Annual Tarot Spread

The annual Tarot spread is a very voluminous and powerful method of divination. Not all practitioners want to know their future in the nominally distant future. However, this tool can turn into an excellent partner against an unfair fate. After all, as you know, who is aware, he is armed. But don’t be afraid. Maybe the next 12 months have prepared something good and bright.

Key features of the annual Tarot spread

The most important difference between the Tarot spread for a year is the scale and volume of the prediction. In this case, the querent seems to rise above time and makes a complete analysis of his distant future. After all, the longer the period is taken into account, the clearer the final answer. Therefore, the questions here will be fundamental, the most important and intimate. And, of course, this is not the option when the spread can be repeated at least every week. One should be aware and respectful of the spirits of the Tarot cards. They don’t repeat twice. Therefore, it is recommended to stock up on a notebook and pen in advance, write down all the answers for the upcoming period of time. Well, or just take a picture of the dropped cards.

When is the best time to do the spread

An annual Tarot spread can be performed in any month. Yes, it would be best to do this fortune-telling during the Christmas holidays. This is a kind of entrance to a new life stage, an ascent to a certain stage. And the right time will only strengthen intuition, give energy. The questioner will be able to thoroughly study his possible prospects and prepare as much as possible for them. New Year’s holidays will only help with this.

If the annual Tarot spread is held in any other period, then simply the next 12 months should be considered as a time period. It does not matter when exactly the fortuneteller works with the deck. Only the mood of the querent, his intuition, plays a big role. Morning, evening, lunch – it all depends on the preferences and beliefs of the practitioner. Someone thinks that the first half of the day is not suitable for divination. Other tarologists work until dusk, sunset. In many ways, this choice is determined by faith, tradition, as well as one’s own experience.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For this spread, Wheel of the Year Tarot is perfect. This tool well reflects the flow of energy, the process of its transformation. You can also use the classic Waite Tarot for the annual spread. For some schemes, it is quite realistic to work with several mantic systems at once. For example, "12 houses" allows such improvisation. But everything, as usual, will depend on the tarologist himself. Sometimes, some unusual deck can become native and most eloquent in any situation.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before the Tarot spread for a year, the querent is recommended to relax, turn off the internal dialogue. Such a basic minimum program should tune in to the desired wave. In order to calm down, you can meditate, take a shower or bath with sea salt. This mineral will cleanse the etheric body, remove energy dirt and all obsessive thoughts. The emphasis here should be on yourself, rather than on the external environment. An experienced fortune-teller will easily plunge into a trance state even in the face of a crowd of thousands, loud clamor and the sound of klaxons from the street.

If the annual spread on the Tarot cards is held on the birthday of the questioner, then everything is still more interesting. You can conduct a full-fledged rite of purification in the tradition that a person practices. The subsequent process of divination will already reflect the upcoming changes in life, show where the personality will move. As a rule, after cleaning, this is a completely different scenario, more positive and rosy. In addition, several new doors open at once for the querent. Sometimes, the dropped cards may even seem “empty”, not saying anything special. But this is good, because a person must fill this gap himself. He takes over the fate and becomes the god of his life.

Setting goals and formulating questions

In the annual Tarot spread, you can not bother with specific questions. Moreover, after a designated period, many points will no longer be relevant. Therefore, it is worth simply concentrating on yourself in the future, imagining how space and time flow through the physical body. And the Tarot spread for a year ahead itself will reveal the phenomena and events necessary for the individual. But at the same time, you need to be ready for the truth, whatever it may be. Still, the questioner is interested in a decent time. During this time, a person can take off and fall more than once. But all these events will only temper the spirit, give life experience.

Schemes of the annual Tarot spreads

There are many schemes for the annual Tarot spread. Here are the most popular variations. All of them are diverse. More voluminous ones will suit already experienced tarologists who have been working with the deck for a long time. But small ones are quite simple and understandable even for a beginner. But both there and there have their pitfalls, surprises. It is recommended to learn about them from personal experience.

«Card of the year»

Only one card can characterize the upcoming 12 months. This Tarot spread for a year will highlight the most important events. It is worth immediately paying attention to the group of the fallen Arcana. So, the major one will tell about really significant situations, sharp turns of fate. And the minor will tell you that time will fly by unnoticed. Without any shock. Even the negative will be forgotten after a while.

Card of the year

«4 seasons»

For this annual spread, you need to draw only four cards. Each of them will denote the events of winter, spring, summer and autumn. Experienced practitioners can supplement each Arcana of the season with three more positions in order to better consider the situation.


«Wheel of the year»

A such Tarot spread for a year is suitable for those practitioners who want to know themselves, to learn certain lessons from the upcoming period. Cards should be laid out in the form of a circle. The first and last positions are at the highest point. Based on them, conclusions can be drawn – what a person wants and what he will receive as a result.

  1. Expectations.
  2. With what energy a person enters it.
  3. What area should you focus on?
  4. What should be avoided.
  5. How to act.
  6. Real results.

«12 houses»

This name of the annual Tarot spread is directly related to astrology. Each card here will denote a specific area of life. There are only thirteen positions, and you can start laying out the Arcana in any order. The main thing is to observe the shape of a circle and remember the numbering. The last thirteenth card should be placed in the middle.

First House
Second House
Third House
Twelfth House
Fourth House
Eleventh House
Motives of the Year
Fifth House
Tenth House
Sixth House
Ninth House
Eighth House
Seventh House
  1. Personality, manifestation in society, a way of broadcasting oneself to the world.
  2. Issues of money, property, various kinds of material values.
  3. Interaction with others, society.
  4. Relationship to ancestors and, directly, to parents.
  5. Recreation, hobby.
  6. The state of health of the physical body.
  7. Relationships with the opposite sex; own family.
  8. Difficulties on the way ahead.
  9. The possibility of traveling, finding yourself.
  10. Working moments, career.
  11. Friends, relatives, relationships with them.
  12. Riddles, secrets, mystical events.
  13. The general motives of the year, its energy in general.

In this Tarot spread for the year, the cards will show the dry balance in each of the areas of human life. This scheme transmits a fixed energy. That is, no matter how hard the querent tries, its results will be plus or minus the way the deck showed them. However, this information can be used as a roadmap. Emphasis should be placed on the most powerful areas, and your weak points should be reliably hidden from the eyes of envious people and enemies. Also, this scheme will give a detailed description of the questioner himself. After all, its next twelve months will only reflect the inner content. And to “strengthen” the spread, you can add two cards to each position. The first will give advice on how to act, and the second – what absolutely should not be done.

Spread for 12 months

And this is a more classic variation of the annual Tarot spread. Here, each position will indicate a specific month and what will happen during this time. The Arcana can be laid out in a circle, horizontally or in a rhombus. It is also worth adding an additional 13th card. She will summarize.

Year result
  1. January. With what does a person enter a new period.
  2. February. Appearance of prospects on the horizon.
  3. March. First results.
  4. April. Cultivation of energy, strength for the sake of the subsequent breakthrough.
  5. May. Relaxation, contentment with what is already there.
  6. June. Peak strength, analysis of the past half year.
  7. July. Maximize your abilities.
  8. August. Slow decline.
  9. September. Saving work.
  10. October. Preparing for "sleep".
  11. November. Completion of the unfinished.
  12. December. Analysis of the past year.
  13. Grand total.

This Tarot spread for a year is more mundane. It reflects the physical events that will happen to the person. You can also make a variation on a theme. In the event that the spread is made on a birthday, the names of the months should be changed. But the end result is still the same period. The starting point should be considered the holiday date itself. Additional position names are a kind of guideline, so as not to forget about the transience of time. All events can be viewed from this angle.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

In all variants of the annual Tarot spread, you should pay attention to the cards themselves. As usual, the Major Arcana will show the main events, the predominance of one or another energy. These are key points, some turning points. But the Minor Arcana will simply reflect more everyday circumstances, situations. Yes, they can carry a charge of sadness or joy. But as a result, all these emotions will quickly leave a person’s life, leaving no trace.

In addition, in the annual Tarot spread, you can pay attention to the suits of the Arcana. The predominance of one of them will directly tell about the general trends. According to them, one can understand in what energies the designated future will pass. The development of love relationships, career advancement, or the search for one’s destiny – everything will depend on the elemental group of Arcana. But curly cards in the Tarot spread for a year will show the influence of a particular person directly on the life of the querent. It can be a child, a boss, a spouse or a parent. In some special cases, the court card will indicate the appearance of a guru, a teacher. In any case, this is an important person who definitely will not go unnoticed.

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