Queen of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Queen of Wands, Lady of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 13

Keywords: Excellence, Ambition

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ (suit) & Water ๐Ÿ’ง (rank)

Zodiac sign: Aries โ™ˆ

The Queen of Wands is a mysterious yet beautiful tarot card. Her heroine is a real witch, the owner of mystical abilities. In this regard, the court Arcana is similar in meaning to the High Priestess, but is closer to ordinary mortals. The vibrations of the card glow with an even light, warm with the rays of the bright sun. This is an eternal hope for the best, faith in oneself, positivity. The lady symbolizes self-sufficiency, a way out of any critical situation. Pure individuality embodied in a fragile being. Balance between spiritual and earthly, good and bad. This is a black color that accumulates heat and then gives it away.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Queen of Wands

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Queen of Wands card depicts a young woman seated on a throne. The lady is wearing a yellow dress and a white cape. A brooch in the form of a catโ€™s head is visible on the chest. The head of the mistress is decorated with a golden crown with green stones. In her left hand, the girl holds a sunflower, and in her right hand, a sprouted staff. The head is turned to the right of the viewer. The throne is rectangular, without smooth lines. Armrests support two lion heads. The back of the throne on the inside is decorated with images of sunflowers. Also, visible are two red lions. At the feet of the Lady sits a black cat. The pyramids are in the background.

The whole picture is designed in shades traditional for the suit of Staffs โ€“ yellow, brown, red. But green elements are also added here โ€“ stones and leaves, which speaks of fertility and life. Animals belonging to the cat family symbolize strength and grace, mysterious charm. If you substitute the card of the Lord of Fire next to it, then the heroine of the Arcana Queen of Wands looks the other way from her couple. This is a sign of focus on external manifestations of oneโ€™s character, love for freedom and independence. Sunflowers mean cheerfulness, positive. The throne itself stands on a stone platform, which symbolically shows support, strength.

Meaning of the Upright Queen of Wands Card

  • A woman with a bright character, also beautiful and freedom-loving.
  • Increased attention to the person of the querent, popularity and fame.
  • Interest in unusual things, an extraordinary approach to problems.
  • The desire to constantly develop, move forward to new goals.

In the upright position, the Queen of Wands designates specific women or characterizes the situation. This is a vivid manifestation of oneself in society, love for everything unusual, exclusive. The Lady of Staves by suit belongs to the element Fire, but by rank โ€“ to Water. The energy of the card is like a hot spring, enveloping with its waves. Feelings are added to activity and ambition. Movement along this Arcana is dictated by internal impulses to express themselves to the fullest. If the Lady of Cups was focused on love and relationships, then the heroine of the Queen of Wands card seeks to conquer those around her with her fiery character. It is important for her to constantly raise the bar, to achieve new heights.

The card shows strong desires, passion for a person or business. In the spread for any sphere, the appearance of the Queen of Wands will not go unnoticed. It promises vivid impressions, great achievements, success. The Arcana speaks of the importance of receiving a response from others. The Queen of Fire loves increased attention to her person, strives to surprise, and constantly replenishes the number of loyal fans. The situation on the card is quite changeable. It is like a sharp flash of a star in the night sky. Whether this flame will continue to burn is unknown. But now it completely captures attention, captivates and captivates.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Vivid sensations, a cocktail of pleasant emotions, passion in a pair.
  • Love for an adventurous woman or an independent partner.
  • For girls โ€“ an active manifestation of feelings or affection.
  • For men โ€“ the emergence of an interesting and beautiful new passion.

In the love spread, the Queen of Wands denotes a partner with a fiery character. The Arcana says that most decisions will depend on the girl. She leads the relationship according to her scenario, the man only has to admire his passion. The Queen of Wands card shows passion and a good intimate life. Such a couple does not have to be bored โ€“ there is always something to strive for together. And yet it is a synthesis of passion and deep feelings. Such a mix makes you dizzy, makes you do rash, but memorable actions.

For single people, the Queen of Wands gives control of their personal lives into their own hands. For women, the card shows the importance of showing sympathy on your own. Only active actions will lead to results. The girl needs to communicate more, to attract the attention of the opposite sex. And then soon it will be possible to find a suitable partner. For men, the Queen of Wands card symbolizes activity on the part of some lady. She will be the first to show a desire to communicate.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • A comfortable workplace, a platform for the realization of ambitions.
  • Position of creative director, advertising agent, artistry.
  • Success, financial growth; ability to achieve goals.
  • An extraordinary approach to earning and the ability to adapt.

In the spread for work, the Queen of Wands for women denotes a leadership position. Perhaps the querentโ€™s sphere of work is connected with project management, the development of something. As a significator of activity, the card shows the sports industry, the business area. It is always a kind of race for a better life, a desire to test oneself for strength. For men, the Arcana symbolizes his boss or a significant employee โ€“ the outcome of the common cause will depend on her. In general, the Queen of Clubs predicts an active period, which will help in career advancement in the future. At this time, it is important to focus on oneโ€™s own personality, to take responsibility.

In terms of finances, the Queen of Wands shows money luck. The querent easily achieves what he wants, others are always ready to help and listen. The questioner attracts finances to himself, but does not attach importance to this fact. He likes to turn any adventures, but most often remains in the black. For men, the card sometimes indicates an incentive in the form of the favor of a particular woman. This lady motivates, makes you succeed.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Good health, excellent physical shape, harmony.
  • Healthy liver, lack of toxins, adherence to a diet.
  • High spirits, active life position of the leader.
  • Developed communication skills, manifestation in society.

The state of health according to the Queen of Wands card is normal. The person is full of energy, cheerful and cheerful. The Arcana shows excellent physical shape, lack of excess weight. The body is "dry" and technical, with pronounced musculature. Physical and mental states are balanced. Immunity is strong, easily copes with diseases. The Arcana also shows good liver function, quick mind. The querent is in "the prime of life". At the same time, age does not affect the mobility and elaboration of the body in any way โ€“ the questioner can be young or in years.

The psyche according to the Queen of Wands is in a positive state. A person can easily cope with difficulties and at the same time not lose hope. A person is motivated, knows what he wants from life and how to achieve it. He also knows how to establish contact with other people, to seek an individual approach. The fortuneteller strives for glory, but does not forget about those who have always been there. The questioner acts as a kind of patron, a link.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The completion of a great deed, colossal achievements.
  • Creative manifestation of oneโ€™s "I", art, a game of life.
  • Brilliant opportunities, excellent prospects.
  • Experience, fearlessness, triumphant success, creativity.

In terms of spirituality, the Queen of Wands symbolizes the combination of male and female qualities. This is a kind of androgyne โ€“ a perfect being that has absorbed the best human manifestations. The meaning of the Queen of Wands is similar to the King of Water โ€“ this Arcana also shows the synthesis of Water and Fire. The combination of two elements, lower and higher, evil and good โ€“ the querent managed to surpass himself. If a girl is guessing, then the card will indicate the manifestation of masculine qualities โ€“ a woman becomes independent, fearless and strong. For guys, on the contrary, there will be an understanding of the sensual side of life, a certain grace and awareness.

The Queen of Wands card asks the questions: โ€œWhat am I now able to create?โ€ and โ€œWhere do I want to go?โ€. Important issues have been resolved, and now you can move in any direction. For this, the querent has all the trump cards in his hands. The game brought tremendous experience, taught how to act in various critical situations. Further, unlimited opportunities open up in any area of life.

Meaning of the Reversed Queen of Wands Tarot

  • Bitchy character, irascibility, manifestation of aggressiveness.
  • Destructive passion, riotous lifestyle and insecurity.
  • Anger at the world, distrust or conviction of injustice.
  • The emasculation of resource reserves, also actions at the peak of emotions.

If you turn the Queen of Wands card over, then the heroine of the Arcana moves down, and the cat and the pyramids move up. Now mystique becomes secrecy, avoidance of an answer. The riddle cannot be solved, what is happening causes only bewilderment. Activity and expression turn into bitchiness and pomposity. The interests of the querent are not considered, they make you feel like a second-class person. Events are developing quickly, but not in favor of the questioner. Perhaps the appearance of rivals, cunning gossips, trying to knock them off course. An indirectly reversed card can show the presence of magical programs, destructive influences.

If in the upright position the Queen of Wands meant a good sorceress, now the heroine becomes an evil envious witch. She does not consider anyone, uses others for her own purposes. Wherever this Lady appears, there will inevitably be a scandal, a break in relationships. She loves to devalue, tempt, and then laugh at the victims who succumbed to her charms. A cute domestic cat shows an evil grin and turns into a predatory panther. Events will stack against the querent. All attempts to honestly win the victory are doomed to failure.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Suppression of the female role in the fate of relationships, rejection.
  • Nominal partnership with lack of sincerity, warmth.
  • Problems in intimate life, refusal from the beloved.
  • Misperception by men or devaluation of oneself.

In the love spread, the Queen of Wands in the opposite sense represents problems. It is difficult for a couple to find a common language. Perhaps one of the partners is overly picky, emotionally unstable. Both women and men, according to the inverted position of the card, behave inappropriately, do not take into account the feelings of the second half. This is expressed in barbs, sarcasm, constant dissatisfaction with the current situation. One of the partners takes on the role of a latent manipulator, thus provoking scandals.

For lonely questioners, the Queen of Wands reversed predicts a difficult period in his personal life. For girls, this will mean misunderstanding on the part of men, rejection. Attempts to vividly show sympathy will be perceived as obsession, โ€œeasyโ€ behavior. At the same time, the lady herself can be quite conservative. For guys, the position of the Arcana means getting rejected by some passionate girl, her double game and selfish interest. Such a young lady creates an emotional swing for the sake of attracting attention.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Loss of established connections, good professional reputation.
  • Dishonest deals, attempts to deceive the authorities and your team.
  • Hiding information about the financial situation, deceiving loved ones.
  • Cunning on the part of a young woman, intrigue for the sake of earning.

In the context of the work, the Queen of Wands reversed shows the loss of a leadership position. A dangerous atmosphere reigns in the team โ€“ intrigues and gossip undermine the credibility of the questioner. A dishonest game is possible, the use of unacceptable methods โ€“ sitting, pressure on feelings. The tasks set will be difficult to achieve due to the ever-changing conditions. The querent has embarked on a slippery slope, and his fall is only a matter of time. At the same time, it does not matter what kind of goals he pursued โ€“ the trick will open sooner or later.

The financial position of the reversed Queen of Wands is in decline. It is difficult to use all available resources. The position of the Arcana speaks of dishonest transactions, withholding money. The querent can hide funds from loved ones or invest in "gray" business schemes. In the future, the situation will change, but now there is no complete understanding of the whole picture of circumstances. Also, the reversed Arcana shows financial deception on the part of some woman.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Accumulation of a large amount of toxins in the liver, blood.
  • Exacerbation of an allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock.
  • Comparison with others is not in oneโ€™s favor, envy.
  • The manifestation of the negative side of personality, anger, hostility.

In terms of health, the reversed Queen of Wands denotes deterioration. Extreme weight loss is possible due to improper diet. Indirectly, overdrying of the mucous membranes hints at alcohol abuse. There are also possible liver problems. The body has accumulated a large amount of toxins. This situation is dictated by malnutrition or uncontrolled medication. An acute allergic reaction may occur. Jaundice and hepatitis also pass according to the position of the card.

The psyche, according to the Queen of Wands reversed, is in a state of self-destruction. Here the value is similar to the Knight of the same suit in the red, but a tendency to self-flagellation is also added. A person can begin to criticize himself in front of everyone, show dissatisfaction with life. She feels that she is not good enough compared to others. A person begins to envy the more successful and wealthy. Then the devaluation mechanism is turned on โ€“ if someone has what the questioner wants, then this person is bad.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Using oneโ€™s influence for selfish purposes, for the sake of evil.
  • Cruelty, the desire to subjugate or humiliate others.
  • The emphasis is only on the bad character traits of the people around.
  • Distrust, manipulation of oneโ€™s own person, position.

The reversed Queen of Wands Tarot in the spirituality spread gives the meaning of degradation. The man reached great heights, but decided to use the received power in order to do evil deeds. The personality seems to be slipping back into the Nigredo stage โ€“ work with dark matters. She gets satisfaction when others suffer. It is impossible to condemn for this, but it will also not work to support the impulses. The querent takes the position of an intriguer, an evil ruler. His well-being depends entirely on the failure of other people. The fortuneteller is trying to build happiness on the ashes of other peopleโ€™s hopes.

The Queen of Wands in reverse asks questions: "Who am I going to hurt?" and โ€œHow exactly does this affect me?โ€. The initial feeling of triumph will soon be replaced by devastation. The personality is used to suffering, but now it only โ€œmirrorsโ€ it on others. The querent has a chance to change, you just need to pull yourself together. Success makes you dizzy, but you have to fight the star disease. The best medicine is to spend more time with people in need, to help from the heart.

Queen of Wands as a Significator of a Person

As a significator of a person, the Queen of Wands denotes young girls with blond or brown hair. They have a toned physique, tanned skin. The card has an astrological correspondence with the zodiac sign Aries. Vivid examples of the Arcana are Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley. All these women are very self-confident, they are not afraid of attention from the paparazzi. On the contrary, they like the rays of glory. They are able to use any problem as a springboard. These are very stubborn personalities โ€“ if such a person thinks of something, then in the end he will definitely achieve his goal.

The reversed Queen of Wands also shows popularity and fame. But now a person is beginning to be surrounded by a halo of gossip and secret conjectures. For girls, the fallen Arcana in the opposite form will denote promiscuity in relationships with men. Excessive assertiveness and non-trivial behavior will lead to a loss of interest from the stronger sex. An example is talented dancers living out their lives in a roadside bar. They have the attention of others, fans and fame, but there is absolutely no respect.

Queen of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Queen of Wands Card

As advice on the situation, the upright Queen of Wands speaks of the importance of being active. It is necessary to literally radiate self-confidence, to persuade others to the already chosen solution. People around should understand the indispensability of the person of the questioner. It is worth being positive, focusing on future achievements. The queen should inspire only her appearance and lead her subjects. As a warning, the Lady of the Staves shows the presence of an experienced rival. This may relate to personal life or career. You will have to fight for the place of the leader, to prove your importance in solving important issues.

If the Queen of Wands fell reversed, then the card advises to be cunning, to hide true feelings behind a mask of ostentatious joy. Perhaps the enemies are just waiting for the querent to lose face. However, if you do not succumb to emotions, then you can get away dry from the water. The situation forces us to act covertly, somewhere even to lie convincingly. As a warning, on the contrary, the reversed Queen of Wands speaks of the danger of such behavior. Or maybe some woman from the environment brazenly lies and builds intrigues behind the fortunetellerโ€™s back. Men should pay attention to the actions of the partner. Often the reverse position of the card shows treason.

Queen of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

The Queen of Wands upright for girls promises a day full of opportunities. People around will pick up the proposed ideas and admire the creative thinking of the lady. Wherever a woman appears on this day, she is guaranteed male attention. Sometimes the dropped card takes on a mystical meaning. It can be a trip to a fortune-teller, a psychic, a witch. Asking for help will bring the realization of the plan. All events will then line up in the desired pattern, like glass in a kaleidoscope. For the strong half of humanity, the Arcana promises an acquaintance with an interesting girl. There will be an opportunity to establish contact, to show their best qualities.

If the card is turned upside down in daily divination, then the Queen of Wands speaks of a day full of oddities. It looks like a black cat has crossed the road. Everything will fall out of hand and even the usual things will not succeed. A mysterious combination of circumstances can lead to acquaintance with unreliable people. You should not believe anything that is said today. Promises will not be fulfilled, and a bitter aftertaste will remain in the soul. People can reluctantly substitute a querent, give out some secret. Overconfidence will also lead to a resounding failure.

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