Seven of Swords Tarot Card

Card Name: Seven of Swords, 7 of Blades

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Swords

Position: 7

Keywords: Deception, Betrayal

Active element: Air ๐Ÿ’จ

The Seven of Swords is a classic negative card in any Tarot deck. She shows various intrigues, deceit, betrayal. The protagonist of the Arcana is a real thief, ready to sell his comrades-in-arms and the Motherland itself. However, there are positive manifestations here as well. So, the card can mean genius, ingenuity. Wherever a person gets, no matter what story he is involved in, he will get out of everywhere without significant losses. The Arcana hints at caution, a masterful avoidance of problems. One can only envy such a character. After all, to make an unexpected maneuver in a situation pre-calculated by opponents is another task. Only a few can handle it.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Seven of Swords

In the Waite Tarot deck, on the Seven of Swords card, a hero is depicted carrying a whole armful of blades. The scene resembles the Ten of Wands, but here the man moves lightly, on tiptoe. At the same time, he looks back. Behind him were two swords stuck in the ground. An important detail is the guyโ€™s headdress โ€“ a red fez. A similar hat was worn by soldiers and officials in the 19th century Ottoman Empire. This suggests that the main character has a certain title. In the background, there are bright tents with flags โ€“ they are very similar to a military camp set up in nature. On the left, in the distance, dark silhouettes of people sitting by the fire are visible. The sky is yellow. It looks like the action takes place during sunset or early morning.

The very posture and facial expressions of the man on the Arcana of the Seven of Swords hint at caution, prudence. He carries five blades, holding them by the tip โ€“ this speaks of danger, the importance of being careful. The hero took most of the items, and left the other two, as if in mockery of the former allies. The fez indicates belonging to a group of people living in tents. That is, a dark-haired man, in fact, steals blades from his own. His motives are unknown, but it is clear that he is determined. The time of day also denotes a secret, a concealment of what happened. The numerical value of the Arcana symbolizes completeness, the fulfillment of the plan. However, the element Air gives this fact a negative connotation.

Meaning of the Upright Seven of Swords Card

  • Non-triviality, non-standard approach, the ability to dodge.
  • "Get out of the water" and the talent to be inconspicuous, creativity.
  • Subtlety, the art of acting carefully, thinking through all the little things.
  • Bypassing the rules, an unusual plan, reducing the intensity of aggression, anger.

In the upright position, the meaning of the Seven of Swords will not always be negative. Rather, the card denotes resourcefulness, creativity, the ability to see opportunities. The querent will face a difficult task that will require an alternative solution. According to this Arcana, non-standard situations pass, at first glance, leading to a dead end. Here you need to think carefully, not act directly. The 7 of Blades symbolizes resourcefulness, unwillingness to go into open conflict. Perhaps the main character steals swords so that his comrades-in-arms cannot rush into battle, attack the enemy. Sometimes the card can also indicate peacekeeping purposes.

The Seven of Swords also hints at caution, accuracy. The protagonist is wearing boots without a massive sole, which allows him to move quietly, not to make unnecessary sounds and not to attract attention. At the same time, the man vigilantly monitors the situation, just in case, looks around. He left a couple of blades behind because he couldnโ€™t carry that many. This is an indication of foresight, reasonableness. The hero does not take too much. All swords are shown with their points down, which indicates already thought out thoughts and ideas. The suit of Blades itself is also responsible for mentality, therefore it can symbolize various beliefs, plans of action.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The ability to bypass sharp corners in a conversation, sometimes be silent.
  • An understatement, leading to shared happiness within the couple.
  • The use of the querent for their own purposes, consumerism.
  • The querent is a good friend, but not a lover or partner.

In the love spread, the Seven of Swords shows some kind of understatement. However, it reads positively. One of the partners does not want to hurt the other, so somewhere he glosses over unpleasant topics. He can extinguish conflicts, nip the very reasons for disagreement in the bud. Resourcefulness and a lively mind help maintain healthy relationships. Moreover, the second person may never guess about some things. But in such a pair there is calmness, and unnecessary experiences are not needed.

For lonely people, the Seven of Swords predicts the futility of searches. All attempts to establish a personal life turn into nothing. The querent acts in vain, wasting his nerves and his own strength in vain. A situation is possible when potential partners treat the questioner as a vest for tears. They complain about life, about work. The fortuneteller is offered the role of a silent listener, on whom the negative is shifted. But as a loved one, he is not even considered.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Small position, small help, clerks or cleaning.
  • An inconspicuous role in the life of the entire firm, company or office.
  • Unstable financial situation or lack of money.
  • Borrowing funds, constant โ€œfoulingโ€ with new loans.

In terms of the significator of activity, the Seven of Swords shows squires, auxiliary workers, as well as all people whose work is not noticeable at first glance. It can be cleaners, office clerks. However, without their participation, the work will not be done one hundred percent. In the context of the situation, the Seven of Blades symbolizes many additional tasks that need to be completed quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the authorities and colleagues will not always notice the merits of the querent.

The financial situation of the Seven of Swords is unsatisfactory. The questioner is forced to constantly borrow money, somehow dodge. Itโ€™s as if the earth is burning under your feet, and you need to act very quickly. A fortuneteller makes ends meet, cannot fully rely on himself and constant income. Indirectly, the Seven Peak speaks of the presence of debts, microloans. Perhaps the querent is borrowing money at a higher interest rate from one place to pay off a debt elsewhere. At the same time, problems only grow like a snowball.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Diseases that do not cause vivid symptoms, signs.
  • Infection or inflammation that goes away very quickly.
  • The tendency to take on the negative, to laugh it off.
  • Preservation of the common world through your happiness.

In terms of health, the Seven of Swords implies ailments that go unnoticed. The questioning person may not notice at all that he is ill with something. This includes hidden inflammation, genital infections, papillomas, herpes. However, in the upright position, the card speaks of the ability of the immune system to cope with diseases on its own. But still, even after the apparent healing, the disease goes into a "closed" phase. Under adverse conditions, it may reappear. The fortuneteller should carefully monitor the state of the body.

The mental state of the Seven of Swords can be compared to a cosmic black hole. A person tends to take on a lot, to become a kind of filter. A person is used to extinguishing other peopleโ€™s conflicts, often becoming a psychological punching bag. He can listen to negativity in his address, but goes to it for the sake of maintaining peace. At some points, the querent does not always finish speaking, dodges. But in the end, this behavior has the benefit of maintaining generality.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The ability to take responsibility for themselves, not to wait for help.
  • Fearlessness, a statement of the highest goal, following the path.
  • Insubordination to fate, living against the standards.
  • Fine mental organization, as well as resourcefulness of the mind.

Spiritually, the Seven of Swords is played out of the box. The card shows the highest mission, which is to "recycle" the negative. In this sense, the meaning is similar to the Three of Air. The same heart that must accept someone elseโ€™s and its own pain. Here the protagonist takes swords from the tents โ€“ a symbol of war and potential death. Basically, he takes the risk of being caught. This means that a man is guided by some higher idea, since he is not afraid of anything. In real life, the Arcana symbolizes the refusal to fight, bloodshed in the literal and figurative sense. The querent wants peace, so he is ready to do anything for this.

The Seven of Swords asks questions: "How to defuse the situation?" and โ€œHow to avoid negativity?โ€. The questioner is invited to take responsibility for unreasonable people. In the world, someone always has to be a diplomat, otherwise life on the planet will disappear. Let a person also have his own ego, but it is quite a compromise. Therefore, it will be easiest for the querent to extinguish the fire of rage in himself and others.

Meaning of the Reversed Seven of Swords Tarot

  • Deception, betrayal of loved ones, envy and revenge.
  • Lack of ethics, the concept of valor, honor; "bought" soul.
  • The intrigues of enemies, waiting for the right time to fight.
  • Physically stealing something or selling someone elseโ€™s information.

In the opposite position, the Seven of Swords Tarot gives a completely different meaning to the spread. If you turn the card over, the blades will be pointed up. This suggests that creativity and a non-standard approach turn into a real deception. Now the main character becomes a traitor acting in the interests of the enemy. Apparently, the man steals weapons so that his comrades-in-arms cannot repulse the opponent. The reversed card Seven of the suit of Air means theft, intrigues on the sly. This is the collection of gossip, hidden malice, envy and vindictiveness. A person is driven by the lower impulses of the soul, he does not think about the ethics or morality of his own behavior.

In the context of the situation, the reversed Seven of Swords indicates the presence of a hidden threat. Information leakage and data theft may occur. Enemies do not sleep, they vigilantly monitor the actions of the questioner. The closest people can be enemies. A wolf in sheepโ€™s clothing entered the herd. The reversed position of the Seven of Blades card shows the betrayal of loved ones, unexpected actions from friends. That is, from those to whom the fortuneteller is accustomed to trust the most intimate. Deception can also relate to the scope of work, business. The questioner is deliberately misled in order to take advantage of the opportune moment to maneuver.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Deceived hopes, an unexpected stab in the back from a loved one.
  • Treason, double family life, disregard for trust.
  • The label of an unreliable person, a gossip, walking alone.
  • Personal problems due to ill-wishers, enemies.

In terms of love, the Seven of Swords reversed shows treason, betrayal of a partner. The beloved is unfaithful to his passion, plays a double game. Sometimes the position of the card shows discussions behind the back, intrigues, intrigues. It may also be that the partner criticizes the wife or husband in the circle of relatives. The situation is unpleasant. The couple does not directly discuss problems, but they take quarrels out of the hut. In such relations there is no trust, mutual understanding. Also, the reversed Arcana speaks of frivolity, disrespect.

For lonely people, the Seven of Swords in the opposite sense promises unpleasant events. The querent will be involved in other peopleโ€™s intrigues, showdowns. He will become extreme, the one who will be blamed. Perhaps earlier, the questioner supported gossip, communicated with slippery people. Now, he himself was stamped with the stamp of an unreliable person. Therefore, in the near future, personal life will not develop due to some kind of talk, tales about the personality of a fortuneteller.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Disclosure of fraud in the workplace, dismissal under the article.
  • A scam that failed to pull off, bad luck.
  • Poor financial situation, forced to beg.
  • Profit schemes that lead the querent to losses.

In the context of work, the reversed Seven of Swords denotes serious blunders, loss of respect. The querent will be caught violating certain company rules. This may be a small mistake in the form of sloppiness during working hours, and possibly the transfer of information to competitors. In any case, the deception will be revealed, and the fortuneteller will most likely be fired. It will not be possible to circle colleagues and the boss around the finger. All such attempts will play against the querent and greatly damage the reputation. Sometimes the Arcana in the opposite form falls on dishonest journalists, the yellow press.

In terms of finances, the Seven of Swords reversed also shows a clearing up. The questioner will no longer be able to hide the current state of lack of money, poverty. Financial fraud will not succeed. There may be a refusal from the bank in terms of loans, mortgages. People who borrowed the querent will demand their funds back. Sometimes the position of the Arcana indicates a dangerous passion for gambling, betting. At the same time, the questioner always remains the loser, losing the most valuable thing โ€“ the trust of friends and relatives.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Sexually transmitted diseases or infections.
  • Acute condition, rapid progression of the disease.
  • Fixation on external manifestations in front of society.
  • Secrecy, behind which vices are hidden โ€“ resentment or anger.

In the reversed form, the Seven of Swords personifies neglected diseases. If, according to the upright position of the Arcana, the disease goes away by itself, now the immune system cannot cope. Wounds in the form of herpes on the lip or genitals may appear on the body. There are specific signs of infection, inflammation. There may be pain, itching, burning. The querent must take care of his health, otherwise the disease will last for a very long time. Also, the position of the card indicates the danger to other people, sexual partners.

The psyche of the reversed Seven of Swords loses all positive manifestations. Personality tends to constantly lie, invent fables. A person likes to spread gossip, observe others and condemn them. His whole life is built around society, there is not even the slightest understanding of himself outside the context of society. Simply, the questioner is afraid to plunge into the bowels of the psyche, so as not to inadvertently fish out any problem from there. It is easier for him to see other peopleโ€™s shortcomings than to admit his own.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Orientation to other peopleโ€™s regalia, experience, developments and knowledge.
  • Lack of own baggage, vision and thinking.
  • Unwillingness to honestly work on oneself and temper the soul.
  • A trick that will turn into a resounding failure, disaster.

In the context of spirituality, if the Seven of Swords is upside down, then this is a bad sign. The seeker becomes a vulture, feeding on other peopleโ€™s delusions. Instead of developing their own experience, the querent is trying to deceive the system of the universe. He thinks that one can become superhuman by learning from the mistakes of others. But itโ€™s not. Each traveler encounters individual obstacles on his way. For some it will be malice, for others it will be kindness. There is no universal recipe for how to go the way and not break. Sometimes you have to be flexible, sometimes you have to be assertive. Copying someone elseโ€™s behavior patterns at the moment will not bring victory.

The Seven of Swords asks questions: "Why do I need someone elseโ€™s experience?" and โ€œWhy am I afraid to move on my own?โ€. A person who does not know how to think will not be helped by any crutches. Spirituality is an unknown country inside the soul of everyone. Therefore, different people perceive this path differently. Neophyte is still self-confident and considers himself the most thoughtful player. But this is a big mistake that is very common among seekers.

Seven of Swords: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Seven of Swords Card

If the card lies straight, then the Seven of Swords advises to act covertly, with cunning. A trivial approach is not suitable for solving the problem. Here you need to develop a plan to disarm your enemies. Their methods should be turned against them. In this case, it is best to move unnoticed, leaving no obvious traces of your participation. The Seven of Swords also warns of a similar approach among enemies. In the near future, you can not trust anyone โ€“ there is a great risk of being deceived. A rat has started up in the immediate environment, which seeks to chop off a good piece of the pie. You should listen carefully to conversations and not allow yourself to talk too much.

The reversed Seven of Swords advises to give up immediately. A querent canโ€™t outsmart anyone. On the contrary, all such attempts will be exposed. Therefore, you need to act directly, speak openly about your own intentions. In the context of the warning, the Seven of Swords in the opposite way emphasizes the disclosure of any deception. Soon the querent will learn about the tricks from a close, colleague, or he himself will be caught by the hand. You should not continue to lie, try to mislead. The faster the questioner abandons this idea, the greater the chance of going unnoticed.

Seven of Swords: Daily Card Meaning

The upright Seven of Swords will play out today as a kind of deception. The fortuneteller himself will have to go in a roundabout way towards an important goal. To do this, it will be necessary to carefully learn information from people, to prepare the field for a future battle. At the same time, one should not seem overly curious, otherwise suspicions will appear. The card also symbolizes observation from the side of the person of interest. It can be surveillance in real life or in the Internet space. The questioner is driven by genuine interest, so the impulses of the soul are difficult to restrain. In the upright position, the Arcana does not indicate harm to anyone. Rather, itโ€™s just a fear of being exposed.

Reversed, the Seven of Swords will already show the deception of the querent himself. Someone from a close circle will act ugly, revealing all the secrets entrusted to him. Today, unpleasant rumors and gossip can reach. The questioner will face a dilemma โ€“ to forgive the traitor or not. The day promises to be emotionally difficult. On these days, you should not take anyoneโ€™s word for it, as well as open your soul, pour out your feelings. All information can turn against an innocent person. Gossip is born from speculation, and often has nothing to do with the true state of affairs. But rumors can leave wounds on the heart, especially if they are spread by a loved one.

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