Appearance Tarot Spread

The Tarot deck can give odds to detectives and criminologists. The cards are able to show a portrait of a person of interest, with whom the querent is not yet familiar. The Tarot spread for appearance will help determine both true friends and lovers, and hidden enemies. It all depends on the predetermined goal. And how to use the information received is up to the fortuneteller to decide. The deck provides a powerful tool, but all the responsibility still lies on the shoulders of the practitioner. In addition, the Arcana only indicates the possible outcome of events, but do not give guarantees. In order for the fateful meeting to take place, you need to actively act and prove yourself.

Key features of the appearance Tarot spread

The Tarot spread for appearance is a reliable way to find out what a person of interest looks like. The cards will help to find a secret enemy, to check whether a specific work colleague, neighbor or even relative is fraught with anger at the querent. Also, the Tarot spread is able to describe an approximate portrait of a future husband or wife. The deck will show the age, hair color and overall appearance of a person. With the help of cards, you can understand which man is suitable for a girl. Based on these characteristics, the questioner has the right to draw conclusions regarding whether the current partner corresponds to the “ideal”. Perhaps the fateful meeting is yet to come.

In general, the Tarot spread for appearance is often associated with a whole range of issues. When court Arcana appear, this immediately speaks of specific people who influence the event of interest. The dropped card can be supplemented to find out the characteristic features of appearance or features of temperament. At the same time, the appearance will not always be described with the help of the Arcana of the courtyard. Even a minor group is able to give a description of the personality both from the standpoint of appearance and the inner world. It is also possible to do a similar spread for yourself in order to see some moments from the outside. It is possible that the fortuneteller perceives his own personality not quite correctly. The Arcana in this case will serve as a kind of mirror.

When is the best time to do the spread

The appearance spread on the Tarot cards is best done late in the evening or early in the morning. These are the peak points of the day, at which the line between the worlds becomes thinner. The human subconscious is able to correctly capture the main ideas of the spread, the prediction is easily interpreted. However, working at night can be dangerous for beginners. It is during this period that the dark forces are also activated. The querent can inadvertently hear strange sounds, see frightening pictures. Starting a session at night is only for experienced practitioners. For neophytes, early evening or an hour before dawn will be a good time.

If the spread for appearance implies information about a future partner, a new boyfriend or a man, then certain days are also suitable here. Christmastime is considered an ideal time for divination for a betrothed. Cards on this day can show very precise details, down to the height of a person, his figure, and even his preferred style of clothing. In addition to the fallen Arcana, bright pictures showing the future lover will pop up in the mind. Strong dates also include the days of the full moon, eclipses. For girls, during critical days, it’s better not to work with the deck at all. For the correct reading of information, there may not be enough strength, the cards will be confusing with false images.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

For the most accurate Tarot spread for appearance, decks are needed on which the faces and bodies of the characters are worked out. The Thoth Tarot and similar cards are clearly not suitable. Abstraction will be confusing, will not give specifics. You need to choose decks created using computer graphics. Arcanum Tarot, Illuminati, Heaven and Earth, Thelema will be excellent tools for divination. These Arcana can give accurate characteristics of a person down to the color of the eyes and features of the figure. No less suitable deck is the Erotic Fantasy Tarot. Here the emphasis is also on appearance, which will help to get a portrait of a person. And in general, all love decks are good for this spread. It is important to notice the details and not focus on the style of the image.

If the Tarot spread for appearance implies obtaining information about the psychology of the individual, behavior in society, then several decks can be combined to work at once. In conjunction with the above, metaphorical cards will show themselves well. Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot, Ciro Marchetti, Ostara will become assistants in the search for truth. Dark decks come in handy if the questioner is trying to figure out a hidden enemy. This also includes cases when someone conjures a querent. In this case, help: Goetia Tarot in Darkness, Vampyres, Deviant Moon. It is possible to work only with the court group. All cards involve the use of reversed positions. This will all depend on practice.

Preparation and rules of the spread

Before you conduct a Tarot spread for appearance, you need to prepare a workplace. To begin with, it is worth removing or curtaining all the mirrors. The reflective surface can show the person of interest during the session. For an unprepared practitioner, this will be a test of strength. It is better not to risk and follow the advice. Basic hygiene is also important. It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning in time, wipe the decks themselves. You can clean the cards by fumigating with herbs, burning incense sticks. This should only be done in the morning or afternoon. In the evening, aromas can negatively affect the body, preventing sleep.

Further, the Tarot spread for appearance implies the preparation of the querent himself for work. You need to dress as comfortably as possible, remove all squeezing belts, jewelry. It is necessary to try to relax, not to be distracted by external stimuli. It is best to curtain the curtains, close all windows and doors. Then you should read the mantra, a prayer to your deity or the spirit with which the practitioner works. Such an appeal will facilitate the interpretation of information, set in the right way. You can also put on the workplace images of patron deities, their symbols, applied to stone or wood.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for appearance includes many nuances. It illuminates not only the appearance of a person, but also his inner content. Cards can affect the status of the individual, the way of interacting with others. You need to tune in to the aspects of interest in advance and keep the focus of attention. The Arcana is able to give a large amount of information, but it is up to the questioner to filter it. Conventionally, it is possible to divide the spreads into three groups: the appearance of a future partner, the search for a hidden enemy, and an attempt to find out one’s own ideals. The fortuneteller has the right to work with several schemes in a row or focus on one of them. The spread regarding ideals and appearance can be carried out on oneself.

Schemes of the appearance Tarot spreads

All schemes are divided according to the specifics of the question. The Tarot spread for appearance should be chosen based on the initial request. It’s best to use the entire deck, not just the Major Arcana or court cards. Even in the minor group, there are characters that will characterize the personality. Suits can also talk about belonging to a particular zodiac sign. If the querent makes a Tarot spread for himself, then it is better not to choose the significator. It happens that a person himself incorrectly evaluates his own character or appearance. It is better to leave this task to the deck in order to see the true state of things.

«Soulmate» to determine a new partner

This Tarot spread for appearance will tell everything about the future second half. Both appearance and temperament are taken into account. With such a clear description, it is easy to determine whether a particular candidate is suitable for the questioner himself. This spread can be used as a litmus test to check the environment. It may be that the soulmate is nearby, the fortuneteller is familiar with this person. The cards will allow you to look at this man or this woman with a different look. The future second half may be a colleague, a client, or a friend of friends.

Hair and eye colo
Physique and figure
  1. Hair and eye color.
  2. Physique, figure.
  3. Height.
  4. Clothing style.
  5. Behaviour.
  6. Age.

In this Tarot spread for appearance, each position will give a clear clue to the person of interest. Some cards are quite difficult to interpret. If the deck gives out controversial information, then you can pull out an additional Arcana. In position 2, cards often show some features. This can include gray hair, malocclusion or stoop. Here the deck is able to show both advantages and disadvantages. The most important criterion can be considered the emergence of feelings, despite some features of appearance.

Example of reading cards in position 1:

«Secret enemy»

But this Tarot spread for appearance will show a hidden enemy, and not a secret admirer. Moreover, a person can harm both with the help of gossip, specific actions, and magical influence. An indication for such a spread is a sharp deterioration in well-being for no apparent reason, bad conversations around the person of the querent, as well as an intuitive feeling of anxiety. It is important to choose the right deck so that even the Minor Arcana give clear information to all questions. Before conducting the spread, you need to tune in to your poor health and send a request to search for a hidden enemy. The scheme is a reversed Algiz rune, symbolizing negativity, destruction.

Enemy appearance
Personal acquaintance
Enemy plans
Reason for action
How to resist
  1. The appearance of the enemy.
  2. Does the fortune teller know him.
  3. Why does he harm the querent.
  4. His plans for the future, is there any danger.
  5. How to resist evil.

In this Tarot spread for appearance, you need to take a closer look at position 3. Often the cause of negativity can be banal jealousy or envy. The questioner himself could not do anything bad, not provoke the enemy in any way. Card number 5 will show ways to protect or remove magical effects. If at position 1 the deck does not seem to give out important information, then this may indicate a lock to work. The enemy magically hides from exposure. In this case, you just need to shoot the negative without trying to find out the truth.

Example of reading cards in position 3:

«Search for the ideal»

This Tarot spread for appearance allows you to decide who exactly the querent needs. Often a person may not understand who to look for, what to look for. In this spread, the main emphasis is not so much on appearance, but on character. And the result may surprise you. Also, this scheme can be used to create your own portrait from the outside, to analyze your behavior in society and subsequent adjustments. In this case, all questions should be changed for the querent himself.

Body type
Positioning in society
Person’s appearance
Financial situation
Preferred age
  1. The appearance of a person.
  2. Which age is preferable – older or younger.
  3. Body type.
  4. Character.
  5. Positioning oneself in society.
  6. Financial situation.
  7. Disadvantages.

This Tarot spread for appearance more describes the nature of the individual. Position 7 shows possible negative traits that the questioner will easily put up with. There are no ideal people, it is worth understanding this and not putting forward a huge list of requirements. Card number 5 can sometimes differ in message from Arcana 4. Such a difference indicates a mask that the individual habitually wears. And sometimes such insincerity will only be at hand. For example, the personality in the family is very open and kind-hearted. But at work, the person manifests himself harshly and adamantly.

Example of reading cards in position 2:

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Any Tarot spread for appearance may not show the person of interest. This happens when fate itself seems to close a person from a querent. In this case, you should not get to the bottom of the truth, it is best to leave everything as it is and live for today. Two of Swords, Five of Pentacles, High Priestess – these are the Arcana that envelop the Tarot spread with some kind of mystery. However, often the scheme still outlines the most striking features of appearance and character. It is best to write down the information received and focus on it in the future. It is also possible, according to these data, to try to draw a person, to draw up his portrait. This practice will allow not only not to miss your fate, but also to better work out the meanings of the cards.

The appearance of the Major Arcana in the Tarot spread for appearance can speak of fateful moments. For example, Death will talk about acquaintance at the funeral of a mutual friend or about a turning point in the life of a querent. A new person will come at the most difficult time and help rise from the ashes. The Last Judgment often shows the appearance of a person from the past. It is possible that the questioner is already familiar with him, but only now the couple will have a chance to create a happy union, to rewrite mistakes. Also, the Tarot spread can indicate a person very similar to a ex-partner. This is a signal that the fortuneteller likes a certain type of appearance. The main thing is to correctly interpret the message of the cards and not perceive the information as the appearance of an old lover on the horizon.

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