Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Seven of Pentacles, 7 of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 7

Keywords: Perseverance, Diligence

Active element: Earth ⛰️

The Seven of Pentacles in the Tarot is a card of hard work and honesty. The hero of the Arcana is an ordinary worker who gives all one hundred percent. He loves what he does and therefore happy. Often the card falls on workaholics, really absorbed in their work. It is real luck to find a purpose. But reversed, the meaning changes. Now the card shows a waste of time and a lack of perspective. While a person is digging in the earth, life passes by. The same workaholism turns into a way to escape from dissatisfaction with oneself. In this case, the fruits of labor are bitter. On the reversed card are various idlers and idle talkers.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Seven of Pentacles

In the Waite Tarot deck, the Seven of Pentacles card shows a hero working in a garden or vegetable garden. The man is wearing brown boots and a dress, blue pants and a shirt. The guy leans his hands on the hoe, looks sideways. Next to it is a bunch of leaves, very similar to grape leaves. There are also seven coins. Right under the feet of the worker lie the collected blue fruits. Small elevations are visible in the background. Most likely, this is shown plowed black earth – fertile soil. The sky is blue, no clouds. Judging by the withered leaves, it can be assumed that the action takes place in the fall. The man has just finished his work and can afford to rest.

The hero of the Arcana Seven of Pentacles personifies diligence and perseverance. To plant a plant, care for it and wait for the harvest, you need to be patient. Therefore, a person here plays an active role, but at the same time – not the main one. The very process of grape ripening takes place without anyone’s participation. The 7 of Coins shows the expectation of results, willingness to work, invest. On the Nine of the same suit, grapes reappear. But there he personifies the very "cream", wealth. Here the symbol falls on the working class, contentment with the results of their own labor.

Meaning of the Upright Seven of Pentacles Card

  • "Angelic" patience, readiness for difficulties, hard work.
  • Obtaining the first results, the process of learning or labor.
  • Investing time and energy in your own project, business, work.
  • Willpower, focus on a specific outcome and willingness to wait.

In the upright position, the Seven of Pentacles denotes perseverance and systematic achievement of goals. The element of the Earth rewarded the Arcana with patience and consistency. In any spread, the card represents the use of all possibilities, the ability to work with what is. To achieve anything, you need to be patient. The questioning person has a chance to get what he wants, you just have to make enough effort. At the same time, you need to be able to move away from your dream for a while, to let it gain strength in order to spread its wings. On the Arcana, one of the coins is shown next to the legs of a person. This is a sign that the first results have already been obtained.

The Seven of Pentacles is long term. The card shows a focus on further growth. The hero invests his energy in order to eventually multiply it and get rich. Often, the Arcana symbolizes the first profit in a new business, a long learning process, or even pregnancy. The querent carries any idea in himself and is ready to implement it in life. The upright position of the Seven of Pentacles card hints at the success of this enterprise. There is a difficult path ahead, but the seed of abundance has already been planted in fertile soil. Further, it will not be necessary to control the process, just small adjustments should be made.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Patience with the behavior or decisions of your couple.
  • Not quick, but fundamental changes in relationships.
  • Work on yourself, which will lead to finding love.
  • Working through negative beliefs about relationships.

In a love spread, the Seven of Pentacles represents patience with your partner. The second half can take time to think about further life together. It is also possible that the couple is preparing to become parents. Such decisions should always be well-balanced. The Arcana hints at the presence of prospects in the future. Such relationships in any case will lead to something serious and lasting. Often, young couples who are just learning family life pass through the card.

For lonely people, the Seven of Pentacles predicts a certain “maturation” of the personality. The questioner himself is rebuilt inside, changing orientations and beliefs. Therefore, the surrounding reality will soon turn 180 degrees. The person he needs will appear in the life of the querent. Now there is a painstaking work on oneself. However, the result will exceed all expectations. It is possible that the fortuneteller is working with a psychologist on the issue of relationships.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Manual labor; growing vegetables and fruits, agrarians.
  • Cultivation of fields or work on the land.
  • Waiting for the finances due, counting on the best.
  • Seasonal employment or investments in business and start-ups.

In the context of the significator of activity, the Seven of Pentacles can denote gardening, work on a farm or in a subsidiary plot. Sometimes the meaning of the card becomes symbolic. In this case, the Arcana falls on various startups. It also shows the expectation of a response from management or partners, customers. Perhaps a person got a new job and only evaluates his prospects in this place. The first results of the work are already there, so there is interest.

The financial situation is stable, with a prerequisite for increasing earnings. The Seven of Pentacles shows the ability to work with money, invest it correctly and increase it. The querent is ready to save money and at the same time constantly improve his professional level. He keeps a clear goal in mind and knows how to achieve it. The Seven of Pentacles card represents financial literacy, cold calculation. Desires do not matter to the questioner. Rather, the process of achieving the plan is important to him.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Physical maturity, work-life balance.
  • Spot correction of certain tissues or organs.
  • Calm and easy disposition, the ability to defuse the situation.
  • Down to earth goals, a practical approach to life itself.

The Seven of Pentacles shows the mature organism. The person is in reproductive age. A little more, and the energy will decline. Now the querent is healthy and full of strength. The card also symbolizes the retention of certain substances in one place. It can be "beauty injections", various subcutaneous injections. The Arcana of the Seven of Pentacles denotes the slowing down of certain processes, the desire to minimize the outflow of energy. The fortuneteller gives himself a well-deserved rest, tries not to overstrain, saves his nerves.

The state of mind is very calm. The Seven of Pentacles falls on mundane people who do not have their heads in the clouds. Such a person is practical and reliable. He strives to streamline everything, he will never waste his energy in vain. The querent does his job perfectly, while allowing others to do their own thing. He does not bother with advice, and therefore is a good listener. Such a person always believes in the best, but does not flatter himself with groundless hopes.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Reviewing the acquired knowledge and collecting them together.
  • Work with beliefs or self-observation.
  • Aspiration forward, readiness to develop further.
  • Rich life experience or sublimation of the past.

In terms of spirituality, the meaning of the Seven of Pentacles takes on a dual meaning. On the one hand, the Arcana is responsible for materiality. A person on this card is aimed at receiving money, any valuables. But on the other hand, the same gold can also be a philosophical concept. In this context, the Seven of Coins is responsible for the willingness to work on oneself. You can draw parallels between a bunch of withered leaves and worked out beliefs of an individual. The man has gathered together all his cargo and is ready to face the truth. Often, everything that was so dear to heart is real trash. But in the upright position, the card simply speaks of the ability to analyze the situation, to conduct an “audit” in the soul and mind.

The Seven of Pentacles asks questions: “What do I want to get in the end?” and “What is the best use of available resources?”. Even painful experiences can be turned into fuel for future victories. The main thing is to separate the wheat from the chaff and inadvertently not throw something important out of life. Citrinitas implies a total revision of oneself and everything in general. At this stage, the traveler will become a flower that grows through sharp stones.

Meaning of the Reversed Seven of Pentacles Tarot

  • Waste of time, missed moment, misfire and mistake.
  • The burden of the past, which does not allow to move on, to develop.
  • Unjustified hopes and meeting with real difficulties.
  • Ballast pulling down; influence of negative factors and miss.

If you turn over the Seven of Pentacles card, then the meaning changes. A patient person becomes a scapegoat, and a period of waiting leads to nothing. The chosen strategy does not bring the expected results. The querent invests time and energy in a loss-making project. This can apply to both business and personal relationships. The reversed Seven of Pentacles Tarot card in any spread gives meaning to uselessness. This is the stubbornness of a donkey who does not understand what he is doing. The position of the Arcana symbolizes missed chances, groundless hopes. The case is delayed and may generally end not in favor of the questioner.

In the reversed position, the Seven of Pentacles denotes fruits unfit for consumption. The grapes withered in order to make wine, and you can no longer make dolma from rotten leaves. Perhaps the hero started work too late. Therefore, the reversed Arcana of the suit of Coins indicates untimeliness, obstacles and unsuccessful attempts. The past has outlived itself, but left a burden on the heart. This ballast can be your own store, career or relationship with an unloved person. Nothing can be fixed, it remains only to watch the sunset of former happiness and prosperity.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Forced expectation of a response from a partner or dishonesty.
  • A waste of time for a person who is not ready for a family, children.
  • A missed period of life that was favorable for the couple.
  • Prolonged loneliness, which has become a habit, nature.

In the context of love, the reversed Seven of Pentacles denotes the manipulation of expectation. The partner plays for time, but does not make important decisions. Thus, he forces the other half to retreat, to leave everything as it is. Sometimes this will concern the issue of cohabitation, often the birth of a child. In any case, the couple cannot move on to the next stage of the relationship. Rarely, but still, the reversed Arcana generally personifies the absence of reciprocal feelings. It is beneficial for a passion to keep a partner with her only for the sake of material wealth.

For singles, the Seven of Pentacles in the opposite form warns of lost time. The querent could wait a long time for an answer from the person of interest, or hoped for some kind of internal changes. This expectation has led to a critical point. Now the questioner himself is disappointed in love, does not want to create a couple. This fruit is overripe, so no one needs it anymore. Sometimes the position of the card indicates loyalty to the past partner, despite the fact that he himself does not even remember the fortuneteller.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Unreasonable waste of existing potential.
  • A vacancy that does not fit the level, requests.
  • Burnt business, lost money and valuables.
  • Waiting for change, change that won’t happen.

If the Seven of Pentacles fell upside down in the career spread, then this is a negative sign. The querent spends time on unloved activities or on conditions unworthy of his level. Expectation plays against the questioner here. He spends his talent in vain, does not receive the return he deserves. The work is exhausting, does not give a chance to establish a financial flow. Sometimes, according to the position of the card, there are salary delays, large tax assessments. The questioner is engaged in Sisyphean labor, thereby blocking the road to a brighter future.

The investment did not pay off. The Seven of Pentacles in the opposite form shows unprofitable projects, startups that did not shoot. At the same time, the failure was perceived by the querent too close to his heart. After such a fall, you can not get up at all. A directly reversed Arcana does not show debts, but in any case, these are losses under zero. The querent could be deceived by talking about the bright prospects of the deal. All this was done just to get money.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Carcinogens in human organs and tissues, toxins.
  • Excess weight, heaviness or the appearance of problems with blood vessels.
  • An attempt to abstract from reality, to fall asleep, to run away.
  • Inadequate reasoning about one’s own abilities.

The reversed Seven of Pentacles represents the local accumulation of toxins or excess weight. It is also the indigestibility of nutrients from food. The body failed. Possible blockage of blood vessels and the appearance of cholesterol plaques. The liver begins to work poorly, unable to cope with the load. In rare cases, the position of the card indicates the appearance of benign tumors or inflammation of the lymph nodes. The immune system is functioning at its last strength. Often this condition is due not only to poor nutrition, but also to an unfavorable environment.

In terms of the psyche, the reversed Seven of Pentacles shows an inhibited state. The person is tired and does not want to do anything. She shifts responsibility for herself to others. Often such people feed hopes of opening a successful business or finding a good job for a long time. As a result, a person deceives himself and others. As a result, he does not succeed – the money tree withered and does not bear fruit.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Following past attitudes and former priorities.
  • Fatigue from the accumulated emotional burden, oppression.
  • The desire to stand still in order to stay true to yourself.
  • Slow disintegration of personality due to fear of moving.

Spiritually, the reversed Seven of Pentacles denotes the fear of parting with the past. A person is too attached to his memories and past judgments. If he leaves them, it means that the person will die. That is why the querent is waiting for something new where a priori nothing can happen. Everything is clear here, but life is gone. The result is hardened philosophers, stereotyped talk about mysticism, God and the meaning of life. All dogmas turn into empty words until the seeker himself is ready to go through spiritual lessons in practice. And even in this case, he will have to learn something, but then also move on.

The Seven of Pentacles in the opposite form asks questions: “What else am I waiting for?” and “Why is it profitable for me to do nothing?”. To move away from the dump of past hopes, you need to let in a new energy. It is worth saying thanks to the past, and then moving forward. Life is endless, everything changes, and therefore there is no point in grabbing past toys. The further one advances, the more powerful one becomes. If you play all the time on a small playground, then there is a risk of depriving yourself of a stadium of many thousands of fans.

Seven of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Seven of Pentacles Card

If the card lies straight, then the Seven of Pentacles advises to wait for time. You have to do what you have to do and don’t rush. At the right moment, the reward itself will find its way to the questioner. Gratitude, expressed in recognition or monetary equivalent, will definitely happen. The card also warns of the dangers of being overly assertive. If the querent interferes with the process, then there is a great risk of harming the final result. It is necessary to move away for a while. Everything you need will happen by itself. Trying to speed things up will only take you further from your goal. But complete non-involvement will also not bring anything good. You have to find the golden mean.

The reversed Seven of Pentacles, on the contrary, advises to retire. The results won’t be worth the effort. The resulting formula takes the entire resource of the querent as a basis and divides it by zero. Therefore, it is worth putting the tool aside and forget about this unplowed field forever. As a warning, the Seven of Pentacles in the opposite sense speaks of an attempt to use. Someone wants to do the dirty work with the hands of the questioner. That is why you do not need to soar in the clouds and hope for the best. Sweet words will lead to real collapse.

Seven of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

The Seven of Pentacles straight promises a very fruitful day. Today, the first results of labor will already be visible. They will serve as motivation to move on. However, on these days you can afford a little rest. The main work is done, now it remains only to wait. The card also shows a day spent in nature. The questioner can go to the village, work with a hand tool in the garden or in the garden. This is a pleasant physical activity that can relax the psyche. Fatigue will only help you fall asleep more soundly at the end of this eventful day. It would be best to devote a day to conducting an audit, evaluating the results.

But the reversed Seven of Pentacles in the spread for the card of the day does not carry the same iridescent meaning. The position of the card predicts an exhausting wait. The authorities or the other half can delay the answer. Also, the Arcana in the opposite form indicates that someone else will appropriate the achievements of the questioner. In this case, you can forget about the due premium, the gratitude of others. Or the fortuneteller himself will witness hard labor with a low salary. There is a high chance of failure in any area of life. These days will significantly spoil the mood, leave you with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

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