Queen of Swords Tarot Card

Card Name: Queen of Swords, Lady of Blades

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Swords

Position: 13

Keywords: Independence, Detachment

Active element: Air ๐Ÿ’จ (suit) & Water ๐Ÿ’ง (rank)

Zodiac sign: Libra โ™Ž

The Queen of Swords is a card of balance of power and sensuality. The heroine of the Arcana resembles the dark goddesses โ€“ Hel, Marena, Circe. She is responsible for the acceptance of inevitability, vitality and steadfastness. But at the same time, he also knows how to feel others, understands other peopleโ€™s motives for behavior. This is intuition coupled with firmness of character. The heroine can pardon, or punish with her sword of justice. However, in the opposite form, the card loses its noble manifestations. Now, this is an evil witch who lives only for revenge and malice. The ability to hear the voice of the heart is lost. The mind dictates its own strict rules. The position of the Arcana affects the interpretation in the spreads.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Queen of Swords

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Queen of Swords card depicts a woman seated on a marble throne. The figure of the heroine is shown in profile to the viewer. The left hand is raised in a gesture of invitation or greeting, while the right palm is holding a long blade. The girl is dressed in a white dress and a blue cape with the image of clouds. The head of the heroine is decorated with a golden crown in the form of butterflies. The same symbol is seen on the throne. Also, on the gray throne, there is a bas-relief in the form of an angelโ€™s head. The action takes place against the backdrop of a mountainous area, trees and a small river are visible in the distance. The clouds are close to the ground, and half the sky is perfectly clear. A lone bird flies in the air.

The heroine of the Queen of Swords is very similar to the goddess Themis. The left hand, symbolizing the female Yin energy, is shown in an open gesture. The right one is Yang, holding a cold weapon, point up. This is an indication of duality, the need for choice and constant analysis of the situation. Decor in the form of butterflies means lightness, incorporeality of thought. The angel indicates protection, patronage. The rosary on the left wrist symbolizes widowhood โ€“ such jewelry was worn by women of the Victorian era who buried their husband. A single bird speaks of loneliness, but also of fearlessness. By rank, the card belongs to the element Water, so there is an image of a river here. The energy of the Arcana is a cold shower that refreshes the head and calms the feelings that have erupted.

Meaning of the Upright Queen of Swords Card

  • An open mind or justice, wisdom, experience.
  • Independence from other people, the right to be free.
  • A lonely woman, guided only by the voice of reason.
  • Situations that require willpower, endurance, character.

It is believed that deck artist Pamela Smith drew the heroine of the Queen of Swords from her friend Ellen Terry. This girl played the Viking leader Jordis in the play ยซWarriors in Helgelandยป. There, the actress appeared in the image of an indomitable, fearless queen. Therefore, the card represents a concentrate of wisdom, framed in life experience. In the upright position, the Lady of Blades traditionally shows a woman in years. But also, the Queen of Swords card falls simply on lonely people. In the context of characterizing the situation, the Arcana symbolizes a difficult stage that requires masculinity and self-control. Despite the fact that the heroine is female, she is still strong and restrained โ€“ a kind of iron lady.

The Queen of Swords shows the ability to control herself, not to succumb to emotions. The mask of impartiality helps to control the situation. Events on this card will force you to act technically, following the voice of reason. Feelings come last here. In the near future, the querent will face a choice. Subsequent events will depend on his decision. The heroine of the Queen of Swords card can prove herself loyal, but sometimes she is also able to unleash a real war. In some cases, the appearance of the Arcana in the spread speaks of patronage from an influential relative.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The second half is a very wise, strong woman or lady.
  • The girl leading in the relationship, taking the main role.
  • Unwillingness to rush to choose a partner or open up.
  • Looking at a person at a distance and incredulity.

In terms of love, the Queen of Swords shows a partner. The card suggests that the girl is very closed and stingy with emotions. But at the same time, the lady commands respect. She is loyal, humble and reliable. Such a woman will not do anything behind her loverโ€™s back. Her values are honesty and straightforwardness. In the context of the characteristics of relationships in a pair, the Arcana personifies difficult situations. In the near future, the partners will face some difficult decision, on which their common personal life will depend.

For singles, the dropped Queen of Swords in a upright position does not predict any changes. A person responsibly approaches the choice of the second half. The querent could be disappointed in love, so now he is experiencing difficulties in communication. Often he is the first to refuse the opposite sex. Sometimes the Arcana falls on women widows. In this case, the problem lies in excessive closeness, fear of re-experiencing this. The card also shows the initial period of the relationship, when the questioning person is only looking at someone.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Work in the field of education, science, or legal proceedings.
  • A female boss who influences the results of the querent.
  • Modest spending, the ability to deny yourself or save.
  • Wise management of money, the implementation of financial goals.

The Queen of Swords lies down as a significator of activity. The card shows judges, teachers, scientists. This is a job that requires personal responsibility for the result. Also, the Arcana shows women bosses. Such individuals always control the situation, do not let anything out of their keen eyes. In terms of the situation, the Queen of Swords means a meeting with a similar woman. The querent will need to agree on something or get the project approved. Be guided here by logic and proven facts.

The financial situation is quite stable. The Queen of Swords shows skill with money. This is partly stinginess, but for the sake of prosperity, a fortuneteller can make some sacrifices. Tightness and denial of fleeting desires in the future will play into the hands of the questioner himself. The querent is responsible for his financial results, does not depend on anyone in material terms. This position allows you to soberly assess the situation and move in the chosen direction.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Influence of atmospheric pressure on the state of the querent.
  • The presence of some restrictions in nutrition or treatment.
  • Sobriety of the mind, a logical approach to problem-solving.
  • Respect for yourself and others, wise actions and conclusions.

In terms of health, the Queen of Swords means strong immunity and the ability to heal quickly. At the same time, the body of the questioner reacts sharply to certain foods, drugs, or weather conditions. The querent is required to adhere to a certain diet. Also, the Arcana shows a phenomenal memory, the ability to operate with large numbers. For women, the Queen of Swords sometimes symbolizes problems with personal life, a long absence of a sexual partner. In this connection, pelvic tension, muscle clamps may appear.

The state of mind is stable. The Queen of Swords symbolizes the ability to always reason sensibly, be guided by logic. Such people know how to say โ€œnoโ€ to themselves and others, but they can also show loyalty. Such individuals are smart, wise beyond their years. These are excellent strategies. A person can stand up for the weaker ones, protect children. He is strong, but uses his influence for good purposes. If something critical happens, then the querent will show severity and rigidity.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The presence of practical life experience, observation.
  • The ability to pull yourself together in time, calm down, or move away.
  • An unbiased look at some things and situations from afar.
  • Balance between feelings and logic, the quintessence of wisdom.

In the context of spirituality, the Queen of Swords denotes a certain isolation from earthly joys. A person has known love, experienced and lost a lot, and now he has become wise. But at the same time, the seeker is not disappointed in life. Rather, he was simply tired of the hustle and bustle. Emotions are no longer as bright as before. The heat of the mind has gone down, and now you can make effective decisions. The card represents a philosophical attitude towards losses and gains. The querent is not attached to anything, so his soul is calm.

The Queen of Swords asks questions: "How to find a balance between feelings and reason?" and โ€œHow not to lose the sharpness of perception?โ€. The questioner needs to stand in a detached position in order to correctly interpret what is happening. The fewer emotions he takes at face value, the more reasonable decision he will make in the end. At the same time, the traveler should not give up the sensual side of life. He should combine toughness and compassion, try to be wise and honest.

Meaning of the Reversed Queen of Swords Tarot

  • Violent behavior, refusal to show emotions or feelings.
  • Coldness, iron restraint, wrong direction.
  • Refusal or unwillingness to understand the details and subtleties, anger.
  • The desire to take revenge on someone, ruin the life of others.

Reversed position changes the meaning of the Queen of Swords. Now the heroine from a wise woman turns into a selfish, bitchy young lady. She becomes cruel and quick-tempered, vindictive. The reversed Queen of the Air card denotes loud scandals, the emergence of serious problems. Often obstacles are repaired by some angry girl. It is also a period of loneliness and incomprehension, complete closeness, self-absorption. In the opposite form, the card symbolizes internal dissatisfaction, a state of oppression. It is difficult to solve some difficult situation; it has been putting pressure on the querent for quite a long time.

The Queen of Swords reversed falls on a lack of emotion. In subsequent events, the feelings of the questioner will not be taken into account. You may have to give up something dear to your soul in favor of the decision. This is a blow to the heart, parting with illusions or hopes. Also, the position of the Arcana suggests that some plans are not destined to come true. They run counter to the general tendencies of the fate of the fortuneteller. Sometimes the reversed card shows the wrong choice, rash actions. In any case, the questioner will feel coldness, disinterest in his person.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • The intervention of an evil woman in the relationship of two people.
  • An obstinate partner who wants to be the main one in her pair.
  • Loneliness due to negative attitude towards people and anger.
  • Refusal of the girl of interest, courtship without result.

In a love spread, the reversed Queen of Swords denotes the influence of a certain woman negatively. A mother-in-law or mother-in-law may interfere in a coupleโ€™s relationship. According to the position of the card, this lady does not want young people to be together. She acts dishonestly, trying to destroy the union. Also, the reversed Arcana lies on the partner herself. In this case, the position of the card indicates an attempt to manipulate the other half. A girl can be frightening with a break in relations, a rejection of an intimate life. Now it is difficult for partners to hear each other and agree. There are unspoken hurts and repressed emotions.

For lonely people, the Queen of Swords in the opposite form symbolizes the presence of some problems. If a woman asks, then she herself does not want to reveal herself to people. She has not forgiven her ex-partner, or she has a bad relationship with her father. All this affects the negative perception of the male gender. For guys, the appearance of the reversed Arcana indicates a refusal from a potential passion. The girl keeps her distance, and most likely will never reciprocate.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Conflict with a woman โ€“ a colleague, partner, client.
  • Inability to cope with problems, start working.
  • An arrogant decision that led to the loss of money.
  • Acute shortage of funds, inability to get help.

In relation to work, the reversed Queen of Swords denotes intrigues on the part of the boss or employee. The woman is trying to frame the querent, or just wants to fire him. The decisive role here is played by a difficult character and unreasonable hostility. Also, the position of the Arcana shows a losing streak, an inability to cope with stress at work. If a girl is guessing, then she herself can decide to leave her position, give up. Men, on the other hand, will have a difficult period when they will need to prove their own competencies.

In terms of finances, the Queen of Swords in the opposite sense promises serious problems. The querent made a mistake, made the wrong decision. In the near future, there will be an acute shortage of funds. The money will go to pay off debts, pay interest. At the same time, you can not expect help from anyone โ€“ the questioner is forced to resolve the situation himself. Women also should not rely on active actions from the second half.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Ligament rupture, injury with a sharp object or a weapon.
  • Inflammation of organs, infertility, severe pain, malaise.
  • Complete isolation, disappointment in life and bright feelings.
  • Accumulation of discontent within oneself or suppressed anger.

In a health spread, the reversed Queen of Swords symbolizes an acute condition. Internal bleeding may open, an organ rupture may occur. Often the position of the card indicates an accident, an accident. For women, this is infertility, the presence of inflammation in the genitals. Sometimes the reversed Arcana shows menopause. Also, these are serious diseases transmitted through the female line โ€“ from a grandmother or mother. In the opposite form, the card speaks of a lack of oxygen in the blood, problems with the lungs.

The mental state is difficult. The Queen of Swords reversed lies on people in prolonged depression. Such a person sees the world exclusively in dark colors, does not believe in love and kindness. In this case, the individual is guided only by the concept of force. Sometimes she can act too cruelly. Empathy for others is lost. On the contrary, a person wants to take revenge on others, to exclude from his life any manifestation of warmth, care. Most often, the reversed card falls on the stage of anger after receiving a psychotrauma.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Disappointment in all denominations, dogmas and religions.
  • Unwillingness to think about oneโ€™s own life, destiny.
  • Immersion in depression, lack of joy, laughter.
  • Melancholy, anger at others and a closed heart.

Spiritual development on the reversed Queen of Swords card is completely stopped. A person becomes an atheist, does not believe in higher powers or magic. Rather, it is guided only by scientific evidence. But such judgments act to the detriment of the questioner himself. His heart is closed and doesnโ€™t even beat. There is an inner emptiness, which sooner or later will lead to depression. The seeker must find God within himself, become the master of his own destiny. If we reject this idea, then the meaning of life is completely lost.

The reversed Queen of Swords asks the questions: โ€œWhat exactly am I disappointed in?โ€ and โ€œWhen did this happen?โ€. You should remember the moment that led to the current situation. You need to try to forgive yourself and others. Now the querent has become strong and therefore can correct any misunderstanding. To get out of the state of melancholy, you need to let joy into your life, love and laugh more. Only when a person "comes to life" can he begin to feel again.

Queen of Swords as a Significator of a Person

In the upright position, the Queen of Swords lies down as the significator of the woman. This is either an aged lady โ€“ a grandmother, mother, or just a very smart girl. The card has an astrological correspondence with the zodiac sign Libra. Friedrich Nietzsche, Monica Bellucci, Catherine Deneuve โ€“ all these personalities are distinguished by a democratic approach to life. Such people can combine opposite qualities in themselves and at the same time remain in mental balance. The ability to understand another person makes them good listeners and interlocutors. At the same time, such a person skillfully keeps his distance.

In the reversed position, the Queen of Swords shows people who rush from one extreme to another. They will surely throw out the grievances experienced in the form of sophisticated cruelty. Examples include Irma Grese or Elisabeth Bathory. These individuals at different times brought a lot of trouble to others. Such women asserted themselves thanks to the suffering of others. In general, the reversed card also falls on male maniacs. In this case, the position of the Arcana speaks of hatred for the weaker sex.

Queen of Swords: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Queen of Swords Card

If the Queen of Swords fell out upright, then the card advises to take a break, step back for a while. Before making any decision, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons. Here you need to be guided by logic, analyze the facts. The querent is able to impartially assess the situation and lean towards choosing the right strategy. The Queen of Swords also warns of the presence of a rival. A woman will never give up, so you should take her person into account. There may also be an acute problem that will infuriate you. No need to openly show emotions โ€“ this questioner will only harm.

If the card lay upside down, then the Queen of Swords, on the contrary, advises to be tough. The questioner must become an impregnable fortress. All attempts to pity the querent must be stopped immediately. The person made the right choice, so outside interference will only be harmful. In terms of warning, the reversed Queen of Swords speaks of the danger of being silent or acting covertly. Events require immediate intervention. If the fortuneteller gives up slack, then all plans will collapse. There is no need to rely on providence, it is better to take the situation into your own hands.

Queen of Swords: Daily Card Meaning

The Queen of Swords Tarot in the spread of the card of the day gives importance to importance. Today, a querent can talk to a wise woman, get effective advice. This lady will influence the adoption of any decision, play a key role. Mother, grandmother or teacher, boss โ€“ a woman will know what she is talking about. It is possible to meet with a doctor, get a consultation. The card also shows the assimilation of new knowledge, the learning process. The questioner can receive protection and support from the outside. If a girl asks, then she herself will take on this role of a guardian angel, focused on the happiness and peace of others.

When reversed, the card changes its meaning. The Queen of Swords in the opposite position promises the possibility of a scandal with a quarrelsome lady. The querent will face the intrigues of a certain woman who is negatively disposed towards him. In men, a break with a lover may occur, or relations with some relative will worsen. Girls, on the other hand, will close in on themselves, they will accumulate anger for some reason. For everyone, this day can bring tangible losses. Emotionally, the strongest tension will be felt. Any extra word will provoke a wave of negativity.

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