly appear. The symbol in the form of a hare also hints at fertility. The abundance of vegetation, roses and pears represent wealth both literally and figuratively. Angels indicate protection and patronage. Mountains in the distance speak of determination and success. The goatโ€™s head on the throne symbolizes perseverance in achieving the goals. This is stubbornness, which only helps its mistress.

Meaning of the Upright Queen of Pentacles Card

  • Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother or aunt; reliable wise woman.
  • Experience coupled with the sensitivity and disposition of others.
  • High performance and obtaining specific fruits of labor.
  • "Hearing" a certain idea or investing in a business.

In the upright position, the Queen of Pentacles denotes a specific woman or a characteristic of a situation. This is always reliability, obtaining positive results, the implementation of the plan. Of all the Queens, the Lady of Coins is the most mundane card. The heroine prioritizes today and its worries. She is not as emotional as the Lady of Water, but she can become a support for her King. In this sense, the Arcana often shows a mother, grandmother, or a lady in years. The woman went through a lot and became experienced. You can always count on her and trust her with your secrets. Because of the habit of systematizing everything, such a girl will easily give useful advice, get to the bottom of the problem.

Also, the Queen of Pentacles lies down as a significator of a life situation. The card shows an excellent period for making money, moving up the career ladder. At the same time, the Arcana hints at the conjugation of sensitivity and success โ€“ great heights can only be achieved through communication. The Queen of Pentacles also indicates the prospects of any business. The result of labor can be: an increase, the opening of a profitable business, or even the birth of a child. In all areas, the card symbolizes the availability of the necessary resource, time and place for the realization of opportunities.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Marriage with a faithful woman, a reliable companion in the life.
  • Help from the mother and grandmother in terms of the family hearth.
  • Acquaintance with a lady in years or an experienced wise girl.
  • Focus on motherhood, raising children, housekeeping.

In a love spread, the Queen of Pentacles can represent the partner herself. A woman has already become a mother or is completely ready for procreation. She is an excellent hostess, who is able to restore order and comfort in the house in any financial situation. The girl is economical in terms of finances, but she also approaches the issue of relationships. She is not too emotional, rather she treats her partner as her relative, her son. But in the upright position of the card, there are no serious problems or deviations from the norm.

For single men, the Queen of Pentacles predicts an early acquaintance with a reliable woman. She herself will take the situation into her own hands and demonstrate her readiness for marriage, family. If the lady is guessing, then the card shows the questioner. In this case, the Arcana hints at the importance of waiting. A suitable partner must "pull" himself. You should focus on everyday things in order to be realized as a hostess. Ordinary household chores can set a woman in the right mood.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Market of household goods, kitchen utensils.
  • A business run by a woman; wise boss.
  • Getting results from your business and a stable flow.
  • Settlement of basic issues, the possibility of rest.

In the context of characterizing activities, the Queen of Pentacles shows household goods and home decor stores, as well as companies run by women. When upright, the card is responsible for well-being and prosperity, a comfortable environment in the team. The boss treats her subordinates like family. She can lend a helping hand in the most difficult life situation. Also, the Arcana speaks of the beginning of a good period of life for creating a business, active actions in the work plan.

The state of finances can only be envied. The querent came to material freedom. The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes reaping the fruits of past actions, contentment with what you have. The questioning person enjoys the current situation, has the right to afford a lot. The financial flow is established and consistently brings dividends. Now the fortuneteller can not worry about minor misunderstandings and allow himself a proper rest from business.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • No problems with the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes.
  • The menstrual cycle is normal, without delays or severe pain.
  • Attachment to his family and also a calm gentle nature.
  • Good disposition, not prone to conflicts, the ability to go forward.

The Queen of Pentacles shows a healthy reproductive system in women. A girl can conceive, bear and give birth to a child without any problems. The card also symbolizes the beginning of the menstrual cycle. For men, the Arcana denotes the features of appearance and predisposition that were inherited from the mother and grandmother. In this case, only positive qualities will be shown. Sometimes the card represents the digestive system. There are also no special problems, ailments.

The mental state is calm. The Queen of Pentacles signifies isolation and earthiness. A person easily copes with minor troubles. He is understanding about others and can forgive a lot. At the same time, the querent is more focused on non-publicity, a quiet life. He likes solitude, the opportunity to immerse himself in himself and relax in this way. But also the fortuneteller sees for himself the meaning of life in relatives, so he will always come to the aid of a loved one.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Goddesses of fertility, continuation of life; spiritual mothers.
  • Earthly abundance, giving joy, inspiration and peace.
  • The combination of male, female qualities within the individual.
  • Transition to a new level, awakening of the spirit, reassessment.

In terms of spirituality, the Queen of Pentacles symbolizes the goddesses of fertility. These are Demeter, Ishtar, Hathor. In different cultures, a mythical woman has always been present, giving a rich harvest. Childless girls turned to her for help in the hope of conceiving a child. The fetus meant both children and material values. The card falls on a period of time when the seeker must combine the spiritual and the earthly, but at the same time become something third. In this case, the gender of the querent is not important โ€“ here the emphasis is on his soul.

The Queen of Pentacles asks questions: "What can I create?" and โ€œHow much energy should be put into this?โ€. Here the Arcana shows the process of "giving life." At the same time, the fortuneteller himself is able to be reborn, literally become the spiritual parent of himself. The questioner has a mother, but there is also an inner parent. The heroine of the card has already taken the pentacle from her King and will soon give the world a new life. The connection of the two elements happened โ€“ the male and female parts of the soul united.

Meaning of the Reversed Queen of Pentacles Tarot

  • Greed and avarice; desire for wealth without morality, ethics.
  • Aiding in dark deeds or illegal enrichment.
  • An unreliable woman who uses everyone in her tasks.
  • The appearance of problems on the way and the inability to receive a reward.

In the reversed position, the value of the Queen of Pentacles changes dramatically. The heroine turns from generous to mean. She is focused only on the accumulation of wealth, so she is not interested in moral human values. Symbolically, you can compare the heroine with the mother of evil. From her appearance, misfortunes pour like from a cornucopia. Wet ground now looks more like swamp mud. The reversed card shows actions behind your back, dishonest victory and commercialism. The hostess smiles at the guests in the face, and then turns to the servants and gives the order to be kicked out of the ball.

The court Arcana in the opposite form symbolizes a too oppressive figure, a person who does not allow others to take responsibility. These are mothers and grandmothers who, with their overprotectiveness, only harm the child. Figuratively, the same can apply to the boss at work. The reversed Queen of Pentacles also personifies the concealment of something, the concealment of both intellectual and material values. Moreover, the opposite type of Arcana hints at the situation getting out of control. The querent will not get the result that he originally planned. The Queen of Pentacles in an reversed position lies on the wrong landmarks. Stubbornness plays against the questioner himself.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Lack of sincere feelings, focus on money and wealth.
  • Marriage with a materialistic girl or an attempt to buy love.
  • Acquaintance with a married man who wants a mistress.
  • Meeting with a married lady looking for emotions and feelings for the night.

In a love spread, the reversed Queen of Pentacles shows the purely mercantile interest of the partner. The wife or girlfriend does not love the questioner. She only cares about the status and security of the second half. At the same time, for someone, a three-room apartment in the capital will be considered wealth, and for others, the presence of at least some real estate in general. If the lady is guessing, then the position of the card hints at the consumer attitude on the part of the husband or boyfriend. Cavalier believes that he has the right to "buy" love. But such a relationship has never made anyone happy.

For lonely people, the reversed Queen of Pentacles hints at an unfavorable time. Only mercantile girls who do not see the soul of a person will now be attracted to a man. Women, on the other hand, can get into an unpleasant story with an insensitive gentleman. Often the position of the card indicates windiness. It is best to wait out this period without letting anyone close to your heart.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Entertainment establishments with a very bad reputation.
  • Illegal activities and concealment of these reports.
  • Funds obtained in a dishonest, unethical way.
  • Wealthy but unhappy boss, partner.

In terms of activity, the Queen of Pentacles in the opposite form shows the concealment of documents, "black" accounting and illegal fraud. Often, according to the position of the card, there are hot places with a bad reputation, in the worst case, brothels and medical institutions that sell human organs. It can also be motherhood for money, bearing someone elseโ€™s child. In the context of the situation, the reversed Queen of Pentacles symbolizes conflicts with the boss over money or disrespect for the questioner.

The financial situation may be quite good. However, this is "dirty" money. In the opposite sense, the Queen of Pentacles denotes capital accumulated in a not entirely honest way. A person had to humiliate himself or even cross the line of the law for the sake of finances. But now the querent does not need anything. The moral side of the issue does not worry the fortuneteller too much. Perhaps the person is hiding information about how this wealth was obtained.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Inflammation of the ovaries, absence of the reproductive organ.
  • The appearance of a neoplasm or problems with the stomach.
  • The desire to surprise others with their material wealth.
  • Closeness, stubbornness, which only leads to worse.

If the Queen of Pentacles fell upside down, then the card promises health problems. These are various ailments related to the female reproductive system. Also, the position of the Arcana speaks of the incompatibility of the gene pool, blood. Because of this, a couple of miscarriages happen over and over again or a child is born with disabilities, a disabled person. Also, the reversed Lady of Coins personifies the appearance of tumors or overweight. Immunity surrenders, it is difficult for a person to move around and do the usual things.

The mental portrait shows a notorious personality. It is hard for her to open up to others, to ask for something and to declare her existence. The reversed Queen of Pentacles symbolizes the paradigm shift of interests towards material values. Because of self-doubt, a person seeks peace in finances. It seems to him that, having reached certain heights, everyone will love and respect him. But this is just a common illusion โ€“ if initially there is no core inside, then the time of wealth will never come.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • The disgrace of the goddesses; deprivation of a generous share or happiness, joy.
  • Hard luck; bad karma inherited through the female line.
  • The ability of the mind to translate negativity into unpleasant images.
  • The accumulation of anger and discontent inside; underdevelopment.

The reversed Queen of Pentacles in the Tarot gives a negative meaning to the spread of spirituality. Now, the position of the card shows the wrath of the goddesses of fertility. The person failed to respect the deity, so he is destined for punishment from above โ€“ a rotten crop or its absence at all. Some colossal mistake has been made in the alchemical process of creating a new "I" โ€“ the seeker can fall into the very beginning. Sometimes the reversed Queen of Earth speaks of rejection of oneโ€™s own mother. Because of this, a perverted understanding of the world arises in the individual. As a result, the soul cannot be reborn during life, as there is a significant stopper.

In the opposite sense, the Queen of Pentacles asks questions: โ€œWhat gave rise to evil in me?โ€ and "How to get rid of it?". The human psyche is looking for many ways not to go crazy. In order to save the last nerves, the mind โ€œthrows outโ€ negative memories in the form of dreams or unconscious reactions. The lid of a boiling cauldron is sure to move, so itโ€™s worth finding an ethical way to express anger and pain.

Queen of Pentacles as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies straight, then the Queen of Pentacles personifies the experienced ladies. Most of the time itโ€™s middle age. In terms of appearance โ€“ brown or red hair, brown eyes. The physique is complete. But even despite the young age of the body, in the soul such women are very wise and smart. They know how to find an approach to others, while not infringing on their own interests. The card shows Capricorns โ€“ stubborn achievers, focused primarily on material comfort. Kate Middleton, Hayley Bennett, Yana Rudkovskaya are famous ladies who are distinguished by their cool temper. Their desire to win can only be envied.

But if the Queen of Pentacles falls upside down, then the characteristics of a person change. Now the position of the card indicates a mercantile person who seeks to use the opposite sex for her own purposes. Lilya Brik and Marlene Dietrich skillfully played with male attention, giving the gentlemen freedom. As a result, the latter showered their goddesses with banknotes. But these women were never able to become happy. In the opposite sense, the card shows girls who are focused on marriage without love, but with a material background.

Queen of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Queen of Pentacles Card

In the upright position, the Queen of Pentacles advises to pay attention to the house, life and mundane things. You should take care of your own comfort, solve primary problems. Sometimes the card speaks of the importance of seeking help from a relative or boss. She will give practical advice or provide material support. As a warning, the Arcana hints at the danger of opening ahead of time. The querent may harbor some idea that requires peace and quiet. Before you show the world your creation, you need to withstand the necessary period. Otherwise, you can jinx the results.

The reversed Queen of Pentacles, on the contrary, advises to refuse the reward altogether. The end result will not please the questioner. What was conceived will be realized exactly the opposite, and even the brightest prospects will not bring happiness. You need to rethink your guidelines. As a warning, the reversed Queen of Pentacles speaks of the danger of holding negativity in oneself. Evil accumulates, and then it will definitely โ€œexplodeโ€ at the wrong moment. The position of the card hints at a critical situation, fatigue. Emotional tension needs to be discharged in any suitable way โ€“ to go dancing, swimming or just walking.

Queen of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles promises a generous day with gifts. Today, the querent will continue to invest in his project, business. It could also be about personal life. In any case, the questioner rushes about with his ideas, as with a real child. On these days, the first positive results may appear. The card also shows a meeting with a mother or grandmother, mother-in-law, mother-in-law. These are quiet gatherings with the family, leaving behind a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Also, the Arcana can show a pregnant woman, caring for her. The day will pass measuredly, will give good memories.

The reversed Queen of Pentacles in the spread for the card of the day predicts not very pleasant moments. Today there may be a meeting with a mercantile lady who will try to "pull" a resource out of a fortuneteller. Sometimes these are material values, otherwise they are just energy, attention. This woman is a kind of vampire, feeding on negative reactions and feelings. She loves to collect gossip, present reality in a distorted form. A close relative with whom the querent is forced to communicate may have similar qualities. On these days, something will not go according to plan, and all expectations will remain only empty hopes for the best.

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