Six of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Six of Wands, 6 of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 6

Keywords: Leadership, Honor

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

The Six of Wands is a card of great leaders. This is one of the incarnations of the Major Arcana Emperor โ€“ the ability to lead like-minded people, as well as be responsible for all decisions made. Any leader, be it Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great, is the potential of all the wards, multiplied tenfold. The head of the team becomes the very forming link that is able to level out inconsistencies and lead to common success. The winner becomes such because he has followers, people who are eager to follow only their worthy leader. The Arcana represents vertical relationships in any aspect of life.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Six of Wands

On the Tarot card of the Six of Wands in the Rider-Waite deck, the scene of the meeting of the winner with the cheering crowd is depicted. A man sits on a white horse covered with a yellow-green blanket. The riderโ€™s clothes are designed in warm colors โ€“ red, orange, ocher. In his right hand he holds a staff adorned with a laurel wreath, and the second crown adorns his head. Behind the man are several people with poles. Their robes are similar to festive ones โ€“ turbans or headdresses with feathers are visible on their heads. The sky in the background is blue. All the action on the Arcana is reminiscent of the meeting of the vassals with their lord โ€“ the owner of the leased land.

The colors used to illustrate the Six of Wands symbolize the cardโ€™s belonging to the element Fire. The manโ€™s horse is white, which, according to the legends of Ireland and Germany, speaks of the high status of the hero. This is also evidenced by two wreaths of laurel leaves โ€“ in ancient Rome, the heads of rulers were decorated with such an attribute. Staves in the hands of all actors show a commonality, a group with common goals and priorities. Beautifully decorated clothes hint at the solemn meeting of the leader, a real holiday. The poles are also sprouted, as on all cards of the Staves suit. This is an indication of dynamics and development.

Meaning of the Upright Six of Wands Card

  • Leadership abilities, managing the attention of a crowd of people.
  • Organization of a mass event and attraction of resources.
  • Achieving victory, recognition of success by others; triumph.
  • A high-profile event involving numerous participants.

The main meaning of the Six of Wands is leadership and victory. The card falls on all significant events that will lead the querent to success in the future. This interpretation applies to all spheres of life. In each of them, the questioner will feel like a hero, chosen by fate as a lucky man. The road to victory will be easy, and loved ones and loved ones will appreciate all the efforts. This is a card of crowd leaders, excellent speakers and organizers. Such individuals manage to motivate others, to incline in their direction, even if there is an opposite opinion. The Arcana is surrounded by an aura of success, focus on results, readiness to take concrete steps to achieve a dream.

The Six of Wands also symbolizes a good outcome of some business, auspicious events, good news. The world will open to the questioner from the positive side. Everything will go according to a favorable scenario, excluding all sorts of troubles. The card itself is one of the most favorable in the deck for any key events. If the previous Arcana Five of the suit of Fire personified some kind of struggle, then the Six of Staves is already a victory, well-deserved laurels and universal recognition. The vibrations of this value can directly affect the querent, or they can simply be echoes of someone elseโ€™s success. However, the key point on the upright position of the card is that for the fortuneteller, the current position will bring any benefit.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The rapid development of relationships, "chivalrous" deeds, courtship.
  • Acquaintance with the relatives of the partner, acceptance into a close circle.
  • A new admirer, active signs of attention from a man.
  • The absence of "pitfalls", deceit or cunning of a partner.

In a love spread, the Six of Wands has a similar meaning to the Knight of Cups. However, there is more fire and desire to prove something to others, a tendency to attract attention. The partner on this card is accustomed to increased interest from the opposite sex. He knows about the power of his charm and skillfully uses it to achieve victories on the love front. In a positive aspect, the Arcana will talk about the openness of relationships, introducing the second half to your circle of friends, parents and friends. The love affair will quickly move to the next stage of development.

For lonely people, the dropped card of the Six of Wands promises the appearance of a new fan. A person will be ready to show his positive character traits, honestly seek the location of the querent. At the same time, he will act openly, without fear of condemnation of others. This nuance suggests that a potential partner has nothing to hide, he does not intend to deceive anyone. For men, the Arcana speaks of a good period when merits can be appreciated. The woman of interest is ready to accept courtship, and in the future to reciprocate. Now it is important to directly show intentions and not be shy.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • A career in mentoring, teaching others and mentoring.
  • Position of director, manager of the department; team leader.
  • Outstanding success at work, achievement of the set plan.
  • A chance to show professionalism and get the desired vacancy.

In the career spread, the appearance of the Six of Wands will be a good sign. Here, the Arcana denotes career advancement, outstanding achievements. The querent can fulfill the planned plan, as well as stand out with the results against the background of the rest of the team. At the same time, the authorities will appreciate all the merits โ€“ it is possible to be awarded in the form of a bonus, transfer to a more prestigious position. Sometimes the card speaks of nominating a candidate to speak at a conference, sending on a business trip.

The financial flow according to the Six of Wands is in the growth phase. The questioning person actively develops his competence in the professional field or simply skillfully presents his own person in the right way. In any case, the steps taken will lead to an increase in income and the emergence of stability. If the querent himself does not work, then he is still able to influence the results of the partner, to motivate him to success. In the end, both are winners. Also, sometimes the Six of Wands card shows someone elseโ€™s well-being, which, nevertheless, will favorably affect the fortuneteller himself.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Well-developed muscles, running, equestrian sports.
  • Speedy recovery; return to the former shape of the body.
  • The tendency to influence others, to take responsibility for oneself.
  • Management of common interests, values, guidelines.

In terms of health, the Six of Wands symbolizes the musculoskeletal system and, in particular, the ability to move. In the upright position, the card speaks of a good physique, well-developed muscles, and the absence of joint problems. A person is active, collected, loves sports and maintains the body in a โ€œworkingโ€ state. For those who are currently sick, the Arcana predicts a speedy recovery and return to their usual form. Also, the Six of Wands card is desirable for those questioners who have issues with their legs โ€“ they will soon be able to move independently.

The psyche is open and requires attention from the outside. Such a person, according to the Six of Wands, draws a resource from the approval of others. He is used to focusing peopleโ€™s attention on himself, he is not shy about expressing himself. In a positive sense, it is always the presence of leadership qualities, the ability to control the moods of large masses. The querent perceives the emotions of those around him as a kind of mirror reflecting the adequacy or inadequacy of his own actions. Alone with oneself, it is difficult for a person to understand whether he is doing the right thing. The response of people on 6 of Staves serves as a kind of marker.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Time to go to the people; lead, teach, direct.
  • Outstanding self-improvement; motivation for others.
  • Active promotion of their interests, search for adherents.
  • Common views, similar guidelines, values, ideas.

Spiritually, the Six of Wands shows the stage when the once former student must take on the role of teacher and lead. Now life pushes to new heights, which can be comprehended only through interaction with others. The neophyte has absorbed enough knowledge. He also sublimated his own experience in order to boldly show his face and not be shy. The time has come to carry the banner of truth to the people. At the same time, shocking the public is not the main idea. Rather, the querent has acquired enough of a critical mass of knowledge to naturally become a new guru. In any context, no matter what the questioner does, he will always gather a lot of followers around him.

The Six of Wands asks questions: "What can I give to the world?" and โ€œWhat do people expect from me?โ€. The upright position of the card indicates that these two aspects converge. The querent is in its place, and access to people is just another logical step on the path. Everything happens on time, which means itโ€™s right. The very presence of a leader of interests speaks of the similarity of landmarks. People already have similar goals, but the leader himself is a living embodiment of a dream, a certain ideal that everyone aspires to.

Meaning of the Reversed Six of Wands Tarot

  • A leader who does not correspond to his own statements, guidelines.
  • False teachers, large-scale swindlers, brawlers.
  • Blind faith in the savior, the best government and bosses.
  • The tendency to be deceived, to be led by other peopleโ€™s interests.

When the Six of Wands fell reversed, then a negative hypostasis is added to the main meaning of leadership. Now, the favorite of the crowd is not proof of their ideas. This is a disguised jester who pretends to be a dead king. According to this position of the card, false teachers, prophets-swindlers pass. A person, driven by his own neuroses, is forced to go out to people. However, he cannot give them anything; rather, he himself hopes to nourish the ego with the energy of glory, increased attention. But even here there is a secondary benefit to the cheering crowd. According to the Six of Wands reversed, others do not want to take responsibility for themselves, so they are always ready to shift the role of a rescuer to someone else.

The reversed Six of Wands shows blind faith in the higher authorities, the government, the people in power. At its core, itโ€™s just an attempt to get away from making your own decisions. When there is someone responsible for global issues, you can turn into a faceless crowd against the backdrop of a bright star. At the same time, both pseudo-gurus and people on the sidelines often understand the true state of affairs, but still do not change anything. This fact is dictated by upbringing and a vertical system of relations based on the principle of boss-subordinate.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • The desire to show the relationship in the best possible way.
  • Work for the public, empty promises without important deeds.
  • Inconsistency of potential partners with the request of the heart.
  • This is not the time to build relationships, networking.

Love relationships according to the Six of Wands reversed are nominal. They look like a beautiful house of cards that is easy to destroy. The partner makes oaths, makes big plans for the future, and he really wants to believe. But in reality, a person does not know how to approach the implementation of his plan. As a result, the relationship does not lead to anything, and both lovers only mark time. Most often, one or two partners put their position in society in the first place, it is important for them how they look in the eyes of others.

Singles, according to the reversed Six of Wands, will not be able to establish a personal life in the near future. All potential suitors will not meet expectations, and therefore remain rejected. Now is not the best time to show open interest in members of the opposite sex. All signs of attention will be misinterpreted or perceived as outrageous behavior without serious intentions.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Difficulties in work, in communication with the team and superiors.
  • Different views on the future of the company, set goals.
  • Unjustified investments of energy, time, finances.
  • Playing for a fall, betting on risk, unexpected maneuvers.

Serious problems will appear in the work on the reversed Six of Wands, preventing further progress. Often this is the inability of the querent to sufficiently master oratorical skills, to lead colleagues or subordinates behind him. On the one hand, the questioner has a request for leadership qualities, and on the other hand, he is unable to work through the internal blocks to the end. As a result, the result of the work is ambiguous, not satisfying either the querent himself or his superiors. In already launched processes, there is variable success, there is no clarity and stability.

The finances of the Six of Wands, in the opposite sense, are going in the wrong direction. A querent can invest in a loss-making project, spend the last savings. At the same time, relatives are ready to trust and support the opinion of the questioner, considering him to be quite competent. Sometimes the position of the Arcana speaks of betting on a fall on the financial exchange. In this case, the outcome of such an event will be indicated by an additional card that has fallen next to it. Sometimes the result can be unexpectedly positive.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Diseases of the limbs, difficulty in moving independently.
  • A diverse group of people with similar foot conditions.
  • Escape from yourself and replace your desires with other peopleโ€™s needs.
  • The tendency to shock, to attract attention in a "dirty" way.

In a health spread, the reversed Six of Wands primarily denotes movement problems. These are all diseases of bones, joints, muscle ruptures. A person walks with a cane, or even has to move around in a wheelchair. However, even in this case, the position of the card does not indicate a decline in spirit. The querent does not lose hope, he is ready to work with what he has. Indirectly, this indicates the passage of a rehabilitation program, assistance with adaptation in the team.

In the context of the psyche, the reversed Six of Wands takes on a negative meaning. Now the landmark from itself completely moves to others. The querent is ready to endure his own inconvenience in order to attract attention. These are people who tend to shock the public. For them, the very fact of having an audience is important. Such individuals avoid loneliness at all costs. It is easier for them to be with anyone than to be alone with themselves and their own problems. Often, show business stars who resort to "black" PR methods pass through this position of the card.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Manipulating the opinion of the crowd, dishonest game for attention.
  • Complete dissolution in general ideas, sacrifice for the sake of others.
  • Unspokenness, a hidden desire to attract attention.
  • Internal unclosed need to become a leader.

The Six of Wands reversed has two designations. In the first context, the position of the card indicates that the named leader does not have the moral right to lead someone. This is the same blind man who is a guide for the same blind. In the second meaning, the reversed card shows the full return to the crowd, a kind of sacrifice of oneself for the well-being of others. You can compare the leader with a bright fire, which is pulled apart into small torches. In both cases, for the querent himself, such behavior will have negative consequences.

The reversed Six of Wands asks questions: "Why do people accept my ideas?" and โ€œWhere do I lead people with me?โ€. Such an honest analysis will help you take a sober look at your own abilities and hidden desires. Most likely, now is not the best time to emerge as an opinion leader and set some new direction. It is better to delve into yourself and find a compromise for all subpersonalities inside.

Six of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Six of Wands Card

The Six of Wands advises the querent to take responsibility not only for himself, but also for those close to him. In the future, this will bring universal recognition, respect. Also, the questioner will receive invaluable experience in managing and influencing others. This can apply to all areas of life โ€“ from career to relationships. Everywhere, it is worth taking control of the situation, trying to solve the existing problems on your own. As a warning, the Six of Wands also speaks of the need to take a leadership position. However, anything the querent does or doesnโ€™t do can backfire on him. Therefore, in the near future it is worth monitoring words and actions, as well as taking into account the mood in the team.

The reversed Six of Wands advises to pull yourself together and come to an agreement with yourself, foremost. Perhaps emotions and conflicting desires are raging inside the questioner, which do not allow moving forward. It is necessary to resolve internal conflicts, try to outline some common goal. As a warning, the reversed Six of Wands, on the contrary, speaks of the danger of thinking and making decisions for a long time. We need to gather our strength and take responsibility for ourselves and others. This maneuver will give pride, as well as respect in the eyes of others.

Six of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

The Six of Wands Tarot gives a positive meaning to the spread of the card of the day. Things that have not been resolved for a long time, today, finally, will return to normal. There will be strength and a desire to move the situation off the ground. Also Arcana can talk about attending events related to equestrian sports. Also, on the card are ceremonial receptions of various stars, concert tours. The querent will be lucky enough to touch the atmosphere of the holiday created by a man of great flight. Sometimes, the Six of Wands falls on the questioner himself. In this case, the card promises an obedient team that will listen to everything said by the querent.

If the card lay upside down, then the day will pass in internal drinking. The fortuneteller will become responsible for a small group of people โ€“ work colleagues, classmates, relatives. At the same time, inside the questioner may not be ready for such a role. According to the inverted position of the Six of Wands Arcana, not large-scale, but nonetheless significant events take place โ€“ the organization of a birthday, a performance in front of a team. However, sometimes this will mean the involvement of the querent in the extras following their leader. But still, the inverted card also shows a certain commonality of views, common goals.

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