Beloved Tarot Spread

The beloved Tarot spread replaces a real heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one. Reasons for not talking openly can vary. Someone broke up, and someone else simply did not meet the second half, just waiting for her. The deck will help to find out about the person of interest everything that, for some reason, is hidden from the questioner.

Key features of the beloved Tarot spread

The sphere of relationships is often a dark forest. It happens that the querent sincerely loves someone, but the second person hides his feelings, behaves strangely. In this case, I want to know if there is reciprocity. The Tarot spread for the beloved will help you sort out the most confusing situations. And even when the second half has not yet met on the way. Cards will show possible prospects. The main condition is the desire and readiness to enter into an equal and sincere relationship. If the questioner is aimed at commercialism, profit, then he needs a different spread.

In this divination, the mood is important. The key role will be played by work with your character. After all, in order to find a new loved one or return the old one, it is necessary to remove all obstacles in the way. Often such a stumbling block is high expectations, own complexes. The Tarot spread for the beloved will tell you the path to happiness. It is only important to understand that you will have to go along this road yourself.

When is the best time to do the spread

The spread for a beloved can be carried out at any time of the day. Here the mood of the querent is more important. The ability to enter a trance state is developed in everyone, to one degree or another. But, some people need peace and quiet, darkness. Others can dive into themselves absolutely under any circumstances. It all depends on practice and experience. Beginners are advised to choose a time after sunset. It is best to conduct the spread for the beloved on Tarot cards at a time when no one will interfere. Privacy will be a huge plus.

You should not do a Tarot spread for the beloved in a hurry. You need to allocate time in advance to work with the Arcana. Speed just gets in the way here. The more time is given to the divination session, the more detailed the prediction will be. You can dive deeper and deeper into each card of the deck, each time fishing out new meanings from there.

Choosing the most suitable deck of cards

Traditionally, for the Tarot spread for the beloved, a special group of Arcana is used. Romantic or erotic decks will help you tune in to the right wave, correctly convey the answer. Even if now the querent is not meeting with the person of interest, still raising the question implies love, an intimate relationship. It is better to review the situation in advance for the presence of pitfalls. The cards should show people and also different kinds of interactions. Manara Tarot, Golden Circle of Life, Sexual Magic All of these decks are great.

Beginners can only use the Major Arcana. This will make it easier to read the Tarot spread for your loved one. But experienced seers can also take on the Minor Arcana. They will supplement the answer, show important nuances. The very choice of the deck depends on the inner instinct, intuition. What is simple and understandable for one master, is difficult and confusing for another. Here everything is decided by the unconscious side of the personality. For some, erotic cards will seem repulsive, therefore, you will have to work through force. In this case, it is simply worth giving preference to a romantic group.

Preparation and rules of the spread

The most important factor in preparing for a Tarot spread for the beloved is inner peace. In order to catch this state, you can meditate, go in for sports well. The ultimate goal is to catch Zen, silence within yourself. With this attitude, each image from the card will begin to turn into real frames from the movie. A practitioner can even feel the state of another person, hear his thoughts in his head. Therefore, it is worth constantly working on yourself, striving to expand the boundaries of the possible.

Setting goals and formulating questions

The Tarot spread for the beloved involves several approaches. The first – when the querent already has an object of sympathy, I want to know his feelings and plans. The second – there was a break, but the questioner wants the return of a loved one. To do this, it is worth understanding the true causes of what happened, try to eliminate all obstacles. The question should be asked based on the current situation. However, you can always ask about the future, how circumstances will develop without the person of interest.

Schemes of the breakup Tarot spreads

Here are several schemes for the Tarot spread for the beloved. They differ in the specifics of the issue. In this case, the choice will depend only on the current situation, and not on the level of preparation of the querent. Any spread can be modernized at the same time – each position can be supplemented with one more card.


This scheme will show the person who will soon appear on the horizon. This Tarot spread for the beloved is made using one card. It is best to use the Manara deck, having previously selected four Kings from it. Here the characters are well drawn, correspond to bright memorable types. The card will show exactly the appearance of a person.

Beloved card

Types of men in Manara Tarot:

  • Air – the presence of tattoos, scars; a slightly repulsive face.
  • Fire – Asian, tanned skin.
  • Water – a beautiful face, refined features.
  • Earth – ordinary appearance, unremarkable; bald patches, large nose and chin.

«On feelings»

This Tarot spread for the beloved will show the true feelings and plans of the intended person. However, they will not always correspond to the demonstrated behavior. Often a man can hide sympathy or, on the contrary, disguise self-interest as sincere participation. The scheme will help to understand the feelings of a friend, an ex-partner or a new acquaintance. The cards are laid out in a row.

Explicit behavior
Hidden reasons
Plans for the querent
Relationship prospects
  1. Explicit behavior.
  2. What is hidden. True background. The presence or absence of feelings.
  3. Thoughts about plans for the querent.
  4. The maximum that two can reach. Perspectives for the future.

Here it is worth focusing on position number 4. It happens that even the presence of feelings does not guarantee family happiness. This Tarot spread for the beloved can prophesy just a short-term relationship without continuation. Therefore, it would be best to focus on the fundamental nature, the seriousness of the partner.

Example of reading cards in position 4:

«Future husband»

This Tarot spread for the beloved is imprisoned for a serious relationship. The person will be considered as the future head of the family. That is why the scheme covers both philosophical and everyday issues. It is important to correctly evaluate the received answer, to draw lines of intersection. It is best to look into the soul of a loved one in advance in order to understand whether the partners are suitable for each other. Cards are laid out in threes in three rows.

Sensitivity of a partner
Couple compatibility
Coincidence of desires
Loyalty and reliability
Sexual compatibility
Intentions and plans
Manifestation in everyday life
Communication duration
Advice for the situation
  1. Does the partner know how to take care, be affectionate.
  2. Pair compatibility.
  3. Do desires converge.
  4. Loyalty and reliability of the partner.
  5. Sexual compatibility.
  6. Intentions, plans for a fortuneteller.
  7. Manifestation in everyday life.
  8. How long this relationship will last.
  9. Advice on the situation.

Here, an important position is the one that shows the most significant factors for the querent. For someone in the first place will be the bed, for the other – life. It is important to understand yourself and decide in advance what you can put up with and what will constantly irritate you. After all, there are no ideal people, everyone has minuses. Therefore, this Tarot spread for the beloved is very similar to a game of sea battle. There is only one difference – the questioner is given a chance to know in advance all the initial data of the second half.

Example of reading position 7:

  • The Empress – a man thinks that a woman should run the household.
  • Three of Pentacles – a person tends to resort to the services of food delivery, cleaning, and so on.
  • Eight of Coins – partner likes to do everything himself; responsibility, thriftiness.
  • Two of Cups – equality, separation of duties.
  • Nine of Wands – protection of their own territory.
  • The Moon – slovenliness, unwillingness to devote time to cleaning.

Cards interpretation and clarification of details

Each Tarot spread for the beloved has its own specifics. However, when reading any of these schemes, you need to pay attention to the predominance of one or another suit. So, the Cups will talk about ease, reciprocity, the ability to agree. Swords will tell about conflicts, constant quarrels, misunderstandings. Pentacles emphasize calculation, but also stability. But the Wands are focused only on passion, momentary. In an ideal spread, all cards should be “in balance”. Skewed in either direction is always bad. Even Cups can show frivolity and laziness.

Another important factor is the presence of court cards in the Tarot spread for the beloved. This group will designate specific people. Often, friends, relatives, ill-wishers or rivals can interfere with partners. The fallen characters of the suit of Swords are especially “dangerous”. These are always enemies who deliberately separate partners, gossip, and intrigue. A traitor can be the person who is hard to even think of.

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