Six of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Six of Pentacles, 6 of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 6

Keywords: Generosity, Charity

Active element: Earth ⛰️

The Six of Pentacles in Tarot is a card of generosity and grand gestures. It symbolizes help and the ability to show generosity. The central character on the Arcana is a real philanthropist. Giving money to the poor, he certainly does not expect reciprocal gratitude. Rather, a person believes in the principle of a karmic boomerang. Therefore, the card shows disinterestedness and sincerity. But when reversed, the Six of Pentacles takes on the meaning of commercialism. Now there are questions both to the philanthropist himself and to those in need. Everything that happens resembles an undisguised act of hypocrisy. Both parties derive secondary benefits from their position.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Six of Pentacles

In the classic Waite Tarot deck, the Six of Pentacles card depicts a scene of giving alms. A richly dressed man holds a golden scale in his left hand, and pours coins with his right hand. Below, two poor people sit on their knees. The hero in the middle is dressed in a red cape, his head is decorated with a turban. Those in need are wrapped in cloth with patches. They stretch out their hands towards their benefactor. At the top of the Arcana are six denarius or pentacles. At the same time, there are more coins on the left side than on the right. The action takes place against the backdrop of the square. Behind you can see a castle with a red roof. The sky is gray, no clouds.

The supremacy of a rich man on the Arcana of the Six of Pentacles can be traced in his posture and gaze. He literally towers over a couple of poor people. The card clearly shows the differences between the two social strata. The scales are in balance, which indicates impartiality and honesty. The main message of the 6 of Pentacles is the process of transferring funds to those in need. People get what they need. The face of one of the poor expresses contentment and gratitude. At the same time, his state of clothing hints at dire need. The merchant is dressed in a scarlet cape – this color represents wealth and prosperity. But this is not only material security. Coins also symbolize knowledge, information and talents.

Meaning of the Upright Six of Pentacles Card

  • Selfless help and sincere support or a generous gift.
  • Peacekeeping goals, faith in goodness and justice, pity.
  • Compassion for other people’s troubles and problems, the desire to help them.
  • Getting what you need, getting out of a difficult situation, crisis.

In the upright position, the Six of Pentacles means a generous gift, the fulfillment of a dream. This is help from a particular person or organization. Also, the card can talk about the presence of talent, a gift from above. In any case, the Arcana indicates profit, reward. In the context of the situation, the Six of Denarius speaks of resolving problems, overcoming a crisis or forced stagnation. The questioning person will be able to jump into the last car of the outgoing train. At the most unexpected moment, fate will smile at the querent. If he needed money or information, then life will give it to him. Also, the card may indicate the patronage of certain forces or specific people.

The Six of Pentacles sometimes shows the fortuneteller himself. That is, now the person himself acts as a benefactor. They can turn to him for help, ask for advice or money. This exchange is not equal, but fair. The querent expects nothing for his patronage. However, in return, he will still receive respect and gratitude. The philanthropist acts in this way only out of his generosity. When there is an excess of energy, even expressed in a material equivalent, then there is a desire to share with others. Therefore, traditionally the sixth card of the suit of Coins symbolizes the breadth of the soul and generosity.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • One breadwinner in the family, unequal marriage or different position.
  • Willingness to take responsibility for two or for relatives.
  • A quick acquaintance with your other half at work or school.
  • "Belled" happiness, the establishment of personal life or the gift of love.

In a relationship spread, the Six of Pentacles characterizes unequal marriages. Since the element of the Earth personifies materiality, this refers to the financial situation of the partners. One of them is much richer than his other half. However, the direct provision does not indicate the existence of problems in this regard. Love and mutual respect reign in a couple. A wealthier person tries in every possible way to help a partner, but at the same time not to rise above him. Sometimes the card indicates that only one person provides for the family. He can also help the relatives of his passion.

For singles, the Six of Pentacles promises a quick meeting of the second half. Life will bring two destinies together, bestow mutual feelings. In this case, acquaintance can occur at work or on a business trip. Most often, the Arcana hints at the social differences between the querent and his future partner. Love has the right to unite the hearts of a boss and a subordinate, a leader and a junior employee. The upright position also indicates sincere intentions and lack of self-interest.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Charity, social funds or public accounting.
  • Timely salary payments, honest employer.
  • The arrival of the necessary amount or help from others.
  • Way out of the black stripe and a chance to improve your position.

In the context of work activities, the Six of Pentacles shows the accounting department, as well as social funds. It is also an organization dealing with the distribution of the budget. In terms of the situation at work, the Six of Pentacles card symbolizes the receipt of what is due, as well as bonuses. The querent is under the wing of the authorities, can count on help from a higher person. There are no salary delays or any other deception of employees at this place. The questioner can be calm about this.

Soon the fortuneteller is waiting for the arrival of a certain amount. The financial situation will go up. The Six of Pentacles predicts unexpected material assistance. The querent can receive money from a social service or a credit institution. In any case, it will be a timely injection of funds. A person will be able to close current financial problems and establish cash flow. Sometimes the Arcana says that a good job offer may come to the querent.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • A "technical" approach to your body, maintaining balance.
  • Satisfaction of all nutritional needs of the body.
  • The ability to control one’s own psyche, to switch.
  • Harmonious development or attention to your desires.

In terms of health, the Six of Pentacles represents balance in the body. A person can starve, carry out various cleansing of blood and organs. Thus, he improves their work. These are forced measures that ultimately lead to an improvement in overall well-being. On the upright card, we can talk about an adequate attitude to nutrition and other needs of the body. The questioner tries not to overeat, includes in his diet the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also, the Arcana indicates strict adherence to the instructions of the attending physician.

The mental state is also balanced. The Six of Pentacles shows the ability to manage all of its subpersonalities. The person himself enters the state of a parent – an infant, and therefore competently distributes duties between various parts of the psyche. Even the dark side he manages to use for his own good. The questioner satisfies all deviations peacefully. Often a splash of negativity occurs due to creativity.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • A gift from higher powers, the search for your talent, the fulfillment of a dream.
  • Mutual assistance to others and willingness to give of oneself.
  • Kindness that is a hundredfold increased because of gratitude.
  • Way of helping people, peacekeeping goals and philanthropy.

In terms of spirituality, the Six of Pentacles shows the presence of the gift of heaven. The seeker literally suffered his talent, became worthy of it. Now, however, an additional responsibility falls on his shoulders. The generous Robin Hood in the person of God or the Universe is waiting for the continuation of the chain of goodness. If the questioner has received the gift of healing others, then he is obliged to do his work. As soon as a person acquires something, those who want to know this gift for themselves immediately appear. Any messiah, psychic, magician will always be surrounded by those in need of help.

The Six of Pentacles asks questions: "What is my true need?" and “Am I ready to take responsibility for everything given to me?”. The problem is that wishes come true. You should be careful about your aspirations and goals. But if a person is fully prepared to accept a gift from above, then his life will never be the same. Having received something for free, he learns to be a philanthropist for others. The chain of goodness must not be interrupted.

Meaning of the Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot

  • Envy, mercenary interest or insecurity.
  • Financial dependence or greed for money and values.
  • Unequal exchange of energies, dishonest profit and purpose.
  • Begging for money and help or advice.

In the reversed position, the meaning of the Six of Pentacles changes to a more negative one. Now the card characterizes the dependent position, "looking into the mouth." If someone provides help, it is always with mercenary intent or in order to amuse the ego. Robin Hood robs the rich and gives everything to the poor. However, the former invariably become the latter, and a self-proclaimed "philanthropist" is at the head of the vicious circle. In the context of the situation, the reversed Six of Pentacles shows a forced call for help. It is possible that the benefactor is the cause of the troubles of the questioner. Addiction can be both material and psychological.

Also, the reversed Six of Pentacles signifies use and manipulation. A sense of duty prevails over the querent, therefore it is difficult for him to refuse the one who asks. Others can successfully use this weakness of the questioner. Often, the position of the Arcana shows imaginary victims who want to shift responsibility to someone else. It is also envy, commercialism and duplicity. Those who smiled a second ago now say nasty things behind their backs. The reversed position of the Six of Coins represents a lack of gratitude. This is a bottomless pit for draining energy. No matter how much such people are helped, they ask each time even more.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Relations with a kept woman or gigolo, inequality.
  • Financial dependence on a powerful partner and manipulation.
  • An attempt to "buy" feelings, reciprocity of the opposite sex.
  • The desire to appear from the best side, but to the detriment of oneself.

The reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot gives a negative connotation to the love spread. The position of the Arcana speaks of mercantile interest on the part of the partner. The man uses the second half, playing on her pity. Although such a relationship is always beneficial for both. Even if the robbed party does not realize it. A secondary benefit may be receiving love, a warm attitude towards one’s person. But such relationships are turning into market ones. There is no place for sincerity and equality.

For lonely people, the Six of Pentacles in the opposite form predicts a difficult period. The difficulty will lie in curbing your own ego. On the one hand, the questioner will want to "buy" love. For this, he has all the prerequisites. The begging hand is already outstretched. However, buying into this means not respecting either yourself or your partner. Another scenario is also possible. In this case, the fortuneteller will be led to someone’s material wealth. But any of the examples does not lead to a happy life together.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Dishonest bank employees or fooling customers.
  • Dependence on your employer, place of work and environment.
  • Constantly begging for money from relatives and friends.
  • The habit of spending everything earned, the inability to save money.

In terms of the significator of activity, the reversed Six of Pentacles shows the angling of funds. These are various microloan organizations, credit products with high interest rates. That is, the reverse position of the card symbolizes only apparent help. In fact, this is a push into a debt hole. Also, the Arcana in the opposite sense shows the delay in wages, the need to beg the manager for better working conditions. The querent has to humiliate himself and lose human dignity because of money.

The financial situation is unstable. The reversed Six of Pentacles shows the extravagance that has led to poverty. No matter how much you give such a person money, he will always be missed. This situation is associated with psychological immaturity. At the time of buying something from a person, the “child” mode is activated. In this state, you can spend not only your own funds, but also borrowed ones. Also, the reversed Arcana speaks of the financial "needle" of using credit cards.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Abuse of sweet or fatty, imbalance.
  • Dependence on intoxicating substances – alcohol or drugs.
  • Hope for someone else’s help or inability to live independently.
  • Being stuck as a victim who wants support.

When the Six of Pentacles falls upside down in a health spread, this is a sign of lack of measure. The questioner is addicted to food, alcohol or drugs. He constantly needs a new dose of endorphins. Such a person does not know how to stop. As a result, the body wears out quickly. Organs accumulate a huge amount of toxins. Further, this “dirt” is released into the blood, which causes acne. Fungi and papillomas are also a sign of slagging of the body.

In terms of mental state, the reversed Six of Pentacles also shows irrepressibility. Personality is used to moaning, pestering others. While the “inner parent” is sleeping, you can go rogue. According to this position of the card, infantiles pass, constantly hoping for help from someone. They are not used to counting on themselves. They need a strong shoulder for support and a hand that will throw a handful of change. The position of the child is very advantageous. Despite all the humiliation, such people eventually get their way with the help of tears and pity.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Blind faith in magicians, witches, soothsayers or charlatans.
  • Unwillingness to deal with their own troubles.
  • Help out of selfish motives or for the sake of self-affirmation.
  • Loss of support within oneself or escape from decision-making.

The Six of Pentacles reversed represents spiritual poverty. The seeker is so helpless that at the slightest provocation he turns to magicians, witches. He wants to shift responsibility for himself onto someone else’s shoulders. It is very easy to blame someone else for your own failures. If the querent himself takes on the role of a benefactor, then there is a catch hidden here. The desire to help others, to instruct on the true path is just an attempt to amuse the ego. It is very nice to feel your importance and to accept thanks from everyone.

The Six of Pentacles in the opposite form asks questions: “What is my benefit in being a victim?” and “How can I help myself?”. To begin with, it is worth realizing that everything that happens is just the choice of the querent himself. No one is to blame for his troubles. This fact hints at the presence of forces to change the situation. If everything is in the hands of the questioner, then there is no need to look for support outside yourself. To be a subordinate or a leader is the decision of everyone. Anyone who does not want to become the helmsman of his life will certainly turn into an instrument for the fulfillment of other people’s goals.

Six of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Six of Pentacles Card

If the card lies upright, then the Six of Pentacles advises seeking help. Now the querent can receive the necessary funds or psychological support. Fate is on the side of the questioner. You also need to help everyone who asks for it. The boomerang of goodness will definitely return to its operator. The Six of Pentacles also warns that support should not be denied in the near future. Perhaps once this person helped the fortuneteller, but now he himself needs it. If the questioner does not reach out, he will become callous and unreliable in the eyes of others.

The reversed Six of Pentacles, on the contrary, advises to think carefully before helping someone. If the querent lends, then it is necessary to pronounce the terms and conditions of the transaction. Perhaps you should wait with the answer so that the person who asks adequately assesses his own strength in material terms. As a warning, a reversed card indicates an unequal exchange. The people around are not going to repay debts, somehow thank the querent. If, nevertheless, a person decides to meet halfway, then you can forget about your money. In any case, the conscience of the questioner will remain pure, and the actions of those who ask are no longer his business.

Six of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

The dropped Six of Pentacles promises a generous day for gifts. A long-standing problem will be resolved, an optimal solution will be found. At the same time, a helping hand can be extended by a loved one or a person who is not directly related to the questioner. The key point is the fact that some wish will come true. The fortuneteller does not need to exert too much force. Rather, it is enough just to ask – and it will be given. Today is a good day for holding charity events, organizing money collections. The card can show attendance at similar events and direct participation in the process.

However, the reversed Six of Pentacles in the spread of the card of the day, on the contrary, personifies need. Today, the fortuneteller himself will be forced to ask for help. He will be dependent on another person or organization. It is also possible that others will attack the querent with their problems. Someone in this situation will take on the role of a rescuer, and the other – the needy. An example is the extortion of money through pity. Sometimes, a person is healthy and full of energy, but simply does not want to earn a living in an honest way. In this case, the position of the card indicates the manipulation of one’s "distressed" position.

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