Six of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Six of Cups, 6 of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 6

Keywords: Sincerity, Generosity

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง

The ephemeral Six of Cups seems to be playing with the audience. It seemed that just one card ago, the traveler was saying goodbye to the house, and now he is back here again. Everything here is innocent, light and beautiful โ€“ all this is given by the element of Water. You donโ€™t need to think about anything at all. Children on this card do not have innermost desires. They get everything at the moment. Life resembles a full bowl, and it seems that it will always be so. This is a kind of utopia created by the pure consciousness of the child. Everything in such a world is simple. A high wall and a kind parent will protect you from any problem. It is this feeling of security that any student seeks when he comes to a teacher. However, this is not yet the final stop. There is a long way ahead.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Six of Cups

The Six of Cups card depicts a scene of sincere childhood friendship. The boy gives the girl a golden bowl with a white lily. This flower is a symbol of purity and trust. There are four more vases in the foreground. The sixth is located behind on a small column with a coat of arms. Children are warmly dressed, which speaks of comfort and care from the outside. All the action takes place in the courtyard of a large house with a tower. In the distance, a silhouette of a guard with a spear is visible. He is wearing light clothes, but if necessary, the man will be able to protect from enemies. The sky is bright blue, there are no clouds. The whole picture does not cause discomfort or anxiety.

It is noteworthy that the place depicted on the card of the Six of Cups is very similar to the one that was left behind by a man in a Five of the same suit. Now here is shown what exactly the lonely traveler lost. This is a kind of ideal world, a feeling of home and care. On the other hand, the 6 of Chalices symbolize the past, i.e. something that no longer takes place in reality. These can be pleasant memories of a happy childhood. This Tarot card seems to project the warmest moments, allows you to relax and trust the world. Lost paradise reopened its gates, and for a moment came the feeling of a carefree childhood.

Meaning of the Upright Six of Cups Card

  • Sincere joy, carefree fun, innocent behavior.
  • A fresh look, a direct relation to life and to yourself.
  • Comfortable conditions, rest from duties, burdens, debts.
  • Trust in space, close people, the world or higher powers.

The Six of Cups in an upright position embodies honesty, sincerity and the absence of a stone behind. Children, with their open, unclouded perception of the world, are very easy to admit to themselves and trust. Therefore, all relationships between people on this card are built easily and naturally. There is no point in deceiving or under-saying. All are in equal positions and are also related to each other. The sixth Arcana of the suit of Cups symbolizes warm communication, joy from joint leisure, from the opportunity to truly open up. The Querent is in excellent conditions to relax. Sometimes the card denotes shared memories and encounters with your past.

The numerical designation of the Arcana symbolizes the connection. According to legend, on the sixth day, God created man โ€“ a being that has absorbed the lower and the higher, material and spiritual. Following this logic, the considered Six of Cups denotes the initial energies. This is a childrenโ€™s contract based on pure thoughts. Innocent creatures simply do not know that there is an aggressive and dangerous world outside the walls of their home. The guard in the background serves as a kind of guardian angel. Children can feel genuine love without fear of rejection. Therefore, the Six of Cups is a stronghold of parental care and guardianship. It doesnโ€™t matter who is in charge โ€“ the boss, the partner, or the universe itself.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Candy-bouquet period, the appearance of sympathy and interest.
  • Anxious attitude, vivid emotions, renewed feelings.
  • The first declaration of love, romance between teenagers.
  • The presence of common children, plans to have a child, to start a family.

Tarot card Six of Cups in love fortune-telling personifies innocence and honesty. It is the beginning of a relationship, a romantic period when a couple looks closely at each other. People do not yet have claims and expectations in relation to a partner. While a bright light of lively interest and desire to please the chosen one burns in the eyes. This minor Arcana can predict receiving a gift from a fan or a loved one. Also, in the future, there will be a conversation about feelings, recognition of sympathy.

Often, the Arcana represents the absence of an intimate life with your partner at the beginning of a love affair. This situation may arise due to age or high moral standards. Sometimes the Six of the suit of Cups shows the relationship between teenagers. It also speaks of the possible presence of your own children with a loved one. In another case, it denotes a desire to have a joint child. One way or another, the thoughts are pure, people are really interested in each other and experience mutual attraction.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Full financial support by relatives or a partner.
  • An easy attitude to money, the ability to choose a job to your liking.
  • Labor related to children; calling to be a teacher or a doctor.
  • Business in the "childrenโ€™s" niche โ€“ selling toys, books and clothes.

In the field of finance and work, the importance of the Six of Cups is not very rosy. This Arcana does not mean big money or career prospects. The children depicted on the card are devoid of material interest. The querent needs activities that will bring human recognition and sincere joy. This includes charity, a hobby without reference to possible income. Rather, the questioner does not need to cut his way through the thorns. The Six of Cups shows that he already has comfort and everything he requires for life. Perhaps the person is provided by a family, a loved one.

If we take the Six of Cups as the significator of the workplace, then we can talk about labor related to children. This is the job of a pediatrician, toddler party organizer or primary school teacher. Also, the development of educational and entertainment materials, the creation of cartoons, games are suitable for this criterion. Next to the Major Arcana Strength or Justice, the card will show work with difficult teenagers or a position in an orphanage. In general, the card speaks of a true calling. Not every person will agree to such a job.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Good health, body positive, self-care.
  • Creation of new neural connections, the process of cognition.
  • Ability to rejoice for others, empathize; empathy.
  • Sharpened intuition, trust in your own feelings.

The Six of Cups Tarot will bring a positive meaning to the health spread. The querent feels great, full of strength and energy for action. Most likely, he strictly adheres to the exercise regime, adheres to a healthy lifestyle. Age can be anything. The questioner retained the youth of the body and the mobility of the mind. A person is easy-going, cheerful, open to new information. The last factor is fundamental โ€“ it serves as an indicator of mental youth.

The psyche on the 6th Arcana of the suit of Cups resembles the consciousness of a child. Like any child, a person is gullible according to this card, he is used to taking his word for it. But at the same time, it is difficult to deceive him. An innate intuition helps to divert people with bad intentions from oneself. The querent expects the same from others. All attempts at foul play are perceived as a hostile gesture. In psychology, there is a marker for this phenomenon: "inner child". The Six of Cups indicates that the fortuneteller treats his attitude with trepidation and does not lose it throughout his life.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Recollection of past lives, moments of experience.
  • Old lessons, spiritual rebirth, rethinking.
  • Unconditionality, departure from old patterns, images.
  • Albedo stage โ€“ purity of the soul; reward for your efforts.

Spiritually, the Six of Cups is a kind of mirror. It reflects what was laid down earlier โ€“ by parents, society, the environment. If you take the Five of Chalices with its despondency and indifference, then the Six allows you to look into the past. It reveals the roots of current problems and gives hope for a new spiritual birth. The traveler will have to delve into himself, remember the childโ€™s sense of the novelty of the world. To move forward on this path, experiences must be revisited.

The card asks the questions: "What have I left behind?", "How to return a clear perception of what is happening?" Diving into yourself is more likely to hurt. However, the reward is well worth it. In the East, they say that the sage becomes like a child. Here they mean not whims and predictability, but the ability to look at everything without a clouded look. Each moment is unique and carries a certain lesson. To understand this, you have to trust life and open your heart. This is exactly what the Six of Cups means.

Meaning of the Reversed Six of Cups Tarot

  • Imposing restrictions, trying to hide, creating a utopia.
  • Denial of childhood trauma or the very ability to feel.
  • Suppressed energy, stupid behavior, inappropriate actions.
  • Attachment to the idea of security, narrow-mindedness, border protection.

The reversed Six of Cups card adds to its basic meaning the vibration of unfulfillment and limitation. If you turn over the Arcana, then the children will be at the bottom, and the guard at the top. A reliable fortress will turn into a place of imprisonment. At the same time, the couple will not even notice anything, taking the current state of affairs for granted. Yes, there will be no negative message, but still, something is interfering with the natural flow of energy. Sincerity becomes foolishness, and white lilies will never become red roses. You can compare this with eternal childhood. One day the time will come to go out into the adult world, but loving parents will not let go anywhere. Sometimes good intentions go hand in hand with your own complexes and fears.

The Six of Cups in an inverted position indicates limitation. The previously open universe with its limitless possibilities collapses and turns into a familiar swamp. You can enjoy the familiar landscape, enjoy stability and security. But this does not come close to giving those sensations that are possible only when meeting with a multidimensional reality. As a result, a person himself turns into a gloomy guard for himself. In an attempt to protect his world from invasion, he forgets about his true self. However, the "childish" part of the personality does not disappear anywhere. From time to time, suppressed emotions and desires will come out in the most impartial way in the form of greed, laziness, and frivolity.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Fleeting hobby; lack of prospects, common goals.
  • Superficial judgments about relationships, naive romance.
  • Jealous partner, perverted relationship model.
  • Arguments over children, manipulation and attempts to control.

For the questioning person, the reversed position of the Six of Cups in the love sphere is a negative sign. Perhaps it was an unpromising, beautiful gesture from a fan. In this case, one should not hope for a joint future. If there is a relationship, then they are stuck, there is no desire to develop them into something more. Moreover, one partner can restrict the freedom of the other. This will be expressed in attempts to control and the imposition of certain rules of behavior. The person takes on the role of a parent, thus showing their love and care.

According to this position of the card, the Six of Cups is recouped as an unrealized potential. Perhaps a couple cannot have children and this interferes with building a deep connection between people. Such relationships are very superficial. Everyone thinks about satisfying their ego, albeit in the most romantic way. There is no room for selectivity. Like the five cups left unattended, the person of interest can donate his heart to others. Each time he will be fascinated by a new object of sympathy, and a little later he will forget about him as a boring toy.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Lack of aspirations and desires, plans for the future.
  • Unsuccessful attempt, long dreams of business.
  • Unfavorable position, restrictions on activities.
  • Financial dependence on parents or their children.

When the Six of Cups is turned upside down for business or income spread, itโ€™s a bad omen. The Arcana predicts empty talk and fruitless promises. You can forget the previous agreements. If employment assistance was promised, this will not happen. In terms of career and salary, there is no way to break through the glass ceiling. The person has reached the maximum in what was asked. This kind of work can be enjoyable, but in the long term it limits personal growth.

Concerning the topic of finance, the spread is interpreted even more negatively. Most likely, the querent has no skill at all to make money. It is possible to live in the territory of relatives or spouse. The questioner is dependent on other peopleโ€™s achievements. He did not create his own savings, plans for the future could not be realized. The inverted Six of Cups speaks of financial dependence. Sometimes alimony debts go through it, the need to give most of the income to your children.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Childhood illnesses, developmental problems of the body and mind.
  • Inhibition, autism, congenital abnormalities.
  • Hysteria, touchiness, helpless behavior.
  • The habit of only taking, the lack of valuable resources.

In the field of health, the reversed Six of Cups shows the diseases that children are most likely to suffer. This is chickenpox, rotavirus infections. It also includes age-related dementia. A person begins to forget everything, literally falling into the state of a helpless child. Fine motor skills are impaired, coordination suffers. Over time, the person erases most of the important memories from his memory. Previous skills fade into the background, and then disappear altogether.

The psyche in this position of the Arcana is similar to the characteristics of health. However, the Six of Cups in the opposite position leaves only external attributes. A person can fall into hysterics, actively demand something from others. People of this kind of mind piously believe that everyone owes them everything. At the same time, the person himself is not ready for an equivalent exchange. For any small action on his part, he expects praise and encouragement. All this indicates psychological immaturity, being stuck in puberty.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • A stumbling block, a forced stop on the way.
  • Premature joy from your achievements, gifts.
  • Latent infantilism, attachment to the past.
  • Fear of repeating negative experiences, trying to escape.

If the card is turned upside down, then the Six of Cups indicates being stuck in the past. The seeker stopped at a certain stage of formation. He has already received some gifts โ€“ happiness, prosperity and blessings from the universe. However, this is not enough. In an attempt to assert himself, the traveler can lose the good he has received. He lives in mirages and reflections, not noticing that he has fallen into a kind of trap. Its development is limited by circumstances. Now itโ€™s hard to move forward. Itโ€™s like trading a warm nest for a hammock in the pouring rain. The ego does not want to give up its positions, and therefore it itself builds obstacles on the path of knowing life.

The reversed Six of Cups asks the questions: "How aware am I?" and "What have I not grown up with?" Itโ€™s important to find your own answers. They will help you find the right incentive for further growth. There must be a good reason to leave the past. Everything is clear and simple here. But being is so multifaceted that it will definitely bring with it a new, unique experience. And it will not be childโ€™s play in the usual sandbox under the supervision of adults. The traveler is waiting for the fulfillment of the most secret desires.

Six of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Six of Cups Card

The upright Six of Cups advises you to remember your old self. You need to try to revive pleasant moments, past hobbies in your memory. Some of this will give impetus to development in the present. Also, the straight position of the card indicates the need to take better care of your own children. They lack attention and support. The Six of Cups reversed indicates that any problems are rooted in the past. To resolve them, it is worth closing the old gestalts and getting out of their negative influence. All attempts to avoid will lead to an aggravation of the situation. You can seek help from a psychotherapist.

In the context of warning, the Six of Cups upright speaks of the danger of a dependent position. Sooner or later, the golden cage will slam shut, and unpreparedness for real life will play a cruel joke. You should be attentive to what is happening. Childhood naivety can lead to a bad ending. The inverted Six of Cups reinforces this value. The card warns that the process of social degradation has already begun. This can be expressed in complete disorientation in an unfamiliar environment, inability to defend oneโ€™s rights. "Greenhouse education" and total control simply need to be eradicated from your subconscious.

Six of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, the upright Six of Cups promises peace and quiet joy. Arrival of relatives with children is possible. The day will be held in joint memories of a happy past. If a romantic date is supposed to be, then it will be sweet and innocent. Meetings with friends are also quite peaceful and behind the scenes. You may also want to play childrenโ€™s games, read old fairy tales or watch your favorite cartoon. Some kind of falling into childhood is quite acceptable. Along the straight position of the card, it does not carry destructiveness. On the contrary, such relaxation will release latent creativity.

The reversed Six of Cups suggests that the day will evoke some nostalgia. There will be no meetings here, rather, these are ephemeral triggers that propose thoughts about the past. At the same time, it is difficult to talk about the reality of pop-up images. So, a difficult relationship can be remembered beautifully, but a difficult childhood will still attract with its rare joys. If you wish, you can flip through childrenโ€™s diaries, look at old photos. In doing so, itโ€™s important to separate fiction from facts. After the time allotted for the past is over, it is worthwhile to return to the present again. The Six of Cups warns that such conditions are easily carried away, itโ€™s critical not to lose your head.

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