Six of Swords Tarot Card

Card Name: Six of Swords, 6 of Blades

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Swords

Position: 6

Keywords: Redemption, Enlightenment

Active element: Air ๐Ÿ’จ

The Six of Swords in the Tarot has two key meanings at once. On the one hand, the card symbolizes the departure from the past, parting, loss. This is the pain of loss, an icy wind that burns the soul with its cold. But the empty space will sooner or later be filled with new energy. That is why the card represents deliverance, the triumph of reason over a blind heart. The fortuneteller is given a chance to drastically change his life and never look back into the past. However, there is a catch here too. In the opposite form, the Arcana denotes unjustified acts, partings that should have been prevented. In search of the best, a person can sometimes make a fatal mistake.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Six of Swords

In the classic Rider-Waite Tarot card, the Six of Swords depicts a scene of three people sailing in a boat full of blades. The main characters are shown with their backs to the viewer. A man rows with an oar or a stick, while a woman and a child sit on the deck. Despite the fact that the gender of the second figure is not directly shown, one can guess from the outlines that this is a girl. The swords are stuck into the boat from the inside and seem to block the view. The water on the right is restless โ€“ waves are visible. On the left, the reservoir is shown in lighter shades. The clothes of the heroes are designed in muted earthy colors โ€“ ocher, brown, red. In the distance is a gray shore with rare trees. The sky is leaden, but there are white clouds.

The numerical value of the Six of Swords symbolizes eternal development and movement, striving forward. The card clearly shows this idea โ€“ the heroes are on their way. Ripples on the water and rather closed clothes speak of the coldness inherent in the element Air. At the same time, shades of fabrics hint at practicality, serious intentions. The blades in the ship represent the hopes and fantasies that they had to take with them. They are located on the stern of the boat and seem to serve as a kind of guide, a compass. Gray shores symbolize bleak prospects. The heroes themselves will have to bring happiness and love into their lives, spiritually sanctifying even the most unattractive places.

Meaning of the Upright Six of Swords Card

  • Departure from the past and the search for new prospects for self-realization.
  • Loyalty to principles and willingness to leave everything for the sake of your dreams.
  • A long journey, a great trip, a road at night, in the evening.
  • The ability to move on without looking back at your past.

In the upright position, the Six of Swords denotes departure and distance, the search for new shores. Gray, foggy weather on the card hints at sadness and slight melancholy. The heroes are forced to leave their current habitat. In search of a new berth, they must let go of their old expectations. The sixth Arcana of the suit of Blades symbolizes the departure from the past place of work, from a beloved partner. This is always an emotionally difficult event that should be lived to the end. Water hints at tears, mourning losses. The heroine, with her head wrapped in a cape, means coldness, lack of warmth. It may be misunderstanding by others, rejection.

The Six of Swords that fell out in divination also denotes a long journey, a difficult path. The querent himself does not yet know how subsequent events will develop. Therefore, he is forced to move carefully, by touch. Only the nearest meter is visible in advance โ€“ it is difficult to think about distant situations. The 6 of Swords speaks of forced movement. Where the questioner is now, there is no place for complete self-realization. Whether it is relationships in a family or a team โ€“ everywhere the card shows a lack of warmth, understanding. A person does not receive the necessary emotions, feels rejected, unnecessary. That is why he has to finish something and strive for new horizons.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Soon parting, the final decision to leave.
  • Getting rid of difficult relationships that bring only pain.
  • Recent departure, unhealed wounds of the past and loneliness.
  • This is not the time to look for a partner, to reveal yourself to someone.

In terms of love, the Six of Swords shows leaving a partner. The decision to break up has already been made, and it will not be easy or even impossible to convince a person. In this love relationship, there is no satisfaction of any needs of the individual. A man or a woman does not get what they need, and this goes on for quite a long period. The card does not speak of high-profile scandals with breaking dishes. Most likely, a person will silently gather and go nowhere, explaining nothing at all. Relationships have become obsolete, it makes no sense to try to return everything.

For lonely people, the Six of Swords predicts a continuation of the current situation. At the moment, the person has not yet fully survived the last parting. The transformation process continues. Therefore, all acquaintances with the opposite sex will be temporary, will not lead to something serious. The ocean of tears has not yet been shed to the end. The querent needs to be able to forget about the past and only then try to establish a personal life. After that, suitable partners will begin to be attracted.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Sailors, captains of ships or yachts and ships; work at sea.
  • Tour operators, guides, also accompanying on the way.
  • Leaving the previous position, searching for new prospects, vacancies.
  • Decline in living standards and incomes, or forced relocation.

In the career spread, the Six of Swords lies down as a significator of activity. The card represents the transportation of goods by water, the movement of people using boats, boats, and ships. It can be work related to travel, tours. In the context of the situation, the Six of Daggers speaks of a change in activity, leaving the current place. In this case, a person moves to another company, or even puts an end to his career. The upright position of the card symbolizes the feeling of a dropped load โ€“ the querent will feel freedom, will be happy with the changes.

In terms of finances, the Six of Swords is interpreted negatively. The questioning person will feel an acute shortage of money. He will have to quickly react to the situation and try to find a way out. However, the way to solve the problem will not be close. You may have to move to more affordable housing, save on the most important things. A difficult time is ahead, and the fortuneteller can already hear the first bells. Then he will have to re-equip himself, establish work processes.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Weak body, low immunity and susceptibility to colds.
  • High probability of inflammation, even the presence of mucus in the sinuses.
  • Longing, sadness, or the need to be alone for a while.
  • Living a difficult period of life or leaving for the inner world.

The health of the Six of Swords is not in the best condition right now. The querent is prone to colds, often freezes. There may be a runny nose, cough. A person needs to always ensure that the legs are warm. The slightest violation of this condition will immediately lead to an increase in temperature, inflammation. There is an excess of mucus in the body of the querent. A slight fluctuation in temperature will cause the liquid to come out. The Arcana shows low immunity, poor health.

The mental state according to the Six of Swords is depressed. The personality has withdrawn into itself, immersed in the inner world. Experiences can be provoked by a break with a partner, refusal to cooperate with the employer. Now a person feels his uselessness, emptiness in his soul. He was not accepted, and therefore the process of rethinking and accepting the situation is turned on. The querent is saddened by recent events, but still determined to move forward. Sooner or later, this stage will end, and it will be followed by a white streak in fate.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Departure from the old things, revision of their guidelines, ideas.
  • The search for a new haven, the desire to know life, being.
  • The ability to leave the unnecessary behind, to forget for the future.
  • Striving for the best, faith in yourself and your own strengths.

Spiritually, the Six of Swords is about letting go. This may be a physical separation from a person, the loss of material wealth. The important thing here is the very fact of humility. It is not easy to leave hopes and dreams behind. However, life is a continuous movement from one coast to another. And if a person lingers somewhere, then at some points he is only a temporary guest. One way or another, separation is inevitable. Therefore, one should always remember the transience of time and the very existence in the physical body.

The Six of Swords asks questions: "Can I put dots?" and โ€œHow to move forward through pain and tears?โ€. The Arcana is often compared to the river Styx โ€“ the very one through which the souls of the dead are transported. Sometimes, just leaving something important behind is like losing a part of yourself. But you need to learn how to leave, to leave even from the beautiful Paradise. There is a long road ahead. However, the very essence of continuous movement provides the necessary experience, teaches and tempers the character.

Meaning of the Reversed Six of Swords Tarot

  • Postponing the trip for an indefinite time or delay.
  • Obstacles, problems on the road, journey and difficult path.
  • Unwillingness to let go of the situation and leave the familiar place.
  • A strong attachment that does not allow moving forward, growing.

If you turn over the Six of Swords card, then the leaden sky and the far shore are closer to the viewer, and the boat with the heroes is further away. The position of the Arcana begins to acquire a negative connotation. Now the Six of the Air suit in the opposite form indicates a refusal to move forward, to move away from unacceptable conditions. A person is stuck in the past, afraid to take a step to the side. Life turns into a sucking swamp, there is no chance for positive changes. Despite this, the querent still clings to some kind of certainty. Even though there is no warmth in it, the very thought of leaving is more frightening.

In the reversed meaning, the Six of Swords can show a delayed road, the presence of obstacles on the planned path. Even if the questioner can leave from somewhere, then as a result he will again face similar problems. The reversed Six of Swords card symbolizes running in a circle, the inability to get out of it. The very reason often lies in the warehouse of character. It is difficult for a person to accept the idea that this is not the final stop. We will have to develop all the time, move towards fate. The position of the Arcana also shows attachment to people, places, events.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Heavy feelings about the gap, forcing to return.
  • Relationships that negatively affect both partners, lovers.
  • Fear of being alone, clinging to the first person that comes across.
  • Repetition of negative scenarios, also the search for a similar half.

In the love spread, the meaning of the Six of Swords reversed will be even more negative. One of the partners does not want to leave, but the relationship itself only brings pain. People are slowly destroying each other. This is reflected in their characters, behavior patterns. Such a love affair begins to resemble the relationship of a martyr and a victim. At the same time, the one who is suppressed is so accustomed to being in his role that he cannot imagine a different life. The personality is broken, it will be difficult for her to rebuild, to start a new life. The second partner may also attempt to return his passion.

For singles, the reversed Six of Swords promises to be stuck in the past. The querent may come across people who are very reminiscent of a past lover. And in the worst possible way. The blades here symbolize the inflicted wounds, pain. Also indirectly, the position of the Six of Swords indicates the fear of being alone. Therefore, the questioner clings to communication with unpleasant personalities, can be imposed and endure a lot. However, such relations will not develop.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • The need to hold on to the current place of work, position.
  • The inability to go to another area and radically change everything.
  • Life at the expense of relatives, relatives, family; poverty, poverty.
  • Illiquidity in the labor market and lack of skills or knowledge.

The reversed Six of Swords in terms of work represents the lack of prospects. A person is not confident in his abilities and therefore is forced to hold on to an unloved business. Perhaps now there really is no chance to change the situation. Therefore, the querent feels unhappy, unable to influence anything. Also, the position of the Six of Swords card may indicate a return to a previous job or to a former field of activity. However, this fact has a negative connotation. The querent himself is not happy with the current situation, but he has no choice.

The finances of the Six of Swords in the opposite sense are becoming a sore point. A person is forced to ask something from relatives, work colleagues. The need sometimes forces us to rally with not very pleasant people. But now the querent alone is simply not able to close the basic needs. Sometimes the position of the Six of Swords shows dependence, life at the expense of others. It is not possible to change anything โ€“ it will be very difficult for the questioner to find a job or open a business.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Aggravated sinusitis, pneumonia, colds.
  • Neglect of the doctorโ€™s instructions, the situation is on its own.
  • Bipolar disorder, also the fear of letting go.
  • Inability to solve your problems alone, pain.

If the card lay upside down, then the Six of Swords shows the inflammatory process that has begun. The querent can shiver, the temperature will rise to a critical point. Cold sweat will appear, breathing will be heavy and frequent. If the upright position only showed the likelihood of illness, now the immune system has ceased to cope. The reason for the excess of mucus in the body lies in the wrong treatment and nutrition in the past. Now the questioner is faced with the consequences of this.

The psyche of the reversed Six of Swords is unstable. A person is thrown one way or the other. He does not know what to do, what to strive for. Past losses are oppressive, make you look back and suffer. A person cannot cope with feelings, seeks solace in other people. However, outside help will have no effect โ€“ the querent can easily return to a difficult relationship or take a rash step. Rather, he simply harasses those around him with his tears, but is not really going to solve problems.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Hanging in your own fears and self-doubt.
  • The desire to ease the path or stay in the same place, the shore.
  • Unwillingness to let new things into your life and change everything for the better.
  • Clinging to oneโ€™s own ideas or past patterns.

In terms of spirituality, the reversed Six of Swords Tarot gives a completely different meaning to the spread. Moving forward is impossible, because the person refuses to take lessons. Life tries to teach the questioner to let go of the situation, to refuse something. But the querent is stuck in the position of a child experiencing the horror of separation from his mother. It is not for nothing that a small man is depicted on the card โ€“ in the opposite form, he personifies the loss of trust in the world. Future events are unpredictable, but the fortuneteller wants to receive any guarantees in advance. But it is also possible that there is not a single problem ahead that needs to be solved.

The reversed Six of Swords asks the questions: โ€œWhat is the future that scares me?โ€ and โ€œWhat am I clinging to in the present moment?โ€ The very fact of stopping is often more exhausting than going nowhere. A person needs a huge supply of internal resource in order to "leave everything as it was". In essence, it is impossible, but the ego wants fixation. It is hard for him to let go of the reins of mind control. Therefore, it is so often possible to observe suffering people who, nevertheless, are not ready to change anything in their lives.

Six of Swords: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Six of Swords Card

If the Six of Swords fell out upright, then the card advises to make a decision on leaving in time. There are no development prospects at the current location. The situation has come to its logical conclusion, and now it remains to submit to fate. Now there is still a chance to escape, so you should use it. As a warning, the Six of Spades speaks of the importance of not looking back. It is worth leaving a past job or relationship. Nothing will change there, but itโ€™s better not to stir up your own wounds with memories. At the same time, you should leave thoroughly and forever, burning bridges. This will help you make a leap into a better life.

The reversed Six of Swords advises not to jump to conclusions. You need to move away from the situation for a while in order to ride out the storm. But do not swim far โ€“ you still have to return. The position of the card indicates the pointlessness of tormenting yourself with guesses and unrealizable plans. As a result, the querent will remain on the same shore. In the context of warning, the reversed Arcana shows the appearance of problems if the person leaves now. His plans will not be realized, and his expectations will not be met. Reckless actions will bring bitterness and pain of loss. The best options for a querent at the moment simply do not exist.

Six of Swords: Daily Card Meaning

In the spread on the card of the day, the Six of Swords in a upright position predicts a difficult time. The querent will feel a push that encourages action. Something will have to be left behind โ€“ today a clear realization of this fact will come. In addition to people, places of work, business, this also includes ideas, plans, any thoughts. The questioner will feel relieved. He will be able to get rid of annoying personalities or inadequate customers. Yes, this is also a loss, but it is for good. The position of the card hints at a positive outcome. Now the past is slowly disappearing on the horizon, but tomorrow new vistas will open up. Devastation will be replaced by a surge of strength.

If the Six of Swords fell out in the opposite form, then the meaning changes. The querent will face an unforeseen situation when they have to let go of something important, valuable. It will be hard for him to come to terms with this. He will do his best to recover what he has lost. If this is a relationship with a loved one, then the questioner will call him, ask for a reunion. When a dismissal occurs, the querent will begin to seek meetings with the boss, try to correct the mistake made. Today it will be hard to accept what is happening. There will be anxiety about the future.

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