Acquaintance Tarot Spread

The acquaintance Tarot spread can become a real lifesaver in those moments when logic says goodbye. Sometimes, a new person behaves ambiguously or disappears and then reappears. To understand the reasons for this behavior and Tarot cards will help. They will also show the likelihood of the right partner appearing in life, even if the querent is currently single.

Key features of the acquaintance Tarot spread

Vladimir Vysotsky said: “When I meet someone, I always see only the good in a person. Until the person himself proves otherwise.” But all this is true only when it comes to friendship. Love is insidious and deceptive, therefore it is better to remove rose-colored glasses immediately. Psychologists advise at the initial stage to try to find out from a person the attitude to important things – marriage, children, work. And it doesn’t mean direct questions. Rather, it is about attentiveness to gestures, spoken phrases, behavior. But, in addition to the logical approach, there is also a mystical one. The Tarot spread for acquaintance will help to understand a new potential partner, to draw final conclusions.

It is better to find out in advance whether there are any prospects for such communication. The spread for acquaintance will show the true intentions of a person, his thoughts and feelings for the querent. After the first conversation on the phone or a live meeting, the partner already draws his conclusions. The task of the questioner is to find out everything that the person hides, does not show directly. Perhaps something puzzled, put to a standstill. And the sooner you discover the truth, the better. It may be that you should not communicate with this person at all. Otherwise, fortune-telling, on the contrary, will lead to greater rapprochement, dispel fears and doubts.

When is the best time to do the spread

Any Tarot spread for acquaintance can be carried out on the person of interest even before the first meeting. In the age of the Internet, it is easy to get hold of a photograph and make a complete analysis of future prospects. Tarot cards will help you find out if a couple will work out at the beginning of a relationship. It also happens that the first impression is deceptive – the more people begin to recognize each other, the closer they become. Therefore, the acquaintance Tarot spread can be done at any stage of communication. Especially – when a person disappeared after a date, he does not write for a long time.

If we talk about the time of day, then the evening is best. You can not get attached to dates and lunar days, because the question is urgent. Most importantly, the acquaintance spread on Tarot cards should be carried out before making important decisions. In this case, magic will help to avoid mistakes, not to become attached to an unreliable person. Well, or in time to understand that the fortuneteller met his fate.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the Tarot spread, love-oriented decks are suitable: Edmund Dulac, Mermaids, Arcanum. These Arcana convey information gently, but clearly. There are no final verdicts here, just the deck will turn the questioner in the direction he needs, give advice. You can also use only cards of the suit of Cups. They initially give a prediction within the love sphere. This approach will facilitate interpretation for beginners in the mantic world.

At the same time, you can make a Tarot spread for acquaintance not only for yourself, but also for close friends and relatives. The fortuneteller here will be a third person, not emotionally involved. One has only to choose in advance the significator of the partner – the King and Queen of the appropriate suit. You should focus on the signs of the zodiac, appearance or character. This is an excellent method for working through the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana in the context of personal relationships. The method is necessary in the case when a loved one can make a fatal mistake by revealing a dangerous person. However, one must also adequately assess one’s own strengths so as not to harm, not to give wrong advice.

Preparation and rules of the spread

To begin with, it is worth preparing a place for reading cards. The Tarot spread for acquaintance is best done in your work area. It can be a separate table, a tray with legs, or a special altar with the image of magical symbols. In any case, the place should be used only for interaction with the Tarot, for various rituals. But it is also quite possible to go to nature – to the forest, to the river or just to the park. The elements will saturate with their strength, will favorably influence the intuition of the fortuneteller.

Then you should prepare the deck. New cards should be kept under your pillow for three days. But old decks may need energy cleansing. If the Arcana confuses information, then you can drip them with a wax candle, while simultaneously reading any working plot on a given topic. After a few hours, the hardened material should be removed and disposed of by burying it in nature or in a flower pot. After all these manipulations, the Tarot spread for acquaintance will show one truth.

Setting goals and formulating questions

Also, to begin with, it is worth deciding on the context of the question. The Tarot spread for acquaintance implies different situations. It may be that the questioner has not yet seen his passion, communication took place only by correspondence. In this case, it is worth analyzing the character of a person, his strengths and weaknesses. After all, what he broadcasts will not always be true. But if the fortuneteller has already met a new acquaintance, then the spread for joint prospects, a common future, will do.

Schemes of the acquaintance Tarot spreads

The scheme for the Tarot spread for acquaintance should be chosen based on the initial request. However, you can play with the positions, changing the questions for yourself. The main thing is to concentrate on the object of interest and feel the situation as much as possible – try to imagine the person’s voice, look, facial expressions. With good visualization, a photograph will not even be needed.

One card

This Tarot spread for acquaintance is done with the help of one Arcana. This card will show the general impression of the questioner, future prospects, or secrets that the individual does not want to reveal. It is better to know in advance everything that will influence the future life together. The spread is suitable when a simple one-word answer is required. You can use only the Major Arcana, so as not to get confused. It is worth asking in advance.

Acquaintance card

Cards indicating indifference:

Cups will always denote sympathy, location, but with different connotations.

«New acquaintance» for the future with a specific person

This scheme for the Tarot spread for acquaintance can be applied to a specific person, regardless of whether the meeting was live. It is only important to concentrate, tune in to a potential partner. The cards will show whether this connection will lead to something more, give advice on exactly how to proceed. This spread is great for analyzing a person from a dating site, from social networks.

  1. Who really is the intended person, what should be expected from him?
  2. What are the intentions, is there a catch?
  3. What will the date lead to, will it happen at all?
  4. Advice on what to do.
  5. The result is in the distant future. The maximum that can be reached with this person. Perspectives.

In this Tarot spread for acquaintance, card number 2 plays a decisive role. It shows the true intentions of the individual, and possibly the hidden background of behavior. If the querent wants a serious relationship, creating a family, then you need to clarify some decisive points in advance. The second position reflects the partner’s view of the relationship as a whole.

Cards that show sincere intentions:

«Meeting a sweetheart» for the analysis of your own request

It also happens that the querent communicates a lot, goes on dates, but in his heart he cannot decide. In this case, this Tarot spread for acquaintance will help. It will give you the key to understanding yourself. After all, not always those people who attract attention will really fit. Sometimes, just the opposite is required.

Partner’s appearance
Partner’s status
Acquaintance time
Meeting point
Circumstances of the meeting
Querent’s desires
Querent’s needs
Querent’s Energy
Difficulties in love
  1. The energy of the questioner, his bright features.
  2. What prevents you from finding a couple, building relationships.
  3. An image of the partner the questioner is looking for.
  4. Who is really needed.
  5. Potential meeting point.
  6. Circumstances.
  7. Appearance of a potential partner.
  8. What does he do, how is he manifested in society.
  9. The time when the acquaintance will take place.

In this Tarot spread for acquaintance, you need to try to compare positions 3 and 4. Often they will be very different. For example, a girl is looking for a rich and successful man, when in fact she needs a practical partner, a homebody. Position 4 will show the one with whom the querent will be happy. If we talk about card number 7, then here you can use a specialized deck, choosing in advance only the court Arcana. Focus on the image.

Here is an example of reading Kings from the Manara deck:

  • Water – a dark-haired guy with handsome features.
  • Fire – a muscular body; possibly Asian roots.
  • Air – the presence of scars, somewhat repulsive appearance.
  • Earth – bald patches, unremarkable features.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In any Tarot spread for acquaintance, you need to be able to step back in order to receive the correct information. And when it comes to personal life, it becomes very difficult to separate what you want from what you really want. If negative cards fall, you should not dismiss them or supplement them with the whole deck. It is important to face the truth. Moreover, it is better to understand in advance the prospect of possible relationships. Therefore, it is better to cut off inappropriate acquaintances at the initial stage.

Another important aspect is deck selection. The interpretation of cards for the Tarot spread for acquaintance should be made strictly in accordance with the images. Indeed, in Rider-Waite, the heroine of the Queen of Swords is red-haired, and in Gypsy – a brunette. In addition, do not confuse the analysis of appearance and character. The same character can be revealed in different ways, depending on the context.

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