Seven of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Seven of Cups, 7 of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 7

Keywords: Daydreaming, Self-deception

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง

The Seven of Cups is a Tarot card that denotes everything and nothing at the same time. On the one hand, it enchants with its capabilities. It seems like you just have to reach out and take your prize. But a second passes, and the mirage disappears without a trace in the rays of the dawn sun. It is just a dream, a pleasant dream that is forgotten in the morning. You can believe in him, try to return, but the opportune moment has been missed. So in reality, at times, the Seven of Cups promises something that has a chance to be fulfilled, but also something that is never achievable at all. You can admire this Arcana, but taking his word for it means admitting your own naivety.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Seven of Cups

A mystical scene is depicted on the Seven of Cups card. On the left, a dark silhouette of a man is seen from the back. The right hand is raised in a gesture of surprise. It can be assumed that the left palm is pressed to the chest or mouth. The man looks up at a large cloud that appears in front of him. There are seven golden bowls, each of which contains a specific object or creature: a head, a shining angel, a snake, a dragon, a laurel crown, jewelry, a castle. It is important to note that the chalice with the wreath has the shape of a human skull. This detail indicates the finiteness of earthly glory. The sky is bright blue against the background, and the observer himself is as if in shadow.

The number seven itself is the numerical designation of the Arcana, symbolizing perfection and diversity. According to legend, the world was created in a week. Also, the number of deadly sins takes on the same meaning. According to various interpretations, the things depicted on the Seven of Cups card denote worldly temptations. These include wealth, the desire to be famous or even a saint. All these are mind games, attempts by the human ego to prevail over the spirit. Each time, the goals and aspirations change, but they have the same ephemeral nature under them. The personality is fascinated by separating itself from the object of desire. Whereas this is just a dream that is projected onto reality.

Meaning of the Upright Seven of Cups Card

  • Intimate desires, passions; the habit of idealizing everything.
  • Excessive impressionability, a tendency to self-deception, lies.
  • Talents for reincarnation or creative self-realization.
  • The tendency to think out everything for others, clouded consciousness.

Traditionally, the Arcana Seven of Cups is a dreamerโ€™s card. The upright position speaks of the existing cherished desires. Often, they are far from the gross reality. The world is not perceived in its true light. Rather, the querent is used to idealizing everything, even negative events. For example, he considers his own cunning and cunning to be advantages rather than disadvantages. A person sees himself in a crooked mirror that emphasizes only uniqueness. Rose-colored glasses are very dangerous, because they cannot be counted on in any way. Even small troubles can unsettle someone who is completely unprepared for them for a long time.

Also, the Seven of Cups Tarot card personifies dope in the literal and figurative sense. Alcohol and drug addiction passes through it. This Arcana also shows non-existent projections superimposed on other people. Castles in the air can relate to any area of life: career goals, love relationships or health issues. In any case, everything that happens is perceived distorted. But even there is a positive aspect. The 7 of Chalices in a positive meaning symbolizes inspiration and wings. Provides patronage to all people of creativity โ€“ singers, artists, actors. The card grants an inexhaustible flow of universal energy. And where it will be directed depends on the questioner himself.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The presence of a secret admirer, strong love.
  • Flirting, romance, presenting yourself in the best possible light.
  • Dedication of poetry, creativity for the beloved.
  • A spark in a relationship, a feeling of novelty, surprise.

The Tarot love spread, where the Seven of Cups fell, becomes sublime and romantic. The card shows the period of falling in love, when it seems that the partner has no flaws. The object of love is perceived by an ideal person, devoid of base worldly qualities. The lover is winged, in anticipation of the forbidden fruit. This is not to say that this is bad. The further development of events can be absolutely anything: the the chosen one will reject the adorer, and possibly reciprocate.

It is important to note here that the querent needs similar feelings. They cause awe in the soul, give the strength to create and create something beautiful. The Seven of Cups promises sincere conversations about big joint plans, loud confessions of sincere love. In fact, reciprocity is not as essential as the very feeling of something sublime. Also, the person only awakens what already lives in the heart. This kind of expression of emotions is most often characteristic only of adolescents. Therefore, the state of falling in love in adulthood is perceived as a real gift that is valuable in itself.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Work in the theater, art gallery, philharmonic society.
  • Creativity that can be monetized, sold.
  • Dreams of money, reflections on a brilliant future.
  • Detachment from the material world, inadequacy.

In terms of work, the meaning of the Seven of Cups will be ambiguous. If activity is associated with creativity, then this minor Arcana for the questioning person predicts a fruitful period. Inspiration and desire to create, create will come. This also includes such a modern profession as a blogger or influencer. All photographers, screenwriters, artists will have a chance to prove themselves. The 7 of the suit of Water is responsible for creative thinking. But at the same time, for more mundane work that requires meticulousness, it is considered a negative card. Its vibrations will knock down, spray attention from the main to insignificant details.

The dropped out Seven of Cups Tarot will not give a positive meaning to the spread of finances. Its influence can be regarded as baseless assumptions. The querent will see before him many opportunities that have opened up in order to improve his financial situation. However, most likely, such a variety will bring confusion. A person sees only a beautiful facade of external well-being. As soon as he begins to implement his plans, the first difficulties will immediately begin. The very element of Water implies the sensual side of life. And, at times, it goes against monetary demands.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Hidden information about the current state of health.
  • Inventing diseases or denying their presence.
  • Wandering in the clouds, sensitivity to every little thing.
  • Belief in God, spirits, own strength; religiosity.

In the health spread, the Seven of Cups does not directly indicate serious problems. The card is simply silent about the current state of the body. This may be due to the querentโ€™s tendency to be oblivious to himself. At the same time, the person directs the focus to minor changes and gives them his own interpretation. Suspiciousness and psychosomatics pass through this Arcana. A person is often completely healthy, but he comes up with various diseases himself. For a more complete answer, you should draw an additional card from the deck.

As a significator of a mental state, the Seven of Cups is not the worst Arcana. In the upright position, this is responsible for daydreaming, imagination. A person loves to fantasize, to supplement facts with a train of mystery. The querent tends to often think about everything unknown, believes in his own hidden potential. Individuals of this type easily realize themselves in creative professions. Over time, they become more down-to-earth, and use their talent strictly for its intended purpose.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Gifts from higher powers, gifts of fate, open opportunities.
  • Promises for the future, an incentive to make your desires come true.
  • Projections of the worldview on real life, references to oneself.
  • An emotional upsurge, a surge of new energy, an important meaning.

The Seven of Cups is a logical continuation of the path started with Ace. Here the traveler sees the first glimpses of what he is striving for. His imagination ties images in bowls with specific worldly qualities or values. Man has not yet learned how to separate the wheat from the chaff, and therefore is literally fascinated and bewildered by the opportunities that have opened up. However, he only slightly touched these gifts. The realization comes that the path has a higher meaning. Anything left behind will pay off over time.

The seventh card of the suit of Cups asks the questions: โ€œWhat exactly do I want?โ€, โ€œDo I really need it?โ€. Such an educational program will help to turn inward. Perhaps the desire for fame is just an echo of dislike in childhood, and the desire for wealth is spiritual poverty. The Seven of Cups in any case remains ephemeral and unattainable. Desired images in heaven simply reflect inner conflicts with oneself. You can run after these mirages, but it is better to use them as a tool for knowing yourself.

Meaning of the Reversed Seven of Cups Tarot

  • Emotions prevail over reason, confusion.
  • Inappropriate behavior, blind faith in oneโ€™s own illusions.
  • Spiritual struggle, self-flagellation, escape from reality into dreams.
  • Addiction to thrill; to be a slave to your selfishness.

The reversed Seven of Cups takes on a negative meaning. The bowls are at the bottom of the card, and the man is at the top. This indicates a complete isolation from real life. This is exactly the case when the sleep of the mind gives rise to monsters. In addition to wonderful gifts, there are infernal symbols โ€“ a snake, a dragon and an impregnable castle. Amazingly, non-existent things begin to influence reality. The querent no longer belongs to himself. It is ruled by an insane genius who has taken refuge in a sore mind. Now happiness becomes a currency, and strong feelings become an irreplaceable drug.

When the Seven of Cups fell upside down, one can speak of a split personality. A person wants to go simultaneously in two directions, and his soul is tormented by the eternal struggle between good and evil. Constantly being in a state of inner discord, one cannot keep a cold mind. In an attempt to get his own, the figure on the card begins to make fatal mistakes. Enthusiasm for higher matters destroys their own life. At the same time, a person does not give any account of his actions, either to himself or to others. His behavior is similar to drug addiction. There are always few pleasant sensations, you need to get more and more of them.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Unhealthy attachment, mania, jealousy.
  • Manipulation of fear not to meet the expectations of the partner.
  • The eternal search for the perfect second half, fingering.
  • Ethereal fantasies about personal life, lack of experience.

An inverted card Seven of Cups in a love spread indicates an unhealthy interest. She can denote an obsessive admirer. Moreover, the behavior of such a person is destructive. He will arrange scenes of jealousy, interpret the querentโ€™s behavior as manipulation. It is difficult or impossible to get rid of it. Shouts and reproaches will be interspersed with declarations of love, and the surveillance will be presented as a sincere concern. But there is no place for high feelings, rather, it is a mental illness.

Sometimes the reversed position of the Seven of Cups is interpreted as unjustified expectations or rejection. People just donโ€™t fit together. All sensations are dictated by a cocktail of hormones and rich imagination. In real life, things are not so rosy. A partner, like everyone else, has its drawbacks. The seventh Arcana of a Water suit speaks of excessive pretentiousness, a high bar. A person can search for an ideal for a long time, deliberately rejecting ordinary men or women. This behavior is based on neuroses or their own complexes.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Separation from the team and misunderstanding with colleagues.
  • Unloved job, boring activity, buried talent.
  • Lack of the required amount of money and unemployment.
  • Rash spending, belief in financial pyramids, schemes.

When the card is laid upside down in the work spread, then this is a negative sign. The Seven of Cups in the opposite position speaks of fantasies that cannot be realized. The querent dreams of too many things, while refusing to start implementing something. His head is full of brilliant ideas, which, alas, no one needs. Perhaps the person did not like the job. Here he does not have the opportunity to show his talents. For those looking for a job, the reversed Seven of the suit of Cups warns of the danger of being too selective. By following high standards, you may never find a job.

In terms of finance, the Seven of Cups inverted promises the loss of a good chance. There are opportunities to get rich, but the questioner is looking in the wrong direction. Therefore, money comes with difficulty or in small quantities. There is no skill to control your expenses. According to this position of the card, extravagance and shopaholism pass. Also, funds can be spent on gambling, dubious schemes for earning money. This also includes extortion of money under the guise of donations, charity events.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Myopia, hyperopia; color blindness in men.
  • Non-existent visions, sleep paralysis, sleepwalking.
  • Displacement of painful memories, replacement.
  • All kinds of personality disorder; schizophrenia.

Health according to the inverted Seven of Cups is in poor condition. First, this concerns the work of the brain and eyes. A person may have impaired coordination, poor vision. In the worst case, he observes hallucinations or hears voices. The personality is disoriented, prone to falling into borderline states between sleep and reality. The opposite position of the Arcana sometimes shows coma, lethargic sleep. In some cases, it speaks of the use of narcotic drugs by seriously ill patients.

The mental state on the reversed Seven of Cups card is far from stable. The man went headlong into his own fictional world. Due to the trauma or individual characteristics, the person shielded himself from reality. It is easier for her to perceive all events in a certain context. Here, fantasy becomes like a real illness. It is misleading, but it brings the necessary relief for the time being. Perhaps the psyche thus displaces negative memories, ensuring hormonal balance.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Fall under the influence of other people or your own fantasies.
  • Trampling in place, illusory forward movement, regression.
  • The danger of stopping development, succumbing to suspiciousness.
  • Attribution of non-existent qualities, talents, gifts.

If the traveler saw his future opportunities by the upright position of the Seven of Cups card, then the inverted Arcana indicates a mistake. The seeker was too fascinated, so much so that he did not notice how he was outwitted by life itself. He fell under the influence of the metaphorical Gorgon Medusa. Admiring her beauty, he became a victim of snake venom. Now all aspirations are paralyzed. The traveler became hostage to the castle in the air. He put the gifts themselves first, although they are only the effect, not the cause itself. The true inexhaustible source is within. Man is God and the master of his life. The spiritual journey must lead to the point where it all began. Here the student forgot himself and lost the required vigilance.

The Seven of Cups reversed asks the questions: "Why did I start this path?" and "Have I really arrived at the goal, or is this just another fantasy?" Overturned bowls indicate the unimportance of the gifts themselves. Talents become chains for the spirit. Dreams take you further away from your real goal. It is as if a person is looking into a broken kaleidoscope. Scattered pieces will never make a complete picture. Sooner or later, you will have to look at the world from a different angle and accept the hard-hitting reality.

Seven of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Seven of Cups Card

The Seven of Cups upright advises to include non-trivial creative thinking. The question of interest can be solved only by a creative method. All standard methods should be immediately excluded from the arsenal. This is where the brainstorming technique, automatic writing is suitable. This will help you discover the necessary resource in yourself. The reversed Seven of Cups, on the other hand, advises against taking this approach to solving the problem. It is necessary to limit the flight of fantasy for a while, to adhere to the concept "the simpler โ€“ the better." Psychologists call this method the famous principle of Occamโ€™s razor, or simplification.

In the context of the warning, the Seven of Cups in an upright position speaks of the danger of excessive romanticization. The true state of affairs is not as rosy as it seems to the querent. Motivation, the desire to possess something, will only lead to inevitable disappointment. A person is deceived or kept silent about something. The reversed Seven of Cups warns of self-deception. A person is inclined to ascribe to himself dignities and achievements, which in fact do not exist. This can play a cruel joke in the future. For example, he will be laughed at or put in an awkward situation in front of many spectators.

Seven of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

The Seven of Cups upright promises that the day will be spent in creative pursuits. Inspiration will come, the desire to create something, be it a picture, a knitted scarf or an exotic dish. The soul demands something new. You can visit any club of interests or get creative at home. It is important not to hold back this impulse. The accumulated energy realized in time will bring even more benefits in the future. It is relaxation for the mind and body. The day is perfect for visiting entertainment events โ€“ going to the theater, cinema, exhibition. For people far from art, such leisure can serve as the beginning of any hobby.

The reversed Seven of Cups predicts a day full of temptations. It could be a noisy bar party with a lot of alcohol. It is important not to lose vigilance. Or maybe it will be a meeting with an unreliable person trying to pry something out. If the querent looses control over his behavior, then there is a great risk of losing face. The Seven of Cups in the opposite position indicates the manifestation of stupidity, excessive suspiciousness, and gullibility. This should never be allowed. All actions committed on the planned day in the future will turn against the questioner himself.

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